Bosch Rotak 43 LI Lawnmower Manual

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Purpose and Features

The Bosch Rotak 34 is designed to mow in a variety of criteria with consistently great results.

For the cordless model, options are available:

  • Cutting grass both in frequently cultivated lawns and in feral areas. Massive machine adapts even to the tallest and wettest grass.
  • Process a 34 cm wide swath in a single pass.
  • Performance of different cutting height, depending on the needs of the user. 10 levels from 2 to 7 cm.
  • Complete removal of grass from the site. waste green mass is collected in a special box-collector with a capacity of 40 liters.

Advantages and disadvantages

Power and manoeuvrability with its prudent design are the real strengths of this mower. This mower enables you to do enormous amounts of work in a short amount of time and is easy to operate. comfortable operation, easy pushing and safe to handle:

  • Branded rotational engine gives high speed movement of the working tool that allows you to cover the work of complex overgrown areas that are difficult to other similar devices.
  • The newly engineered cutting system allows you to cleanly remove grass up against buildings and fences.
  • Lightweight housing made of durable polypropylene allowed to reduce the total weight of the unit to 11. 12 kg, so it became possible to freely hand-carry lawn mower and management even by ladies and old people.
  • The special design of the handles takes into account the position of the operator’s body, which reduces the strain during operation.
  • When I need to mow large areas, I don’t have to stop to cool down the motor. the overheat protection system allows me to use the machine for the right length of time.

Review: Bosch electric mower Rotak 34. Our hard worker, a lot of photos

My dad gave this mower to my mom for her big anniversary. No need to mention the anniversary figure, that’s not the point. Two years ago this helper came to our dacha. And since then, the whole season of grass growth year after year, it serves us well. Bosch is known for its quality and my father had no doubts when choosing a mower manufacturer.

Electric lawnmower BOSCH Rotak 34 photo

I want to say right away that this lawnmower is very light and can be easily taken by the special handle and taken to the place of destination. It weighs only 12 kg.

As the machine is electric, it has a cord. To be able to walk far, was bought a very long extension cord. In order that the cord didn’t hang out and get under the machine blades, there were special devices, which broke in the first month of use. So I have to support the cord with my hand all the time in this way.

On the downside, there are no interchangeable blades. The blades themselves at the time of purchase of the machine were not sold separately, they have appeared on the market quite recently. So we had to sharpen the knives ourselves. We do it about 2 times a season. These knives are not afraid of small stones, but sometimes the jagged edges remain. It’s easy for an experienced man to take the blades off and put them back on.

The mower gets dirty quite quickly and it is advisable to clean it after each use. If you mow grass and decide to stop for a while, we advise you to put the mower immediately on its side to the sun to let it dry out. And when you’re done working, just leave it standing. This is how our mower looks like for the winter. We don’t leave it in the basement during the winter. We take it inside the house, because we need to store it in a cool and dry place during winter.

The cord lock broke after a year of use. We’ve never seen ours go to waste. and what we need the black strings for? Of course, to tie up the cord.

The height switch works very well and the grass is safely mowed exactly the way we want it to be. That’s where our last mower went down. That’s why we really appreciate our machine. It has 10 mowing heights. True, the switch itself often gets fluff and grass and then switching is difficult. Maybe the manufacturers should have thought about how to protect the switch from small particles.

Despite the fact that the current plastic has the strength of the properties of metal, the handle is made of such a plastic that it does not withstand the stress of known physical abuse. After 2 years of use, most recently, the outer part of the handle broke off. Once again, a man’s capable hands and a wire of sufficient thickness did the trick.

The machine is working again. The wheels of our previous German mower broke very quickly. This lawn mower has had good wheel transition from one height to the other throughout its use. The car is very maneuverable. The wheels are quite large, which makes it easy to drive on hilly terrain, such as is present in our cottage.

The grass catcher box is great. It is made of hard material, very light, collects 40 liters of grass. The side elements are made of mesh, to make the weight lighter and to see how much grass has been cut. It is very convenient to use: it can be carried by the special handle. The grass is chucked in and all we have to do is to throw the cuttings in the desired spot. And we don’t have to rake the grass clippings all over the field.

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Air is drawn in to cool the motor, and with it the grass and fluff. As a result, it is constantly clogged and after each use it needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

All in all, we are happy with our purchase. Despite some disadvantages that we can live with, it is not a bad mower. The price for it is not high. 195 dollars. And it serves us long enough. We use it every 3-4 days and mow quite a lot of grass. In the end we have such a nice clearing.

And although the quality of some details leaves a lot to be desired, I recommend to buy this mower.

– 2. Rahov

Pros: Appearance, easy transportation. Height adjustment.
Cons: Light, soft blade needs sharpening after each mowing.Mows backwards much worse.To empty the full grass catcher box, you need to make a few quick movements.The plastic nuts fixing the handle is already cracked.Further a quote from the advertisers “innovative guides for mowing at the edge”. it doesn’t cut 2-3 cm like other machines, but it looks good. “High-speed motor with Bosch reduction gear, enormous torque up to 20 Nm”. on slightly wet, high grass it slows down frankly.
(We were too late to buy it. The grass has had time to grow : ) Response: Before this machine I used Honda HRE330 for 8 years.

– 2. riverboy

Pros: It was really comfortable to mow. It is not noisy. We mowed knee-high grass (we delayed the purchase, the grass has had time to grow 🙂 ). No harm in a small bump. (!) But! The advantages of this design are outweighed by the disadvantages.
Cons: As someone has already written here, at first the poly-V belt became frayed and wound up on a shaft. The mower stopped. Okay, corrected. After a while the rotor burned out. Exactly as described above: the plate melted off and the brushes blew apart. The machine is absolutely unrepairable.
Review: As a result, it was used for about 3 months, mowed a 4-acre plot once every 2 weeks. Even if they replace the motor under warranty, I suspect the belts will continue to fly. The money was thrown out of I don’t recommend to buy it.

– 4. Fedor Fedorov

Pros: Lightweight, unpretentious (let’s just say there were a lot of minor malfunctions)
Cons: The trigger handle constantly had to be finished, the knife is thin, there was a repair of the handle of the height of the bevel (and without buying components).
Review: Worked for over 8 years until the bottom bearing failed, overheated because of the wedge in the bearing, melted the seat of the bearing, so that the repair was not profitable. I give it a 4.5.

– 4. Fedor

Pros: Lightweight, unpretentious (let’s face it, there have been a lot of minor malfunctions)
Cons: Knob always had to be finished off, knife is thin, there was a repair of the handle of the height of the bevel (and without buying parts).
Review: Worked more than 8 years until the bottom bearing of the shaft failed, there was overheating due to the wedge bearing, melted the seat of the bearing, so that the repair was not cost-effective. Rated 4.5.

– 2. Rakhov Yaroslav

Pros: Appearance, easy to transport. Height adjustment.
Cons: Light, soft blade needs sharpening after each mowing.Mowing in reverse is much worse.It needs some jerking movements to empty a full grass catcher box.Handle fixing plastic nuts have already cracked.Next is a quote from the advertising “innovative guides for mowing at the edge”. It doesn’t have 2-3 cm grass-covered edges like other mowers, but it looks good. “High-revving engine with a Bosch reduction gear, huge torque up to 20 Nm”. on a bit wet, high grass frankly slows down.
My feedback: Before the machine, I used a Honda HRE330 for 8 years, but it doesn’t have all the disadvantages mentioned above.

– 2. Murashov Sergey

Pros: It’s really easy to mow. Not noisy. Mowed knee-high grass (delayed the purchase, the grass has had time to grow 🙂 ). ♪ A little bump won’t hurt her ♪. (!) But! All the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of design.
Cons: As someone here already wrote, first the V-belt broke loose and wrapped around the shaft. The mower stopped. Okay, corrected. After a while the rotor burned out. Exactly as described above: plate melted off and blew the brushes. The machine is completely unrepaired.
Response: Result: Was used about 3 months, mowed once every 2 weeks on a 4-acre piece of land. Even if they replace the motor under warranty, I suspect the belts will continue to fly. Money down the drain. Buy it, but I advise against it.

– 5. volody555

Pros: Reliable, simple, quiet, lightweight, cool design.
Cons: I personally am fine with it. If you have problems with power supply in the countryside, use a voltage regulator to connect it to the mains.5 qv.That’s my advice.
Review: I’ve had this mower for 4 years, it mows like papa karlo, 10 acres of grass, even after a light rain, and it works, I don’t regret it, if it breaks I’ll buy another one, it has worked hard enough.A piece of advice. don’t lower it too low. The blade will last longer, the grass should be 5 cm and the holes in the motor cooling system should always be clean. So the motor doesn’t overheat.

A buyer’s opinion:

I have a Bosch ROTAK too, can’t remember the number, but it’s expensive. Mows well, but the motor stopped. Disassembled it and was surprised. Plastic framed motor, bearing collapsed. Overheated motor melted the plastic. I took my mower for repair, but the guys there told me the whole mechanism is undismantled and needs to be replaced. And that’s 70% of the cost of a new mower. I paid for it and in the second season the engine stopped again. This time I replaced the bearing myself and it works.

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Boshow people are fooled. It is clear, that the engine will overheat, especially if some sand gets into the bearing (though it is closed). It takes more force to turn the motor, which leads to overheating and melting of the plastic. And the user does not notice it. You’ll notice when the engine stops due to bearing failure. This time I managed to replace the top bearing (I bought it at Chervensky for 10 thousand euros).). If the lower one flew out, there would be more problems. I reinforced the melted seat with a thin bronze sleeve. All worked.

A word of advice to the owners. At the end of the season remove the mechanism from the machine (unscrew the 4 plastic self tapping screws at the bottom) and take it home to a dry place. Before installing the next season put a little oil in the bearings. Overall, extremely unhappy with the design of the power train. Non-technical user the bearing flight out will cost a large sum of money in the workshop (replacement is not a bearing, but the entire mechanism).

Repair Bosch rotak 37 li with your own hands

In detail: repair of Bosch rotak 37 li with his own hands from the real master for the site

Bosch Rotak 32 lawn mower: models, features of work, repair

The owners of suburban homes with a beautiful lawn, which is a stunning facade element, creating the appearance of the house, be sure to have at hand a modern lawn mower. It is necessary to ensure that the site was well-groomed, and careful look of the site pleasing to the eye of the owners and guests.

But achieving a satisfactory result is not easy. The site should be perfectly flat, and the grass is trimmed as if on a ruler, whether it is a true or roll substitute. If you’ve noticed flawless lawns even from afar, you can appreciate the level of work that needs to be done to achieve such an organization.

Thus, the conclusion imposes itself: requires care in pruning, which can be achieved only with special devices. Today, the number of lawn mower manufacturers is off the charts, but only exceptional brands can guarantee top quality! It can boast the company Bosch, the ideological inspirer and creator of which is Robert Bosch.

The company is one of the longest-lived, with its roots in the 19th century. In addition, in this lapse of time, the company’s entire policy was formed: “waste of money is nothing compared to waste of trust. Promises are always more important than short-term gains.”. And now, nearly two centuries later, the company continues to live up to its promise to maintain its guaranteed reliability, satisfying customer needs.

The company’s main goal to this day is the harmonious union of technological innovation and a reliable, time-tested system which makes people’s lives easier, turning the daily grind of housekeeping into a pleasure.

The entire range of Bosch products for 10 years keeps the goal, as evidenced by statistics, and most importantly, the trust with which customers look at the products of the company, in the presence of an alternative option. About all models of electronic lawn mowers Bosch you can find out from this article.

Separately I would like to say about the section of the company engaged in the development and sale of garden products, with a separate representative of which we are now going to get acquainted, namely lawn mower rotary Rotak32 (Bosch rotak 32).

This model refers to the level of the rotary lawnmower, and that is to say at once is easy to use and immeasurable freedom of movement.

  • Exactly battery mower representatives Bosch Rotak model has a system of efficient use of energy or “Efficient Energy Management”.
  • This system, as the name suggests, allows the owner to increase the duration of operation due to the new long-term lithium-ion batteries.
  • Charging of these batteries is more standard, the charge is made sharper, and the readiness of the mower to work is actually constant.
  • In addition, these mowers have the innovative feature of mowing guides at the edge of the mowing width.

The Bosch rotak 32 lawn mower is the eye-catching representative of the electronic rotary mower for mowing the lawn. This variant of the machine, like the whole Rotak family, is designed and assembled specifically in England. There is a completely logical question that all the same distinguishes this model from the 10 others? And so: Here, first of all, it’s worth mentioning the box. PowerDriveTM. this is a reduced belt drive, in the process of which the blade rotates at 3700 rpm, but the motor is very aggressive and is able to deliver and more number of revolutions.

This Power Drive system can also boast other trumps up its sleeve. Here you need to realize that the electric lawnmowers blade is connected directly to the engine, because mowing wet grass increases the possibility of water ingress inside the motor, and, consequently, its failure or damage, leading to an emergency stop.

The main advantages of the lawnmower, see the video.

Kamaz 6520 dump truck has impressive technical features and an applicable price.

All you need to know about the braking system of KAMAZ 5320 only here

Bosch ROTAK 32 mower. disassembly. assembly. Changing the pressure roller.

As expected, the two parts cost more than the newest mower. One gear 1200, and the 2nd one is for sale, only.

Don’t be alarmed by reading the STIHL chainsaw manual MS 660. But if you have already thrown the manual away, click here.

Bosch Rotac 32 repair with your own hands

In detail: repair Bosch ROTAK 32 with their own hands from a real master for the site

Remember that all repair work, sharpening and checking the blade, troubleshooting the engine only when the mower is unplugged!

The most common malfunctions:

Signs: The grass cutter is bad. After mowing, the grass ends are chopped, the thread-shaped ends turn yellow.

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Troubleshooting: turn the mower upside down and resharpen the blade. If blade has dull blades or is excessively blunt, unscrew nut, remove blade. This way it is more convenient and faster to sharpen it. Nut often gets stuck and becomes difficult to unscrew. In this case, drop a little WD-40 or rust remover and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Try again. For ease of unscrewing you can create a stop for the blade: there are holes in the plastic bottom where you can insert a screwdriver, it will serve as a stop.

Signs: Mower runs and shuts off. Engine overheat sensor activates. Let the mower engine rest for a few hours. Put it in the shade and unplug it.

Signs: Mower working sound changes.

The problem can only be solved by replacing the bearings. The most common failures are the upper bearing of the engine mount and the belt tension pulley. The upper bearing is 608 you can buy:

To carry out the repair we need: screwdrivers (slotted, Phillips). Disassembly of the failed part is carried out as follows:

  • unscrew 2 screws (with a Phillips screwdriver) on the top cover of the mower, lift the cover;
  • disconnect wires to the motor;
  • unscrew the 4 screws;
  • remove the springs from the magnets and slightly extend them outward as shown in the photo;
  • put a piece of wood against the axle and begin to squeeze the bearing, shifting it closer to the end of the motor axle;
  • when the bearing is removed, you need to wipe the axle and grease it a little with lithol or any other similar grease;
  • Put another bearing, do not think that it should fit easily, it has to be pressed into place;
  • find a tube of the right diameter. It is important that the tube is slightly larger than the axle, but that it only rests on the bush closest to the axle, otherwise the bearing could be damaged. We put the tube and gradually, not too much knocking, set the bearing in its place.

Bearings wear out quickly due to dust, sand and dirt. Often the protective red cover made of thin plastic bursts. A small box of film is perfect for replacement. And remember that any bearing any grease. The cover is no good for dirt, we recommend that you coat the top with grease to keep the dust off.

With a roller belt tensioning a bit more complicated: sold as a complete part (roller with bearing, bracket and spring). You can buy it in online Bosch spare parts stores. Search engine query: Parts Bosch ROTAK 32 3600H85B00. The belt tensioner is sold under part number F016L68711.

For the repair we need: a screwdriver (slotted, Phillips).

  • After unscrewing the two screws we remove the housing by pulling up the handle.
  • Disconnect wiring pins.
  • Remove the black plastic dust cover.
  • Unscrew the two screws of the spring that holds the motor and one screw that secures the motor position (if there is one).
  • Turn the engine clockwise until the grooves are aligned.
  • Remove the motor by lifting it up.
  • Take a chance to check the condition of the pinion and belt. If the belt is available separately, the pinion is replaced with the engine, which is a problem because it is rather expensive.
  • To remove the tensioner, turn it to the right until the grooves meet and pull upward.
  • The spring on the new tensioner should be reset before installing.
  • Pull belt a little to the right, install it in the groove of the axle and turn it to the left.
  • Install the motor in the grooves, at this point the spring should click out of the latch, pressing the roller against the belt.
  • After a click, turn the motor counterclockwise until the holes match.
  • Reinstall the spring, duster, contacts, and housing.

Belt drives keep the engine running longer. When hitting an obstacle, consumables take the hit instead of the engine as it is the case with direct-drive mowers.

Bosch Rotak 32 lawn mower: models, features of work, repair

Owners of suburban homes with a beautiful lawn, which is a stunning facade element, creating the appearance of the house, be sure to have at hand a modern lawn mower. It is necessary for the territory of the site was well-groomed, and careful appearance of the site pleasing to the eyes of owners and guests.

But achieving a satisfactory result is not so easy. The area must be perfectly flat, and the grass is cut as if under a ruler, regardless of whether it is true or it is its roll substitute. If you have noticed the flawless lawns even from afar, then, you can appreciate the level of work that needs to be done to achieve such an organization.

So the conclusion is obvious: you need to be very orderly in the cutting, which can be achieved only with special devices. Today the number of lawnmower manufacturers is enormous, but only the exceptional brands can guarantee the highest quality! Bosch, of which Robert Bosch is the ideological mastermind and creator, can boast it.

The company is one of the longest-living, with its origins dating back to the 19th century. Besides, in this gap and was formed the whole policy of the company: “spending money is nothing compared to the waste of trust. Promises are always more important than short-term gains. Almost two centuries later, the company continues to keep its promises to maintain its dependability and customer satisfaction.

The main goal of the company so far is a harmonious fusion of technological innovation and a reliable, time-tested system that makes people’s lives easier, turning daily routine cleaning into a pleasure.

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