How and what to cut tiles (tile, ceramic) at home with or without a tile cutter. we explain thoroughly

In the production of various construction works on their own, there is often a need to cut ceramic tiles at home. For this purpose it is not necessary to have a professional tool. a tile cutter.

Immediately we should say: We are not talking about constant work and large volumes, but about small batches or in general.

Tools for cutting tiles

High-quality and productive cutting of the flooring is carried out by an electric tile cutter, which is equipped with a diamond cutting wheel with water supply. Using such technology allows you to reduce physical effort and the amount of dust.

But in most cases at home resort to the use of other tools. This is due to the fact that buying a tile cutter for tile laying is not always an appropriate occupation.

For cutting tiles you can use the following tools:

In addition to the basic tool, for cutting tiles are used:

  • drill;
  • tape measure;
  • marker;
  • ruler-angular;
  • table (with a perfectly flat surface and without sand grains or other debris);
  • file;
  • sandpaper;
  • puncher;
  • diamond disc.

Now directly about how to cut tiles with each tool.

How to make a rounding

Sometimes you need to prepare tiles for laying around pipes or plumbing. Then the question arises. how can you shape-cut tile without tile cutter. With an electric tile cutter to do this is quite easy, but how else can you perform such a task?

Figuratively cut tiles can be done in several ways:

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How to cut the material with an angle grinder, jigsaw and glass cutter is in principle quite clear. And here’s how to get by with just pliers? To do this, you need to draw a line for the trimmer of the future cut. You can make the task easier and scrape it with a nail. Then take the pliers and start breaking off unwanted material in small pieces. This task is best handled by wire cutters with carbide jaws.

Inconvenient areas and shaped cutouts are performed using pliers

As for the drill, you can use regular drill bits to mark the contour, and then break off the excess with the same wire cutters. A more effective way to make holes of any diameter is to use special nozzles: feather, ballerina, crown, etc. ะด.

Using an electric nail clipper

This is an expensive professional tool that will cut any tile equally quickly, evenly, and accurately. With its help, cutting in a straight line and at an angle of 45 degrees, drilling holes and recesses, as well as shaped cutting is available. The cut strips are less than 5 millimeters wide. Edges of the cut are smooth, slightly rounded.

Some models work with a tile submerged in water, others require only regular wetting of the cut. this prevents the creation of dust.

The tool consists of a base, a knife and an electric motor, and the cutting process is as follows:

  • You need to fill a tray with water to the level of the cutting disc, so that it is lowered into it by 2-3 centimeters (for submersible models).
  • The tile is clamped and slowly moved under the cutter according to the marking. The cutting pressure must be even to avoid chipping or the motor jamming.
  • To cut a corner, repeat the procedure twice in sections with the desired angle.

Like any similar tool, the electric tile cutter requires the fulfillment of safety requirements and the use of protective equipment.

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For quality work it is necessary to change worn discs and water in time.

Basic methods

Most often, when tiling the floor, porcelain or glazed tiles are adjusted to size using tools such as:

Of course, the best answer to the question of how to cut tiles is to use a tile cutter. In the production in the manufacture of decorative ceramics professional mechanized versions of this equipment are used. At home, it is worth using, of course, a simple household tile cutter. Such models are not particularly productive, but they are inexpensive. Virtually any home craftsman can afford such simple equipment.

Cutting with an angle grinder

Angle grinder so versatile power tool that it is difficult to imagine the repair of the room without it. With the help of an angle grinder you can also cut tiles. You will need to have a diamond disc in your arsenal. You can also use a stone wheel.

On the tile you need to make a marking of the cut with a nail or awl. It is better to do it on both sides: on the front of the tile, on the glaze, and on the inside of the surface. The cut itself is best carried out in several stages. First, with an indentation of 2. 3 mm, go through on one side, and then also on the other side. And continue to do so until the tile splits in two. With this approach, the risk of cracking the tile is minimized.

Experienced craftsmen can use the angle grinder to make a curved tile cut, and even rounded holes.

Glass cutter

What else to cut tiles without a tile cutter, if you do not have an angle grinder? If you have a glass cutter, it should not be difficult. This is probably the easiest and most accessible way. It works on the same principle as a mechanical tool, but with all the operations performed by your own hand.

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A diamond tip or tungsten-cobalt alloy roller is best for the job.

Using a hand-held glass cutter:

  • To cut the material, you must first draw a trimmer line on the front side.
  • Apply the ruler and place the glass cutter to the far edge of the tile.
  • Press down and in one sure-footed motion guide the trimmer line. Do not try again. Do not apply too much pressure to the cutter.
  • Knock with a wooden handle the resulting fracture.
  • Position the tile so that one part of it is overhanging.
  • Press down on the edge of the tile and break it along the drawn line.

If you manage to make a deep enough notch, the edge will turn out flat and neat, without chipping on the front side.

The glass cutter is the easiest and most affordable way to split tiles at home

Such a tool should not be used for larger workloads.

Particular attention must be paid to safety when working with an angle grinder

If you want to make holes and semicircular cut lines at home, use a drill with special attachments, wire cutters with carbide clips.

To make holes in the tiles use a special attachment to the drill

The peculiarity of working with tongs is “biting off” fragments of ceramic along a pre-drawn contour. Remember, only small pieces should be separated. In any case, it is important to grind after such procedures.

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