How to cut tiles with a corner grinder without chips

Often when facing rooms with ceramic or tiles, it becomes necessary to in a certain way to cut the material. For sawing there is a special tool. Tile cutter. But buy it to perform a small amount of work is impractical. In this case, you can use the angular grinding machine, although you will have to cut longer. Before proceeding with the process, you need to know how to cut ceramic tiles as a corner grinder, because such a cutting has some specific features.

If the main purpose of the tile cutter is the execution of a straightforward cut, then the corner grinder can be made of various shapes. Another advantage of using corner grinding lifmushka is the ability to cut material of any thickness and hardness. You can cut it when it is already glued, it is not possible to do this with other tools. Not a single repair is complete without an angular grinding machine, there is no need to have an additional tool in stock to prepare facing or sexual tiles.

Corner grinder saws the tile of different thicknesses well

It is best to saw off a small corner grinder in which you can adjust the speed. Small weight will more accurately perform operations. When cutting, it does not need high power, enough up to 1 kW. From a powerful and heavy model, the muscles strain, accuracy and accuracy are reduced.

Features of work with corner grinding

In the process of finishing, many people ask about whether it is possible to cut the tile of a corner grinder, since it will have to be faced with the problem of adjusting the size and shape of the tile, one will have to one way or another one way or another. There is an option to purchase a high.Quality professional tool and then the problem of how to cut off the tiles of a corner grinding, do not stand on the agenda at all, but such costs are not always justified, because if you are not going to work for them, then it will be dusty for years, slowly outdated and succumbing to corrosion.

In order to perform all the work with qualitatively and safely, a disk for corner grinder on the tile, fixed on the tool, must always be closed with a special protective casing. This will complicate the work somewhat, and the maneuverability of the device will be worse, but the fragments and dust will not fly in your face, and this is already a significant argument.

You can use improvised means in the manner of glass cutter, but if for a wall glazed tile, which has a small thickness, this option is suitable, then gross floor tiles, and even more so, creature, can hardly cut off them. The most affordable and simple way to cope with the problem is cutting tiles with a corner grinder, if it is in the household.

This is a unique device in general a real find for any home craftsman, since in addition to its direct function for grinding, with it you can cut metal, stone, tiles and much more. In order to cut the ceramic tiles of a corner grinder without chips and dust, you will have to purchase a special nozzle, as well as organize a good fixation of each tile so that it does not stagger and does not jump out.

Special nozzles: Cut the tiles with a corner grinder

Before starting work and finding out how to cut the tiles of a corner grinder without chips, you must definitely deal with all the nuances and subtleties, prepare everything you need. First of all, it is worth understanding a few simple recommendations, without which it will not work to organize your work correctly.

  • Tiles are cut with a corner grinding with a diamond circle for grinding, since any other materials cannot provide such efficiency and cleanliness of the cut as this nozzle. Coal grinder disk on ceramic tiles is better to change quite often, avoiding cutting with the remains or a damaged circle.
  • Choosing fine diamond spraying for dry pruning, it should be understood that the tool will be very dusty, but the cut will be clean and even.
  • If it is assumed that the corner grinder for cutting the tiles will be used for a long time, it is better to organize the wetting of the disk, in order to avoid strong overheating of the tool, which can lead to corruption. The water supply can be automated by withdrawing a small tube. It is easy to simply spray the disk out of the spray gun, and you can completely plunge it into a container with water.

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Especially the angular grinder for the tile is not intended in any way, therefore, when working with such a device, all the necessary precautions should be observed. It will not prevent the quality of fastening of nozzles and disks, as well as to get working gloves and glasses regularly, a mask and a suit with fastening cuffs will not be superfluous.

What disk to cut tiles

The tool for the tool is selected for a specific material. Several varieties of discs are suitable for cutting tiles.

Circles made of stone

Cutting element of significant thickness. Due to this, the cut is wide, the amount of dust during work increases. The main disadvantage is the rapid wear of the consumable. Over, if chips or other defects appear on it during work, the circle is immediately changed. Otherwise, it can collapse by damaging the processed part and causing harm to a person working with him. Stone discs are the cheapest.

Steel circles

Thin equipment with different processing. For solid materials, select steel with diamond spraying. Such a cutting device easily copes with the task, for a long time does not grind. For cutting, three varieties of steel disks are used.

How to cut ceramic tiles

In the process of facing walls with ceramic tiles, there are situations when part of the tiles are needed. In this case, you have to cut the tile to parts. There are many ways to cut ceramic tiles. And I will talk about them in this article. You can also watch a video in which it will be shown how to cut ceramic tiles.

In most cases, you can cut the tiles in a straight line with a special tool tile. Cut them very convenient and fast. So, if you decide to do finishing work, be sure to buy yourself a tile.

Video-how to cut tiles with a tile cutter

How to cut tiles with improvised means? First, lower the tile into the water for several hours. Then wipe it and apply it with a marker or pencil for a trimmer cut. The width of the broken part should not be less than 8 mm, otherwise you will not be able to cut off the tile smoothly. If you need to cut off a narrow strip, it is better to use an emery stone.

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Spend with pressing glass cutter along the cut line. You need to carry out strongly and only once. Then put the tile on the edge of the table, so that the fishing line for the trimmer cut off with the edge of the table and break off the tile.

Video how to cut ceramic tiles with glass cutter

There are electric tiles on sale. They work on the principle of a circular saw, only a cutting element is a disk mill. Cut the tiles on such a tile cutter slowly to prevent the milling cutter.

It is convenient to make curly cuts with an electric tile, which it will not work to do as easily with glass cutter or a mechanical tile cutter.

A goal for a fiction is cunning, and you can replace an electric tile cutter with a corner grinder with a glass nozzle or ceramic. The tile must be fixed in a vice, and the cutting part slowly lead along the cut line.

Video how to cut tiles with a corner grinder

Not even edges of the tiles can be treated with sandpaper, a file or drill with a nozzle for a skin.

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Direct cutting

Porcelain tiles should be laid on a table or workbench and fixed the plate with clamps with rubber tips. In the absence of a latch, the material is laid on the floor, a piece of drywall or hung from a stool, pressing with a foot. If the cut is carried out on weight, then a rag is placed from below so that the tile does not break.

With the help of a carpentry, pencil or painting tape, markings are made on the front side of the material. Porcelain stoneware will be located at an angle of no more than 20 degrees, so the master just pull the angular grinder on himself, slightly leaning on the stand on the stand.

No need to immediately try to saw off throughout the thickness, first they remove several millimeters.

In the second passage, the depth of the cut is increased. In order to avoid the appearance of chips, the angular grinder is tilted towards the part that will become pruning. Gradually make the following passages until the piece breaks on its own. The cutting line for the cutting of the cut will turn out to be flat.

The best cutting circle for cutting ceramic tiles for 2013.

“Best” is not in comparison. Quality. But just “best” in quality and cut speed. At one time, this place was occupied by Bosch circles. But, at present, their price is almost twice as much as similar products Di-Star and the quality of the cut is worse. Maybe their quality remains at the same level, but just better products appeared.

The products of Di-Star has long appeared in the Ukrainian market (1998.)-these were the detachment circles of the subsidiary “Ukr-Diamant”. Such a circle could work for more than a year. But were high and more popular by other manufacturers. Currently, a cutting circle for cutting an angular grinder with a diameter of 125 mm costs about 20, and cuts ceramic tiles almost without chips.

The first reviews about the “Dydarov” circles appeared:

How to cut a hole in tile with an angle grinder. Как сделать отверстия в плитке болгаркой

How to cut tiles with a corner grinder safe and without chips

Each owner, who took up the independent repair of his home, at least once came across a question of how to cut the tile of a corner grinder and in general whether it is possible to cut the tile of a corner grinder? The answer is obvious, and again yes! Any experienced master will confidently say that even with a tile cutter, not a single facing of the. This is due to the ability to cut out any figure of corner grinding, compactness and versatility.

Not an easy for a beginner the question. How to cut the tiles of a corner grinder safely and accurately? The following information will allow you to fully figure it out and make a beautiful, and most importantly safe cutter.

Tile Tips: Cutting a Round Hole in Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

What tool to cut tiles?

Start cutting tiles should be selected with the choice of corner grinders and cutting disk:

  • It is advisable to use corner grinder from a high.Quality manufacturer with a cutting circle of 230 mm. This choice will avoid unnecessary vibrations affecting the quality of the cut;
  • For cutting tiles, you need to use special diamond circles, high.Quality cutting disk. The key to success. In choosing a circle, you should be guided by the price, because the higher the price. The greater the number of diamond intersperses allowing to avoid chips and overheating of the disk.

Security first of all!

At least an experienced master, even a beginner. Anyone should carefully approach the issue of security:

  • Glasses or protective mask. It is strictly forbidden to start working with a corner grinding without gaps. The slightest fragment of ceramics can deprive your vision, and this is far from jokes, but deplorable statistics;
  • Gloves. Do not neglect the protection for the hand, shaking the fragment in the skin. Not the most pleasant sensation, so do not take risks;
  • Respirator. During cutting the tiles of the corner grinding, many dust occurs, which can easily fall into the respiratory tract;
  • Convenience. Do not cut the tiles of the corner grinder on weight, in an uncomfortable position or on an uneven surface. This will allow you to avoid clamping the cutting circle and the split of the tiles;
  • It is important to carry out the above work in a ventilated room.

The following recommendations of experienced facers will help you make all work safely and efficiently.

We offer to get acquainted with the advice and nuances of experienced layers. These recommendations will allow you to cut the tiles carefully, beautifully and without prejudice to the material. Since how can the tiles of the corner grinding be cut properly?

  • First and most importantly. First you should practice an unnecessary piece of tile. Understand how the corner grinder behaves when working with such material, try to cut off the tiles, adopt, do not rush, not speed is important in this matter, but quality;
  • When you are ready to cut ceramic tiles, it is advisable to soak it in a container of water for at least one to two hours. This will avoid high dusting of the room and cut without chips on the tile;
  • In order to cut the tile of the corner grinding at an angle of 45 degrees, you need to make a regular cut at a right angle. Then you should take a grinder and draw at a tangent angle, which must be brought to 45 degrees. It is necessary to bring tiles to the ideal with sandpaper;
  • How to cut a round hole in a tile with a corner grinder? Just. Mark the diameter of the hole with a pencil, share the resulting circle in half twice. The result should be four equal segments and a circle of divided cross. Then you need to make two cuts of a corner grinder along the lines. Taking a corner grinder and directing it vertically, we make shallow cuts along the entire circle. In conclusion, it remains to break out four parts with pliers and process the edges with a file and sandpaper. Be careful, ceramic fragments are very sharp. Take care of your hands. It is worth noting that before performing such a painstaking operation, you should practice an unnecessary piece of tile. Perhaps this will not succeed immediately, but with practice everything will succeed and you will realize that cutting tiles with a corner grinder is simple and accessible to every process.

Know, any master of styling and cutting tiles began with practice. In working with a corner grinder and a material such as a tile, it is simply necessary to observe safety precautions, in no case do not rush, and in case of doubt to experience the unnecessary piece conceived on an unnecessary piece.

How to cut the tiles of corner grinding, it is safe and high.Quality link to the main publication

Features of working with the tool

In the process of performing facing work, you will inevitably encounter the need to correct the size of the tile. In order to make an incision, tile cutters are usually used in various variations, as well as improvised tools. If the glass cutter is quite enough for the wall tile, the thick floor material is much more difficult to break. Is it possible to cut such ceramic tiles with a corner grinder?

Corner grinder is one of the most popular tools, which, in addition to its direct task in the form of grinding surfaces, can also perform other functions. With its help, cut metal, ceramic tiles, stone and other durable materials.

Thanks to a special nozzle using a corner grinder, even a thick durable porcelain tile can be cut

As for the tiles, work with corner grinding has its own characteristics. In order to complete the task you will need a special nozzle and a tile lock. The rest will do the rest for you.

For additional protection, you should put a cap on an angular grinder, of course, it will reduce the convenience of using the tool, but protect you from fragments and disk itself.

How to turn a corner grinder into a tile cutter

It is far from always convenient to keep an angular grinder on weight and perform all the work exclusively by hand. In order to improve the quality of the cut, you will need an assistant. However, it will be much more rational to turn the usual grinding machine into an analogue of an electric tile cutter.

We found out how to properly cut the ceramic tiles with a corner grinder. The same principles of work are preserved for tiles, but at the same time you have free both hands. Consider what needs to be done to improve this tool.

First of all, select a suitable place for the location of the machine. The base of the future tile cutter can be made of sheet metal, in which a groove will be cut to deepen the disk. All work will be carried out along this line, moreover, it will be much easier to navigate in such a mark.

The most important stage is the fixation of the corner grinder. In order to fix the tool in the right position, you need to use special clamps. Their analogue can be made independently, but there is a risk that the fasteners will break off during the work.

For frequent use and convenience, an angular grinder can be fixed by making a tile from it

This option of homemade electric tile cutter can be improved by adding a tank of water to it and a nozzle for wet cutting. This will help to avoid dust and cool the tool.

After fixing the corner grinder, you can carry out a test saw. The principle of operation is as follows: the tile is laid on the marks, the angular grinder is turned on and the disk is slowly lowered. The tile will be sawed on the front side, while it needs to be served from yourself.

If you do the work correctly, you will receive a cut.Cutting tile cut with neat edges, without skols, cracks and a zazubrin. The final view of the tile can be given with fine sandpaper.

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