How to cut a beam on boards?

Slinging logs on a chainsaw boards is a rather convenient and simple method of working with wood. Thanks to the presence of various nozzles, the master receives materials that have a smooth and even surface. It is easy to make boards yourself, it is not necessary to contact specialized stores.

The cut method using a chainsaw has several advantages.

The ability to work under any conditions. The chainsaws are not afraid of humidity, so experts can cut logs during the rain, the equipment in this case will not deteriorate.

High performance. It is allowed to carry out wood work throughout the day, but it must be taken into account that the power of the device must be at least 7 horsepower.

Autonomous device. The equipment works on gasoline, does not depend on electricity, the workplace is mounted on any area where it will be more convenient to conduct the process.

Convenience in work. The chainsaw is equipped with a smooth start and adjustment of the speed of rotation of the chain, these conditions ensure the receipt of a qualitative result to beginners in such a case.

The undoubted advantage is that the equipment is much cheaper than a small sawmill. During the breakdown, the repair costs inexpensively, does not take much time.

How much is wood sawing?

For the service of cutting round forests Divising the validity of the round Les.Afalse Toleled 50/200/6000 1 variety, spruce, larch 900 sawing a round Lesodosk rubberized 25/100/4000 3 variety, spruce

Cutting a Thirty Foot Beam on a Twenty Foot Mill

beam, chainsaw, boards, device

  • Set the log on the goats. So that it lay stable. Let the middle of the log is exactly in the center of the structure.
  • Mark the log using a meter or roulette. Make notes using a hand saw or ax
  • Start sawing.

Circular saw. High performance and ease of work

Circular saw is the best option for performing work. It has excellent performance and allows you to cut a considerable number of blanks in a relatively short time, and with high quality. In addition, such a saw allows you to perform a longitudinal cut of the material, but you need to know how to cut the board along exactly.

One of the most important criteria when choosing a circular is the maximum cut depth. There are devices on the market that saw materials with a thickness of 30 to 130 mm. That is, you can choose a machine for cutting only thin boards, and for sawing bars.

It is also worth paying attention to the cutting tool itself. Disks with a large number of teeth will provide a neat high.Quality cut, the speed of cutting will be low. But the wheels with a small number of teeth will provide high performance of work, but the quality of the cut will be worse.

Now about how to cut evenly a circular saw. One of the conditions of high.Quality work is a reliable fixation of the workpiece. If the material is weak, then with the cut, the board can “go”, and the cut will be uneven.

If the circular saw is manual, then all the work should be done on a workbench equipped with stops and guides for blanks. Such a device can be made independently, taking as a basis any table.

Before the cutting, it is important to correctly establish the depth of the saw. Some hand saws have an adjustable side guide, with which you can perform a longitudinal sawing of the material. If there is no such device, then use the same workbench.

Convenient in terms of work is a table circular, which is already equipped with everything necessary. Guides, fixators. Often such equipment allows you to make a cut of workpieces at an angle.

In the process of sawing, it is important not to exceed the effort on the tool, otherwise the cut quality will be low, the increased load on the saw will lead to a rapid blunt of the cutting disk.

Do not forget about safety measures when using such equipment. Work should only be performed after checking the health of the saw and the correctness of fixing the workpiece. Also, do not neglect protective means. Masks, glasses.

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Safety precautions

When working with a chainsaw, you need to follow the safety rules, they will avoid injuries and unpleasant situations:

  • You cannot allow people to the work site, especially children.
  • When working with a disk saw, it is imperative to put on a special protective casing on it.
  • During the process of sawing logs, use the means of protection against sawdust and noise.
  • You need to have a medicine first.Aid kit to treat the wound during cuts.
  • You can not pour gasoline into the warm.Up tank of the chainsaw.
  • It is necessary to use a chainsaw only for its intended purpose, it is forbidden to include it at full capacity if it is not in work.
  • The installation of logs is carried out only on the right side.
  • While working with equipment, it is strictly forbidden to put pressure on it with effort.

Subject to safety precautions, the work will be simple, and as a result you get a high quality material without harm to health.

(how to make) a urban sawmill with a circular saw

Chainsaw is a universal equipment that is easy to use. Its masters can be used on a personal plot, in a private house. In addition to obtaining boards, it is used for repair work of outbuildings and wooden decor elements. At the same time, a large number of boards do not need, just take a couple of logs.

Slinging logs on a chainsaw boards

For buildings of wooden structures, you can purchase material in a specialized store or at a sawmill. But sometimes the owner faces a situation where there is a tool, there is a log, and you need to correctly and efficiently cut it onto the boards at home. To do this, you need to understand in detail the following intricacies of this process.

Types of cutting logs

Before proceeding with the sawing of the workpiece, you need to decide how to get a high.Quality final product with the least amount of waste. The wood is heterogeneous in quality, the lower part of the barrel gives the most valuable lumber. When sawing a log, the following types of lumber can be obtained:

  • Brill. Lumber, thick and width more than 10 cm. The most common look is a four.Circuit beam, square in section. Used as building material in the production of furniture;
  • Board. Lumber, up to 15 cm thick and width that exceeds the thickness by half. Boards are obtained from logs or bars and used in construction and in the furniture industry.

Possessing theoretical knowledge and practical skills, you can make boards and bars with your own hands.

Advantages of sawing logs of a chainsaw

I saw and an ax, like woodworking tools, have long faded into the background, giving way to more productive benzo and electric pills. Motopila works using a two.Stroke gasoline engine, a sharpened chain is a working tool. Main advantages:

  • High performance, which noticeably facilitates human labor;
  • Mobility, it is easy to transfer it from place to place, load into the car, it is not tied to the source of energy;
  • Can be used in conditions of high humidity and even during the rain;
  • The possibility of applying various kinds of nozzles to perform various tasks;
  • Ease of use;
  • Financial availability in comparison with specialized woodworking machines.

Therefore, not only experienced professionals prefer this tool, but also owners of farms successfully use a chainsaw to solve everyday problems in the garden and at a construction site. When constructing auxiliary structures, a log sawing may be needed. It is very easy to cut the workpiece on boards in the workshop, but this can be done at home.

Tools for cutting logs

The choice of a suitable tool for sawing the workpiece depends on many criteria. These include:

To cut a large number of blanks and get a large number of high.Quality lumber, it is most reasonable to use the sawmill. This is a wood processing machine, the working tool of which is different saws. Designed for longitudinal sawing logs up to 6 meters long and 20-80 cm in diameter.

Large woodworking enterprises with large production volumes use specialized lines on wood cutting. On the line, you can cut multi.Caliber logs, while receiving lumber of exactly a given size with high.Quality surfaces. Lines are characterized by high performance.

To obtain a small number of lumber for the needs of a small farm from logs 2-3 meters long and 30-50 cm in diameter, you can use a motorcycle. You need to know that the sharpening of circuits for the longitudinal sawing differs from sharpening for transverse sawing.

For a longitudinal sawing with your own hands, you can make a wooden emphasis. A leading ruler, which will allow you to cut the log. The emphasis is two wooden boards, one of which is fixed perpendicular in the middle of the other. The device is screwed to the workpiece with self.Tapping screws so that the upper edge of the vertically located board is below the upper edge of the log. The difference between the upper edge of the log and the upper edge of the board determines the thickness of the sawn hump.

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Types of working nozzles

If necessary, the workpiece can be sawed with a chainsaw on the boards using special nozzles. The frame for the chainsaw is attached to the tool and is designed to ensure a rectilinear movement with a horizontal cut of the workpiece. The design consists of:

  • A guide frame moving along the surface, in parallel of which it is necessary to cut a tree;
  • Vertical rack on which the mechanism of adjusting the thickness of the product is attached;
  • The mechanism of adjustment of the thickness consisting of handles for adjustment and a screw fixing the desired size;

The ability to set the exact size and proper cutting of the logs allow you to get boards of the same thickness and reduce the amount of waste. For the first cut of wood, a guide frame or a flat straight board is needed. As an alternative, you can create an even basic surface using an ax, an electric rhuban and level. With subsequent cuts, the base surface is the flat side of the board obtained with the previous approach.

Motopila carriage is a type of frame. It is attached to the saw and has additional videos or wheels, which allow the nozzle to move easily through the workpiece. At the same time, resting on the workpiece, the wheels give a sawing of the longitudinal sawing stability, allowing you to smoothly cut the log onto the boards.

This kind of nozzle on a chainsaw for longitudinal sawing allows you to cut a log without special work and finance without special costs and finances. Varieties of carriage are mini-pylorams and portable sawmills.

The technology of sawing a chainsaw

Before you dissolve the log onto the boards at home, it is necessary to correctly cut it in order to get the maximum number of quality boards with a minimum amount of waste. The rational use of raw materials is achieved when using special cutting schemes. Marking is applied to the tree corresponding to the set target and the type of planned lumber.

The first version of home.Made sawmill

In order to assemble a home.Made sawmill of a chainsaw with your own hands, you need to stock up on the following tools and materials:

  • Two channels for the base, which will be 8 meters in length, and in a height of 140-180 mm, as well as two rails.
  • To fasten the structure, different corners will be needed: 50×100 mm and 40×40 mm.
  • For screed, you also need several water pipes 25 cm.
  • Steel slab as a base that will be 4 cm thick, and up to 60 cm long.
  • Mobile hoses and several pipes with a diameter of 35-40 mm.

You need to start all the work, of course, with the preparation of the base. Homemade chainsaw sawmill is assembled as follows:

  • First you need to connect the rails that are laid up the sole up. For fixation, the corners of 50×100 mm are used. It is important that they lie as smooth as possible, and therefore it is recommended to use the building level.
  • After that, several holes need to be drilled in a finished basis. Their diameter is from 14 to 16 mm, and step 1-1.5 meters.
  • After that, you need to take the number of screeds equal to the number of holes, and connect them using bolts.
  • After that, the legs must be made from metal squares, on which the base will be attached, that is, the plate. The distance between the extreme persistent and the main should be approximately 1 meter.
  • To create the most rigid design, it is recommended to weld the braces between the racks.

After that, it remains only to deal with the installation of a movable trolley for the machine for the dissolution of logs. To install it, it is necessary to weld the corners of 40×40 mm from below to the stove and put the product on rollers or bearings on top of them on top of them. On top of the slab, you need to weld two more corners that will be a mount for the chainsaw itself.

Cut the tree

Before choosing a tool, you need to decide on the type of cut, focusing on the annual rings of logs. Several types are distinguished:

  • Radial (according to the radius);
  • Tangential (sawn is parallel to one radius, applies to annual rings);
  • The fibers are located in parallel relative to the cutting.
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To work a chainsaw on cutting logs, you will need such a device as a nozzle on a saw, as well as guide cuts and fixtors of the base. The frame in the form of a frame is attached to the tool so that there is the possibility of regulating the distance between the chain and the frame itself. This is done for the possibility of the release of finished lumber, different in thickness. The role of the guide can be taken either the required length of the profile, or a flat wooden bar with sufficient rigidity. A special chain designed to cut the barrel along the tool is selected for the tool. Its difference from the rest is in teeth sharpened at a certain angle.

Before starting work, it is necessary not only to prepare the entire necessary tool. Regardless of whether the woodworking machine or manual device is intended for processing the barrel, first of all you need to familiarize yourself with the sawing card. This is done in order to minimize the percentage of waste, and increase the yield of useful products.

The first thing to worry about with a longitudinal cut is the uniform density of the finished boards. To do this, a competent saw by the instrument from the east side of the log to the western, or in the opposite direction. This is due to the greater density of the round in its northern part than in the southern.

Further, the chainsaw is removed from two sides in such a way as to get a double.Circuit beam. It, in turn, is cut in accordance with the cutting scheme selected at the beginning of the work. The output gives an unspeakable board. If there is a certain percentage of defects in the trunk, then a circular cut with a turn of the barrel at a right angle or 180 ° is possible.

Features of sawing logs when using a chainsaw

Creating additional equipment for sawing logs is quite simple:

  • To create a support, a frame is used, which can be created from school desk legs. The most suitable pipes with a square section of 20 × 20 mm are.
  • When building a frame, it is necessary to create 2 clamps, and on one end, fix the cross. This element should have holes for solid bolts. In the middle, a ledge is created for the tire.
  • In order to cut the log along, it is necessary to construct a support frame, the width of which should be no less than a length of 8 cm.
  • For ease of work, the handle should be welded on the frame.
  • Before carrying out work, it is necessary to carefully check whether the frame is securely fixed on the tire.

Use a homemade tool is quite simple. Before sawing, it is necessary to install 2 goats. They will be used as a log for logs. In addition, a metal rail or a flat board is prepared, which will serve as a guide element.

Calculation of overlap material

To obtain crap material, as well as further sawing the logs on the beam is carried out by turning the resulting carriage by 90 degrees. The calculation occurs in the same order described above. But let’s pay attention immediately. If we start the calculation, we get 20 mm, which we do not need, due to the lack of given such sizes.

beam, chainsaw, boards, device

What to do in this case, we will explain now. We, as described above, have 5 mm per hump. We will take advantage of this and add 25 mm plus to 50 mm of our tearing material naturally 2 mm per saw.

We get a 25 mm podard board and a clean board 50 mm. This is what we needed, as well as a high.Quality beam of 150 x 150.

To obtain a different size of the material, it is necessary to let the missing millimeters into the pillings, but at the same time distribute them evenly on both sides.

Thus, the calculation and sawing of the log on a beam on a tape sawmill is calculated and sawing. We wish you good luck to all novice sawmills in this difficult matter, and the main thing is not to be mistaken in the calculations.

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