Device and adjustment of the carburetor on benzocos and trimmers

Check if the start button is turned on, whether the oil button is enough, whether gasoline is poured into the tank. If the motor is still not starting, rinse the gasophiller (sometimes it should be replaced if a large blockage is detected), check the candle for performance, clean the air filter.

It did not help? Set up the carburetor air damper to position C, this solves the problem of fuel transfusion. In the case of the “persistence” of the motor, just drain all the fuel from the system and fill the new one, making sure that it has proper quality. Making all these processes solves the problem of launching a motor in 80-90% of cases.

If the motor refuses to work at idle, first of all adjust the carburetor and rinse the air filter. this in most cases solves the problem. If the situation is repeated, then most likely you poured poor fuel into the fuel tank, then drain it and fill the tank with a new.

How to get a lawn mower and make it work if engine speeds are not gaining, and it stalls? First, check if the cutting shaft is clogged with waste and weeds. If everything is in order with the shaft, wrap the air filter or change it to a new one, if the first seemed to you too contaminated. By the way, washing the air filter and gasoline should be washed, which makes the gasket more elastic and prevents the drying of the material.

If, having done these procedures and pressing the starter for the lawn mower, the lawn mower stalls again, then the case lies in an incorrectly adjusted carburetor device. Read the last section of this article, it tells how the carburetor is adjusted on the benzokos.

If there is no spark, put a spare candle to check what exactly is the matter. Когда запасная свеча при установке правильного зазора также не выдает искру, значит дело в оборудовании косы для травы. Repair of the lawn mower in the event of a malfunction begins with the check of the wire leading to the candle.

Carburetor adjustment

This aspect is always needed when the lawn mower is set up. A correctly configured carburetor is the key to the successful operation of engines for the lawn mower.

Despite the fact that the question of how to adjust the carburetor on a benzocos, it seems, to beginners are incomprehensible, but the repair of the lawn mower often ends with this procedure, since the reasons lies in the wrong adjustment, and the repair of the lawn mower and the methods of eliminating them in the settings for configuration. By the way, the run.mowing is also involved in the adjustment of the carburetor.

To understand how to correctly configure a gasoline carburetor for motorcycles, you need to know:

  • The device contains three screws: right (l), lower (t), left (h).
  • A properly configured carburetor operates on idle evenly and without changes with cold and hot motor, as well as with a sharp descent or set of revolutions. The screw t is responsible for the idle.
  • The screw l is responsible for how much the fuel mixture will enter the combustion chamber at low speeds. When adjusting, the screw turns counterclockwise by a quarter turnover.
  • Fuel adjustment at high speeds occurs by screw h. For configuration, give out full gas, opening the throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until you hear a speed drop. Then, scroll through the screw in the opposite direction so that the engine works unevenly, after which begin to slowly turn the screw clockwise until you start to hear the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the motor.

The correctness of adjustment is determined even by the color of the working part of the candle. If the tuning of the carburetor is made correctly, then the candle will be clean, without soot.

How to sharpen a knife or disk for a gas station?

To sharpen a knife or disk for mowing equipment, know that a good disk or knife must be sharpened so that the edges become sharp, but the metal was not overheated. The sharpened cutting element will provide easier removal of the grass surface. Also, the sharpness of the disk or knife affects the number of plants that will be eliminated by one capture.

In general, the maintenance of a gasoline braid for grass provides for constant cleaning of equipment after work, checking the quality of oils and gasoline, as well as a properly configured carburetor. Do not pour doubtful additives and the like into the lawn mower. Regularly make the reducer lubrication and lubrication of driving elements to prevent problems. It is recommended to update lubrication, at least every 1000 hours of work.

Causes of carburetor breakdowns

When operating, motorcycles (for example, “Patriot” or “Union”) can be damaged, and the user will need to repair it on its own or with the involvement of specialists. This can happen for a number of reasons. One of the most common is non.compliance with the rules for using the device. If, with prolonged operation of the trimmer for the grass, the carburetor was not used and adjusted, the device breaks.

Another cause of the breakdown is an incorrectly prepared fuel mixture. Often the owners of the equipment buy oil and prepare fuel according to the recommendations written on the package of combustible materials, which is incorrect. When preparing fuel, you need to consider the instructions for the operation of the Motokos itself. In addition, the mixture “by eye” should not be made, since incorrect proportions also lead to breakdown of technology.

Most of the breakdowns of carburetors are equally characteristic of motorcycles of different brands, whether Echo, “cedar”, Homelite or the device of another manufacturer.

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Adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor. when the procedure is required?

Often, the owners of the chainsaws are thinking about why the chainsaw shoots at the carburetor, or why gasoline does not enter the carburetor of the chainsaw? And in that and in another case, the cause of the malfunctions lies in the failure of the factory settings of the node and to eliminate breakdowns, it is required to configure the carburetor of the chainsaw. Understand that a gasopyle carburetor needs to be configured, a number of other signs will help:

  • The motor does not start at all, or stalls immediately after it has started. the reason for this can be a fuel deficiency paired with an excess of air;
  • Increased fuel consumption. in this case, the amount of exhaust gases is rapidly increasing. The reason in this situation should be sought in an increase in the amount of fuel and a decrease in the amount of air;

There are also a number of mechanical reasons that lead to the need to adjust the carburetor. These include:

  • Strong vibration. it leads to damage to the protective cap, which will result in the loss of fixation of all three adjusting screws;
  • Wear of the piston part of the motor. in such a situation, the adjustment of the carburetor will only temporarily extend the operation of the tool. To completely eliminate the malfunction, you will have to completely replace the piston group;
  • Formation of blockages. they appear as a result of the use of poor.quality gasoline, damage to the filter or scale. In such cases, it will be necessary to dismantle, disassemble and clean the carburetor.

In any of these cases, it is better not to delay the procedure for adjusting or washing the node. Otherwise, this will lead to a breakdown of other, no less important elements of the chainsaw.

The spring may interfere

My first attempt to adjust the gas mowing carburetor did not give anything, since the spring of the fuel mixture adjustment propeller prevented. The factory spring turned out to be too thick in a compressed state and did not make it possible to reduce the supply of fuel to the required level. I had to choose another spring and continue the adjustment after its replacement.

The adjusting screw for feeding the fuel mixture with the spring

In the photo above the factory spring, below the adjusting screw with a selected spring. I am writing about this, because I am not sure that this is an isolated case, and someone else may face the same situation.

how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw

This causes fuel rewriting, and the engine begins to work incorrectly. You need to disassemble the carburetor and clean the cavity of the adjusting membrane.

The membrane may be deformed with long.term operation of the unit and using brutal fuel.

The impossibility of ordinary adjustment based on the deficiency leads to:

This appears if the adjusting lever is incorrectly installed, or bend it before installation. As a result, the contact surface perceives the wrong position, which violates the additional supply of fuel.

Throttle and air shutters in the main wear out due to the presence of abrasive particles in the air. Defective damper look because they were subjected to sandblasting.

Upon completion of the wear of the damper, the motor performance is reduced, malfunctions occur in its operation, piston rings, piston and cylinder coating wear out.

The shaft of air and throttle can wear out for subsequent reasons:

Due to the ingress of poorly purified air, the shaft wears out and may break. The broken parts of the shaft are to get into the combustion chamber on another motor crankcase and cause severe damage to the entire piston complex of accounting programs.

To eliminate troubles with air cleaning, you need to replace a defective filter or wash the existing (working). The filter needs to be washed in soapy water and dried.

Carburetor adjustment is needed in subsequent cases:

Foarte mare atenție la curățarea carburatorului de motocoasă!

  • The new engine was running out (4-5 liters of fuel consistency were used);
  • The composition of the fuel (brand of oil and gasoline) has changed;
  • The weather changed (it became hot, cold);
  • Air vacuum has changed (concerns mountainous areas);
  • after long storage;
  • the load on the engine has increased (after changing the tool and t.D.);
  • Due to the vibration, the adjustment screws spontaneously turned out;
  • The fuel consumption has increased, the carburetor shimmers the fuel;
  • On the electrodes of the candle, so far occurs (with all this, the fuel mixture is prepared correctly);
  • The motor starts and immediately stalls or develops poorly;
  • Gasoline does not enter the cylinder;
  • Many exhaust gases.

Before the option of the carburetor trimmer for the grass, you need to make the next:

  • wash the engine;
  • replace or clean the spark plug;
  • Change for a new one or clean the air filter (it is recommended to lay it out in warm, soap water, squeeze it out and let it dry perfectly).

You also need to install the cord of the right diameter in a trimmer coil or install knives-this is done with the aim of the engine, the engine had at least some load. After installing a cutting tool and starting an internal combustion engine, let it warm up for a period of 10 minutes.

If at the idle speed of the motor you saw that the cutting tool is spinning, it means you need to lower the engine speed. This is done with the use of the lower idle regulator, often marked with a bean “T”. The figure below shows the placement of regulators on the trimmer Husqvarna.

But, for example, on the STIHL trimmer, this screw contains the label “LA”.

What you need, turn the idle speed controller to the left, to the working option of stopping the trimmer head.

For the carburetor option, 3 regulators (screw) are used).

  • The right regulator L tunes the level of enrichment of the combustible consistency at low speeds. It needs to be adjusted by the first. Get a maximum of turnover at idle. This is done using the regulator L, turning it on the left and to the right. After finding the point of the highest revolutions, return the regulator for half a turn to the left (against h. Arrows).
  • The lower regulator t (LA) is used for the idle option. Turning it to the left, the engine revolutions will begin to decrease, and when the regulator is turned to the right. the turnover will increase.
  • Left regulator H is responsible for enriching the combustible consistency at large speeds. The enrichment configuration completes the adjustment of the carburetor. Also, using this regulator, you can configure the highest turns, fuel consumption and motor power.

Fundamentally! If we allow the engine at full speed for more than 10 seconds, then it may fail.

To exclude this problem, you will need adjustment. With the working motor, give a full gas, then turn the “h” regulator to the right until a reduction in revolutions begins. After that, the “h” regulator must slowly scroll on the left until you hear the uneven operation of the motor. Then you should turn the regulator “h” to the right without performing a high.quality installation of the moment when the smooth operation of the motor is heard.

After the above actions, the setting of the carburetor can be considered performed. After proper adjustment, the engine should confidently gain momentum, a little four at a maximum revolution, and during operation a idle cutting tool should not turn. This management is suitable for adjusting the carburetors on the Huter, Patriot and others gas tanks.

There are also carburetors without a screw that is responsible for enriching the combustible consistency at low speeds. In other words, their only 3.5 adjusting screw: idle regulator and regulator of the property of the fuel consistency at large speeds. How to configure the carburetor of this type, you will learn from this video.

Carburetor adjustment

Before adjusting the carburetor, rinse the air filter. It is recommended to rinse it after every 10 hours of work. After that, you can proceed to adjustment. The photo shows a carburetor of a gasoline trimmer for PRorab-8406 gasoline. The numbers indicate the adjusting screws that we will use.

Adjusting screws of a carburetor of a gasoline trimmer for PRorab-8406 grass

Make a lawn mower and wait until it warms up.

Fuel supply adjustment

Start slowly wrap the screw for supplying the fuel mixture until the moment the engine starts to stall or until it stalls if you do not have time to catch the moment. After that, unscrew the screw for a quarter of turn, if the engine has not stalled, or half a turn, if stalled. Get a stalled engine. Check, opening the throttle, as the engine is gaining momentum. Continue to turn off the screw for a quarter of turning until the engine during the frying begins to confidently gain increased speeds. This will be the moment of the most economical stable engine operation. In the gasoline trimmer for PRoraB-8406 grass, adjusting screws are wrapped clockwise, unscrewed-against, in some other brands there may be the other way around.

Cooper adjustment

We start adjusting small revolutions. The screw limits the return movement of the throttle lever. wrapping it, we increase idle speed, unscrewing it. reduce. Adjust so that the engine works confidently at low speeds and even a little accelerated (for better starting), but so that the coil with a fishing line or a knife does not rotate, and before the start of their rotation there is a sufficient supply of revolutions. If the engine is poorly starting, still increase the speed at idle.

Limiting maximum revolutions

After adjusting the supply of the fuel mixture and small revolutions, check how the engine of the lawn mower will work at maximum speeds. If necessary, limit the maximum speed to the required level using a hollow screw, weaken the fixing nut and screw the screw to reduce maximum revolutions or turn off to increase. After adjustment, tighten the nut. Setting maximum revolutions is necessary to protect the engine of the trimmer for grass from overheating and the ability to use the launch key lock to reduce the tire of the right hand.

In the future, it may be necessary to adjust the carburetor of a trimmer for grass. For example, if the engine when working at full load begins to gain speed poorly, unscrew the screw by another quarter turnover. In case of difficulty starting, increase idle speed. Both weather conditions and the quality of the fuel mixture can influence work. From vibration, the adjusting screws themselves can be cream.

It is no secret that the best and most effective way of repairing is a prevention of possible malfunctions. As already noted, one of the key points is how correctly the gasoline-oil mixture is prepared. Its components should be gasoline at least AI-92 and high-quality motor oil. The proportions, taking into account the mixture, are indicated in the manual of the manufacturer, which is included in the supply of any gasoline trimmer for grass. As a rule, oil to gasoline is added using an ordinary medical syringe. In a similar way it is easiest to observe the appropriate proportions.

Quite often, when problems with the launch of motorcycles arise, the owners of the tool try to carry out repairs with their own hands. In the presence of the necessary knowledge and skills, this approach will significantly reduce operational expenses. First of all, it is worth checking the fuel system and, in particular, the filtering element. If clogging is detected, the filter will be easiest to replace with a new. If an air filter has become source of problems, then you can get out of a difficult situation even in the process of work with minor time costs. The following actions will need to be performed:

  • remove the filter element;
  • Directly in working conditions, you can rinse the filter used by gasoline;
  • When operating, braids for grass or at a summer cottage for cleaning use water and simple detergents;
  • After washing, the part is carefully rinsed and dried;
  • A completely dry filter should be lubricated with engine oil;
  • excess lubricants are removed by compressing the filter element with the hands;
  • The cleaned part is put in place and the plastic cover is attached with screws.

If the described actions did not provide a positive result, then the next step will be the clearance adjustment using the corresponding carburetor screw. Many publications and videos posted in the open spaces of the World Wide Web are devoted to this topic. When trying to solve the problems under consideration, you can take several steps.

The trimmer for the grass is placed on the side so that the “air” is from above. This will allow the fuel mixture to enter the lower part of the carburetor

Often, attempts to launch the internal combustion engine are successful if you pre.dismantle the mentioned part and literally send a couple of drops of gasoline directly to the carburetor itself. If, after all the described actions, the braid could not be brought into working condition, then the candle and, in particular, the presence of a spark should be paid attention to. In parallel, all fuel from the combustion chamber is completely removed. Often, the owners of the benzos are in situations where the fuel and air filters are clean, the candles are good, the fuel mixture is fresh and high.quality, but the internal combustion engine does not show signs of life

In such cases, experienced experts recommend using universal and proven many years of practice by launching. It is necessary to transfer the air damper to a closed position and pull the starter handle once. After the damper, the engine is opened and the engine is launched 2-3 times. In the vast majority of cases, the result is a positive.

The light of the ignition during the launch of the ICE of the Trimmer for the grass can be filled with fuel. Even with a high.quality mixture and the presence of a good spark, it is unlikely that you can get a device. The most effective exit will be to extract a candle and dry it. In parallel, you can check this spare part for performance, when identifying malfunctions, replace it. This procedure includes a number of simple steps, namely:

  • drown out the device and wait for complete cooling of the power unit;
  • turn off the wire;
  • extract the candle itself;
  • examine the dismantled part;
  • make sure the presence of a gap (0.6 mm);
  • screw a new, working candle and tighten it.

In practice, many repair work related to the fact that the braid for the grass has stopped starting and which sooner or later has to face the operation of a household lawn mower, it is quite possible to cope on its own. But with serious malfunctions, it will be most rational to contact a specialized service. However, the key factor in such cases will be the ratio of the cost of repair and the price of a new trimmer for the grass.

Algorithm and description of the Husqvarna carburetor settings

Husqvarna carburetor is adjusted in the same way how carburetors are set up on the chainsaws of other manufacturers.

Immediately before adjustment, it is necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of the saw and make sure that there is no difficulty supplying fuel and air leaks to the chainsaw crankcase. You also need to make sure the air filter is clean and, if necessary, replace it with a new.

  • Husqvarna carburetor factory settings are installed on a drowned out saw.
  • The engine is launched and sawing the saw for several minutes.
  • By rotation of the screw (l) clockwise, there is a position in which the engine develops maximum speed, after which the screw must be unscrewed by 1⁄4 back. If at the same time the chain of the chainsaw rotates, then it is necessary to reduce idle speed by adjusting the screw position (t).
  • The next stage is the power adjustment at maximum speeds and adjusting their number. To do this, the tachometer is connected to the focused chainsaw, the gas handle is squeezed to the full, after which the testimony of the tachometer is checked. If the value of maximum revolutions differs from the maximum amount recommended by the manufacturer, then by changing the position of the screw (h) the testimony of the tachometer is carried out to normal.

How to clean a carburetor on a chainsaw?

Washed a gasopyle carburetor or clean it only when it is removed and disassembled. Before cleaning, you need to prepare everything you need in advance: two screwdrivers (plus and minus), lacture keys, but better the head with nozzles, clean rags, a special cleaning agent, pump and ultrasonic cleaner (recommended). Before proceeding with cleaning, you need to drain all gasoline. this is necessarily. After the remaining fuel is merged and the entire tool is prepared, we proceed to cleaning:

  • Disconnect the top cover and remove it.
  • Gently remove the fuel pump membrane.
  • There are spring brackets on the left side of the case. After they are disconnected, you can see the screws under the brackets. they also need to be twisted.
  • Unscrew the lower cover.
  • Having unscrewed the screw, get access to the needle valve. Its and the spring located under it must be carefully removed, so that you do not lie down the needle.
  • The air damper is dismantled with a slight longitudinal force, after which the axis is removed.
  • Lastly, the throttle, lever and axis removes.

After the carburetor is disassembled, all parts must be laid out on a flat surface on a clean rags. Carefully inspect each detail for clogging or wear

Pay special attention to the giklers and inlet fitting. Their clogging is the main reason why gasoline does not enter the carburetor of the chainsaw

If for some details it is clear that it is very worn out, it is better to immediately replace it with a new one, so that in the future not to think again how to repair a chainsaw carburetor. carburetor carburetor is cleaned using a special detergent. It is necessary to rinse every detail well, and then dry them with a rag of biased fabric, and preferably compressed air. All channels are also blown by air.

If there is an ultrasonic cleaner at hand, then this is even better. Pour diesel fuel into the bath, put carefully polluted parts there for 5-10 minutes and after cleaning, dry them with compressed air.

After cleaning, it is strongly recommended to wait 20-24 hours-this is necessary so that the cleaning agent completely evaporates. Otherwise, it is mixed with the fuel mixture and will fall into the cylinder, leaving the carpet on the walls after combustion.

Husqvarna carburetor adjustment

Adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor 142 Husqvarna occurs in several directions. Since the carburetor is responsible for mixing fuel with air in the optimal proportion, one of the directions of adjustment will be the quality of the fuel mixture. The second direction of adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw is associated with a decrease in the fuel supplied. The need for such adjustment is often due to incomplete combustion of fuel and its output in the form of dense smoke.

A tool that will be needed for adjusting work:

  • Special screwdrivers for adjusting the screws (purchased in specialized stores);
  • Tachometer (some experienced owners of chainsaws in the absence of a tachometer are oriented by ear);
  • Crosshead screwdriver;
  • Compressor with a purge gun.

Before starting work, it would be nice to diagnose a chainsaw. It is worth making sure that the filter is in a suitable state, replacement is not required. Check if there is difficulty supplying fuel. Be sure to remove dirt and dust from the nodes and from the chainsaw itself. Since adjustment will require disassembly of the unit, it is necessary to remember the correct location of the spare parts. The operating instructions for operating a chainsaw in which there is a assembly scheme will help not get confused. But even if there were no schemes for some reason, you can shoot everything on a mobile phone camera.

So, there are tools, diagnostics have been carried out, proceed to adjustment.

Screw adjustment (l)

Settings of the Husqvarna 142 carburetor start with the installation of factory settings on the turned off saw. After that, start the saw, let it work for a few minutes. Next, we turn the screw (l) in the direction of movement of the clock, until you find the moment where the engine is gaining the greatest speed. Having caught the right moment, scroll the screw for a quarter turnover in the opposite direction. In case of movement of the circuit, you will need to adjust the screw (t).

Screw adjustment (n)

Screw adjustment is done in the first 10 seconds of engine operation at maximum speed. How to adjust the carburetor on the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw at the largest speeds. For adjustment, it is enough to turn the screw (n) by a quarter of turnover in the direction of movement of the clockwise. Noticing that the maximum load is not typed, we repeat all the manipulations. To finish the adjustment, you need a tachometer, which must be connected to the saw on the on. If insufficient adjustment is made, that the established motor will make unnatural screeching sounds. In a situation where a large amount of smoke was overdoed with adjustment.

Screw adjustment (t)

Working with this screw is very simple. It consists in turning the screw in the direction of movement of the clock. Turn the screw exactly until the second when the chain begins to move. As soon as the movement has begun, the screw turns in the opposite direction until the movement of the chain is stopped.

The entire course of adjustment of the carburetor should be performed in the sequence, as described above.

To evaluate whether the carburetor setup is correctly performed on Huskvarn, see how the chainsaw works after the commissioning. The tool shows stable work, both at low and largest speeds. The turns should be easily gained. The motor fun without unnecessary foreign noises, does not stall. Check the operation of the engine. It is easy to do it. Press the gas trigger several times

Please note that when pressing the trigger, the turns should increase very quickly, and when the descent is lower. If everything goes just that, then the setting is made without errors

In addition to the need to adjust the carburetor with some kind of instrument malfunction, there are two more cases in which adjusting operations are simply necessary. The first case is a change of fuel mixture used, and the second is before preparing for the summer season after wintering and vice versa and vice versa. The owner of the power tool always has a choice to act independently or contact the service center for these work by specialists. Do not start setting up the carburetor without any similar experience.

Unfortunately, far from always adjusting the carburetor helps in solving problems. Often the reason for the unsatisfactory operation of the tool may be a breakdown of a particular part. If it is not possible to find the cause of a particular malfunction on your own, it is better to show your tool to professionals in a specialized service center. The work of specially trained people will cost much cheaper than with their own hands a power tool.

Settings partially or completely resolved carburetor

After maintenance, for example, disassembly and washing or preceding unsuccessful attempts to configure this node may be completely resolved. So much so that the motorcycle will not start at all. In this case, it is necessary to configure the device of the engine power system in 2 stages, conditionally called:

At the first stage, the adjusting screws “L” and “H” slowly screw the worships until it stops. In this case, do not make great efforts and try to tighten them. Then we turn off both screws back. for many models drank for 1 turnover. And for some-for 1.5 turnover. There may be other installations. This must be clarified in the technical documentation for the chainsaw. In a number of models, the hint is applied directly to the cover of their housing near the adjusting screws.

This will be completed by the recommended factory basic setting of the carburetor. At the same time, the screw “s” (“la”, “t”) in no case do not touch, unless of course it was twisted. When he is already twisted, you will have to work with it and. Slowly screw the “s” of the PFS until it stops.

We move on to the final stage. We are trying to start the engine. If there were no manipulations with the adjustment of “s” (“la”, “t”) and exactly “l” and “h” are recommended as recommended, then it should start.

If “S” had to be twisted for the above reasons, then the motor, most likely, will not immediately start. After each attempt, it will be necessary to twist this screw at 1/4 of the turnover of badges and try to start the engine again. In the end, he must earn.

Then we warm up the engine for 10 minutes. If, after starting it or during the heating process, the engine works unstable or the chain begins to move, then it is necessary to slowly and carefully rotate “s” (“la”, “t”) of the PFS. As soon as the engine begins to work stably and/or the circuit stops, we immediately stop adjusting. If the motor stalls, then wean this screw by 1/8–1/4 (look in technical documentation) of the turnover.

In the process of warming up, the idle speed may begin to increase, then, again, it will be necessary to start “S” (“LA”, “T”) to slowly til up the PFS until they are by ear. On the already heated motor, we continue to adjust the node of the power system, as described in the previous chapter.

The spring may interfere

My first attempt to adjust the gas mowing carburetor did not give anything, since the spring of the fuel mixture adjustment propeller prevented. The factory spring turned out to be too thick in a compressed state and did not make it possible to reduce the supply of fuel to the required level. I had to choose another spring and continue the adjustment after its replacement.

The adjusting screw for feeding the fuel mixture with the spring

In the photo above the factory spring, below the adjusting screw with a selected spring. I am writing about this, because I am not sure that this is an isolated case, and someone else may face the same situation.

From personal experience

lawn mower or trimmer for grass

Trimmer for grass is a broader concept than a lawn mower (lawn mower), since it can also be an electric. The gasoline trimmer for grass and the lawn mower is the same thing.

Some authors assure that a trimmer for grass is a weaker tool, unlike a more powerful lawn mower, which can be used to mow shrubs. Personally, I have a tool with a maximum capacity of 1.7 kW and capable, as stated in the instructions, to mow a small shrub up to 10 mm thick. User manual is called “trimmer for gasoline grass”.

The proportion of the fuel mixture

I read somewhere that if the law mowing manual and the canister with butter indicates different proportions of the preparation of the fuel mixture, the proportion indicated in the manual should be used.

It was done for a long time. excess oil flowed out of the engine to the gas tank and the fiber was constantly formed on the candle, since the leadership indicated a proportion for a engine 1:25, and on the canister. 1:50. After the transition to a proportion of 1:50, the appearance of oil fluxes stopped. The candle continued to burn, but with less intensity (the carburetor has not yet been adjusted).

Until now, some users of the benzo tool determine the fuel mixture “by eye”. If when preparing the mixture the amount of oil is underestimated, after a while an extraneous sound may appear immediately after the engine starts, gradually disappeared during heating, and the engine stop occurs with a sharp jerk. The continuation of the operation of a trimmer for grass in this mode will lead to its failure.

Clead cleaning

In the worst times of the work with a trimmer with an unresolved carburetor, the engine stopped starting after using each fuel tank. And only after cleaning the candle from the car, could you continue to work.

For cleaning the electrodes, fine sandpaper was used, and a thin stationery clip with a bent end was used to clean the space between the insulator and the case. At first, the electrodes were wiped with high dirt with a rag, then cleaned with sandpaper. After that, the candle fell into the diesel fuel and the moistened carpet was opposed by a paper clip from the surfaces of the insulator, the inside of the body and between them. Further, the candle fell several times into the diesel fuel, which then shake off it along with the pollution. Sometimes the procedure for cleaning a paper clip and washing were repeated. After that, the candle wiped dry and was ready for further operation.

Incredibly, one fuel mixture tank with an unresolved carburetor can be spent in less than 10 minutes. verified in practice, when the trimmer for the grass was launched and operated at high speeds with maximum fuel supply (the adjusting screw was unscrewed much more than the norm).

How to Fix a Trimmer Carburetor

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Settings algorithm

Carrying out the carburetor of the chainsaw in two stages:

Important! Some setting steps must be adjusted, depending on the model of the macita chainsaw. In order to do everything right, read the instructions.

  • We turn the screws for adjusting high and low revolutions to the stop (turn clockwise).
  • At the time of the meeting of resistance, make a half turning back.

Adjusting tools

To configure the carburetor, you will need cross or slotted screwdrivers of different lengths or thicknesses.The size depends on the design of this node and the features of the assembly of the engine. It must be taken into account that some manufacturers make carburetors designed to use a special tool.

In particular, a special type of screwdrivers may be required to configure carburetors of Khuskvarna and other imported tools. It is advisable to clarify this question when buying a chainsaw so that you can purchase the right additional inventory in advance.

In addition, cleaned gasoline or acetone is required to wash and clean the device. They are used to clean the external surfaces of the carburetor. All internal channels are washed with kerosene, diesel fuel or white spirit. Before washing, the carburetor is disassembled, all rubber or plastic parts are removed, which can suffer from contact with aggressive chemical compounds.

For disassembly of the carburetor, thorough or unfortunate keys are used. The washing of the internal channels is performed in specially designated baths, sometimes plastic syringes are used for this.

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