What’s the best way to cut linoleum?

To cut it, you just need an ordinary construction knife. expensive semi-commercial or natural linoleum is better to cut with a specialized knife. It will allow you to cut through the thick protective covering and get a straight cut. You can see the look of the tool in the photo above.

A retractable construction knife is better for cutting thicker types of linoleum, as it has a stronger design than a stationery knife. Although the design principle of this knife is similar, but the thickness of the blade and the guiding elements are made taking into account the greater load on the cutting surface.

Regarding the laying

Of course, before you trim the linoleum on the walls, it must be properly installed. This is not particularly difficult to do. It is important not to skip any of the steps in order to get a smooth and beautiful surface that will serve you for a long time. The order of laying is as follows:

  • Make sure the substrate is dry and clean.
  • Remove irregularities. bumps should be swept away, and pits and hollows should be sealed with putty or plaster mixes. On the floors of the boards need to lay sheets of plywood, which will create an even plane.
  • After the substrate is subjected to additional treatment, which usually no one wants to do. priming. It is better to do it, as it will save you from concrete dust and improve adhesion in cases where the cloth is laid by glue method.
  • Purchased linoleum is unrolled in the room where it will lie and leave in this form for a while so that the material is straightened out and disappear corrugations left after unrolling the roll.

Next, carry out fitting pieces to the base. If the area of the room does not exceed twenty-five square meters, the cloth can not be fixed in any way. This works if there are not more than two pieces. In other cases, gluing is necessary. In both cases, it is better to roll the cloth so that it slightly overlaps the walls. This will allow for a more accurate alignment of the pieces at the joint and, if necessary, shift a few millimeters of the cloth. Without increasing the gap near the walls.

Linoleum under the tiles

Tile linoleum. an analogue of the roll variety and a kind of alternative to ceramic tile. In terms of structure, it does not differ from linoleum in its usual form. Here is the same classification, the presence of household, semi-commercial and commercial categories, the similarity of the composition of the layers and a similar level of thickness of the protective film. The difference lies in appearance: linoleum tiles are fragments of the same size and shade, which are laid similar to ceramic flooring.


Otherwise unchanged: the characteristics are similar to roll analog, service life depends on the quality of laying, the durability of the coating is determined by the intensity of use of the work surface, an even surface depends on collibration, the seams are performed as desired. This type of installation allows the combination of material of different textures: tiled linoleum can be combined with an analogue of a different shade and color, complemented by tiles and less often. laminate.

Types of knives

To understand what to cut linoleum with, it is recommended to get acquainted in advance with the list of tools used by professionals. Here is their list:

  • Construction knife. It is a retractable design. If the blade is perfectly sharpened, work with linoleum is fast and easy enough. A construction knife is similar to an ordinary box cutter. It also has a retractable blade. The difference is that the construction knife is designed to cut dense materials, such as linoleum, while the office knife is used mainly for paper. Therefore, the blade of the first one is wider and stronger. This knife is also used to chisel away thin layers of material. When using the tool, it is essential to keep an eye on the cutting blade.
  • The special blade for cutting linoleum flooring. This tool is equipped with a curved blade that makes it easy to cut any floor covering. Such a knife can be used for making straight cuts and for cutting out various shaped pieces.
  • Flooring cutter. There is a wide selection of this special tool on the market today. For linoleum, the version with a circular cutter is ideal. The tool can lock the blade in the frame. You can also use a fixture with a fixed cutting element to cut linoleum. The flooring cutter has the ability to perfectly cut a straight edge.

How to choose a tool for cutting linoleum

In order to properly cut linoleum in the corridor or any other room, you need to be competent in the choice of tools. The knife must have:

  • Reliable handle. It can be made of metal or wood. Cutting blade must be of high quality and stainless steel.
  • A blade with a suitable thickness. To avoid problems when cutting flooring we recommend a blade with a thickness of 0.6 to 1 mm.
  • The ability to withstand serious loads.

To quickly and conveniently go through the work process should be aware of all the variety of tools on the market. There are products for chamfering, for cord, various scissors, cutters. For the right choice of a knife, it is necessary to take into account both the structure and thickness of a particular material, its individual characteristics.

How to cut

Before cutting, the sheets must be aligned so that the joint is perfect. Usually, it does not cause much trouble. the edges of unrolled sheets are flat enough and may require only slight modification of the joint for the placement of the bonding cord when hot welding. At the junction with the walls everything will be much harder. When cutting, it is necessary to leave a small gap of a few millimeters between the wall and the linoleum.

It will be necessary so that after some time, tightly pressed a sheet of material had the opportunity to expand slightly. You can not immediately tighten the entire sheet to the floor. small irregularities still remain, and after the floor will have some time to walk and put the furniture, it is a little “spread” in the sides. A gap will solve this problem.

Trimming is carried out quite simply. a similar method of cutting wallpaper near the ceiling. A strong, unbent ruler or rule is attached to the material, and a knife is used to make the cut. If the walls are uneven, you can make a kind of pattern that repeats the profile of the walls and transfer the line for the trimmer on a piece of cloth that will be adjacent to it. Do not forget about the gap. The same patterns are transferred to the material and all the joints with various pipes and other communications. If you cut not “on the spot” but by the pre-drawn contours, everything is much neater, and the fit will be tighter.

How to cut linoleum at home

To cut linoleum, not enough to take only a knife, you will also have to prepare a tape measure, an angle, a long ruler. In addition, for the template will need a sheet of paper or thick cardboard. Given that the linoleum canvas “does not forgive” mistakes, it is better to check all measurements not once, but several times for accuracy. Movement when cutting should be steady, with force.

How to cut linoleum evenly

To cut linoleum according to the size of the room was without any difficulty, and the cut was smooth, you should familiarize yourself with some of the subtleties of this class of floor coverings. PVC is quite durable, but if there are sharp depressions in the edge of the sheet or small cuts in the direction of the main part, there is a high probability of rapid damage to the material. Therefore it is necessary to work very carefully, making an even cutting of the cloth.


Given that the linoleum made of PVC is easy to cut with a well-sharpened tool, all accidental movements should be excluded. Otherwise it can cause deviations from the specified direction. You can avoid such troubles by using a template or a long ruler for cutting.

Canvases with uneven edges do not allow the seam to make invisible

Since cold chemical welding is used to join the two panels, they must be cut as precisely as possible. Thanks to this will be able to avoid pronounced seams, which strongly spoil the appearance of the entire floor. Before you start cutting linoleum fabrics, be sure to check all measurements, the quality of sharpness of the cutting element.

Important! Begin to cut the flooring only after its adaptation to the microclimate in a particular room, the material should take two days to get used to the temperature and humidity levels in the room. This is the only way to achieve a stable stiffness from the linoleum.

The work algorithm for cutting the entire length or width of the coating involves the following steps:

    To mark on the inner or outer side of the cloth fishing line for the trimmer, which will serve as a guide for cutting.


How to trim linoleum on the walls

There are several ways to trim the flooring near the wall: with a trowel and knife, and by using only a sharp tool. The second option is considered faster and more effective, to cut in such a way can be and linoleum on the basis of felt. To do this, you need:

How to cut linoleum under the baseboard

Trimming technology flooring is similar to the previous, it involves the following steps:

If the coating is cut close to the wall, then in the summer at high temperatures near the baseboards there will be a roll, which will be very noticeable.

How to cut the linoleum under the toilet

Instructions for trimming the finish covering laid on the floor under the toilet:

    Put the toilet bowl (without cistern) on the floor, only without the cuff and sealant. This is necessary to make a marking on the linoleum. Using a marker, outline the contour of the bottom of the toilet bowl, and then remove it.

How to cut the linoleum under the pipe

Laying flooring around pipes. the process is not easy, here you need a special approach:

How to trim linoleum in the corners

There are their own difficulties in fitting the size of the sheet in the corners. Here it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

Is it worth gluing

There are three ways to lay the floor covering:

  • gluing on the compositions offered in the stores;
  • Decking with skirting boards;
  • fixing on the construction double-sided adhesive tape.

Fix the linoleum on the glue is recommended, if the size of the room is more than 20 square meters. The glued-on materials are guaranteed for a long time. Felted material is also available in a wide range of.

Glue the canvas is necessary if the room has large furniture, which is often moved. This will eliminate the risk of deformation of the flooring. Thanks to the gluing, you can minimize the wear and tear of the material, so it will last longer. This can be done even by non-professionals.

During the off-season, linoleum can stretch or shrink as it is affected by drastic temperature changes and high levels of humidity. You can avoid such troubles if you attach linoleum with glue.

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