How to trim soft glass on a round table

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Measure table length and width. Since the tablecloth in the first 2 weeks of use gives the shrinkage, we ourselves will calculate the necessary reserve and make it free of charge.

Measure the maximum length and width of the table. We will cut a rectangle with allowance for shrinkage, and after 2 weeks of use, you can easily cut an oval to the shape of the table. We enclose detailed instructions with the tablecloth.

TOP 5 Best Table Protector Reviews – PVC, Soft Glass, and Frabic

Measure the diameter of the table (exactly the straight surface of the table without rounding). We ourselves will cut the circle from specially prepared and laid pieces, so round tablecloths do not give shrinkage.

General recommendations for use

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Why buy a soft glass in Odessa in the Epicenter

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for Soft glass in Odessa

Product Price
MVM protective cover 1200х800х1 mm transparent 451 grn
MVM protective coating soft glass 1100×1 mm transparent 595 UAH
Protective coating MVM for surfaces soft glass 1600×900. 1600х900х1 mm transparent 656 UAH
Protective cover MVM Soft glass 900×1,5 mm transparent 398 UAH
Protective coating MVM for surfaces soft glass 900×800 mm 900x800x1 mm transparent 375 UAH

Soft glass on the protection of the glass table or the 2nd life of the broken glass table

Hello all. Today I will tell you about how I gave a second life to my glass table, after I broke the first. In many of my reviews you may have seen my table that I use for the background. I like this coloring, I do not see a live bamboo in real life, and here is a highlight 🙂 but it’s all lyrics. And it happened that we dropped something heavy on it, now it is covered with cracks. If I can still tolerate the kind of cracks. The tactile sensation of cracks is not pleasant at all. We haven’t decided to change the table yet, it fits in well with the overall concept of our bamboo kitchen. It was decided to buy a thick transparent PVC film, often referred to as soft glass, which I’ve only seen in videos on the Internet, but in person ever. Let’s see how it turned out?

Ordered on July 29, arrived at my house with Aliexpress Premium Shipping. Delivered in 1.5 weeks.

soft, glass, table

The film arrived rolled up into a sturdy tube. There’s no rod, the film’s wrapped around itself, sticking together in layers. It turns out a very dense tube, to damage such a delivery can only be specially. And since the delivery was by pony express, I think that’s out of the question.

and there was a label on the foil.

In general, the review is not very big, because there’s nothing much to tell. My table is 70×110 cm and I ordered an 80×120 cm film. The film came in perfect size, it was easy to save money and not to buy it with such a reserve. Would have needed to cut it anyway, because the table corners are round. The film has a thickness of 1 mm, as stated. No extra shipping film. The film fits and adheres perfectly to a flat surface. The film itself is plastic, but very strong. Well, let’s go I already had experience with vinyl films. As I remember now, we used a spray of soapy water and a special “squeegee”. Armed with everything you need, my wife and I started gluing. First, we sprinkled soapy water on the table and put the film. Soapy water gives the film a nice spread on the surface of the table, moving it around without letting it stick. We’ve leveled the film, and we start to expel the water from under the film with a “water squeegee”. We drive it over the table until we get all the bubbles out. After that it is necessary to give to the film at least one day without pulling it off the table. After that the water evaporates and the film gravitates to the table. After gluing, of course, we still have to trim the excess at the edges. Cut to. We go over it again, kicking out the remaining bubbles. Cracks that were on the table are now covered with the film and absolutely invisible to the touch. There is no risk of getting a splinter or something like that. Here’s the view with the almost finished result.

In order to appreciate the installation process of such a coating, my wife and I took a short video, which showed how this process looks live. Here’s what I recommend everyone to look at, because there is not much information on this topic, or I could not find.

We’re happy, and the table will probably stay with us for another year or so. And in general, of course, wildly recommend buying such a film, those who have a glass table, but still in its entirety. This film will perfectly protect the table from the fate of my. And another huge plus is that the film-covered table does not leave streaks. Who has a glass table, knows that such a surface likes to collect all sorts of household dirt and wash to perfection is not immediately desirable. Plus, if the table is composed of several parts, the gap, even a small one, between the halves constantly irritates, constantly trying to get there loaf crumbs. A film like this is a great way to cover the spot. It’s not afraid of hot food, we pour tea straight from the fire into cups and put it on the table, plates of soup in the same way. Another advantage, which I have not considered, but recalled in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев dear sergjjj_0, is soundproofing. The surface is soft and kind of tenacious (like any rubberized piece creates a grip), but at the same time it’s so thick that there are no circles left from the dishes. In general, now the dishes do not clatter on the table. The only disadvantage of such foil is an inquisitive baby, who is always trying to peel the edge of the foil off the table. As far as I can judge from the movies on the Internet, this film can be useful to owners of wooden tables, solid wood tables, to protect the shelves and so on you can think of many other applications. Some people may think it is expensive, but I definitely think it is cheaper than ordering a photographic print on a new table. That will be all. To all a wonderful mood and joy of shopping. May your belongings serve you for a long time. And, by the way, in a sale on August 28, the price is still a little fall.

How to cut furniture foam: instructions

If you have all materials and tools at hand, we can proceed directly to the process. Observing the cutting technology will allow to achieve a perfect result. How to easily cut foam. a complete guide:

Lay plywood, chipboard, fibreboard, and cardboard on a flat surface (e.g. the floor) and place a sheet of cardboard on top of it.

Lay the foam rubber on top of the cardboard so the place of the future cut is on the cardboard and does not go beyond the edges.

Using the ruler, draw a line for the trimmer along which to make the cut. Cutting can be performed under the ruler, if the length of the blade allows the knife.

Take the knife and adjust the required length of the blade. Then make a small notch on one side. Then insert the knife into the starting line for the cut trimmer and make a sure precise movement. At this point, gently pinch the edges of the foam block with your other hand. Cutting foam at an angle is the best solution to make the cut as straight as possible.

We also have various grades of foam rubber available for sale. Everything is in stock at our store in Kiev. Look in our catalog of foam rubber. You are sure to find the right one for you. We will give you comprehensive advice on the choice of foam.

If the first cut of the foam is the full width, you need to carefully widen the edges of the cut, deepen the knife and make the last cut. As soon as you will hear the grinding of the blade of the knife on the cardboard, then you have coped with the task.

Cutting foam rubber with their own hands. the task though difficult, but realistic. To keep the edge very straight, it is necessary to use a knife with a very sharp and long blade. If the knife began to cling or tear foam rubber, it is time to replace the blade or sharpen it. But it is better not to wait until the last minute, and immediately take care of timely replacement.

Cutting foam rubber is no different from straight cutting. But the angle of inclination in the direction of itself must be maximized, otherwise the cut parts will have a little oblique edges. There is nothing difficult in such cutting, the main thing is to have patience and a quality knife. Also for shape cutting you can use a special saw for foam rubber Bosch GSG-300 Professional.

We have this type of foam saw in our arsenal and we can easily cut for you sheets of foam rubber to a thickness of 30cm. The quality of the cut is great, everything is perfectly straight and perpendicular. Cutting out figures of different shapes is quite entertaining and interesting.

You can order the service of cutting and gluing of foam rubber on our site by going to the card of the service you are interested in. The cost of cutting is indicated per running meter, and gluing. per square meter.

How to lay the film on a glass table

Any particular problems with the laying does not arise, especially if you follow the instructions and carefully follow all the instructions.

  • Adjust the glass tablecloth to the required size, but sometimes it may not be necessary.
  • From the table top is required to remove dust, traces of moisture, dirt, etc.
  • The back side of the foil must be placed on the table.
  • After that you need to press it to the table top, making movements from the center to the edge of the table. That way the air that has collected under the film will be squeezed out.
  • If there are still bubbles in the foil, you can sprinkle it with water and repeat the manipulation.

Flexible glass. quality, reliability, durability

The scope of silicone tablecloths is much wider than it may seem. Flexible glass from the manufacturer can cover not only kitchen tables but also worktops, office desks and children’s tables. They have also found use as an aesthetic cover for chest of drawers and window sills. By choosing a soft glass tablecloth, you will keep your furniture looking perfect twice as long. You will appreciate the worthy performance qualities of soft glass PVC:

  • Thanks to almost 100% transparency and crystal clear, soft tablecloth on the table reveals the whole surface to the smallest detail. If you own a table made of valuable wood you get two important advantages at the same time: The expensive table is perfectly protected and the beauty of the wood pattern is perfectly visible under the flexible glass.
  • The properties of the protective coating allow it to adhere perfectly to the table top, while at the same time avoiding slipping. Sometimes you even forget that there is glass on the table. so beautiful and harmonious looks the cover, which has no analogues.
  • This tablecloth requires no special care and means. Simply wipe the PVC flex film with a damp cloth, preferably microfiber. Flexible glass is not peculiar to absorb moisture, stains are excluded.
  • Silicone tablecloths from the manufacturer are absolutely safe. It does not evaporate toxic compounds, so it will not cause the slightest harm to children and pets. In this case, it is especially valuable that children’s “masterpieces” in the form of inscriptions with markers or watercolors in a matter of seconds can be removed with a damp cloth. Parents will appreciate it!

Based on the above, we summarize that the soft glass PVC is the perfect tablecloth for your table.


Despite the fact that this tablecloth is usually used by hostesses in the kitchen in order to look good dinner table, it can also be used quite effectively and to cover other surfaces, such as office desk.

At first I ordered to try, on the window sills, from pots with flowers (scratch), it turned out super, protection and dust wiped in two accounts, and most importantly the view. glossy white window sills! Then I bought a thicker one (2 mm) for my desk.

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