How to take a screenshot with in order not just to save it in the images, but to share it?

Yandex.The cards reliably protected themselves. There is no way to take a screenshot in the usual way. Question. How to post on this site a screenshot with Yandex.kart?

What does it mean “protect” and what is “in the usual way”? Create a screenshot with Yandex.Cards are very simple in a variety of ways:

Как принимать платежи на сайте? Полная схема интеграции | Мой опыт

In Windows 7, take a screenshot with Yandex.Cards can be using the “scissors” tool (start. All programs. Standard).

Bring the part of the card you need to the screen, turn on the “scissors”, select the cards you need (the left mouse button) and save as a figure file in one of the three popular formats or as a html file.

After that, the saved file can be sent by mail or placed on the Internet.

Can be made even easier. Bring the desired section of the card on the screen, click on the keyboard button “Print Screen” (usually it is located right to the right of the F12 button). After that, insert a copied image into the window of any graphic editor, such as MS Office Picture Manager from the MS Office package and save in the form of a graphic file with which you can also do anything you want. Send or show on the site (on the blog).

You can also save a fragment of the Yandex map in PDF format (sometimes it is more convenient). About how to do this, I already wrote here here. http: // read, it can be useful. After all, PDF files can be sent by mail or in instant messengers, as well as post on sites.

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Well, keep the screenshot Yandex.Cards on this site can be added to the picture. Here, I am attaching such a screenshot.

P.S. Honestly, your question is not very clear. If you keep a screenshot as an image that it prevents you from sending it or inserting it somewhere?

Thank you, I’ll try. I know how to share a link from there, but I couldn’t insert it from the screen from the screen from there. I use the Pint program. I make a copy from the screen, open the program, cut, edit or complement, save the drawing at home. Here I press the “review”, insert the picture, as always, and figures. They already told me that they also faced a problem, but not here on the site.

No, well fever. it’s difficult and it makes no sense to bother. I use it for other purposes, for example, the format of the drawing to change if laziness is busy with Photoshop. Opened the drawing in one format and saved in another. Sometimes it happens to get rid of BMP.

Well, it turns out? I like the first way more if Windows has “scissors”.

Mmmm. Now. no problem. Either something on the site bugged, or I am Blondo)

It means that there is now the site intercepts PRNSCRN and gives its own tool. He infuriates me

There is a cute program to capture at least the entire screen, at least the entire page with scrolling, at least a rectangle, at least hearts, flowers, etc. Any piece of image on the screen.

It is also good in that it has its own editor, where you can automatically insert the link, cut, glue fragments, half a half, circle, make inscriptions, etc., the ability to process in the Paint and, in his wishes, add other editors.

The picture is stored in any graphic format. Choose the one that is the most will and widespread. Throw a screen on any photo hosting, take a link from there and share wherever you need. In the form of a link or, if the site/forum/and pr. Supports form. Insert the image

The program works with all versions of Windows.

Screenshot from any web page, including, can be made using specialized online services, such as Web-Capture.Net:

To do this, just open the right place on the map, copy in the address bar of the URL browser, insert it into the form on the site, select the graphic file format and click on the “Capture Web Page” button.

After that, a screenshot will be automatically formed, which can be downloaded on your computer and uploaded on the Internet.

Capture of a card of 2 steps

We need: 1) display a map of the required scale and size in the browser, 2) save the entire page in the form of a picture (including fragments that go beyond the screen).

We save the page in the form of an HTML file on our computer (file/save), then rule the necessary parameters and start this HTML file.

The insert code changes from version to version, but in it there are no problems that need to be replaced. In the example above, the following parameters are set:. size 12000 × 9000 (this is approximately 100 × 75 cm). the center at the point and scale (Zoom: 13).

If you needed to save the map, satellite pictures of the area from services such as Google or Yandex. You are probably tormented by the question of how to do it? Or which program can save a satellite photo, for example with Google Map? Many people ask such questions, because while maintaining the Internet an explorer, the image is not maintained entirely, you can only with small pieces 256256. And old.handedly, by a good bypass method like Altprnscr for a very long time and not high quality. In this article we’ll talk about how to save Google’s card in a convenient way and without loss of quality.

The task is set. You need to make a city map based on Google Maps. How to realize it? As mentioned earlier, cards are stored on servers of services such as Google or Yandex in the form of small images. When we are looking for a certain territory, our browser downloads the pictures from the server that meet the coordinates of the terrain and glues them into one continuous image. To save the map of the area on our computer, we need a program that works on the same principle. Downloads pictures and folds them with a map, which can later be saved in formats such as JPG and PNG.

On the Internet, you can find many programs that can cope with the task. But there is one “but”. Google and Yandex cards are often updated, and changes the settings of links by which fragments of the card are pumped. And many programs that can be downloaded on the Internet can no longer receive images. For the correct work, they constantly need to indicate currently current versions of cards.

In this article, we will consider in detail the program that saves cards from services such as Google or Yandex and no longer has problems with updates of versions of cards. This SAS program.Planet. In it, the developers have implemented many useful functions that will help you quickly and easily save a card with Google, Yandex, and T.D. You can download the program for saving cards below.

In addition to viewing and loading in the program, the following useful functions are implemented:

Working with a GPS receiver; Route laying; Distance measurement; Display of KML files; Support for the Panoramio service; Formation of the layer filling map. This function will allow you to see the areas on the map that you have already loaded into the cache or, conversely, which you do not have; Preservation of part of the card in one image that you can view and process in any graphic editor, as well as use in other GIS applications, for example, Oziexplorer (for which the program will create a link file); You can save the places you are interested in and subsequently find them without problems, and also make them always display on the map; Review card. It will help you easily find out about the location of the place that you are now viewing, and also quickly go to any other place on the map; View card in full.screen mode. which is especially convenient with a low screen resolution; Converting from one layer of all previous. will significantly reduce your Internet traffic, for example, you can download your city only on 18 scale, and form all the previous ones on its basis; The possibility of exporting cards to the format supported by the iPhone Maps; The possibility of exporting cards to the format supported by mobile Yandex SIM cards of the 3rd version; Loading and display of Wikimapia facilities; Search for places by Google and Yandex; Adding user cards. SASGIS program website

How to save the card. practice

Download, unpack and start the program.

This is the choice of the source from which the program will take cards. I will introduce from the Internet or from Kesh.

Choose. from the Internet. Otherwise the program will not work. Unless you have already entered the place from which you need to make a card, and it has been preserved in Kesh.

After switching, the program immediately begins to update images.

For example, I will make a rectangular allocation of the outskirts of the city.

yandex, saving, card, google

After double pressing the mouse, we get into the menu of operations with the allocated area.

We go to the “glue” tab. Here it will be necessary to indicate the place where you need to save the name of the future card, as well as the format in which you need to save.

If you want to make a map of the entire village, you can reduce the approximation so that you can highlight the entire area. And already in the “glue” tab, you can simply put a larger scale, and the card will be with a high resolution.

Click to start, and after some time the program will save the finished card already. The program has many more useful settings, you can study and use them. And if you can briefly, abuse the useful techniques and functions available in the program, available in the program. Maybe someone is useful to someone!

Did you get lost during a trip? And how well do you know how to navigate on the map? With the development of technology, these issues are increasingly losing their relevance. Nowadays, almost all modern phones are equipped with GPS sensors and support Yandex map services and Google Maps using such a phone as a navigator, you may not be afraid to get lost and always reach the final destination, while choosing the optimal route. But this phone function involves the use of mobile Internet. And for the use of mobile Internet in roaming outside your country you will have to pay a lot of money. But Google Maps developers came up with how to save our money on a trip without letting us get lost. Now the desired section of the card can be saved for viewing in offline mode (without connection with the Internet). That is, you can navigate the terrain without connecting to the Internet, but only using the GPS sensor.

How to check the saved card?

Just turn on the flight mode on the phone, start the Google Maps application and move the card to the desired section.Note: All saved sections of the cards will be deleted if you clean the application memory or cannot connect to the network for two weeks.

PS:Travelers, do not be afraid to get lost, because this means that you will be free! Who knows, perhaps you will find attractions hidden from the eyes of tourists. Have a nice trip!

Useful tips for travelers:

Now, to open the preserved area, you need:

Each of you has encountered a problem when there is no access to the Internet, but you really need to open a card on your device and study it in detail to clarify the route or just to show the next to your friends and acquaintances. In this case, there are a large number of third-party maps in Google Play, which have the function of offline-sowing the territories, but why go far when almost all the same can give us stock cards from Google C and an intuitive intensity?

Google cards are built into all Android devices equipped with a Google (GMS) package, however, the Nokia X2, although it does not have a Silicon Valley, but includes branded cards from the ex-Finnish manufacturer Nokia Here Maps or something similar, if it comes. About another manufacturer, whether it is Yandex’s cards that I decided to measure the forces with Google, but we will not leave the topic. In order to download cards in memory of the device, you need:

  • Using the search, find the desired area or clamp the place with your finger, thereby marked it on the map;
  • Click on the lower bar with the name of the street, cities, countries;
  • Taping the menu button (three points), which is located next to the “search”, if there is only a magnifying glass button, this territory is not supported by offline-use cards;
  • Next, select “save offline card”.
  • Sweep to the right to open the main menu;
  • Choose “your places”;
  • Sprinkle the page to the very end and slip on your map or open the offline cards settings, from where you can save a new card, rename, update or delete the old.

This function appeared not so long ago, and it takes time for its full performance. So, not all territories are available today, but only the most popular, for example, the territory is still “in the flight”, however, like the territory of Lithuania and other European countries, not to mention Africa. However, this is only a matter of time, in the near future our country will certainly become part of the offline cards system. The next drawback can be called a temporary restriction of 30 days, after which saved cards will be automatically cleaned with the memory of the device. Separately, we note: this is not just the preservation of a certain area, no, no, Google cards save only the area that you view and on which were previously, it is convenient if, for example, to use navigation on the same routes daily, it sounds ridiculous, it sounds ridiculous, But we have no other explanation for the use of this function. over, not all levels of drawing the territory are preserved by cards as you approach/remotely, namely those levels at which you looked through the area, if you look closer, the map simply will not draw, showing only low resolution textures. conclusions. Healthy? Of course, but depending on who: if you are a bus driver or a taxi driver who wants to better find out the roads of the city, then this function will certainly help the device not to spend a large number of resources, but if you want to use navigation in the long term, it is better to throw a gaze towards real offline.Cart, which on Google Play again a considerable set.

We make a screenshot of the Yandex card (click to increase)

In the last article, we figured out how to save a card from Google Maps. 1 and 3 ways. universal and work excellent to save Yandex cards. I’ll tell you another way here.

How to save a large Yandex card without programs

Thanks to this method Ivan Titov. I’ll tell you how I will use it. We will need:

  • Browser (I will use Google Chrome);
  • Expansion for creating screenshots (Nimbus screenshot);
  • which will need to be configured for yourself.

Launch the Goolge Chrome, set the expansion of the Nimbus Screenshot and download Yamap.Zip. Unpack the archive and open the file using a notebook or notepad. The contents of the HTML file are as follows. Arrows show places where you need setting.

You need to take from here. http: // Dimik.github.IO/YMAPS/Examples/Location-TOOL/

Choosing the center of the area that we need and copy the value of the “center of the map” in Center:. Select the scale and set the value. Zoom.

We set the size. That is, we change the value of width and height so that the entire required territory is fitted.

We save the YAMAP file.HTML and open in Google Chrome.

We keep the screenshot of the entire page and click “Ready” in the upper right corner.

We keep the resulting image to the computer or immediately print.

Sending to the phone

Using the official site open on the computer, you can adjust the card and then send it to the smartphone. This will do without printing a paper option.

To do this, click on the “Send to the phone” button. After which the field will appear to enter a mobile phone. A SMS message will come to him with a reference to the card you drawn up. You can also choose an option to get an email link.

A more convenient option. scan a QR code from a computer screen using a phone camera. After that, your card will automatically appear in the application.


Now you know how to print through the usual version of Yandex. However, the developers did not leave the functionality without attention and created a special designer that allows you to configure the image in detail and print Yandex.Card “on several sheets. Consider this method.

On the site “Yandex Carter Card” you will see a similar menu. The editing panel is located on the left. Here it is necessary to enter the name and description of the map. On the right is the image of the area with all the standard tools of “Yandex”.

The designer will allow you to print “Yandex.Card “on several sheets. When editing the image for printing, you can set the size, number of pixels, and so on. As a result, you will get a ready.made picture for printing. Save it on a hard drive to further use the operating systems, or a special proprietary program from the printer manufacturer. With their help, you can print a map from Yandex in the format you need: on several sheets, on a large sheet, several cards on one sheet and so on.

How to copy a map from Yandex to Word?

Sometimes when preparing a file in the Word program, you need to insert a card from the Yandex service into it, consider in detail how this can be done for any version of the Word.

First you open the Yandex map in the browser, set up the necessary scale and other attributes, for example, the route. After click on the keyboard, the Print Screen key, it goes immediately after “F12”.

Open any folder, point the cursor to the empty area, and press with the right mouse button, a menu appears in which we select the line “Create”, and in it from the list we click on the inscription “Point drawing”. A file appears in the folder.

Select the file that appears and click on the right mouse button, in the menu that appears we find the “Open” bookmark and select “Paint” in the list that appears.

The Paint editor will open, into which the screenshot screenshot is inserted using the Ctrlc keys.

The editor menu is quite simple and intuitive, you highlight the desired part of the card and cut the unnecessary parts of the picture. Then save the file in “JPEG” format.

Open the desired Word File, in which you activate the “Insert” bookmark on the top panel, click on the “Illustrations” block “Figure”.

Find an early saved file with a card and insert it into the Word program. As a result, a map from Yandex appears in the Word file.

How to create and print an electronic card in good quality

Despite the convenience of electronic navigation systems, sometimes there are situations when an old kind paper card is needed. In this article we will tell you how easy it is to create your own card, and then print it in high resolution.

The need to use paper cards arises every time you cannot use electronic cards on your smartphone for some reason. For example, you needed to give each participant in the tourist group a tour route, I wanted to make a poster with a summer trip map or prepare a stand about the sights of your city. In all these cases, the “Designer Card Designer” from Yandex will come to the rescue.

Using this tool, you can easily and quickly find the section of the card you are interested in, add multi.colored marks to it, apply routes and highlight the necessary areas. Please note that the card can be displayed in ordinary, satellite or hybrid form, and also knows how to show traffic jams along the path.

The finished scheme can be saved as an interactive, static or printed card. Since in the framework of this article we are interested in the offline application, we choose the option “printed”. In this case, the selection of the size and format of the file becomes available. The “Card Designer” also makes it possible to save the card in high resolution. up to three hundred dots per inch, which significantly expands the scope of its subsequent application.

Retargeting: Yandex technology to bring users back

After that, you must click on the “Save on” Yandex.Disk”. As a result, a graphic file of the card you have created will appear in your cloud storage, which you can later download to your computer.

What to do with the image further depends on your imagination. You can print a beautiful poster with a card, use it as a print for a T.shirt or, for example, create an advertising booklet for tourists.

Removing cards from the Yandex application.Navigator on Android

Before getting rid of old files, you need to navigate where the Yandex navigator files are stored in Android. All downloaded files should be in the folder created (indicated) by you. But if you did not indicate it, then everything will be automatically preserved in the memory of the smartphone.

Here it will be possible to choose a place of storage of downloaded maps of cities and regions. For this, a built-in memory of a mobile device or an SD flash drive is used.

If you need to remove the loaded cards from the memory of the phone, then they take the following actions:

  • Opening the program, activate the menu key, which is located on the right in the lower corner of the screen;
  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • Go into “advanced settings”;
  • Turn to the item “Saved data”;
  • They press on a line with the inscription “Wipe the cards”;
  • Confirm their intentions, activating the yes “yes” key.

After confirmation, all cards will be removed from the device.

And what else needs to be paid attention to: you can’t erase unnecessary loading of cards separately, They are deleted all together.

Potential problems when deleting

It is impossible to remove only one atlas load to Yandex.Navigator. It is easy to cope with this problem, After disposal of absolutely all cards, you can immediately download only the necessary.

  • Do not want to delete everything at once, download only cities, not entire regions. The cities can then be erased separately. But due to the fact that the application does not have all settlements, you have to download the areas.

After ending all the loads of the card, the maps do not download at all. This is based on 2 reasons:

  • Atlas does not swing, because there is no room for its storage on the smartphone. Only by freeing a place on a flash drive or memory of the device, you can make a second attempt to download the file.
  • The smartphone is in traffic saving, at the same time there is no Wi-Fi. The loading procedure will stop for a while until there is access to a high.speed Internet.

The picture is not displayed completely even after repeated download. The reason for the cache that requires update.

Web site

When using the computer, to cancel the subscription, as was said, you can through the account settings, available from the link below from any Internet browser. It is quite possible to open the desired section as an alternative through any company services using the main menu and clicking on the block with a user name.

  • Having clicking on the specified link and opening the settings of a single account of the company, go to the Account tab in the upper part of the page. After that, the presented list of categories must be scrollful below to the “Card in Yandex Pay” block.
  • Expand this subsection, enter the mouse cursor on a bank card preview and in the upper right corner use the button with the image of the gear. This will lead to the opening of more detailed information about the selected payment method.
  • In the pop.up window “A tied payment cards”, click “untie” opposite the necessary details. It will also be necessary to confirm the execution of the procedure using the “Delete” option in an additional window.

Additionally, we note that the subscription issued through the phone is in no way connected with payment details in the considered section. If you want to suspend the automatic of funds in this case, you will have to cancel the subscription according to another instructions.


If you use a mobile device, you can remove the card from the Yandex plus account through a website in a browser or an official application. We will dwell on the second option, and therefore if you have not done this earlier, you need to download the current version of the program from the store.

  • Open the specified application and, being on the start screen, click on the icon with a photo of the profile in the upper left corner. Through the presented menu, you need to go to the account settings, for this touched the block with the user name.
  • While on the main page of the parameters, go to the Account tab and scrap the list below. Here you should find and expand the category “Maps in Yandex Pay”, just tap on the desired map from attached and in the upper right corner to use the marked button with the image of the gear.
  • To carry out removal, you must click “untie” under the block with information about the bank card and in the pop.up window confirm the procedure using the “Delete” button. This will lead to an instant shutdown, even if you have not deactivated a paid subscription before this.

Reinstalling the application

  • The remaining method of cleaning the loaded materials in the Yandex Appendix.Cards are reduced to deleting and re.setting the program with system tools, depending on the platform used. To fulfill the task, you need to go to “Settings”, open a complete list of applications (on iOS it is “IPhone storage”, while Android does not have a single option), select “Yandex.Maps “and use the” Delete “button.
yandex, saving, card, google

At the end of the load and installation, you can immediately connect the Yandex account and continue to use the program. the data will not automatically download with this. We also separately note that specifically on Android devices, you can simply clean the cache in the application settings, which, however, sometimes leads to errors in the work and is recommended only if the need is urgent.


Another similar application, Yandex.The navigator, which includes only the functions of the navigator, also allows you to download and use offline cards, which can subsequently be removed from the device. In this case, you can clean in fewer ways using internal “settings” or completing the full reinstallation of the program.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of the map of a particular region, since there are simply no parameters for this within the framework of the “Carting” category. The only thing that can be done is to interrupt the load until complete, if the download of excessively a large amount of data was accidentally started.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13155 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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