The principle of the device and how to disassemble the mixer nozzle in different models

In household conditions in the kitchen, stationary or handheld mixers are used. The most popular ones are hand-held. They are inexpensive, compact and lightweight, easy to operate and maintain, unlike stationary mixers. The disadvantages include the high acoustic noise during operation and short operating time without interruption. But they are not expensive and are easy to store.

The main aspects of repairing the mixer

This article we want to focus on troubleshooting mixers. As practice shows, these devices have both advantages and disadvantages. Many mixer models are used for processing large quantities of raw materials and, despite this, are characterized by a long service life. However, many models are not designed with protection against overheating, which can cause motors and other parts to burn. It is possible to repair the device on their own, obtaining the necessary components for the mixer.

Very often in devices, the power cable fails. Such devices lack mobility, which is a disadvantage of modern devices. Manual models of technics very often carry from place to place, switch on and off. Such actions can lead to kinks in the cord and other damage to the cable. Voltage interruptions in the network also have a detrimental effect on the functioning of the device: circuit boards become unusable, electric motors burn out.

In desktop mixers can be observed leakage of liquid in the drive. This is the basis for damage to the speed regulator, nozzles, as well as the mechanism for snapping the bowl.

In the case of breakage it is necessary to examine the serviceability of some components of the mixer:

  • If the device does not turn on, it is necessary to examine the electrical outlet and the presence of current in it. Before carrying out repair work, make sure that the battery is in good condition. The electrical outlet is diagnosed with a tester, and if there is current and the unit does not turn on, examine the fuse as well as the power cord. If they malfunction, parts will need to be replaced with new ones.
  • As a result of intensive use, the mixer‘s electric motor can burn out. This kind of failure is characterized by a burning smell. The device can be repaired by yourself, but often consumers do not cope with this task and ask for help from specialists.
  • Burning of the board is accompanied by a short circuit. You will need to disassemble the device and diagnose the circuit board. If it breaks, it is necessary to resolder defective parts.
  • If the gasket is leaking, it will need to be replaced. Otherwise, liquid can leak into the mixer motor, which can lead to more severe damage to the device.
  • There are cases when the speed selector or motor of the device is in working order, but there is no grinding of the loaded products. You will be able to repair it by yourself.

Before you disassemble the equipment, you should carefully study the technical documentation of the equipment. Many models come with instructions for disassembly, so it is necessary to adhere to all these recommendations of the manufacturers. Otherwise you can finally break the device.

You will usually need a thin screwdriver or narrow knife, pliers, a long screwdriver, a magnet (to remove small parts) and a strong glue (in case of damage to the joint integrity) for repair work. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws, while noting and remembering their location. Next, remove all removable parts. The spare parts of the mixer that could not be removed should be inspected. Perhaps some of them are secured with latches. After completely disassembling the cabinet, proceed to check that the parts are in good working order.

Most models can be disassembled. In this regard, to make the repair yourself will not be very difficult. So, in what cases you can repair the technique by your own efforts?

The knife in the mixer is not sharpenable, so it must be replaced. To replace it, you should unscrew the blunted part, put on a new component and fix it. In some cases, the knife is complete with an oil seal. Therefore it is recommended to change both parts at once.

If the speed selector is broken, it must be unsoldered and diagnosed.

If the equipment does not turn on, check the cord for damage. If the mixer is running and humming but not working you must disable the latching. In most cases the reason for such failure is the burnout of the motor winding. Such repair is expensive, so it makes sense to buy a new mixer.

The problem can also be a faulty board. The resistors and capacitors should be checked.

If the equipment is short-circuited it is recommended to have it checked by an expert.

If the electronics are broken, the technique is either not repairable, or the cost is very high.

To avoid failure of kitchen equipment, it is worth adhering to the basic rules of operation. Inspect your equipment before you go to work. Inspect the attachment of the nozzles, do not overload the equipment, do not turn it on unnecessarily, avoid bending the wire and be sure to follow the instructions that come with the mixer. This will be sufficient for a long life without repairs.

How to disassemble a Bosch mfq 3540 mixer

My friend bought the Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR superaggregate in one of the Internet firms “cheaply”. it is a professional mixer with the class leading characteristics “A drilling chisel” is perfectly suitable for regular long using. but it did not work for my friend for a long time After hard work the “pe” started to spin the drill hardly and to get warm when drilling holes. no question about working with core bits for undercounter drilling holes at all.

When the warranty repair shop took the machine apart they were unspeakably surprised. the bearings turned out to be of the open type.

And this is for a tool designed to work in dust. Concrete dust instantly got into the separator and it crumbled. There was practically no grease on rubbing parts. The case did not want to dock because of the mismatch of grooves. in short, man, counterfeit. as they say in the backwoods taiga villages “CONTROFACT”. Even Bosch specialists could not visually identify a fake. The only difference between the Russian-Chinese tool and the original was that it didn’t work China produces practically the entire range of Bosch parts under license. the parts assembled for assembly are sent to our countrymen cast plastic bodies and aluminum parts. naturally, they put “Made in Germany” slogan on the assembled machine only “rotten liver” gives out the bad stuff. over a thousand counterfeiters have already been executed for similar “tricks” in china. I bought my torch for 9030 rubles, at a 12.5% discount from the Bosch dealer. I was also pinned by this professional for miscarrying more than two thousand rubles to the wind.

Bearing a completely different type and lower class. the original Bosch has a closed needle, some gaskets, dampers, seals are missing. The electrical unit on the fake is visually different. Bosch power tools have marked “proprietary” wires, the terminals do not have a second clampThe starter motor of Bosch tools has a different design. the balancing kerf on the rotor is different, the copper tabs are neatly bent instead of shoved insideThe real Bosch tools (pictured left) do not have a circular “threshold” around the hole. The color of the housing is noticeably different


Since the company, like Brown, presents devices of high quality, the need for a large selection is always relevant. For example, there are mixers with a bowl, without it (manual) and even professional. They have a high level of performance and high power. There are many types.

With a bowl

These devices are most often found in the market of small kitchen appliances. They are considered the most convenient to use. When activating such a mixer, your hands are free. You don’t need to keep the device suspended, it does everything by itself. Everything you need. It is to immerse the food in a special bowl.

In addition to classic bowl models, Bosch offers appliances with a bowl that rotates in a circle for maximum blending and airy consistency. With several speeds, with these blenders, you can adjust the speed of the bowl rotation and food mixing yourself.

The design of a stationary mixer

Do-it-yourself mixer repair requires a general knowledge of the internal structure. Manual models simply contain a motor inside, stationary. difficult. Consider repairing the mixer yourself.

Immersion blender

Immersion blender. This is a type of small household appliance that is used for blending, whipping, slicing, chopping and pureeing food. It consists of an extended handle with a motor under the lid. A rotating paddle or whisk is attached to it.

To disassemble a conventional submersible, follow the following sequence of operations:

  • Unscrew the fixing screws. Their locations are memorized or marked with a marker.
  • Dismantle all parts that are separated.
  • Examine the integral parts. They can be fastened with clamps or bolts. They are disconnected by pressing the slide lock.
  • Glue seams with a knife or blade.
  • The plate elements are soldered.

After disassembly, diagnose and repair the worn part.

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Causes of malfunction of food processors

This type of equipment has a lot of component parts and it is quite difficult to determine exactly what is broken. First of all, if the device is under warranty. in no case you should not disassemble it on your own in order not to violate the terms of the service agreement (see “Service agreement”).also the article Professional kitchen equipment. a fantasy that is always with us).

It is worth a good wash it, collect all the documents that came with it and take to the nearest company service center.

Tip: If the owner does not know where to carry a broken unit, it is worth carefully studying the warranty card. It must have the phone number and address of the repair center.

However, there are cases when the combine has failed already after the expiration of the warranty period, in such a situation there are two logical ways out:

Frequent problems in Bosch appliances

To find out the cause of the equipment failure you need to carefully disassemble the housing and inspect all internal parts. The problem may be in one of the plastic parts, which are easy to change with their own hands.

You can buy individual spare parts in a specialized store or in repair shops, where they disassemble used harvesters. The main advantage of independent replacement. the low cost of repair.

The most common breakdowns include:

  • a burned out motor. the machine will not work at all;
  • Problems with the parts of the motor or a special control board. the combine unaccustomed noise, smells of burning wiring or turns off from time to time itself;
  • Some attachment or lid lock can be broken.

Having disassembled the body, you must set aside all parts that look faulty. Burned and broken elements must be replaced with the new ones, original or similar.

If the problem is in the electronics area, for instance if it is the control card that is malfunctioning, it too must be replaced. But without special equipment and knowledge, it will be quite difficult to carry out.

To disassemble the food processor

  • Unplug the unit. If you have not lost the detailed instructions, check the list of parts and check them in sequence.
  • Check the drive shaft, gearbox, and motor drive.
  • Then follows the turn of the juicer, the main disc of the mixer and all attachments.
  • Check the other parts. gears, reservoirs, switches, and brushes.

It is possible to repair a Bosch food processor by yourself

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Different food processors for preparing various first courses and special foods for children. But because of their frequent use they break quickly. Repair of a blender Braun (Braun), Turbo (Turbo), Philips (Philips), Bosch (Bosch MSM) and others does not represent anything complicated, all work with ease with their own hands.

This appliance is very simple in its construction. In principle, a blender consists of an electric motor, a nozzle and a bowl (only a stationary blender). Devices come in two kinds:

The manual ones are a motor with a handle to which the nozzle is attached. The key difference between an immersion hand blender and a stationary blender is the operating principle. In the bowl of a stationary one, food is poured, which is chopped by knives located at the bottom of it. A handheld, on the other hand, is immersed in a container (most often a special cup) and cuts the food at any level.

  • The device does not rotate. This is a problem with the blade speed switch;
  • The household appliance does not chop or works poorly. The power of a mixer and blender is very important. If you choose an insufficiently powerful or high-quality type, the efficiency of work will be low;
  • The appliance does not turn on. Maybe there is something stuck inside the shredder or the motor has burned out from working very hard. Also in some cases, the voltage drop in the electric network affects in this way;
  • Do not switch modes. This is most likely a problem with the drive or control system;
  • The knife is broken. The most common problem. These parts from a blender are sold in almost any brand-name store (Vitek, Redmond RHB, Scarlett. Scarlett, etc.). д.), it is impossible to repair them, therefore replacement is carried out.

how to repair a blender

Before you can repair the device, you need to disassemble it. It should be noted immediately that disassembly of an immersion blender Brown, Saturn, Bork and Vitek is impossible. Their design is a molded plastic. In the base soldered plastic ring, which can not be removed. So there are only 2 options to solve the problem if the device is broken:

  • Immediately buy a new one. Unfortunately, not every service center will provide warranty repair of such blenders;
  • Disassemble the panel. Plastic solder technology is used to join the housing, so disassembly can be done using high-temperature technology. You need to carefully cut the housing and insert into the cut a few metal plates or needles. It is necessary to heat them and remove the melted plastic. After the repair, the plastic can be glued.

In the body is the working part of the blender. the motor, the spindle, the control box (the circuitry that helps you adjust the modes, etc. д.). After disassembly you can replace the necessary part with a working one, or clean the contacts of the device.

A little more complicated is the case with disassembly of a stationary blender. This consists of a specially shaped (often cylindrical or trapezoidal) bowl, a blade, an electric motor, a shaft and a spindle. When the device is plugged in, the shaft with the spindle transmits the torque to the knife, which moves and cuts the products in the bowl. To keep the ground food from falling out through the widened top, the bowl is closed with a lid. The rotation of the blade can be made a certain amount of time (some models of the company Moulinex, Polaris and Redmond in the system built in a timer) or until the opening of the contacts.

To disassemble such a blender at home will need a screwdriver or wrench, depending on the type of fasteners. The lid of the housing is held on the screws or nuts, mostly with left-hand thread. They are removed, the housing is removed. Underneath is the motor, shaft and spindle. The first thing to do is to inspect the shaft, there should be no nicks or obvious irregularities. Next, if necessary, you can change the blade:

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