How to cut the tiles with an electric tile cutting cutter: advantages, technical features and videos

House repair can become a real disaster, if you do it yourself, without having sufficient knowledge and experience. This applies to each repair stage, and laying the tile is no exception. One thing is to put the whole tile on a flat surface. Completely different. Adjust it in size, cut the necessary holes. A logical question arises here: how to cut the tile with an electric tile cutter with high quality and quickly?

Before you understand how to cut ceramic tiles with an electric tile, it would be nice to find out what this tool is. Modern electric tile cutting cuts tiles with a diamond disk, cooling the surface with water. On the principle of operation, this tool can resemble a circular or end saw. They have the same location of the motor, cutting circle, supporting site and bed with a turning head. The peculiarity of the tile cutter lies in diamond spraying on the disk used, the ability to supply water to the work area. The capture and positioning system of workpieces is also characterized by a certain complexity.

Due to the use of diamond, electric tiles successfully copes with the harsh not only tile, but also stone (natural and artificial), brick, concrete, ceramics, faora, glass and many other building materials. For this, a correctly selected disk and feed speed is enough.

The supply of water helps to cool the surfaces of the part and the tool itself, as well as some “knitting” dust so much that it is practically no during operation. The supplied water provides fast and clean cutting, even edges of the tiles, the absence of chips and serious damage to the glaze.

To achieve the accuracy of cutting in an electric tile cutting, there are a console submersible mechanism, a system of stopping (parallel and angular), lines indicators and much more.

Modern electric tile cutting has a number of advantages:

  • Even cut lines on the tile,
  • The ability to minimize the number and size of chips,
  • The possibility of cutting parts at an angle,
  • Minimum dust during operation,
  • High safety and good performance,
  • The ability to make a groove in the tile, cut it diagonally and from the middle,
  • The ability to cut off even a few millimeters from the edge.

However, like any other tool, electric tile cutter is not devoid of some shortcomings:

  • Lack of the ability to make cuts on a curved line,
  • A fairly high cost, which is justified by the quality and functionality.

Tile cutting with manual tile cutter

This is the most popular option used by both professional tiles and amateurs. You can find it in a store at a price of 300 and higher, depending on the size, quality and additional bells and whistles, such as a rotary base and a built.In ruler for ease of cutting tiles at an angle of 45 degrees. At the same time, it is better not to buy the cheapest models, they will often break the tiles incorrectly, due to poor pressing to a flimsy base.

  • The tile is inserted into the tile cutter, and the marking on it is combined with a special mark.
  • The pen drops and is drawn from itself. It needs to be carried out at the same speed and uniform pressure so that the video cuts the glaze to one depth. It will be enough to conduct a roller 1 time. If you drive several times, a breakdown can turn out to be poor.Quality.
  • Next to the video there are special legs that drop and break the tile into 2 parts, after a sharp pressure on the lever. At the same time, all tiles have a metal tubercle on their platform, and soft lining at the edges. When you click on the edges of the tiles with paws, the maximum voltage will be created at the site of the incision, if you correctly combine it with the lining, and it will break out evenly.

It is difficult to explain this with words, so it’s easier to watch a video that shows how to cut the tiles with a tile cutter:

High.Quality tiles allow you to cut even tiles with a thickness of 10 mm without problems. And it doesn’t matter to what angle you will cut it: at least 45 degrees, at least 30.

How to cut the tile with the letter “g”

Since the tile can cut the tiles only directly, many have difficulties in g-shaped cuts. The easiest option is to divide this tile into 2 rectangular elements, but then you get an extra ugly seam that will be striking.

But this can be avoided, if the short side is trimmed with a corner grinder, and then a long one with a tile cutter.

Step instructions on how to make Mr

In the same way you can cut off the external angles. When marking them, you need to take about 4-5 mm, on a seam for grouting 1.5–2 mm and a small indentation from the wall.

The second method: by any method available to you, a cut is made on the glaze, and the excess is gradually broken off by pliers. Irregularities are processed with sandpaper. This option will even allow you to get a rounded incision to adjusting to the risers.

How to cut porcelain tiles

It is believed that porcelain tiles of the hardest material from which floor tile is made. You can cut it in the same way as a regular tile.

Sometimes a simple floor tile is more difficult to cut than porcelain tiles. There is a hardened tile, according to which, after a tile, the cut on the glaze is almost not visible. And even a diamond disk on a corner grinder does not take it. The incision turns out to be torn, as after the tractor. In such cases, you need to use the corner grinder, and fel the groove of 2-3 mm from the back to indicate the place of breaks.

Advantages of household manual tile cutter

A manual unit has a number of advantages, so the tool is considered popular in the building materials market.

  • The device can be operated without connection to the mains;
  • For work, you do not need to select a special room. A small section on the table or floor is enough;
  • The tool weighs from 250 grams to 9 kg, so the employee does not need to make additional efforts in order to keep it in the process of work;
  • Mobility.

Important! The most demand is the models of the brand DEXTER and the whirlwind.

Thread technique with manual tile

It is much easier to cut the tile with a tile cutter if you follow the following rules:

The tile must be fixed and cut in a straight line along the future fault.

Step down the lever and break the tile into two parts.

The process is completely simple and will not take more than a minute to cut one tile. But, it is necessary to take into account some nuances to make high.Quality incisions and use tiles in construction with a calm conscience:

  • For a guaranteed direct cut, apply cutting line on the tile using a felt.Tip pen. Then these cutting lines must be combined with a wheel for applying cutting.
  • When cutting with one hand, you need to hold the tile in place, and with the second hand. The handle with the wheel.
  • The handle of the tile cutter must be raised so that the wheel touches the surface of the tile from the side of its upper part. Then move the handle on yourself.
  • Easy enough pressure. Do not overdo it so as not to break the wheel. The wheel should make only one pass.
  • Trimmer fishing line is scheduled. Now you need to separately and evenly divide the tile. For this, the wings are installed at the base of the handle at the level of the lower third of the tile. It is recommended to glue the wings with adhesive tape so that there are no traces on the finished tile.

Professionals for high.Quality breakdown of tiles hold it in the right position, press the handle a little with your finger with your finger, and then hit the handle with the palm of the right hand a little on the handle.

If it is not possible to split the tile, then you just need to take another and start the cutting process again.

Sometimes the cut edge of the tile can be visible after installing it in place. The angle will help to corner the grinding stone or sandpaper. It is better to have several types of stone at hand, at least for hard and soft tiles.

Useful recommendations to avoid frequent errors

  • For the work to go like clockwork, before using a tile cutter on a wheel and it is recommended to drip a little butter onto the guide frame.
  • So that the incision is not crooked, it is necessary to check so that the wheel is necessarily fixed. Sometimes it must be fixed with a special bolt before the immediate start of work.
  • To make the result high.Quality, before starting work, it should be checked so that the wheel is not worn out.
  • The denser the tiles, the easier it will be to cut it. It is possible to cut off the described tool even strips of tiles of only 5-6 mm.

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You can find out in detail with all the nuances about the grout of the stitches in the next article.

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Working with manual tile cutter, even for a beginner, is not of particular complexity. The main thing is to carefully study the device, to understand how to use it correctly. Tips from the masters presented in this article will help to achieve the perfect result and successfully finish the repair.

How to cut a tile

All cutting tools suitable for this purpose are divided into 2 categories.

Hand tool

Manual. When used, the master makes some physical effort.

However, for a large amount of work, they are not adapted and with their help complex operations cannot be performed.

Hand models include the following products.

Glass cutter

This is the most modest in size representative of the cutting tool.

Cutting is carried out in 2 stages: first, glass cutting is made a deep furrow along the breakdown line, and then the tile is broken.

Diamond glass cutter is used by professionals, since you need dexterity to work with it.

Lmaz applies a high.Quality deep scratch with only one point.

The rest of the faces only scratch the tile, and the breakdown turns out to be uneven;

In addition, steel does not cut Gress, only diamond glass cutter is suitable for cutting the latter.


A metal video is fixed on one side of the nippers, on the other, a transverse plate is placed.

Suitable for cutting plates, and allows you to perform a curved cut.

A large amount of work with their help will not be able to perform.

Mechanical tile cutter

Models are diverse: with 1 or 2 guides, with a sharp “from yourself” or “to yourself”, designed for different sizes of the tile.

Household tiles are used for cutting ceramics with a thickness of not more than 1 cm.

Professional can cut porcelain plates up to 20 mm thick.

The main advantages are the accuracy of the cut and the ability to perform a large amount of work.

Teling cutter is not suitable for cutting relief ceramics.

It is also impossible to cut off strips with a width of less than 15 mm with it with it.

ceramic, tiles, tile, cutter, electric

Power tool

Electric tool. Allow you to perform a very large amount of work in a short time.

In everyday life, they are less common, since the cost of the power tool is noticeably higher, and use is more expensive.

For cutting ceramics, apparatuses are most often used that can perform several operations.

Electric plane cutter

An important advantage. It cuts tiles not only on straight lines, but also on an arbitrarily difficult. The accuracy of the cut is very high and does not depend on the thickness of the material, or on its strength. The accuracy of the cut is very high and does not depend on the thickness of the material, or on its strength

The accuracy of the cut is very high and does not depend on the thickness of the material, or on its strength.

Corner grinder

Corner grinding machine. Power tool with an abrasive circle.

Its original purpose is the processing of joints.

However, the corner grinder is used for metal cutting, and for end processing of pipes, and to fit ceramic tiles.

For the last incident, you need to install a cut.Out disc for concrete and tile with a diamond edge.

Corner grinder can be used when cutting a relief tile.

All the above models do not perform such an operation.


This is the best way to get a round hole of the desired diameter.

To drill tiles, crowns with a carbide tower are used or with continuous diamond spraying.

Macro-cutting machine

By design, it is close to an electric plane cut and works with ceramics of any kind and thickness.

The main difference is the water cooling system, which at the same time solves the problem of dust and chips.

On simple devices, the tile supply during cutting is manually adjustable.

On expensive professional machines, the entire process is programmed.

Industrial equipment includes hydro.Carbonated and laser machines.

How to cut ceramic tiles, the complete DIY guide

In the first case, cutting is carried out due to the flow of water with the smallest abrasive particles.

In the second case, a laser beam works.

Such machines can do jewelry cutting along the most complex contours.

How to use the tool

The main question is related to how to work with a tile. This is a fairly simple procedure that requires minimal skills. The work is performed in several stages, which are described in detail below.


The main method of how to use a tile cutter is associated with the preparatory stage. Before turning on the device, you should make sure of its serviceability. The video most often suffers. Its surface should be perfectly smooth. In the presence of zabrin, a replacement is required.

First, the device is examined to make sure that there is no dust, dirt. All components of the mechanism are pulled by using screwdrivers. If you have not used it for a long time or not, the carriage is lubricated with machine oil.


Before cutting tiles with a tile cutter, you need to outline all the fault lines. To do this, determine the desired size in advance and put a fishing line for a trimmer with a special marker or a pencil.


The next stage is directly cutting. For this, the blade is installed directly above the line and pass along it until the end. If you need to cut off a small edge (up to 10 mm), you should figure out how to use a tile.Cutter and nippers. It is he who will help in such cases.

On the eve of cutting and during this process it is recommended to act as follows:

ceramic, tiles, tile, cutter, electric

  • An hour before work, the tile is covered with a wet towel or other fabric. Thanks to this, the material will crumble less, chips will practically not appear.
  • Provide the immobility of the dick.
  • The cutting part is placed directly above the intended fault line.
  • Next comes the main stage. You need to feel how to work with a tile cutter.
  • The cutter put at the very beginning of the line.
  • Applying a slight effort, move it on the surface of ceramics. At the same time, it does not have a large movement where to direct it (to yourself or in the opposite direction). You need to work as it is convenient.

After that, it is easy to figure out how to use an electric tile cutter or manual device. Further, as soon as the cutting element passes the entire strip, the operator carefully presses the lever. After that, the product is split exactly along the line.

The device is a tile cutter

Manual tile cutter

On a fixed tile, a fishing line is planned for a trimmer of the cut, along which the tile cutter is carried out. Then the lever is lowered, and the material is broken along the marked line. This work takes no more than 1 minute.

Rules for using manual tile cutter:

  • Before using tile cutter, it is worth dripping with oil on the guide frame and wheel to apply risk. Make sure the wheel attachment. It should not be shifted to the sides, otherwise you will receive a curve fishing line for a trimmer of the incision. When we wear a cutting wheel, it should be changed by buying a similar in the construction product store.

Processing the edges of the tiles with nippers

  • Before proceeding to the process, you should first try to make several experimental cuts of the desired bend. If it is not possible to make the necessary incision with a manual tile, it is worth using automatic, or make a few bags and break off the tiles with small parts with the help of nippers.

Cutting tiles with glass cutter

How to cut tiles with glass cutter and nail

There is a category of tiles, which, even with a thickness of 6 mm, are quite easy to cut. The greater the density of the material, the easier it is to work with it.

For tiles and ceramics, you need to choose the right force of pressing the lever

With excessively strong pressure, the cutter in the tile will make a too deep groove. Chips will go on the tile along the decorative layer. Then they will have to be polished.

Cuts and ceramics do only one. Repeatedly with accuracy, it will not work to carry out a cutter. Two cuts or wagging lines are formed on the workpiece. A break will be sloppy with a crumbling edge.

Cut the tiles with a tile.Cutting cutter: General beginning

After the preparation of the tile cutter for operation, you can proceed to cutting the tiles. This will need an accurate surface marking. So, for this you can use a regular construction pencil or, for example, a marker. We apply a fishing line for a trimmer marking with it. Before cutting floor tiles with a tile.Cutter or wall tiles, it is necessary to clearly fix it relative to the cutting roller. To do this, in some designs of tile cutters, special grades are used, which allow for the fully motionless position of the tile. If there is no such selection, then the tile must be held with one hand, and the handle with the carriage of the cutting roller. The other.

Immediately before receiving the incision, it is necessary to apply a drop of machine oil to the surface of the cutting roller, which will significantly reduce the friction of the surfaces of the roller and tiles, which, in turn, will improve the quality of the resulting section.

How to cut ceramic tiles with a tile cutter?

After the tile is precisely exhibited along the marking line, it is necessary to raise the tile cutter so that the surface of the roller touches the front side of the tile. Now you can move the handle over yourself with a smooth movement. At the same time, it is very important to control the pressure force to the surface of the tile. With insufficient pressure, the incision will turn out to be small for successful breakdown of depth tiles.

How to Cut Porcelain Tiles With a Tile Cutter

If you press the handle too strongly, then ugly cracks may appear on the decorative layer of tiles. If you cut the tiles for the first time, then it is best to take a piece on which you can experiment, since it is likely that an even cut may not work.

Important: the incision should be obtained for one longitudinal movement of a carriage with a cutting roller, otherwise repeated risks will not coincide with the first, so the incision will turn out to be inaccurate or unnecessarily rough.

How to cut tile tiles with a tile?

The tile in composition is practically no different from ceramic. Only the color of the base is different. It is lighter. However, this practically does not affect the process of cutting tiles, so it is carried out similarly to ceramic tiles.

So, the incision is made. Now we put the tile on a flat horizontal surface and raise one of the edges, the cut most remote from the line. Now carefully, but at the same time, we pressed quite sharply on the tile in the area of ​​cut risks so that the tile breaks exactly along it.

If the incision is not accurate enough, then its edges can be tied with a grinding stone or sandpaper. Neatly longitudinal movements can achieve the smooth edge of the cut. It is necessary if the tile is attached to the end from the other. If it is placed in the corner, then grinding the edge is not necessary.

The tile is cut, now you can start laying it.

And also it is worth looking more clearly how to cut the tile with a manual tile cutter.

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