Can blinds be cut to width

Many stores now sell ready-made blinds that can be purchased for the home or office. The article covers the market of ready-made products and analyzes that it is preferable to buy the ready-made product in a chain store or to order blinds by yourself. In order to reduce the cost of products, manufacturers produce standard size blinds, which, unfortunately, are not always suited to the unique size of the window opening in an apartment or office. Therefore it is necessary to cut the blinds in domestic conditions. Below we will consider how this task can be done for vertical and horizontal blinds.

Vertical blinds are made of fabric, plastic, wood and aluminum. The lamellas are fixed inside the ledge and connected by a chain at the bottom. The standard solution is to place the product above the window opening or on the ceiling, in this case there are no problems with the width of the blinds, they will protrude by 15-30 cm.

If there is still a desire to reduce the width, then the design is disassembled and unnecessary slats are removed, and the ledge is sawed off with a hacksaw for metal. It is important to check that the edge is straight, extra sliders are removed, dust and debris do not get inside to avoid breakage of the construction.

It is not recommended to shorten the length of the product independently, because the edges of lamellas are treated with a special method, in the lower part there are weights.

Changing the size of aluminum and wood blinds should be entrusted to professionals.

Installation of venetian blinds: installation of ready-made blinds and making blinds to order

This section will help you to install blinds and shades by yourself. Many our clients since the moment we launched the store were interested in installation of blinds and shutters by themselves, but they faced technical problems and had a lot of questions. As a result this section appeared, it is aimed at maximum simplification of installation for our clients, and also at dispelling the myth about complexity of blinds, of measuring and installation. The fact that we have recently built up a large following of our company shows once again that we are on the right track. If you want to measure and assemble your blinds yourself, please read the instructions carefully, download and fill in the form and send it to us by e-mail or visit one of our stores. You can also order blinds on our web-site on the condition that they are measured and installed by yourself. The “made to order” mark means that the blinds will be produced in 4-5 days.

Bespoke blinds allow you to take into account the individual peculiarities of the room and the size of the windows. Custom-blinds are necessary for almost every our client, because the concept of “typical windows” has lost its former meaning in the last decade. Most modern buildings, including new ones, show considerable discrepancies in the size of seemingly typical windows, therefore for the optimal matching of curtains to window size it is a reasonable choice to buy curtains to order, measuring according to our instructions by yourself. If all the recommendations on measuring are taken into consideration, the installation will not take much time and will pass without overlap, and the purchased blinds will please you with the exact correspondence of the size of the window to the size of the blinds.

The size does not fit. How to trim a roller blind with your own hands?

If you can not find roller blinds of appropriate dimensions and do not want to go to a specialist for individual tailoring, because it is very expensive, then you can solve this problem on your own by trimming the roller blinds to the right size.

How to shorten the length

Most roll-up blinds length adjustment is not required, because it is enough not to unwind the leaf to its full length. But if you are a real positioner and it is important for you to get the right size roller blind, then follow these instructions:

  • Hang the blinds, lower the fabric, wait until it is completely straightened out and lies down neatly, then take measurements.
  • Mark where you want to cut the fabric.
  • Remove the roller blind and stretch it out on a horizontal plane.
  • Take out the weighting element from the bottom edge.
  • Add 40-50 mm allowance to the measured length to create a new for the weighting material.
  • Cut the fabric.
  • Place the bottom of the curtain fabric and sew a “” for the weighting agent, insert it.
  • Hang the blind on the window.

If the length of the “surplus” material is not too great, you can dispense with cutting. It is enough to make a double fold of the curtain, which can hide up to 30 cm of fabric. This method of shortening a roller blind is much easier and quicker.

How to cut a roller blind to the width

Cutting venetian blinds to the width is more difficult and requires more accuracy. Preliminary preparation and measuring is done similarly to the above described scheme. Once all measurements are made and the fabric is marked, you can begin to fit the cloth to the desired dimensions. The work scheme is as follows:

  • Lay out the curtains on a flat surface, disassemble them (take out the shaft and the weight) and unfold the fabric.
  • Cut the shaft to the desired width. Take into account that its width must be 8-10 mm larger than the width of the leaf. It is better to cut it with a hacksaw. After cutting, you must clean the edges with sandpaper or a file to prevent the fabric from jagged edges that it might get caught on.
  • Cut the weighting piece (it must be 10-15 mm narrower than the leaf of roll blinds).
  • Assemble the curtain back into one piece and hang it on the window.

Do not forget that if you cut the roller blind, you immediately void the guarantee. So you should start this operation if you have no other options or if warranty is not too important for you.

Reduction of horizontal blinds

The construction of models by different manufacturers can be different, but some elements are in all products: arms, ledges, lamellas, devices for lowering/raising of panels, handle for turn, cord for blade up/down movement. Strips of horizontal blinds are made of plastic, aluminum, wood.

You will need: a pencil, panel holders, a hacksaw, a file/ sandpaper.

If you work with metal or wooden panels of horizontal blinds, you will need a milling machine (for the accurate processing of cuts). If you do not have a clamp to fix the folded blinds, you can cut each lamella separately with a suitable secateurs, because in any case the lamella cut will need postprocessing.

It is also recommended to coat the wooden strips with a special compound and possibly with a touch of paint.

How to shorten horizontal blinds


It is possible to shorten standard horizontal blinds both in height and width, if you know a few simple tricks. If you want to shorten the height of the blinds, you will first need to remove the control cord from the lower slat, removing the two stubs that fasten it. Mark the level to which you intend to shorten the blinds, and remove the ladder, a thin connecting string, from all the lamellae to the level you have marked. Then take out the first lamella from the fixture, which is below the mark, and replace it with the lower lamella. Cut the remaining slats together with the cords of the control cord and fasten the bottom plugs.

By the width

To shorten the horizontal blinds in width you will need more accessories and tools: a fine-toothed hacksaw, file and sandpaper. To begin with the same. remove the bottom plank from the ledge, take out of it plugs and protective covers. Then stack the slats into an even pile and fasten them with a rubber band to prevent them from spreading and hindering the activity. For fixing, you can use tape or duct tape, but be prepared to wipe off adhesive residue from the surfaces of the slats. Next, you need to saw off the extra width for you on the pre-marked marks with a hacksaw and remove the roughness with a file or emery paper. Next is the final step before assembly. painting the cuts. Reduce the width in such a way will only get to the holes in the lamellae, designed for the cord. Or you will have to use a drill to drill new ones.

Horizontal blinds varieties

Horizontal blinds are convenient in use and allow controlling natural light. They are quite compact when folded and take up little space. The modern technology of lamella coating is resistant to burnout, which increases the thoroughness of the product.

Aluminum blinds do not accumulate dirt, static electricity and are easy to clean.

Wooden or bamboo blinds are ecologically safe, durable and will decorate any interior.

Plastic samples are advantageous by their resistance to high humidity and low cost.

Learning how to shorten horizontal blinds

The mechanism is quite simple and, it is possible to shorten horizontal blinds by following the recommendations. The device of the horizontal instance is assembled from the listed components:

  • Bracket with fastening to the window opening;
  • The main curtain rod holding the system in place;
  • Lamels (strips);
  • Mechanism of lifting and lowering;
  • Swivel bar;
  • Cords to raise the lamellae.

Before changing the design parameters, it is necessary to prepare the tools for work and measure the window opening for the exact size of the fabricated type of curtains. You will need scissors, a hacksaw for metal, a pencil, sandpaper.

The principle of action, how to shorten the height of horizontal blinds is not complicated and with the coordination of the step by step instructions is easy to change the length of the product:

  • Open the bottom lath;
  • Remove the knots on the control cords and remove the plastic retainers;
  • Gently pull the control cord above the specified level;
  • Carefully remove excess strips by sliding them to the side without changing the symmetry of the main structure;
  • Pull the parts of the ladder from the retracted lamellae into the mounting hole and secure;
  • Put on clamps, fasten knots of cords, remove unnecessary remnants;
  • Set the lower slat in place of the required length.

The features of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds refresh the design, harmoniously connect the interior objects in a single image and visually stretch the walls upwards. When choosing blinds it is necessary to define what material they are made of and where they will carry their functional load. When making vertical blinds different materials are used.

The models made of plastic meet all sanitary norms, hold their shape perfectly and darken the room reliably.

Fabric vertical blinds allow you to play with all shades, rich texture of textile and introduce in the original design apartments.

Aluminum blinds do not expose to moisture, require minimum care and are durable in use.

The structure of vertical patterns consists in shifting the strips to the left or right side of the window and turning lamellae at different angles. The mechanism consists of a ledge, plastic hooks sliding in the bottom of the ledge, lamellae, a docking chain, a counterweight to even the strips, a cord and a control chain. Such products have a slightly different principle of operation, it is necessary to consider how to shorten the vertical blinds, making do with their own forces.

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Cut the roller blinds

When buying rollup blinds, one may encounter very often a banal problem: the width of the curtain does not correspond to the size of the window opening. Cutting a roller blind is not that difficult. Every man in the street can shorten a roller blind, even if you do not have any special skills. All that will be needed is a keen desire and:

Size does not matter

unlike traditional blinds, they are installed directly on the frame or upper jamb. The curtain tightly covers the glass, protects from the scorching sun, prying eyes. If desired, the roller blind can be hung over the open shelves of a cabinet, a doorway.

Manufacturers offer a variety of models. The format of standard roller blinds. 200×180 cm, large. up to 350×4,5 m. They are fastened to the upper soffit or higher, to the wall. Minicassette long. 2,2 m, and narrow, minimal width 0,7 m. They are flanked by guides for the blade. There is no slackening of the blade in these designs. Skylights with a spring insert close automatically.

How To Cut Mini Blinds To Width Quick & Easy!

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