Repair of electric and gasoline lawn mowers with your own hands

Repair of lawn mowers of both gasoline and electric may need at the most unexpected moment. We will talk about the main breakdowns of homemade and proprietary equipment, tell you what to pay attention to, and by what signs you can recognize the malfunction.

Lawn mower. A wonderful alternative to a manual spit that facilitates and accelerates the mowing of grass in a wide variety of places, including those where an ordinary braid for grass simply does not turn around. But for comfort and convenience there is a complex modern mechanism that requires tireless attention and regular service.

Regardless of the manufacturer, all units have a similar design. Therefore, the repair of the Viking lawn mower with your own hands is carried out similarly to the repair of other brands: Husqvarna, Shtil, Bosch, Garden, Oleo-Mac. A home.Made lawn mower will not be exceptions, but elimination of breakdowns requires elementary knowledge. Consider the most typical reasons for the engine failure, and repair the lawn mower with your own hands in the field.

How to choose the right lawnical mower?

What are interested in people who are constantly busy and appreciating their time? How quickly it will be possible to cope with your lawn with a particular mowing! Even if it seems to you that this question is not the first on the list, in our heads we hold it constantly. Therefore, you need a tool that will immediately mow a lot and good. And here it is important not to get into fabulous promises.

Consider the power

The power of the tool must correspond to the width of the mowing. The more capture, the more powerful the unit is needed. The optimal ratio of capture and power width: at 30 cm at least 1200 watts, at 40 cm. 1500 watts, at 45 cm. 1800 watts. If the numbers do not correspond to the proportion, nothing will work out. With insufficient power, despite the declared width of the mowing, the operating time will be delayed, and such a mitch will not cope with any grass. One torment is waiting for you!

But if you especially do not want to delve into, you can trust trusted producers of mowers, which adequately assess both the power and the speed of their equipment. In this case, the consumer will simply buy an unit for his tasks, without looking back at the calculation of combinations of technical characteristics.

So, Bosch offers the ADVANCEDROTAK 660 lawn mower, ideal for small areas, such as our cottages. Its power is 1700 watts when capturing a mowing 42 cm. This is the optimal width of the rooster of lawns even with trees or shrubs growing on them.

ADVANCEDROTAK 660 electric mower with a mowing capture 42 cm. Photo by Bosch

Ergonomics is very important!

It is almost impossible to evaluate the convenience of the lawn mower in the store. You can touch it, estimate, but in order to understand how long the handle should be, how is located, you need to go out with it in the field and work. Nobody, of course, will give such an opportunity. As a result, you looked, bought, worked and grabbed the sick back! The mowing of the lawn, which could be easy to charge in the air, turns into a service for the entire country season.

The solution is simple. To choose the gas migors with the adjustment of the handle. Not only can you perfectly adjust it for yourself. It will sometimes be useful to delegate the responsibilities of the lawn’s span to any of the households without worrying about their health.

Such a universal and the ADVANCEDROTAK 660 lawn mower is Bosch. Thanks to the Ergoslide system, it is very maneuverable and easily controlled. The telescopic handle allows you to configure a convenient capture for a person of any height by pressing the button.

Adjustable handle makes work convenient. Photo by Bosch


Sharpening of cutting elements is organized as necessary. Many people ask: “You need to sharpen a new knife?” Answer. No. These items are sharpened at the factory. By purchasing garden equipment, you can use without additional work on removing and sharpening blades.

There are two ways to sharpen the cutting element of the lawn mower:

In the first case, the work is organized if the blades are in relatively good condition and only dull. Usually this sharpening is used if the owner sharpens the cutting elements of his garden tool several times during the season. If so, this will be enough to go through the edge of the file and fix them.

During work, the curvature and roughness of the blade are eliminated

It is important to save the factory angles of sharpening and descent. Both sides (blades) are polished evenly

The sharpener holds in the same position. An imbalance cannot be achieved, in which it is impossible to achieve the coordinated work of the blades. This problem will lead to the operational wear of assembly units (bearings).

After the main sharpening, you need to straighten the edges. This is done to eliminate the smallest gaps. It is best to use granular sandpaper for 800 grains. Editing. This is a small shift of paper along the descent plane.

The note! You can use a grinding disk instead of a file. Before the procedure, it is soaked for a quarter of an hour in soap and water. The tool can also slightly moisturize the tool during operation.


The car will help you cope with work quickly and without effort. The main thing in this issue is not to achieve too sharp corners. If you sharpen them as a thin razor, there is a high risk of chips and breakdowns.

When working, it is important to observe the correct angle and remove the metal from the blades in equal quantities. The machine does not eliminate the grinding edges

Removing a knife


An independent process of partial disassembly of a striped installation begins with preparatory work

Observe precautions and gloves. It is necessary to prepare the key to unscrew the mount, as well as a small board to help fix the knife. The device is disconnected from the network

On gasoline, the fuel drains and the spark plug turns off to exclude the possibility of sudden contact. Regardless of the type of machine, the owner must unscrew the grass collector

The device is disconnected from the network. On gasoline, the fuel drains and the spark plug turns off to exclude the possibility of sudden contact. Regardless of the type of machine, the owner must unscrew the grass collector.

Important! Before turning the mowing upside down or upside down, inspect the mower and prevent gas or oil leakage. Carter oil is also best drained. Otherwise, if a leak occurs, the launch of the device will be problematic

Otherwise, if a leak occurs, the launch of the device will be problematic.

You also cannot turn the lawn mowing, but simply put it on a frame or two chairs that imitate the lift. Then a person approaches the device from below.

In the first case, everyone uses a knife as a small strip. Its length will be similar to the device below in the characteristics of the device below the width of the cutting braid. This is usually 30-50 cm.

In the second case, two knives are used, which are installed at an angle of 180 degrees relative to each other.

The note! Another version of the cutting system. Four blades blades. They are connected with each other with a common base or not.

In the latter case, we are talking about several knives located at different heights. This nozzle in the form of the upper blade is equipped with modern models that have an additional function of mulching the lawn. Plants from grass in the tank fall on the upper legs. The sharp edges are thoroughly showered with greens, which after the procedure is filled with chopped lawn and turns into mulch.

Step.By.Step process

Before removing the knife from the lawn mower, it is fixed with a solid board or a log based on the ground. It is necessary that the knife does not move when removing

However, some people neglect this precaution and simply hold the cutting plate manually. Take the perfect L-shaped end wrench or ring tool

This element of fastening and assembly easily spoils the edges of the bolts. As a rule, the cutting block is attached with one large bolt in the middle. Modern models have several mounts. As a result, you will have to unscrew them. Bolts often have the right thread. Therefore, to twist the bolt, turn the key counterclockwise. To tighten it back, this is done in the opposite direction, that is, tighten the bolt clockwise. It happens that over time, the threaded steam sticks out, rusts, and the bolt is problematic to unscrew. In this case, special lubricants are used, called liquid keys. If the removal was successful and all the mounts are not damaged, then the bolts, nuts, the washers are cleaned in the safe. These compounds may be required to re.Use.

Additional Information. Before you remove the knife, you must remember its position. Most often, the knives counterclockwise and the rotation of the element is as follows. However, the tip is not suitable for all models. Therefore, the position of the element should be taken into account. He is in the same position as you will have to put a new knife or twist the old after sharpening.

Appointment and opportunities

Bosch Rotak 34 is designed to fulfill mowers in different criteria with the issuance of constantly large results.

Less popular

With a pair of batteries (one spare), the Rotak 32 Li model is also supplied. A strip of 32 cm is cut for one passage. The height of the cut changes by stopping the wheels.

Standard management handles. Thanks to a special screw system, you can configure a convenient slope and height. An interesting difference is the noise absorption system, which was designed specifically for this version, which allows you to use the lawn mower even in urban conditions. As in other battery models, there is a system of smart power management.

Other models

There are special offers from the Advanced series for cutting lawns of large sizes (more than 12 acres). Such models are distinguished by motors of 2 (or more) kW, width of the passage up to 50 cm, large bags for grass and appropriate cost.

ARM 37

Model 37 distinguishes from the previous only the width of the aisle. Also assembled by China, has comfortable handles and launching system. There are 5 provisions for changing the height of the mowing.

Rotak 32. Installing belt tensioner

How to put a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer for grass video.

How to correctly wrap the fishing line for a trimmer to the coil of a trimmer, having developed a factory fishing line for a trimmer for not so long ago a trimmer, they try to wind the latest, but they can’t, because they don’t know how to correct the fishing line for the trimmer to the coil (spul) of the trimmer for the grass. Like Anno.

How to change a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer and which one is better to choose the choice of a trimmer for the grass we have seen in the previous article, now we will tell how to correctly season the trimmer for the grass with fishing line, and which is better to choose from the work criterion.After you purchased.

Build your own house! Repair of the carburetor Motokosa step.By.Step often complaints of the owners of gasoline trimmers are associated with various kinds of carburetor defects. Naturally, the most perfect thing is in this case to seek help from specialists in this sphere.

How to change a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer and which one is better to choose the choice of a trimmer for the grass we have seen in the previous article, now we will tell how to correctly season the trimmer for the grass with fishing line, and which is better to choose from the work criterion.After you purchased.

The main structural elements of the Bosch Rotak 34 lawn mower is a wheel, control handles, a unit, a cutting system and a storage box. The joint and coordinated work of each of these nodes gives the device the mobility and the effectiveness of the operations performed.

This is facilitated by the following features of the assembly elements:

  • The engine of its own production of Bosch with a installed capacity of 1300 watts, transmitting the highest torque of 20 nm by the cutting work system by a reduced gear.
  • The installed protection against overheating also limits the flow of current during voltage surges, for this the life of the motor increases.
  • The rotary cutting system is armed with central adjustment of the position of the knife with the means of the 1st lever, and not with the help of the position of all the wheels, as is done in application to other similar mowers.
  • The ergonomic anti.Suggestion case, along with the design features of the cutting apparatus (introduction of special guides), allows a very clean cut against walls and borders.
  • Ergoflex adjustable handles allow you to configure their position in the most comfortable way to you.
  • An additional handle on the case is used for a comfortable manual carrying of a mowing.

Photo of electronic lawn mowers Bosch Rotak 34

Bosch lawn mower. Technology that has earned confidence

Bosch is one of the oldest manufacturers of garden and household appliances. The company was founded back in 1886 in the German city of Stuttgart. The founder of the brand Robert Bosch sought to create truly high.Quality products that could demonstrate high performance in any operational conditions.

electric, lawn, bosch, mower

Today, Bosch is known about the German brand in almost all countries of the world. The company annually occupies leading places in terms of production of hand.Made household power tools, automobile spare parts, as well as equipment for caring for a garden and garden.

In addition to other types of equipment, the German brand produces household and professional lawn mowers that combine many advantages:

  • Power and endurance with high efficiency;
  • Maneuverability for the possibility of successful work in areas with obstacles;
  • Increased resistance to operation in territories with variable relief;
  • A wide range of adjustments for fitting the technique “under the operator”;
  • Long warranty periods.

Bosch lawn mowers are continuously modernized, equipped with new innovative technologies to increase comfort and efficiency in their operation.

Lawn mower. An excellent alternative to a manual spit, which allows you to mow grass easier and faster in various places, including in those where an ordinary braid for grass simply does not rotate. But for comfort and convenience there is a complex modern mechanism that requires constant attention and regular maintenance.

Regardless of the manufacturer, all devices have similar design. Therefore, the repair of a homemade Viking mowing is similar to the repair of other brands: Husqvarna, Calm, Bosch, Gardena, Oleo-Mac. Home.Made lawn mower will not be an exception, but the elimination of damage requires basic knowledge. Consider the most common reasons for the failure of the engine and make your own repair of the lawn mower on the spot.

Check the light of the ignition

First you need to turn out the candle and inspect it. Dry candle indicates that the fuel from the carburetor does not come. The reasons for this may be different: the jet was clogged, there was an air traffic jam in the fuel line. Your actions logically follow: the fuel hose must be blown, untwisting the body of the float chamber of the carburetor, clean the nozzle and adjust the urgent needle density. Typically, the last action requires replacing the spring. It is not recommended to try to stretch the old spring a little: you will increase the effort to the needle, which can become an additional obstacle to subsequent work.

Removing bent shaft from the engine of the lawn mower

This video demonstrates how to remove a bent shaft from one of the most common engineers for the engine.

The lawn mower may not work due to a malfunction of the spark plugs.

If the candle has a bell raid, this means that you either poured low.Quality gasoline into a tank (with a large degree of impurities), or you worked before without an air filter. In any of the cases, fireproof particles fell into the cylinder, which settled on the contacts of candles, closing them. In such cases, it is recommended to drain all gasoline from the tank and fuel pipeline, clean the sump, and pour good quality fuel into the tank.

The candle can turn out to be absolutely clean and wet, which means that either the spark does not slip on it, or not gasoline enters the cylinder. Attach the candle to the engine body and pump the starter several times. The spark should be clear at the moment when the piston reaches the upper position (through the hole for the candle you will see this). The absence of a spark of a candle may mean one of the above cases:

  • Switch isolator breakdown;
  • A breakdown of a high.Voltage cable;
  • The failure of the ignition or generator coil (depending on the design of the lawn mower).

Here independent repair is possible only if you have experience with an electrician or you have fundamental knowledge in the field of physics. Try just replacing a candle with a correctly installed gap. If the situation could not be corrected, then you will have to change the cable and the generator. It will not work to repair them.

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Difficulties and ways to overcome them

The Bosch washing machine has a complex device, therefore, when analyzing it, a person without experience can face certain difficulties, namely:

Ремонт реноватора Bosch GOP 10,8V Bosh Multi Tool repair.

  • Incorrect wire connection and parting parts. This can be avoided using photofixation of the starting position of the elements.
  • Braining the walls of the case. Most often this happens with the top cover of the machine. If it is removed tight, then it must be carefully placed with a flat stupid object.
  • Bolt sticking. To weaken the screed, they need to be lubricated with silicone.
  • Water flow from an emergency hose. It needs to be opened in advance, even before the start of analysis. There are always a certain amount of liquid in the pipes, which can get not only to the floor, but also on electronics. This should not be allowed.

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