How to cut aluminum: how can aluminum cut?

Depending on the thickness of the metal, aluminum can be cut both with scissors for metal, electric tires or a hacksaw for metal, as well as an electric grinder or corner grinder with a special circle for aluminum and copper, guillotine or milling mill. Passing and submersible saws are great. A thin profile will take a circular, but you need a diamond disk designed for metal, as well as protection against chips, since such work is not provided on this type of saw (neither the master nor the drive is affected). As a rule, special disks for this metal are underway for disk saws.

Another method is the processing of a blacksmithing, after which you should take the metal on the break. There are special nozzles on the drill that will cope with aluminum up to 2 mm. It is good to work with plasma cutters or perform laser cutting, but this equipment is expensive, so that it is mainly acquired by professionals who are constantly engaged in such work. However, sometimes it makes sense to turn to such for cutting.

When cutting aluminum, the corner grinder should not crash deeply, since the softness of the metal leads to the fact that the circle in it simply gets stuck, stickers on the teeth occur. You can even do a drink not immediately, but first walk several times on the outside, without cutting it out until the end.

Cutting aluminum should not be in a hurry, avoiding distortions. Be sure to put on personal protective equipment, at least glasses and gloves. The process is quite noisy, of course, if plasmores is not used. Long cuts are carried out under the line in a straight line, but smooth curves are most often made according to the template. A manual tool to make an even long cut is quite difficult.

aluminum, profile

If you use a hand hacksaw, a jigsaw, milling cutters and disk saws, then they advise you to drip machine oil, kerosene, alcohol or cool the metal in this place (you can even compressed air), which allows the tool to go more freely, without the formation of a large “sticking “”. For the same purpose, they sometimes advise rubbing a fishing line for a cutting cut with ordinary household soap, old fat or paraffin.

Kryazuvka for metal

When decorating buildings during the construction of specialists, a end saw helps out, with which you can cut a sheet of metal. However, the use of power tools is not always appropriate. For a gentle approach, a manual device is chosen like a simple and reliable hacksaw for metal.

There are special canvases designed for a cut of soft and non.Ferrous metals source farpost.Ru

Cutting aluminum sheets that do not have a large cross section has several drawbacks, namely:

  • An uncomfortable work format during which the specialist is forced to simultaneously fix the profile and perform movements. Because of this, the quality of the product is reduced;
  • In the process of cutting, the material loses its original form;
  • Manual processing takes more time than machine.

From the advantages of the use of hacksaw, the following are distinguished:

  • A simple principle of operation is available in the development of even an inexperienced specialist;
  • The light weight of the product provides the use of manual labor for a long time;
  • The possibility of use in any situations;
  • Despite the increase in time spent, the productivity of aluminum processing is at the level of some power tools.
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Safety precautions

As an epilogue, a little about safety precautions. When working with power tools (corner grinder, electrolobian, machine), you need to remember about safety measures. Before starting work, be sure to read the instructions for the device and put on the eyes of the protective glasses, and gloves on your hands. So your work will be spared from unnecessary risks. So, we examined the main tools with which you can cut the frame elements and fit them under the planned drywall structure. It remains only to arm yourself with one of them and boldly move to the accomplishment of building exploits!

Plasma, laser, milling installations

Plasma and laser machines are an ideal solution if you want to cut the metal as quickly and efficiently as possible. True, such options are not suitable for home use. Plasmoresis and laser machine belongs to the category of professional equipment. Such equipment can be found at various large enterprises.

Such equipment has the following positive characteristics:

  • The cutting of aluminum with a laser or plasma machine will take only a couple of minutes;
  • The master only needs to configure professional equipment, and the machine is done by all other work;
  • The quality of the cut with such equipment will be the highest.
  • The high cost of such high.Class equipment;
  • In home or garage conditions, it is not possible to use such equipment;
  • During operation, laser and plasma machines emit a lot of noise.

Separately, it is worth talking about modern milling installations. Such equipment must be correctly configured by the operator to work with aluminum. This requirement is explained by high indicators of the softness and plasticity of the specified material

It is also no less important that the installation of small indicators of the revolutions of milling equipment (from 5,000 to 9000 per minute). Previously, you will need to drip a little kerosene on the area where the cut will be carried out

The work of the workpiece here should be as neat as possible, in other cases you can ruin the milling cutter. The pros and cons of the milling apparatus are similar to those in the laser and plasmoresis, but the quality of processing of parts is a little less high.Quality.

Often for cutting metal, different types of saws are used. We learn about the characteristics of the most popular options.

Circular. An analogue of manual tools, but with greater power. Circular saw can be made longitudinal, transverse and inclined sections (for example, at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees). Modern technology is able to eliminate overheating, disconnecting at the right time. This is a durable, reliable and practical device, maneuverable, reduces the time to carry out work.

  • Disk. Many disk saw models are able to cut very large workpieces in size. The tool itself can have very small dimensions. A disk saw can be done angular cutting. The accuracy of the work here is the highest possible. True, the saw, in the design of which there is a special disk, will cost a tidy sum.
  • End. In many ways similar to a disc saw. Can cut along, right, sloping. Strong fixation of the workpiece in special clamps is provided. The end saw can cut long aluminum profiles.
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Cutting metal parts is even easier if there are special scissors in the tools. The process is extremely simple: it is enough to first mark the aluminum profile, and then cut it along the planned lines.

Scissors for metal work also have their own positive qualities. Let’s get acquainted with them.

Scissors for metal are not devoid of certain flaws.

  • At the time of moving through the ribs of the workpiece, the risk of leaving the applied braid line of the marking is high. Because of this, the workpiece itself or its bend is noticeably deteriorated.
  • Before cutting an aluminum profile, you will need to practice a little on the “black” blanks that are not a pity to spoil. You have to learn a little to cut the metal perfectly correctly and accurately, and this is extra time costs.

How to cut aluminum profiles at home

aluminum, profile

Corner grinder (angular grinder)

This power tool cuts the metal smoothly and rapidly. But in the case of aluminum, the softness of the metal should be taken into account. In the process of cutting sheet material, it is necessary to cut a profile without gross exposure, since aluminum forms unnecessary stiles on a circle of grinding machine.

Of the minuses of work with a corner grinder, the following can be distinguished:

The pluses from the use of a grinding machine is significantly larger:

Features of cutting aluminum corner grind

For example, to cut a leaf product or any aluminum workpiece with a large thickness, kerosene is dripping on a working seam.

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Cut aluminum is not only difficult, but also not safe! Especially when using high.Power corner grinders.Due to the viscosity of aluminum, the disk will get stuck, and the tool will try to break out of the hands.

And this will not happen immediately, but only when the cut reaches a certain depth. And this may be a surprise to an inexperienced tool user.And indeed, with a disk linening in the metal, it will not be easy to cut.

One of my friends, once they fitted the work, it was necessary to cut the angular grinder of the aluminum tank. “Field business,” he thought to drink aluminum, there is nothing easier!

The disk constantly stuck, stuck in this metal. Corner grinder strove to jump out of her hands.Sawing one torment, things went very slowly. Different abusive thoughts did not get out of my head. )))

So what to do? I took up the work, I would do it! So several hours of difficult work passed.The old man came to the rescue.

Seeing the torment, he began to try to give advice, but the tips sometimes accepted hard, especially when the nerves are already at the limit. After all, work, which seemed simple at first, was already pretty exhausted. Therefore, the first reaction to advice is the desire to send to hell.

Nevertheless, the advice was given and in the end, as his friend said, he followed him. What was his surprise when after that the matter went much more fun.

Features of hydro.Carbonated aluminum cutting

Using aluminum cutting with plasma cutters according to hydro.Carbaric technology, you can get the necessary blanks with excellent cut quality, with the average roughness parameters.

Hydroabrase aluminum cutting is based on the use of specially purified water and abrasive grains in the technological process, the category of which is selected taking into account the characteristics of the processed metal and the type of work (under what conditions are carried out).

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Under the influence of water.Jet technology, it is possible to cut metal materials with a thickness of up to 300 mm, which allows you to combine thin.Leaved products into a total packaging and process them in one stage.

In addition, hydro.Carbraise cutting of aluminum material and its alloys makes it possible to perform high.Precision cutting of products with complex shapes.

Corner grinder (angular grinder)

This power tool cuts metal smoothly and quickly. However, in the case of aluminum, the softness of the metal should be taken into account. In the process of cutting sheet material, it is necessary to cut a profile without gross exposure, since aluminum forms unwanted stilers on a circle of grinding machine.

Metal disks for angular grinding grinding are marked in blue. Festimsource.Ru

aluminum, profile

Of the minuses of work with a corner grinder, the following can be distinguished:

  • Metal processing can only be done by an experienced master. Otherwise, the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut will be curved and inaccurate;
  • There is a great probability of burning a part;
  • To improve the quality of work, it is necessary to use the device to fix the workpiece. Masters use a vice, but it is recommended to fix the part on the rack. Such a clamp, even in specialized stores, is rare.

aluminum, profile

There are much more advantages from using a grinding machine:

  • Large selection in stores;
  • A wide price range allows you to choose a budget model;
  • The specialist performs work without anguish;
  • High speed of work;
  • High.Quality fishing line for a cutting trimmer;
  • The correct use of additions to work with different metals will ensure reliable operation of the tool for a long period.

Detailed information about manual tools and equipment used for cutting aluminum profiles is described in this material.

The thin aluminum sheet is easy to cut, because almost any tool is suitable for this. How about, for example, the angle of size or an awkward channel? This material describes in more detail manual tools and equipment used to cut aluminum profiles. The work is complicated by a number of factors, but you can still evenly divide the workpiece evenly.

Cutting Aluminum with a Diablo saw blade. Is it worth it?

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How to cut an aluminum profile

Aluminum profile cutting technology depends on the technical parameters and the volume of work. If the work is not enough and the material is not thick, then you can use improvised tools.

You can learn more about the variety of profiles on a specialized site.

When it is necessary to make many cuts on thin aluminum and you need to do this regularly, it is better to choose a more serious equipment. Also, the choice of suitable equipment depends on the type of cut, straight or cut along the curve.

There are various types of cutting aluminum profile using such equipment:

Scissors and hacksaw for metal; electrician and electrician; corner grinder; milling installation.

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