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Having once fallen under such a magical influence as damage, after its deliverance, he tries to provide protection from the evil eye and damage, so that in the future it is no longer a negative impact. Of course, after guidance of damage, not everyone immediately understands that they are under its influence, but when, after analyzing the latest events, you find that you are spoiling, despite many different ways to get rid of all magical influences, the best is visiting the church.

It is advisable not just to come to pray and put a candle for health. Priests recommend communion and confess. But this is not a single way to protect yourself from negative impact, there are other methods that we will consider below.

How to put a protective casing on a corner grinder correctly?

The casing should be fixed so that there is no possibility of its spontaneous thorace. Sometimes it is very inconvenient to work with the established casing, but it can not be removed in any case, otherwise the consequences for the health of the operator can be the most unfavorable.

To put it on, you need to combine three different.Caliber protrusions on a casing with grooves in the gearbox. The casing is fixed with a screw. To wipe the casing, just a little loosen the screw and the casing will easily turn. The removable handle is surprisingly large and seized, despite the modest size of the “corner grinder”.

What types of work perform a corner grinder?

Corner (corner grinder) is the most common type of grinding machines (another name. Corner grinder). Of all the grinder, this is the most universal tool, since such machines are used not only for polishing and grinding surfaces, but also for cutting and processing stone and metal.

In addition to glasses to compulsory personal protective equipment when working with a corner grinder, mittens or gloves should also be attributed. Hands are in the immediate vicinity of the rotating circle and should be protected from sparks, abrasive particles and fragments of metal.

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Dangerous mistakes when working with corner grinder that is better not to perform

Those who are just starting to work with a corner grinder sometimes make many mistakes, each of which can end tragically. Tips from experienced ones. In our article.

Angular grinding machine or, as it is called in common people, corner grinding is the best tool for longitudinal and transverse cut of metal structures, not to mention “profile” grinding. With proper use, you can do work quickly and efficiently, and if it is wrong Professionals know that this is one of the most dangerous power tools: the speed of rotation of the disk can reach 12,000 rpm. What serious errors are usually made when working with a corner grinder?

1 installation of an increased disk

For each device, a certain size of the grinding disk is suitable, which is indicated in the passport of the corner grinder. If, in front of the “cutting disc” line, the value of 125 mm is worth the value of 125 mm is the maximum diameter of the grinding disk that can be put on the device. It often happens that the operator puts a larger disk on an angular grinder to cut a thicker metal or a more overall design. What is dangerous?

Firstly, to put a larger disc, you will have to remove the protective casing, since the disk may simply not fit. The operator loses protection, and in case of disk damage, it may be injured from fragments.

Secondly, the probability of damage to the cutting disk due to incompatibility of revolutions increases. Note that for each size of the disk there are permissible speed indicators of a corner grinder, on which they will work: for circles up to 125 mm with a diameter of 11000. 12000 rpm, for circles up to 180 mm with a diameter of 8000. 8500 rpm, for circles before 230 mm diameter 6700 rpm. That is, in large circles you can cut at low speeds, and small at increased. It is worth noting that the linear speed of the circle of the circle should not be more than 80 m/s, therefore, with an increase in the diameter, you need to reduce speed. At high speeds, a large disk will fly apart, which carries the danger to the operator.

Conclusion: In no case do not exceed the maximum size of the cutting disk. If it is necessary to cut thick metal, it is better to purchase a device for large discs, for example, a bison angular grinder-p230-2100 PV.

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2 Using cheap “non.Native” discs

Sometimes, to save money, the operator puts a cheap disk on the device. Often such circles are crooked or the material of their performance is very soft. In both cases, the disk when cutting metal (especially fat) is scattered around the room, like poplar fluff in May.

To avoid breakdown of the circle and protect yourself, use the diamond and metal disks of good quality. It is best to purchase branded discs of a well.Known brand. Preferably the same that your angular grinder released your angle. So, for example, for Bosch devices with a maximum size of a 125 mm cutting circle, a universal Bosch Standard for Metal 125 × 1 1.6 × 22.23.

Conclusion: the use of cheap circles will lead to extra waste and to the probability of injury. Better use original quality circles.

3 work without a casing

Many fearless builders neglect safety precautions and work without a protective casing on a corner grinder. However, during operation, there is a chance that the disk will bit, and at the time of the push, the circle will fly to the fragments, affecting everything around. The protective casing will take on the main blow, and its absence is fraught with injuries (and in some cases death) for the operator.

Another mistake is the non.Use of personal protective equipment, such as protective glasses or mask, as well as headphones. When the disk is scattered, the fragments begin to fly in different directions and often fall into the face. Glasses or mask will protect the eyes from defeat with fragments. Glasses will also protect from sparks from getting into the eyes, because during the cut of sparks they fly in a dense bundle towards a person.

According to the standards, the permissible noise level when working with the power tool is 80 dB. From above this indicator, a person must put on hearing protection means. Note that the average noise of the Bulgarians is 90. 100 dB, which means that everyone who works with an angular grinder must protect their hearing organs with headphones.

Conclusion: Before starting work, check the presence of a protective casing on the device, as well as put on glasses and headphones.

4 Wrong direction of cutting

It is inconvenient for many employees when sparks fly on them during the cut of metal. Because of this, the fishing line for the cutting trimmer is allegedly difficult, so you have to do the work longer. For this reason, many cut sparks “from themselves”, which violate safety precautions and suffer a serious danger.

When working with sparks “from itself” the rotation of the disk is carried out in our direction. If the disk bites and the corner grinding will tear out of our hands, then the leaf path will be directed in our direction. The disc of 11,000 rpm at a speed of 11,000 easily cuts everything in its path, and the operator’s body will not become an obstacle to him. Therefore, you always need to cut spars “on yourself”. In this case, the disk will fly forward and will not hurt a person.

There is an opinion that sawing sparks “on yourself” can lead to ignition of clothing. This problem is solved by the use of workwear when repairing with a power tool that can be inexpensively buy at any construction store.

Conclusion: you need to cut metal only sparks “on yourself”, putting on a suitable workwear.

How to keep a corner grinder while working?

The handles of the grinding machine must be held tight with both hands, without tolerating its center of gravity to any one. With reliable capture, even in the case of a reverse blow, there will not be a serious shift in the tool, and even more so it is torn out of the hands.

Alexander Grebenkov: With a clamp, sometimes the disk is broken out and rotating flies in the direction opposite to the direction of sparks. If you are not kamikadze, then sparks should fly to you, they will protect the special. Clothing and shoes, and from the disk flying in you will not protect anything.

How to make devices for corner grinding on your own: design features, manufacturing methods

Corner grinder is a useful and versatile tool. It is suitable for cutting metal, stone, tiles and, grinding surfaces. However, sometimes there are situations in which a stationary machine is more suitable for these works. It is good that using certain devices for corner grinding, it can be turned into a cutting machine.

Search for a finished machine corresponding to your needs in stores will not be difficult. However, the probability of finding a structure that has a rigidly fixes the corner grinder and does not hang out during work, since they are all made of duralumin. For this reason, many prefer to make various devices for corner grinder with their own hands.

Features of the use of corner grinder

When performing construction and installation work, a large number of different tools are used. Most often, an angular grinder is used. The main task for which it is used: metal cutting; Processing of building materials.

If you also use nozzles with this tool, then you can expand the number of options for its use. In particular, using this tool with nozzles, you can perform high.Quality grinding of the base of the workpieces. They will be cleared of foreign inclusions. Nazadi for corner grinder can be purchased at the store. But if you have no desire to pay money, then you can make it with your own hands.

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In some cases, this tool is used as a barbore. With its help, grooves are created for laying pipes and electrical wires. To use a corner grinder in this quality, you will have to perform some manipulations and increase the standard width of the protective casing. In addition, you need to make a stove for support.

Such a tool can be used with one disk or with several. If the corner grinder is used with two disks, then it is necessary to make some changes to the mounting unit of this tool. After that, the corner grinder can be used in standard mode.

It often happens that during the repair work, there is a need to clean the base of parts, access to which is difficult. In such cases, masters most often resort to the use of a home.Made device for angular grinding in the form of a special nozzle, thanks to which a small disk can be carried out for the dimensions of the corner grinder.

In this case, the rotation will be transmitted using a special belt transmission from the main drive. Using this design, cutting materials cannot be done. However, you can easily remove the scale from the surface of the materials. It often occurs on the surface of welds.

Currently, a large number of nozzles for such a tool as corner grinder are offered on the market. Their use allows us to significantly expand the options for using this tool. If we talk about the most commonly used nozzles for corner grinders, then the following can be distinguished:

Materials and tools to make nozzles for corner grinders

Когда возникает необходимость в использовании угловой шлифмашинки для специфических задач, то в этом случае многие мастера делают выбор в пользу готовых насадок. They can be purchased without problems at a construction store.

If you decide to make nozzles for this tool yourself, then before starting work, you must prepare the following tools:

  • An electric drill, preferably in addition to it, buy a set of Sovers;
  • It is advisable to choose discs with a diameter of 125 mm.
  • Wooden bars.
  • Metal corner.
  • The plate of duralumin steel.
  • Self.Tapping screws.

Work technology

Before proceeding with work, it is necessary to cut the plate out of the metal. After that, you need to make an angle out of it. To make the plan, you must first make a neckline in the shape of a triangle in the blank shelf. And when this is done, the workpiece must be bent at right angles.

Further, in the design of the plate, six holes should be drilled. The diameter of each of them should be 4 mm. Subsequently, self.Tapping screws will be installed in these holes. With their help, it will be possible to fix the handle, corners and timber. In all holes, special recesses for screws of screws should be present.

A few screws are enough for reliable fixing the beam handle. The elements of fasteners used during this work should have dimensions 3×35 mm. This will allow obtaining a Mr.-shaped part.

Homemade Angle Grinder Stand / Angle Grinder Support.

After that, all the elements together with the plate are compiled in a single design. The created tool for the tool must be fixed using 3×20 mm screws.

So, the basis of the future design is made. Next, it will be necessary to install the corners of the metal. You should have several such elements in stock. They should have the following sizes:

establish, protection, corner, grinder

We pay attention to the fact that the first corner should be exposed to 60 degrees. If this is not done, then to achieve your main goal. To fix it on the corner grinding, the designed design will not work. When the installation of the metal corners is completed, they are fixed directly by the tool itself.

To connect the tool and structural elements, a separate handle is used on one side, and bolts with nuts, on the other hand. The latter are necessary so that during the work does not happen to unscrew the screw screw.

If desired, you can abandon the installation of a nut on the handle, since it will adhere to the master when working. The work on creating a cutting structure can be considered completed.

How to make a bed for corner grinders

Often corner grinder are used together with the bed. They are used mainly so that the master performs certain work on cutting materials and blanks with less physical efforts.

Instructions and recommendations for cutting corner grinders

Before starting to cut the material, it is necessary that the spindle reaches full speed. Otherwise, the circle may be found. The manufacturers of such tools recommend cutting so that the tool and circle move in one direction. This excludes the likelihood of an uncontrolled exit of the cutting disk from the slot.

In the process of cutting, it is necessary to properly hold a working tool. It is necessary to ensure that the fishing line for the trimmer cut passes past the operator. It is impossible for her to rest against him. This reduces the risk of injury in case of sealing and destroying the circle. Between the operator and the cutting disc, there must be a protective casing.

establish, protection, corner, grinder

When cutting a corner grinder, in no case should you strongly crush on it.

It is important not to make excessive efforts on the tool during operation. He must do most of the work “on his own”. When overloading, the circle can distort and jam. The operator must control the course of the tool, slightly pressing it where there is such a necessity. In the case of processing profiles, it is necessary to cut from the smallest transverse section. It is forbidden to turn off the corner grinder if the disk is located in the propyle.

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Cutting concrete and ceramic products should be performed using specially designed circles for this. During the processing of such materials, there are a lot of dust harmful to health. Therefore, the workplace should have a tool for removing dust. In the absence of such, the operator must work in the anti.Fry respirator.

Corner grinder injuries

There is some kind of mysticism, and the record in the sidewoman turned out to be the thirteenth.

They saw how a circle on a corner grinder scattered. I didn’t see either but I felt And now I am sure that I was unheard of luck A few words about the sensations 10.05.2014.:. I hear a loud even screeching of a corner grinder. I see a stream of sparks from under a circle. Suddenly a strong cotton. I see dust, I see a drop of brown color appearing at the feet (and if you see it, then you are already lucky.To. Your eyes and face were not injured). I feel pain, which becomes stronger and stronger. I see where the pain and I realize “kipets, why, for what”. The rest is not so interesting. I run home (I don’t remember thoughts), a sink, a stream of cold water on the wound and face, a feeling of nausea and dry mouth after you see how a stream of water falls onto the wound pushes the skin, the meat through which tendons and cartilage are visible, an ambulance paramedic, a surgeon in the hospital and complete awareness of what happened and how lucky ( It all depends on whether you saw dust or not and where did you see the pain)

Now I am 101% sure that I was very lucky

Maybe my repact will help anyone, maybe someone will protect, but the Lord does not bring to anyone to feel this and take care

P.S. Now in the repair of a timeout, so it became possible to fill in the sidewoman with the right hand-in two days I painted a two-week work

This is my hand after returning from the hospital, four seams are not visible under the bandage

These are all the remains from the circle with a diameter in the rest of about 160 mm that I found after returning from the hospital 10.05.2014.

And this is the edge of the slate on the roof of the barn three meters from the place where I sharpened the part where one of the fragments of the circle hit (the shifer fragments did not) but there could be a hand, leg, face. Koshmar in the path of this fragment

And this is part of the circle that 12.05.2014. The wife found at the house of neighbors across the road opposite, about 50 steps

This is the cup that had to be hung up with a corner grinder. Brown drops are even visible on the vice

Thirteen.05.2014. Another fragment of the circle was discovered, it hid behind the towels on the right. And on the left is visible the chopped edge of the slate we spread the towels and here it is. It’s good that here is here. With his hands (more precisely with one hand, the left still no one) pulled out, as if he had entered

Consider the use of corner grinder as a tile cutter

Ways how to cut tiles without chips, a little. If you exclude tiles and glass cutter, only an angular grinder with special nozzles remains. For tiles, disks with diamond spraying are used. Over, the edge of the disk should be continuous, segmented circles increase the likelihood of chips. The turns should be low, otherwise the tile can crack.

Otherwise the incision will crumble, and it will not be possible to correct the situation. With a small thickness of the tile, it is not necessary to cut through. How to make a trimmer for grass with your own hands from corner grinders, vacuum cleaner, drills, chainsaws. Homemade protective casing, a trimmer for grass, a parasite belt. Just make the gap on the front surface to a small depth, and then break the tiles with a sharp movement, laying it on a flat surface. Just as when using glass cutter. The direction of rotation of the disk should be in the direction of the movement of the power tool.

[NOTE] Tiles should lie on a solid flat surface, and securely fixed. If there is an opportunity. A corner grinder is better to lead along the guide. If your hand flinching in the free position of the tool, chips are inevitable.[/Note]

Experienced masters pre.Soak the tiles in the water, and water the place of the cut. This reduces the possibility of chips. DIY corner grinder. The main thing is that the spray does not get into the tool.

[TIP] In the presence of experience and additional equipment, you can cut a tile immersed in water. 3-5 mm layer of water above the surface is enough. There are practically no chips with this method, and there is no dust. But the corner grinder should be thoroughly protected from spray using the chipper.[/TIP]

You can also continuously supply the coolant to the cut site. Again, make sure that water does not get into the tool. In case of any of the selected methods, you should first train on spoiled pieces of tiles before proceeding with the final work.

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