How to cut the board along the jigsaw

In most cases, the process of direct and curly sawing materials requires the ultimate accuracy of the tool. This statement is most fair for the electric jigsaw. Thin saws used in this device can easily change the cutting angle, which can negatively affect the accuracy of the line. The clarity of the faces of the product and the evenness of the cut line depends on the operator’s skills, the serviceability of the device and the file. Next, we will tell you how to get the planned contour with perfectly clear faces and what to do if the jigsaw takes aside.

The care of a saw canvas from a pre.Intended line may be due to several reasons. The operator may not get experience in handling the tool, the file can be defective, and the rod and a guide video for the jigsaw can seriously play seriously. In order not to guess on the coffee grounds, it is worth starting to start the factors that determine the accuracy and evenness of the cut line in your, individual case.

As it is started, it is better to start with yourself and your approach to sawing. Often, beginner craftsmen rush events and wanting to speed up the cut, add great pressure on the jigsaw. The tool does not have time to evenly bite into the material and create a clear groove for a file, which begins to follow the path of least resistance and makes unpredictable movements. This problem is especially common when working with a thick beam (from 40 mm) and lacquered plywood of Soviet times.

This is one of the reasons why the jigsaw leads to the side. What to do at the same time? The answer is obvious. Add minimal pressure sufficient to send the tool along the line and set the maximum number of revolutions (when working with a tree). The pendulum mode usually does not affect the evenness of the sawing if its design is good.

The quality of the assembly and wear of the tool details can become a good reason for the formation of mowed lines when sawing. There are no complaints to devices from the budget segment (up to 2500), as well as hopes for their conscientious assembly. Another thing is when such fortels begin to perform original, brand tools. Often, the cause of the crooked saw is a guide video, a rod for an electrician or its sole.

Check the reliability of fixing the element, you can elementarily pulling it with your hand. Steppery of a roller or roller by more than 1 mm, determines that this device is not able to produce a perfectly even cut. The larger the backlash of parts, the less accurate fishing line for the trimmer of the saw they form. Correct this problem, should be based on circumstances. If the detail itself is worn out, it can be replaced with a similar. It is difficult to fix the breakdown if the mounting unit is worn to the mechanism. Not every modern Kulibin is taken for such repairs, and usually this problem is solved by the purchase of a new tool.

The products of many proven brands, unfortunately, are often falsified, and jelly for an electrician in this regard are very popular. It so happened that poor.Quality and counterfeit products have a fairly short service life that brings many problems to the owner. One of these problems is the cut curve. Initially, an even canvas can bend due to poor.Quality metal, which can be deformed by the divorce of the teeth if it was at all present. In this regard, if your jigsaw saws crookedly, the situation will be able to correct the situation. The process of choosing a high.Quality saw for an electrician, was disclosed by us in a separate topic.

How to adjust the jigsaw to saw evenly

To flatterly saw off the board with a jigsaw, it is necessary to choose the right canvas for work and configure the power tool. The algorithm looks like this:

  • For a specific material, choose a blade of the desired width, length and thickness. With regular use of the tool, it is better to have a whole set of various files at hand, otherwise it will not work to perform slices exactly.
  • The canvas is installed on the jigsaw, after which the working move is tuned in the tool. If you saw it at high speed, include a pendulum mode. For pure cut, this function is better not to use.
  • For work, prepare a strong and stable surface. To cut a jigsaw evenly, you need to take care of the absence of height drops on a workbench.
  • The material is applied to a trimmer for a black marker or a regular pencil, which will subsequently easily erase.
  • The workpiece is firmly fixed on the workbench and proceed to work.

Before the start of sawing, you need to check that the material is not backlash from side to side.

Attention! If the part is very large, it is necessary to substitute supports to the part that hangs from the desktop.

Even sawing materials

Now we will figure out how professionals smoothly cut various building materials. This will make it possible to understand whether it is possible to cut boards, metal, plastic, tile and so on.

Sprinkled lumber

If lumber is drunk, such as boards, choose standard cutting canvases. Their teeth are directed upward. They have an average size, and the step between them is 2.5-4 mm. Their length is chosen taking into account the thickness of the part. At the same time, the maximum speed is set on the power tool. It is reduced when it becomes inconvenient to do work or the saw begins to overheat.

Experts usually increase the cut rate when the cut of wooden parts is performed, which after installation are not visible. For this, a pendulum course is included, which negatively affects the quality of the cut.

The cut process itself is performed on the back of the lumber. Otherwise there is a probability of damage to a wooden element. During the work, the power tool is evenly pressed to the workpiece and move it smoothly. Over, the electrician itself moves in lumber. This is clearly felt when the pendulum course is activated.

Cut a laminate or wood-piece plate

Before you cut a laminate or wood stove with a jigsaw, choose a file. Usually use a cutting canvas of the reverse cut. It is it that allows you to perform high.Quality cut without damage to the laminated surface. However, vibration increases during operation, which is why some masters experience discomfort.

On a note! Sometimes a conventional cutting canvas is used. In this case, the sawing is carried out on the back of the laminate or wood-based plate, because chips arise on the part along which the cut is performed.

To reduce the likelihood of chips, the pendulum node is turned off. At the same time set the maximum value of the speed. During the process itself, the power tool is tightly pressed against the lumber, but they do not pressure much on it.

Often, masters during the cut of laminate or wood-based slab use an anti-slip liner. It is inserted into the guides who are on the sole of the jigsaw. Often, several liners are included at once. They differ from each other’s thick. This characteristic is selected for a similar saw parameter.

Sprinkled metal

Before sawing a metal blank, a cutting canvas with small teeth is installed, between which the distance is from 1 to 2 mm. Such a saw is very similar to a knife.Haired. It is also used to cut other materials. It allows you to perform the most clean cut.

When a metal workpiece is cut, the minimum speed is set. In this case, the pendulum mechanism turn off. The cut itself is carried out slowly, they do not crush the electrician. Usually the workpiece is first firmly fixed so that the cut is carried out as close as possible to the support. If this cannot be done, then the metal is clamped between the two sheets of the wood.Fiber slab. At the same time, the cut is carried out at once by the entire pie to exclude the formation of a burr on a metal workpiece. Typically, this method is used when it is necessary to cut thin tin along the curved trajectory, the marking of which is made on the upper sheet a wood.Fiber slab.

On a note! So that the cutting canvas does not overheat, they constantly take small breaks during sawing and forcibly cool the file.

Sprinkled plastic

Before it is properly sawing the plastic with an electrolobian, a file similar to a cutting canvas for metal blanks is prepared. In other words, it should have small teeth. Only such a file masters manage to perform high.Quality cut.

The type of plastic processed affects the lobe settings. Typically, the speed of the cutting element is set by a maximum of 40% of the possible largest value. In this case, the pendulum mechanism is disconnected or installed at a minimum. Only in this way it is possible to cut plastic evenly.

Cream of tiles

For cutting tiles in an electrician, a special file is installed, which has no teeth. Such a cutting canvas has an abrasive surface. During the saw, it is quickly abrasion. Because of this, tiles are rarely sawn with an electric jigsaw, since to perform a large volume of work, it is required to consume too many special cutting canvases.

If, nevertheless, the master decides to cut the tile with an electrician, then it turns off the pendulum mechanism on the tool and sets the minimum speed of the file of the file. Typically, the power tool is used to cut tiles of small details of a small size.

How to properly saw off the board?

In the beginning you need to decide on the tool.

For example, cutting off the board using a stationary circular saw is not a problem at all.

Next, put the emphasis on the desired size, turn on the saw and cut off.

Cut off not evenly, just the emphasis will not allow.

It is more difficult to cut with a hand with a hand saw, a saw should be with a sharp tooth and most importantly with a good divorce.

Decide along or across the board is cut.

Next, make markings, a fishing line for a trimmer should be clearly visible.

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Then reliably fix the board in a motionless state, if a cut is across, then it is enough to press the board with your foot for example to a stool.

The second end of the board is also on a rigid support.

Then we begin to make a cutting cutter, the saw holds with a slight slope to the surface.

Remove the shavings (sawdust) immediately, the marking should be visible throughout the cut.

Can be cut not by marking, but along the profile, or rails.

We fasten the profile, (or rail) with clamps to the board (you can draw a fishing line for a trimmer at the beginning), and then cut the board along the profile.

In the same way (along the rail, profile, bar), you can cut off the board and an electric lobder.

When marking, take into account the width of the site of the jigsaw, that is, the distance from the file to the rail, should be taken into account when marking.

And of course, for the correct cut, it is necessary to take into account both the thickness of the board and the length of the cut, the density of wood and.T.P.

For cutting across, usually ordinary marking and hacksaws on wood is enough.

Sprinkled blanks

Work with a semi.Finished product consists of several stages:

  • Familiarization with the processed material, its properties.
  • Selection of cutting mode, selection of the required cutting tool (saw), auxiliary equipment.
  • Checking the performance of the jigsaw, the serviceability of individual elements, the absence of a backlash in the moving parts.

We saw a tree

  • The technical capabilities of the jigsaw with the geometric parameters of the workpiece and the processed material are checked:
  • Working stroke. The thickness of the part. The length of the file.
  • Type of wood. The thickness of the file. Tooth size.
  • Divine properties. Cutting mode (speed).
  • The need for the functions of the pendulian move. For pure cut, the function is disconnected. Speed ​​is important. The pendulum course is used, but the accuracy of the saw.
  • The issue of applying additional equipment is considered. The solution depends on the requirements for the evenness of the saw and the greatness of the errors.
  • The workplace is prepared. The main characteristic of the stand is ensuring strength, stiffness and stability. Another property is the flatness of the surface of the table.
  • The marking of the cut line is made. If there are no restrictions on the brightness of the line, then it is advisable to use the black marker. In another version, it is advisable to use a pencil. Its traces can be wiped with a student eraser.
  • The workpiece is fixed on the table. The main requirement is a strong fixation that limits the displacement on all sides. The protruding part, if necessary, is displeased with additional supports. This is necessary to reduce the influence of the cut mass on the main part and the file. It is required to ensure the free stroke of the cutter in an upright position.

Sawed wood

The jigsaw connected to the mains is installed on the surface of the workpiece. The front of the platform should fit tightly with the plane to the processed part. Deviations from these recommendations can lead to a shock at the beginning of cutting, increased vibration, and leaving a saw from the trajectory.

The “smooth start” function helps to increase the initial accuracy. The engine smoothly gains momentum, the cutting process is carried out in normal mode. The jigsaw must be moved slowly, without jerking, at low speed. Constantly make visual control over the position of the cutting point and marking.

The laser beam helps in this process, the backlighting line and blowing. Removes the chips from the marking. The more accuracy of the saw will ensure tracking the file itself, or rather, the place of contact with the workpiece.


60 mm, it is necessary to cut it out on a minimum longitudinal feed. An increase in pressure in this direction will increase the risk of curvature of the saw plane. The lower part of the cut will shift by 1

5 mm in one of the sides. That is, the sloping cut is formed. These recommendations are fair for dense and solid wood, glue products, but with a lower thickness.

Laminated wood processing

The difference from a conventional tree is the imposition on one or two sides of several layers of additional coating. One of them, from the front part, performs strength, protective and decorative functions. For example, laminate, parquet board, furniture shields.

A feature of processing. Maximum preservation of the front surface in the process of sawing. Consolidation requirements are similar to wooden workpieces. Nuance in the location of the part itself, up or down the front part. It depends on the file. With direct or reverse.

Chips on the surface are formed on the side facing the jigsaw in direct stroke mode. The teeth of the file are directed upward. Correction consists in turning the product “face down”. Another option is the use of the tool with “downward” incisors. Negative effect. Increasing vibration during processing process.


  • The pendulum move is disconnected.
  • The speed is maximum.
  • Pure cut. On the side there is an inscription “Pure cut” or “Clean”.
  • Tooth size not more than 2 mm. It is allowed to use the file for metal.

Crinoline cut

Performing crooked lines, circles is one of the types of processing, for which, in fact, a jigsaw is needed.


  • The accuracy of a curved cut will be provided with a narrow saw. “Feed for a figure cut”.
  • Increasing the accuracy of the cut-the use of “Stop-Circul”.
  • Mode: maximum speed, minimum longitudinal feed (movement along the cutting line), the pendulum move is disconnected.
  • I drank surfaces without drilling:

In this way, internal holes are made, with a curved (oval, circle) forming or at different angles between the adjacent sides (rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid).

We saw metal

Features. The thickness of the workpiece, depending on the power of the jigsaw and the type of steel, does not exceed 10

  • File for metal. A tooth no more than 1 mm (outwardly resembles a saw canvas of 300 mm for a hacksaw for metal). Inscription. Metal (Metal).
  • The speed is minimal.
  • The pendulum mechanism is not involved.


5 mm), in order to increase the accuracy of the cut, reduce vibration, rubbish, it is necessary to fix between the two sheets of furniture wood.Fiber slab. Mark the marking on an auxiliary coating.

How to cut PERFECTLY STRAIGHT LINES with a SKILLSAW and a straight edge!

Pill the tile

The jigsaw is successfully used to process tiles or natural stone. Specificity of the process:

  • The presence of a serviceable adjusted electrician.
  • Durable hard desktop.
  • Reliable fixation of the workpiece.
  • Correct marking.
  • Use, if necessary, additional equipment.
  • The confident hand of the master.

The extensive capabilities of the electrician give not only the reality to perform different types of work, but also create problems for novice masters. In order for the tool to reveal its variations completely, you need to be able to use it. If you want the details of the details to come out in accordance with the planned ones, you should understand how to cut exactly an electrician.

board, evenly, blanks, straight

How to learn to cut evenly an electrician

Electrician is a power saw, which is an indispensable thing in each house. Using this tool, you can saw metal structures, wooden objects, plastic and tiles. Unlike a standard saw using a jigsaw, you can cut the most intricate figures. Circles, triangles, stars, in general, almost everything that can be imagined. However, with such extensive possibilities, the problem often arises in the flat walk of the jigsaw so that the resulting lines correspond to the planned. How to cut evenly with an electrician? We will help you figure it out.

In order to get to work, it is necessary to carry out preliminary measures and prepare:

  • Gloves;
  • Protective glasses;
  • Machine oil;
  • The material that we will process;
  • Clamps guiding roulette;
  • Construction pencil;
  • The lobby itself.

The saw process is carried out as follows:

  • Strengthening the source material. In our example, the source material will be a tree. The prepared sample of wood and guide, the role of which the ordinary flat rail can play, should fit between two clamps. The sample is put on some elevation so that the jigsaw could not rest in the process of the saw. After that, using a roulette, it is necessary to accurately measure the desired width of the product that should turn out, and with a pencil, draw a fishing line for a trimmer cut. Then lay the guide to the desired distance from the line and fix it with a clamp. The lobby with the guide is also fixed with a file set by a file in the direction of the marked line. You need to fix it well, but do not overdo it. The same is done on the other side.
  • Cut. Turn on the jigsaw and start the work. The correct use of the device does not imply a superpower press on it, which can provoke rapid heating of the product and breakdown. It is also not worth using the same file for a long time, since it is blunting very quickly. If a very solid tree is selected as the starting material, then you can pre.Lubricate the surface with machine oil. It will be easier to slide with a file, the cut will become smoother, and the jigsaw will last longer.

At what speed to saw the wood-bruise, laminated wood-bearing plate with a jigsaw

In order to completely cut off the wood-brown plate with a jigsaw, it is necessary to work with an electric or manual tool at low speed, tightly pressing the blade to the workpiece. With quick movements of the cut, it turns out not too neat, the likelihood of chips increases.

board, evenly, blanks, straight

Users note that with a cut with a direct position of the nozzle and at low speed per minute, the jigsaw passes about 50 cm. If we increase the intensity of movements and set the maximum angle of inclination, then in the same time it will be possible to drink up to 2 m. But the cut will be rough, with large chips.

Advice! If you saw the material carefully, it is worth turning off the pendulum course in the tool.

How exactly the jigsaw is processed by the wood-steering plate also depends on the severity of the blade. New canvases allow you to cut the material clearly along the intended line and at a constant speed. But after about 3 m of the workpiece, the equipment begins to dull, as a result of which the advance slows down, and the cut becomes more rude.

Which electrician allows you to make a perfectly even cut

High.Quality cut in any material make electrical jigsaws with an additional guide for the saw. Among them can be highlighted:

The use of an additional latch instead of a support rink allows you to minimize the back of the saw blade and ensure the optimal cut quality.

We also recommend reading about the best electrician this year and how to choose a suitable jigsaw.

An electric jigsaw is an indispensable tool in a home and professional workshop. It allows you to produce quick and high.Quality cutting of any material, as well as perform figured sawing. After reading the article, everyone will be able to understand how to make a straightforward and curly cut with its help.

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