Tips and a step by step guide on how to unglue the mirror from the closet door yourself

Sometimes things happen, because of which the mirror on the cabinet for one reason or another should be removed and replaced to avoid trouble. If it is chipped, hopelessly spoiling the appearance, or cracked, such a thing in the house is better not to keep and try to replace with a new one as soon as possible.

In such a situation, your mirror not only spoils the look of the interior, but also becomes a direct threat to the occupants, especially if there are small children in the house who are into active games. From the element of closet decor that has become superfluous, you can get rid of in several ways, depending on the attachment, and the main tool is you and your hands. Our article on how to unglue the mirror from the cabinet, remove it from the wall, or separate it from a closet door, if it was glued to liquid nails, double-sided adhesive tape or other glue.

If you do everything correctly, you can easily cope and do not spend a day waiting for a master and, most importantly, money.

Is it possible to peel off the extra element of the decor independently?

The answer is unequivocal: yes. But for beginners the process is quite time-consuming and requires a high concentration and careful attention, so it is better to arrange for yourself such an environment where nothing can distract you.

If you act according to all the rules, observe safety precautions and follow the recommendations, you can remove the mirror at home in half an hour or less, but in cases of difficulty or complex fixing it is better to address this issue to specialists who have experience in such work.

Materials and tools

For reliable fixing of the mirror plate on the cabinet, it is necessary to use high-quality materials.

Depending on the method of attachment you need to buy in a construction store:

If glue or silicone is taken, more solvent is needed to degrease the furniture surface before the gluing procedure.

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From the tools to prepare the following:

  • A tape measure or a long ruler;
  • silicone application gun;
  • a rag for applying solvent;
  • An electric screwdriver;
  • The rubber (rubbery) grip is used to press down on the connection after the glue has been applied.

How to remove?

Before proceeding to remove double-sided tape, you must carefully read the instructions and tips for removal, because any careless movement can spoil the surface on which there are traces of tape.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of methods of removing adhesive traces, but the most effective are described below. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

A box cutter

If you can not remove the whole sticky tape at once, and pieces of tape remain, you must again raise the edge of the tape with the edge of the knife, and so on until complete removal.

a rubber (caoutchouc) disk

A soft nozzle for a drill or an electric screwdriver helps to cut sticky tape from a large area. The rubber disk will remove the upper sticky layer, leaving no scratches on the surface.

The tool should be set to its lowest speed. Plastic rubber does not harm even the lacquer coating.

Glue heated to 80-100°C removes quickly. A construction or hair dryer can be used as well. They can be replaced with an iron at the lowest temperature setting.

The advantage of this method is that there are no scratches, even on paper. The tightest adhesive tape is easy to remove.

But it is not necessary to heat non-tolerant objects to high temperatures, especially with a powerful construction hairdryer. they will immediately deform. It’s better to put them in the sun for a while or keep them under the steam. the glue will noticeably soften.


The glue will slide off easily if you lubricate the place of contamination with vegetable or essential oil (eucalyptus oil, for example). They contain organic unsaturated acids that can liquefy polymers:

This method is not acceptable for paper wallpaper.


If you rub the rest of the glue with an ordinary eraser, it will gather into lint and come off easily. Rubbing it with a cloth is enough.

Gasoline, acetone, white spirit

The main advantage of this method is easy and fast removal:

Separation from the cabinet of the mirrors fixed on its surface by fasteners

So, first of all, let’s discuss how to detach from the cabinet mirrors, which are planted on its surface using mounting systems.

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When you separate a mirror from the cabinet surface it is reasonable to take the door off its hinges and lay it horizontally to prevent the glass from flying to the floor as if by chance

Table 1. Fixing systems for mirrors

How to remove: Removing the mirror, attached to the surface of the cabinet door on suction cups is easy, just by pulling gently on its body.

If the suction cup doesn’t come off well, gently pick up the edge with a ruler or fingernail.

the frame of the mirror; the “body” of the mirror surface.

And in both cases, the screws do not stick out on the surface, they are hidden under special rivets, made in the form of a mushroom:

with a wide flat; with a foot, inserted inside the groove of the screw for the mirror.

How to remove: All you will need to do to remove the mirror on the screws is to pick up the decorative screw headpiece, remove it, and then using the most common screwdriver of the appropriate size, unscrew all the screws on which the mirror is held one by one.

Note: in order to remove the mirror without breaking it, you need the help of a second person who will hold the accessory, preventing it from falling.

Such brackets for the entire perimeter of the mirror is used several to clearly fix our mirror accessory.

How to remove: And depending on the quality and thickness of the staples, as well as your desire to use them in the future, the following methods of removing the mirror from the surface of the cabinet can be used:

Unbending the staples with the pliers (in this case, they cannot be used again); unscrewing the screws.

Note: in this case you will also have to get outside help, because when you unscrew the brackets successively, the mirror will not hold anything anymore, and someone has to do it by hand.

The above methods of fixing the mirror imply the use of special fasteners, which are originally designed so that you can get rid of them as easily as possible, easily removing and removing them from the place of fixing, and with them the mirror itself.

Such fasteners are called reusable fasteners. Actually if not to damage them accidentally or intentionally during mirrors removing, they can be used afterwards in tandem with the mirror and thus an interior object can be placed on a different surface. We recommend that you use these fasteners because they are the easiest to remove, even without any specialized experience and sophisticated construction tools. To get rid of the cabinet from the mirror with each of these, the maximum you will need is:

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Reusable fixing systems for mirrors, of course, much more convenient, because they allow you to remove the reflective surface quickly, and then both it and the fasteners themselves can be used more than once However, a serious problem can create prior fixing mirrors to other construction devices. Let’s look at them in the next section.

How to cut or rip off a mirror cloth from a door glued with double-sided adhesive tape?

Double-sided tape doesn’t seem as impressive as liquid nails, but that’s not quite true, because the mirror can be glued to it not just in the middle and around the edges, but all over. If you want, the mirror can be torn from the place of attachment, but there is a great risk of breaking the thing and injuring your hands with large fragments, so it is better to discard this method immediately and do not try to use it under any circumstances.

A good way to remove a mirror from a double-sided adhesive tape is similar to the one described above, using a cutting wire. If there is no object of such purpose, you can take a strong string or any thin but strong wire, which will pass between the mirror and the door and will not break in the process of sawing.

Safety rules when working

Removing mirrors at home is an activity that requires patience to the case and the ability to take your time, as well as. increased safety of working conditions. If you are not sure that you have enough skills to dismantle, and you do not know whether you can cope on your own, it is better not to tempt fate and call a master, having paid, but saving nerves and health.

However, with the help of the methods described above, and taking into account safety precautions, you can in a short time, without losing money on it, cope with your own hands, which with the provided step-by-step tips will certainly work.

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