How to cut the wood-brown plate with a jigsaw: how to cut off the wood-beam plate with a jigsaw

It is not enough just draw a fishing line for a trimmer to cut off directly with a jigsaw. Often, a knot can get caught, and the tool takes away from the markings. In this publication, I want to bring to your attention the simplest, but, nevertheless, the most effective method to perfectly cut a jigsaw.

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Using Jigsaw For Cutting Metal | Metal Cutting Jigsaw

And so, our task: to make a perfectly flat jigsaw. Someone can say that together with the tool, the line of emphasis is most often supplied, such as this:

But this method has two disadvantages, first of all, the emphasis is limited, and secondly, this emphasis implies that the side in which we abut it perfectly even. And if this is not, for example, the edge of the plywood, from which I have to cut off the piece far from even.

Let’s make markings. I measured 100 mm on both sides, and then drew a fishing line for a trimmer, according to which I will cut off.

Next, it is necessary to measure the distance from the edge of the lobe platform to the file. To do this, I use a caliper. I got 35 mm.

Most importantly, we need an emphasis. It can be a profile pipe, an even bar, a rule, and so on, the main thing is that it would be the right length and even.

We have this emphasis on the previously extinct distance (remember 35 mm from the beginning of the jigsaw platform and to the file). Distance the location of the stop must be measured from both edges.

We will fix the emphasis on both sides.

And now we just press the lobby platform to the stop and cut. If everything is done correctly, then cutting the jigsaw will be exactly along the line.

Well, the result, as you can see, the cut side turned out to be perfectly even.

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How to cut a wood-piece plate?

There are special machines on which you can saw the wood-based slab. They have a professional cut quality, so the plates are obtained without chips. This is a big step in the production of furniture, since you can make any furniture using these machines.

Vertical machines are a rigid frame that is rejected back and along which a cutting disk rides. It is it that allows you to carry out vertical and horizontal incisions on the wood. Chip plate. The accuracy of such a cut of woody plate is incredible. The cutting saw can rotate at a speed of about 15,000 revolutions per minute.

The technology of the horizontal machine consists of several components:

  • The table on which the plate is placed;
  • A carriage that helps to move the saw through the mechanism;
  • The very cutting equipment, which consists of several nodes.

Regarding the principle of action-this main saw cuts out a wood-and-piece plate, and the cutter cuts it off. As a result, the cut is almost perfect and even.

How to cut evenly with a jigsaw: recommendations

If so, it is better to do it with a circular saw.

Consider how to cut an electrician exactly:

  • The processing object must be reliably fixed. Over, in such a way that it was convenient to drink.
  • In case of special uncertainty or for a greater guarantee of accuracy, it makes sense to use guides. With a rectilinear cut as a guide, you can use a wooden block, fixed along the marking. If the shape of the drink is difficult, then the situation is complicated. In this case, you can use the patterns, if any, or you will have to reduce the speed of work due to the more accurate maintenance of the jigsaw.
  • One of the options for why the electrician saws crookedly is problems with the saw. Perhaps she was dull or has broken teeth. Noticing that the jigsaw literally turns himself where he likes, inspect the saw.
  • Damage to the jigsaw. For example, if the motor works with jerks, the probability of a curve cut it increases sharply. Similarly, other breakdowns of the mechanism can lead to a fall in accuracy. Such problems are difficult to eliminate on the spot, as diagnostics are required, and, possibly, repair.
  • Finally, the accuracy of the work is greatly affected by the skill of the contractor. If you are a beginner carpenter, do not be upset due to periodic failures: accuracy comes with experience.
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The marking of the line drank

In order to cut off the material with a jigsaw, it is necessary to correctly outline the fishing line for the trimmer of the saw and securely fix the blank on the surface. If you have to work with a long canvas, it is worth using a flat rail as a guide and two clamps for attaching it and working material. It is necessary to act in a certain sequence.

First, you need to mark the wood-cutting stove using a ruler. To do this, the required distance from both sides is measured, the marks are connected, forming a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. For the manufacture of a curly line, it is advisable to draw it on paper, and then transfer it to a tree with a copy of the carbon.

To cut a circle with a jigsaw, the marking is applied with a construction pencil or a black marker to the surface on a pre.Made stencil of thick paper or cardboard. In this case, the sawing of the material begins with the drilling of the hole in the center. The blade should move from the center to the marking line, and then along the perimeter of the circle.

wood-bearing, plate, jigsaw

Important! The jigsaw is inherently provided for curved cuts, cutting it exactly in a straight line is quite difficult. You need to constantly monitor the line and direct the tool a little to the side.

In order to avoid chips on the finished surface, the file during operation is not carried out at the mark, but near it. The laser guide on the jigsaw will help to saw smoothly.

Stages of work

Using an electric jigsaw is the most common option for sawing a wood-brown stove at home, due to the availability of tools, universalism and simplicity of circulation.

Requirements for used files:

In the assortment of most tool manufacturers there are special products for sawing wood stove. Files for laminate are also suitable for work.

The process of sawing consists in the sequential performance of three operations: marking sheets, sawing and processing the edge if necessary.

Cutting out the material

When homework, it is important to correctly carry out the cutting of the material in order to minimize the amount of waste. Particular attention is paid to the “layout” if the laminated wood-brown plate has a clearly pronounced pattern, which must be taken into account.

It is recommended to plan the location of the parts on a sheet of paper. On the Internet, it is easy to find calculators and programs that automatically plan the optimal location of parts.

Before starting work, it is necessary to lay the sheet on a solid basis, taking into account that the site of the cut is needed a supply of free space for the progress of the file.

Further, the cutting algorithm consists in the sticker of the painting tape and the drawing of the sawing lines with a permanent marker.

Having glued the masking tape of the required width, it is possible to exclude scratches from the steel sole of the electrician, reduce the likelihood of chips of the laminating layer.

wood-bearing, plate, jigsaw

If it was not possible to find special files for the wood-cutting stove, the sawing is carried out on the back, so that the teeth “work” towards the surface.

The process of sawing

It is recommended to saw with the help of guides with even lines.

The work algorithm is as follows:

  • A layer of laminate is cut through a sharp knife or a special tool. The operation reduces the number of chips.
  • With clamps, the guide is fixed, about which the sole of the jigsaw will be based on a direct cut. You can do without device if the quality of the edge is not decisive or with extensive experience. The location is chosen based on the width of the supporting plate of the jigsaw.
  • Set the average rotation of the electric motor, remove the rolling mode.
  • Start drinking from edge to center. The instrument pressure is excluded, since in this case the file will definitely take aside or the cut will pass at an angle in the plane of the sheet.
  • If necessary, they carry out finishing, bypassing the workbench.
  • At the end of the drink, the sheet is excluded under its own weight.

Only high.Quality files allow you to work for a long time. The Economy Class tool will ensure cutting out no more than 5-10 linear meters of laminated woody stove, after which the teeth dull chips, the jigsaw leads to the side.

If you need to cut the inner hole under the hatch, installing electric sockets or switches, first mark the marking. Next, drill a wood-boom slab with a drill 1-2 mm exceeding the width of the file. Having set the file in the formed hole, the sawing is carried out.

Processing after trimming

If you use hard profiles, = just remove dust. Playing is carried out with carpentry glue.

The end of the end of the end is carried out with films of different material:

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An important condition-before glitting, it is necessary to align the end surface of the wood-bearing plate.

For processing, use a milling mill, file or a grinder.

wood-bearing, plate, jigsaw

Self-adhesive films are pressed by any even bar. After gluing, the protruding parts of the end tape are cut off.

Cutting methods of laminated wood-bruise without chips

Can be sawing on a format-shuttle machine. But if you need to cut the laminated woody stove in order to make several items of furniture for yourself, other methods are more suitable.


The line should be scratched with an awl or nail on a trimmer for a trimmer to the thickness of the laminated coating. Drink along this line, making sure that the edges of the teeth of saws fall exactly into the scratch. Can be sawed with a jigsaw or hand hacksaw.


Suitable for cutting a small area. The saw should be with the smallest teeth size. You need to move the jigsaw smoothly, without pressure, set the momentum just above the average level.

From the side where the teeth enter the stove, there will be practically no chips, and with the opposite. With insufficient experience will appear, but in a small amount.

A circular saw

You need a saw for a saw with small teeth. With this method, long straight sections will be more successful than when cutting the jigsaw. On the side where the teeth crash into the plate, there will be no chips. If they appear, then from the opposite side, as in the case of a jigsaw.

The use of guides increases the accuracy of the saw. At the same time, it is better to fix the saw on the table.

Drinking with cutting

A large ruler (tire) is required, which is fixed on the workpiece with clamps. The first cut is carried out to cut the laminate along the marking line. The tire must be installed on the line, and the cut is carried out to a depth of 6-10 mm. There will be no chips.

The second cut is carried out through and through. There will be no chips on the input line of the teeth, and the laminate is already cut at the exit site, so they simply cannot be.

Milling mill

In this case, first the blank should be cut with a jigsaw, retreating from the marking line by 2-3 mm, and then level the fishing line for the trimmer according to the template. The mill should be with a bearing. With this method, you can cut and curvilinear.

wood-bearing, plate, jigsaw

Special equipment

Of course, the best option is to use a special format machine. With it, you can get any cut. But for private needs, you can’t buy such a tool, and at a production enterprise providing sawing services, such a procedure will cost good money. A cheaper way. A disk saw. There are even special saws for laminated woody stove. But they will also require the use of specifications. However, many in the arsenal should have a milling machine, which will correct the cutter of a draft cut. If you have experience on such a machine, it will not be difficult to get a satisfactory appearance of the cut.

You can saw laminated woody boat and a jigsaw, but it will be a black saw. The edges may not turn out to be straight, but sinusoidal, but in the worst case the edge will come out non.Perpendicular to the front surface.

During the saw, you must be prepared for the fact that the jigs of the jigsaw will begin to “walk” because of the bend. It is necessary to saw with a margin of 4 mm, and then level the edge.

The laminated wood-boring slab at home using an electrician, reduces the formation of chips. When cutting, you need to increase the speed and reduce the feed, putting it on 0. Only sharp files should be used, designed for a special sawing cutter. Only by observing these rules you can achieve a good result. After the cut of the end, which will be in sight, you can work out with sandpaper. In addition, before the cut, as already mentioned, you need to cut a fishing line for a trimmer, along which the cut will pass. But we are not led by the saw along this line, but near it. Then chips will not affect the limits you need. At the end it remains only to bring the edges with a skin.

The indentation from the contour can be up to 4 mm. Then these several millimeters are removed by a cylindrical milling cutter using a manual electrophoresis with a bearing. The bearing is directed along the long level fixed on the back of the sheet.

To avoid problems with chips, it is recommended to use (where it is possible) a flexible overhead P-profile. He covers chips well.

In addition, if chips are in a non.Working smoker region, they can be masked by a marker or felt.Tip pen selected under their color.

The most undesirable way to cut the laminated wood-brown slab is a file (oddly enough, in the old textbooks a lot of material is devoted to this method). It is possible to be a shirt, but preferably electric and with carbide knives. But here it must be borne in mind that the dust from under the ruban will fly throughout the room.

And the most comfortable way is using a hand cutter along the guide. The end must be even and under 90 g, there will be no chips, and when the dust cleaner is included in the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

Masters recommend using a cutting hacksaw for such a cut. If you have a saw with a small tooth, then the order of work is this:

1) Out a knife fishing line for a trimmer cut. Before starting work, sharpen the saw. The knife should be carried out with a slight pressure so that the laminated upper layer is cut.

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2) on the intended line, we cut the ribbon with the sticky base. It will help to keep the decorative layer from cracking. You can use paper tape.

3) the tool should be kept at a very sharp angle. In this case, the angle should not be higher than 30 g. This will reduce the probability of chips. In the process of the saw, it is necessary to press slightly on the saw. If the work is carried out by a power tool, such as an electrician, then you do not need to rush and press it

4) after the cutting of the cut, the cut can be cleaned with a file. But in many cases this is not required, since the small teeth of the saw do not allow to deform the laminate. If the torn edges are formed, then the delicate work of Rashpil will lead the cut into proper form. The grinding tool must lead to the center from the edge. This minimizes possible damage to the upper layer.

5) The glued band of veneer will give the final beauty a cut.

Of course, the laminated wood-based stove at home does not imply professional quality and high speed of work. For those who are in a hurry, you can offer sawing a laminated wood-bearing plate with a corner grinder. A wood disk is used as a cutting element. A bar is attached to the laminated wood-brown stove on the clamps so that the corner grinder is heading along it for an even cut. After the cut, possible chips are treated with the same corner grinding, only with another nozzle. For grinding. But a more gentle option is the use of sandpaper.

At what speed to saw the wood-bruise, laminated wood-bearing plate with a jigsaw

In order to completely cut off the wood-brown plate with a jigsaw, it is necessary to work with an electric or manual tool at low speed, tightly pressing the blade to the workpiece. With quick movements of the cut, it turns out not too neat, the likelihood of chips increases.

Users note that with a cut with a direct position of the nozzle and at low speed per minute, the jigsaw passes about 50 cm. If we increase the intensity of movements and set the maximum angle of inclination, then in the same time it will be possible to drink up to 2 m. But the cut will be rough, with large chips.

Advice! If you saw the material carefully, it is worth turning off the pendulum course in the tool.

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How exactly the jigsaw is processed by the wood-steering plate also depends on the severity of the blade. New canvases allow you to cut the material clearly along the intended line and at a constant speed. But after about 3 m of the workpiece, the equipment begins to dull, as a result of which the advance slows down, and the cut becomes more rude.

How to cut a wood-brown plate or laminated woody plate with a jigsaw

In order to clean the laminated wood-brown plate with a jigsaw, it is necessary to adhere to a clear algorithm. It looks as follows:

  • The workpiece is tightly fixed on the desktop. During the cutting process, the sheet should not twitch and play, otherwise it will not be possible to perform the cut exactly.
  • Marking is applied to the surface of the material. If the lines should be drawn on the front side, it is better to use not a marker, but a pencil, the traces of which can then be erased.
  • The selected nozzle is inserted into an electrician, preference is given to completely new and high.Quality canvases from well.Known brands. If you cut the workpiece to be completely, the old and cheap equipment should be avoided.
  • The speed in the tool is set maximum. The angle of inclination of the files does not change. The pendulum mechanism must be turned off. It simplifies a quick cut, but most often it does not allow us to saw laminated wood-bruise stove smoothly and with high accuracy.
  • The jigsaw is installed clearly according to the applied markup and tightly pressed to the material, and then included in the work.
  • Slowly and carefully lead the canvas along a pencil or marker line, if possible using backlight and laser pointer.

If you cut the laminated woody boat, it is necessary without chips and defects, then even when using a reverse nozzle, it is better to place the material with the front side.

When cutting a wood-bruise, an electrolobian stove is recommended to use a special anti-skid liner. It is a small part with a cut, which is installed in special guides on the sole of the tool. Ideal results allows you to achieve an insert, the hole in which exactly corresponds to the thickness of the canvas. The part can be supplied with a tool in the amount of several pieces, it is usually proposed to make an opening on its own.

Attention! To perform a cut with a cut for a jigsaw on a wood-based slab, it is necessary to prevent the nozzle overheat.

The chips from the cutting line must be removed in a timely manner, otherwise it will not work to cut the laminated wood-bearing plate exactly

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