Simple instructions on how to cut a hole in the tile for the socket

The question of how to make a hole in the tile for a socket or pipe, often arises with craftsmen who perform repairs in bathrooms or kitchens. Drill a hole in a tile can be using different tools. In this article, we will consider all possible options.

Before you drill a hole in the tile material, you should prepare for the work. The circle for the electrical outlet on the surface of the wall must be made before installing tile coverings.

Be prepared for the fact that in the process of cutting a circle the tile can split. The difficulty of working with this material is due to the fact that it is hard, but it is easily damaged. If the tile is covered with glaze, it creates additional difficulties, because it is difficult to immobilize the tool on a smooth and slippery material, and the drill bit can slip on the point where it needs to cut a circle.

Therefore, the master must have a reserve of tile in the order of 10-15% of the total amount. Also remember that marking and drilling a hole in the tile is performed from the outside of the material. If you do it from the inside, the cut will not look neat enough.

To keep the drill in the same position on the surface of the ceramic tile, it is recommended to cover the treated area with masking tape or medical adhesive tape. The tape will protect the tile from scratches and chips, and will not allow the drill to change its position.

How to cut a round hole in the tile with an angle grinder

Making a round hole in the tile with an angle grinder, at first glance, is not the best choice. For this, there are more convenient devices.

But there are times when it is only possible with an angle grinder. For example, when:

  • You also need a Raimondi machine for these cutters. If you use an angle grinder for this purpose the bearing will not last long on it. The Polish tile and brick cutters used for this purpose have a maximum diameter of 83 mm.
  • Polish cutters If you need to make a hole in porcelain tile or floor tile. With a cutter or “ballerina”, making a hole will be problematic for any diameter.

In such cases, a little-known method of cutting large round holes with an angle grinder can help. Such holes should be cut for sewage pipes and fans in the sanitary unit.

Its essence can be understood only by watching the video. Initially, you need to mark the hole (how to make an accurate marking is a topic for a separate discussion) and the drawn oval with felt-tip pen. A flogger gives a thick trimmer line and it helps to hold the trimmer line up when you’re machining.

It is important, when cutting an oval, to get the cutting wheel as close to the marking as possible, but not to touch the line.

After there are through cuts in the tile, you need to cut the inner circle into four parts and knock out each sector with a hammer (if they do not fall out on their own before).

In the future, to bring the cut hole to the line of the marker, you can from the back side with a turbine and a narrow piece of sharpening stone.

I agree that the most convenient tool for creating holes is a professional cutter. One version of this Montolit Mondrillo FS08 cutter in the video.

And another video about these cutters from the manufacturer of these tools.

The only thing that stops them is the price:

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Crowns and ballerinas

There are special tools with which you can easily make an even hole in the tile for a socket or pipe. The easiest way. is to use a crown, the appropriate diameter. It is put on the drill, positioned exactly where the drilling process is to take place, and turned on. Literally in a few seconds, the diamond cutting tool in the tile makes an even hole of the required diameter.

In order not to displace the tool relative to the center of the hole, you need to choose it with a centering element. It is a cone sticking out in the middle that has to be installed exactly in the center of the future hole. You can use special templates for drilling, made of metal or plastic. They are placed on the tile plane in the desired location, and through it the hole is drilled with the crown. The template prevents the tool from slipping to the side. In this case, one template can have several holes with different diameters.

How to make a tile cutter out of an angle grinder

It is not always comfortable to hold the angle grinder by weight when performing tile sawing and perform all the work only manually. To simplify this task, the tool can be turned into a device that allows both hands to be free. It resembles an electric tile cutter, and the transformation of the angle grinder itself is carried out as follows:

  • The first thing to do is to find a suitable place to place the machine. The base of the tile cutter can be made of sheet metal, in which you will need to make a slit to deepen the circle. This band will be used for all future work, as well as it will allow you to navigate more conveniently in the process of sawing.
  • The next step is to secure the angle grinder. To fix the device in the desired position, you need to resort to the use of special clamps. If necessary, you can make them with your own hands, but it should be taken into account that in this case there is a possibility of tearing off the fastening bolts in the process of making the cut.

Please note! This handmade electric tile cutter can be improved in the future with a reservoir of water and a wet-cutting nozzle, so you can get rid of dust and fully cool the cutting element during the work.

  • After positioning the tool, a test cut can be made. To do this, you need to lay the tiles according to the marks, after which you should turn on the angle grinder and slowly lower the wheel. In this case, the tile must be cut on the outer side, feeding the product from yourself.

If the work is done correctly, it will be possible to get a ceramic tile cut in two pieces with smooth edges and the absence of chips, cracks and roughness. If necessary, you can bring the tile to an ideal condition with fine sandpaper or a file.

How to cut tiles with an angle grinder without chips and dust

In order to reduce the number of chips adhere to the following rules:

  • Start cutting from the front side. The most splintering occurs when the cutting wheel leaves the material.
  • At the beginning and at the end of the process the speed of the disc is reduced.
  • Cutting is performed in one pass. With each additional pass the number of chips increases.

The amount of dust is minimized as follows:

hole, tile, angle, grinder
  • Only a shallow groove is cut, then the tile is broken. When you cut a glazed surface, not much dust is generated, almost all of it is released when you cut the main body of the tile.
  • Feed water into the cutting zone, as described above.
  • They use a construction vacuum cleaner. You would need an assistant to operate it.

The best cutting wheel for cutting ceramic tiles in 2013.

“The best” is not in the price-quality comparison. But simply the “best” in quality and cutting speed. At one time, this place was taken by Bosch. But, currently, their price is almost twice as high as similar products of the corporation “D-Star” and the quality of the cut is worse. Maybe their quality is still the same, but there are just better products.

Products of Di-Star appeared on Ukrainian market long ago (in 1998).). it was cutting-off wheels affiliated company “Ukr-Diamant. It was possible to work with such a circle for more than a year. But the were high and other manufacturers were more popular. Currently, the cutting wheel for cutting 125 mm diameter angle grinder costs about 20, and cuts ceramic tile with almost no chips.

The first reviews about “D-Star” circles have appeared:

Saw with an electric jigsaw.

It is possible to make a hole of any geometric shape and size with an electric jigsaw, if it is necessary to get as close to a round hole as possible, the lateral surface of the chipboard is sanded with an abrasive sandpaper.

If you need to make a hole of very small diameter (20-30 mm), it is better to use a narrow file for sawing holes in chipboard. But there are limitations: you can not make a hole on the glued drywall with a jigsaw, and if the distance between the base of the wall or ceiling and the surface of the drywall sheet is less than the height of the jigsaw file at the maximum output of the file, then the jigsaw will not help here too. But it’s not evening yet, there are other ways:

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