Cutting pipes at an angle: the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of doing things

Pipes. widespread construction material. They are used in the installation of various systems. In the process of installation there are situations when it is necessary to join pipes at an angle. The technology of such works is not standard, but you need to know about it.

To create a complex configuration of the connection, it is necessary to cut pipes at an angle. We will tell you how to perform such operations and what are the methods of cutting.

Drawing under the paper

You can draw a straight line for trimmer to cut a profile and any pipe with a sheet of paper. The main thing that it has at least one flat side. The paper is applied with an even edge to the cutting mark on the profile and wrapped around. When winding, the sheet is aligned so that its straight side converges on the entire pipe. After that under a paper as on a ruler a line for a trimmer is pointing with a marker on which the cut is made.

This method is convenient for cutting large pipes from 100 mm. On a shallow profile, it also works, but with multiple markings, cutting takes a long time.

sawing at 45 degrees with a bend

This method is much neater. It avoids the open end of the pipe. It can be used when it is possible to make a corner piece from one long pipe. To do this, the cross line for the trimmer is marked on the workpiece.

Then from it to the left and right beams are made at 45 degrees. This is also done on the opposite wall of the pipe exactly opposite. When using a square it takes a second to mark it.

After that it is necessary to cut the marked part of the pipe with an angle grinder so that only the wall of the beams’ beginning remains. Then the pipe is bent and aligned at a right angle.

As a consequence, there will be a small gap of a couple of millimeters between the walls. If you have enough welding experience, it can be welded perfectly.

Methods of cutting pipes

To cut a profile tube, including at a certain angle, you can use the following tool:

  • angle grinder. angle grinder (picture above). This method is most often used for domestic purposes, as it is characterized by the simplicity and accessibility of equipment;
  • hacksaw for metal. The use of a hacksaw is not difficult, but the process of doing the work is quite time-consuming;

Using a metal hacksaw to cut profiled pipes

The use of an electric jigsaw and hacksaw is not possible for cutting thick-walled profile pipes or pipes with a large diameter.

profiled, tube, angle
  • A special machine for cutting pipes. The equipment is most often used by professionals, as it is distinguished by its high cost. Currently, experts use two types of machines:
  • equipment with mechanical cutting, which is performed by a cutting wheel or a special saw;
  • equipment with a laser. Laser cutting is more accurate compared to its mechanical counterparts.

Using a special laser cutting machine

When choosing any method, it is important to pay special attention to safety techniques. During the cutting of profilpipe metal chips are formed, which can damage the hands and eyes of the master, so before performing the work it is important to wear gloves and goggles.

How to cut a profile tube at an angle

The marking of a profile tube is different from a round tube. Its manual execution can lead to significant inaccuracies. The best way to solve the problem is to create a template for cutting from the same profile, but larger in diameter.

A small section of profile pipe is needed. On it with the use of an angle gauge mark the angle of 45 degrees. Now use an angle grinder to cut off part of the workpiece along the marked line. The edges of the cut must be sanded off, eliminate defects. It remains simply to insert the original product into the template for cutting pipes at an angle. Then it is necessary to make a marking on the line of the cut of the larger profile. And already according to it the pipe itself is cut.

The text describes how to cut the pipe at an angle of 45 degrees. When the marking is already completed, it is recommended to use an angle grinder. You can make a straight cut with it. It can be replaced with a metal hacksaw. You can also cut the product by welding, but you need experience with the tool, otherwise there will be irregularities. “How to cut a pipe evenly. tools and cutting methods”.

Now in construction stores you can find special tools for cutting pipes. But it is easier and cheaper to make a template yourself.

How to cut a pipe at an angle. marking options for round and square pipe

A computer program to help

I would also like to consider the way of marking by means of a computer program. This is a very complicated method for those who are not used to working with a computer. It requires knowledge of PC, availability of programs for reaming and drawings. Begin by making a drawing with the size of the circle and the slope. We make a so-called virtual template.

Then print the image on a sheet of paper by means of a printer. The larger the diameter of the pipe, the more markup pages will be. Using scissors we cut out all the parts of the drawing and glue them together with scotch tape. The ready template is attached to the pipe and the marks are made along the edge of the paper. This is considered one of the most correct markup methods. If you do not have such programs on your computer, you can use the Internet. On the net it is possible to download a template for the markup. You also need to print it out on the printer and cut it out. Place the ready template around the pipe and mark it.

Use a computer program to help

Computer program

Still want to consider the method of marking with a computer program. This is quite a complicated method for those who are not used to working with a computer. It requires PC knowledge, availability of programs for reamers and drawings. Begin by making a drawing, indicating the size of the circumference and the slope. We make a so-called virtual template.

profiled, tube, angle

Virtual cutting

Then use a printer to print the image on a sheet of paper. The larger the diameter of the pipe, the more sheets with the marking. Using scissors we cut out all the parts of the drawing and glue them together with duct tape. The ready template is attached to the pipe and a line is marked along the edge of the paper. This method of marking is considered one of the most accurate. If your computer does not have such programs, you can use the Internet. You can download a template for marking online. It must also be printed out on the printer and cut out. Finished template is wrapped around the pipe and marked.

How to cut a square pipe

Cutting a pipe at an angle. A typical task in the fabrication of steel structures. There is often a need to cut the pipe at an angle. The cut pipes are welded at a given angle to the walls of the structure, and two-link elbows are made from them.

Before trimming, a trimmer line is marked on the pipe using a template (template) to trim the cut. For each diameter and angle you have chosen you need a separate and unique template. Offered Excel table allows to get dimensions for template creation for marking pipes of any diameter, cut at any angles. Enter the pipe outside diameter, cutting angle, and length of the segment in the yellow cells of the table and you will instantly get the ordinates and abscissa of these points.

Transfer these points to paronite or cardboard and connect them smoothly. The pattern is ready. For simplicity of manual drawing the user inputs by himself segment length on X axis (multiple of 5, 10 mm) and obtains up to 40 points of drawing depending on segment length and pattern length. A curve should turn out like this.

Using a table with a macro eliminates the need for manual construction. The program draws its own reamer based on the data entered. It remains to print and cut out. The user adds the seam allowance to the printout.

When fabricating an elbow the cutting angle must be half the angle of the elbow.

Example of determining a cutting angle for making a 135 degree elbow (9045). Not to be confused with a 45 degree sharp elbow! Formula: 135/2=67,5. We cut the pipe at an angle of 67.5 degrees, we get two pieces of pipe with a cutting angle of 67.5 degrees, we connect them along the cutting line with a tie to a common formative, we weld and we get an elbow (67.567.5) of 135 degrees.

Cut a Perfect Miter Joint/Corner Joint in Metal Tubing with a Handheld Grinder!!

In the process I made the following observation. When working with large diameters the fabricated template was obviously shorter when wrapped around the tube, it did not cover the whole tube, there was a gap of 20-30 mm.

State pipe diameter was specified correctly, and the template was shorter. In my opinion, this mistake is caused by the fact that it is impossible to press the mold tightly against the pipe and the outer diameter of the pipe has increased (rust, dirt). Had to “belt” measure the length of the circumference and divide by π (3.1416). Enter the obtained diameter in the table.

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