Check the Bosch Peorator by number

If the model with all the necessary functionality is still found. This is not a reason to rejoice! It is necessary to check the peorator in the store. Either upon returning with the purchase, so that in which case, exchange low.Quality goods for a really good tool. First of all, you need to check how the device works at idle. The tool case should not go sideways and vibrate, and the return when turned on should be soft, smooth and constant. If at least some deviations from the norm are observed, the tool can be safely taken to the store.

Then you should trace how the drill stops when the engine is stopped. It should not stop sharply or stop with jerks. The rotation of the drill should slow down smoothly and gradually. Another result indicates the imperfection of the design of the unit either about the factory marriage, and its service life will be significantly lower.

In general, choosing a peorator is not difficult enough. The main thing is to know the basic principles on which it is worthwhile to establish your choice, and follow it from beginning to end. Only then will a truly excellent tool find its application in the hands of the new owner.

A very useful tool for many types of home repairs is the peorator. But the modern industry produces so many varieties that it is not surprising and getting confused, thinking what kind of poorator to buy.

Additional handle

On the original additional handle on both sides there is Bosch casting.

There is no Bosch inscription on the additional handle on an additional handle.

How to determine the fake of the Bosch peorator

In appearance, you can easily determine whether falsification in front of you or the original. You need to start acquaintance with Bosch peorators by examining the suitcase (case), in which the tool is laid.

Determining the fake by the appearance of the case for transporting Bosch peorators

Inspecting the appearance of the suitcase for transporting Bosch peorators, pay special attention to inscriptions, various nameplates, latches, quality of casting.

When examining the appearance of the suitcase for storing and transporting the tool, pay special attention to the latches. The inscription Bosch should be printed on them. The fakes of the Bosch peorators have no such inscription on the latches.

Case of the real Bosch

When inspecting the suitcase, pay attention to the size of the gaps between the closing lids. There should be no gaps, or minimal gaps around the perimeter should be the same everywhere. At the fakes, the lids are adjacent, with distortion. On the lids you can see the blocking of casting, burrs.

Gap on the covers of the case of fake

Pay attention to the branded inscription applied to the suitcase. The ryginal suitcase has a sign and convex inscription, made by castings, the so-called 3D signs. At the suitcase, the inscriptions are pasted and easily ripped off with a fingernail.

Case of the original Bosch

In fake peorators, a special sticker with various codes, inscriptions and ciphers is glued on the back of the suitcase. Do not pay any attention to it.

Gaps on the original case of the Bosch pen

It is designed to distract your attention from fake. The original has such a sticker is simply absent. On the back of the original suitcase, the inscription Bosch and the signature sign are checked. There are no such squeezed inscriptions on the fake.

Case fake

To distinguish the fake of the Bosch infantry survey from the original, you need to buy a power tool in specialized stores with the execution of all the necessary documents.

BOSH. Подделка vs оригинал. ЗАЧЕМ ПЛАТИТЬ БОЛЬШЕ

Determining the fake by the appearance of the Bosch Peorators Corps

On the original case, all the inscriptions and icons are applied by squeezing out. The inscription is either glued on the fake of the peorator on the film or each letter is glued. These inscriptions and letters easily rip off when picking with a fingernail. The original is impossible in principle.

Bosch-original (above) and fake (below)

There are Bosch 2-24 peorators, in which the case is blue. As a rule, these are peorators produced in Europe. They most often become the subject of fake. The fake is immediately visible incorrectly applied inscription. Instead of the inscription Bosch 2-24, a set of letters and numbers is glued on a fake, at the first glance resembling the inscription of the original.

Well, the last. On the Bosch factor of the factory manufacturing, the inscriptions are applied or squeezing out. At the fake of the Bosch inscription, the inscriptions are glued on self.Adhesive.

These are the main characteristics of fakes determined by the appearance of the power tool.

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How to avoid fakes

In order not to fall for a fake, you must adhere to several recommendations: do not buy a power tool from your hands, in online stores, in the markets; Blue for a low price, a high.Quality tool cannot be cheap; Buy only in specialized stores of power tools with the execution of all warranty documents

Do not be gullible, do not give in to simple tricks, do not chase cheapness.

Very often in the markets, at the exit of the metro, and just on the street you can meet people standing with a green or blue suitcase with the inscription Bosch (Bosch) and offering passers to the passers.By to purchase a real “Bosch” at a low price. When asked why it’s so cheap, usually the answer: “confiscat”, “bought, but not needed”, “inherited from my grandmother”, etc.D. But be vigilant! Naturally, there can be no talk of any guarantee and, moreover, such an instrument. The low price of such a “tool” can then turn into operations in operation, and it can simply be dangerous for the master with constant use!

And a few more variations on this topic:

A very “original” and common set, the user receives for relatively little money in one suitcase, an angular grinder, a jigsaw, a drill and another grinder. Naturally, this set has nothing to do with Bosch power tools.

“New” in the fake market. Fake heavy. Below are several photos with a brief description, which differs for a fake from the original peorator:

The labeling of the tool is not embossed, the letters are glued

Be careful, visually a fake Bosch is almost impossible to distinguish from a real tool

This part of the handle of this Bosch tool is blue, not black, like a fake

Bosch tool bearing looks different

BOST Electric Block in Bosch power tools, other wires

The Russian user was convinced about reliability in the work of Bosch peorators. Various construction forums give users’ opinions about the high characteristics of Bosch peorators, their operational reliability and amenities.

Bosch peorators are equipped with a dust removal system, a stabilizer of rotation of the shaft, a rail restriction on the drilling depth, a “smooth start” system, a rotation speed regulator, and anti.Vibrational devices. Overheating protection devices. This all applies to the original structures of the Bosch 2-20, 2-24, 2-26 peorators.

But not everyone knows that, along with the originals, I exist and fakes. This fully applies to Bosch peorators. And how to distinguish a real peorator from a fake or instrument of Chinese.Made?

A few words about Chinese peorators of famous brands at once. Chinese peorators produced under a license or at China factories belonging to Bosch (Dremel, Rotozip, Skil) are no different in quality from Bosch peorators. Produced in Germany.

How to Spot Fake Or Original POWERTOOLS ( Bosch and other brand)

Recently, Western manufacturers have been trying to place their production in China. Differences in the Chinese and corporate peorator consists in the system for acceptance of the finished product. For Bosch peorators made in China for Western Europe, there are two stages of control: factory acceptance and acceptance already in the country-buyer. Chinese peorators sent to Western Europe undergo factory acceptance, and upon arrival in the customer country, are also checked there using input control. The remaining pedorators who have not passed the factory control at China factories are sent to third countries. But they are made of the same details, on the same lines, the hands of the same workers. And cost 4 5 times cheaper. The quality is no different.

When buying any tool, first of all, pay your attention to the appearance.

Remember the golden rule: if the appearance of the case or the Bosch peorator differs from the original, there cannot be a corporate instrument inside.

How much does a Bosch peorator cost?

Bosch peorators prices

The name of the penetrator
Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR Professional 0611254768 from 10 763 r.
Bosch GBH 180-Li Professional 0611911122 from 15 352 r.
Bosch GBH 2-28 F Professional 0611267600 from 13 170 r.
Bosch GBH 240 Professional 0611272100 from 7 315 ​​r.

Makita inscription on the tool itself, the original under the inscription has a relief text, it is felt if you run a finger, and the fake just has a flat surface. The original handle of the original has rubberized, soft and there is a number on it. The fake has a more rigid and cheap to the touch and has no number.

How to distinguish the Bosch Peorator from a fake

First of all, it is necessary to perform a detailed external inspection of the case and the tool case. When examining the suitcase for transporting the peorator, you must first pay attention to the latches. The original device has a pressed Bosch logo for them, but it does not have a fake.

The original case also has the following distinctive features:

  • Alloy inscriptions (at the fake they are glued);
  • The seal is located at the junction and breaks down in the presence of the buyer (in a fake seal is under the line of adjacent of the lid and bottom);
  • The surface is flat, the lid adjacent tightly, without gaps;
  • On the back of the suitcase there is a corporate sign and a cheap inscription Bosch.

Then you should examine the tool body. Especially you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The original peorator has a cast inscription on the case, and the fake has stuck.
  • The device is equipped with a sign with an article, serial number, inscription Made in Germany and a month, the year of release. The fake has the same plate, but without a month of manufacture.
  • Additional handles have a rubberized coating (in fake a plastic coating).
  • The fake has a circle of choice of mode, and the original has red.

Pay attention to the inscription on the top panel. If RotaryHammer is written there, not Boschhammer, then the product is non.Original.

What threatens to buy a fake

Before distinguishing the original from a fake Bosch, I want to say a few words about fake tools.

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Not all remarks are terrible, as well as low.Quality. There are good parodies for the original. But even if good fakes pass for real devices, this is fraud and deception. This should not be.

Personal experience, as well as the experience of other people suggests. Buying fake tools entails the following consequences:

  • In vain spent money. If you do not know how to distinguish a fake Bosch, you will spend money on a cheap Chinese parody. You cannot get the same opportunities from him from the original Bosch;
  • Low assembly quality. It pulls the rest of the problems;
  • Unpleasant sensations during work. The tool glides, and also does not fulfill its tasks. It is impossible to do work with qualitatively and quickly;
  • Fast failure. For a long time, such a tool is not capable of. Some replicas break during the first application. Others work longer;
  • Weak characteristics. Fake Bosch screwdrivers do not drill, the peorators do not hammer, and the vacuum cleaner does not pull dust from the floor. And so on on the list;
  • Health risk. Battery and network devices can hit the current. Nozzles fly out, saws break, and short circuits and current shock occur. It is dangerous to work with fakes.

As in the case of Stihl chainsaws. Copies of Bosch devices look like genuine devices. But are cheap and low.Grade Chinese consumer goods. The bulk of the fakes is collected in the Celestial. But there are also fakes from other countries. Among them Russia.

And how to distinguish the original Makita peorator from a fake?

Determine the fake of the Makita 2450, 2470 penetrator at external inspection. You just need to know what to especially pay attention to.

The low price of instruments of this class most often indicates for fake.

Makita peorators are not produced in the compositions of various sets.

Determination of fake during external inspection of the suitcase

The main differences begin when examining the appearance of the suitcase (case) for transporting and storing the Makita 2450, 2470 peorators.

The factory suitcase must have inscriptions made by embossing and having squeezed outs. In a fake case, the inscriptions are made in the form of a sticker or letters, manually glued. A fake inscription is easily destroyed by a fingernail.

The inscription on the case of the original

On the latches of the original case, the names of the tool with embossing, squeezing out the instrument. The fake peorator has such inscriptions on latches, as a rule.

Type of the latch on the original case and fake

When external inspection of the case for storing and transporting the peorator, carefully inspect the gaps between the lids of the suitcase. In the original suitcase, the gaps are either absent or have the same gap around the entire perimeter of the contacts of parts.

Original gaps and fakes

Inspect the back of the case. On the case of the original, the inscription of the word makita is necessarily applied white in depressed letters. Fake cases of such inscriptions do not have.

Determination of the fake during the external inspection of the case of the Makita 2450, 2470

By external inspection of the tool case, you can easily distinguish a fake from the original. The fake of the stator body color is more blue, while the original has more green.

The name on the case of the Makita 2450 peorator is applied by the original method. On the cover of the stator, the inscription is convex, on the cover of the rotor the inscription pressed.

The fake Makita 2450 inscription on the green case is glued and easily removed using the nail. And the inscription on the black case is generally absent.

Fake and original

The fake can be determined and examined by carefully the side handle of the Makita 2450 peorator. On the handle of the original at the site of the pen of the handle, the inscription is applied by pressing the method. The fake has no inscription on the side handle at all.

With a careful external inspection, pay attention to the casting of the plastic parts of the penetrator. The fake has a poor.Quality casting, with torn edges, with traces.

Take a closer look at the icons in the area of ​​the mode switch. The original icon has convex and neat. The fake is given by an uneven and torn inscription made with obvious defects.

Original and fake the Makita infantry

In the original Makita 2470, the inscription was made by casting on the stator case and squeezing on the rotor housing.

The inscription on the fake Makita 2470 case is made in the form of a sticker, or made separately glued letters. This is easy to detect by pushing the edge of the sticker or letter with a fingernail.

An additional handle of the original Makita 2470 peorator is applied to two inscriptions. One by casting method, the second by extrusion method. Fakes are available without inscriptions at all.

There are original modorators of the Makita 2450, 2470 peorators, in which the inscription is applied on the green housing of the rotor, but under it the inscription made by squeezing is hidden under it.

Original and fake of the rotor body of the Makita peorator

The original Makita peorator on the side additional handle has two types of inscriptions. One inscription made of white plastic, the second inscription is applied by pressing. The inscription made of white is performed separately by the method of casting and already, then painted white. In fakes, the inscriptions on the side handle are completely absent.

Inscription on the handle of the original and the absence of it on a fake

Makita peorators are found, in which a self.Adhesive sticker is glued to the housing. But if you look closely, then under the sticker the inscription Makita, executed by pressing.

How to avoid fakes

In order not to fall for a fake, you must adhere to several recommendations: do not buy a power tool from your hands, in online stores, in the markets; Blue for a low price, a high.Quality tool cannot be cheap; Buy only in specialized stores of power tools with the execution of all warranty documents

Do not be gullible, do not succumb to simple tricks, do not chase cheapness.

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