How to adjust the plow on a walk.Behind tractor

A disco-bush plow is a very useful device that allows you to prepare even furrows for planting potatoes and other tuberous crops. Before you start making such a plow, study the drawings. On them you can control the assembly course and do not make errors.

The procedure for the manufacture of a disk plow for a single tractor looks as follows:

  • A support corner acts as the basis of the plow. For its manufacture, use an equilateral corner, the shelves of which in a cold state should be reduced at an angle of 70 °;
  • Weld toe to the corner. After that, weld the heel through a stubborn bar;
  • Fasten the cheeks on the supporting corner by means of loops. The distance between the corner and cheeks should be such that when opening the cheeks, their end sides do not rest against each other;
  • Weld the rotary mechanism to the stubborn corner so that the supporting part of the mechanism is located perpendicular to the corner.

At the end adjust the plow cheeks. To do this, fix each of them with a vice and configure so that in the end they are bent in the opposite direction from each other.

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Plug for a walk.Behind tract from the company “Play

In the lower part of the article, you can watch the video on this topic The attachment of the plow to the walk.Behind tractor through a universal coupling provides.

This is the first stage of adjustment of the motoroblock plow. This option of adjusting the plow is more suitable for cutting.

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Larisa Neva with a Japanese engine of 5.5 or 7.5 kW

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Plug drawings to the walk.Behind tractor

Using the experience of the craftsmen who made the plow for the walk.Behind tractor and left the drawings, should be done so that it starred, this will facilitate its sharpening before plowing.

Located steel of 9XS, from which I make disks for hand saws, is considered an ideal material for the cutting part of the plow.

Steel of brand 45 is suitable, when hardening, brought to hardness HRC 50-55. If there is only ordinary steel at hand, say carbon ST5PS that is not subject to heat treatment, then having beaten off the cutting edge on the anvil and imprisoning it, it is quite suitable for processing the soil.

Dump for the plow of a motor block

The dump of the plow, this is the part that takes the earth to the side.

The working surface of the dump should be given a curved shape. If there is a meter.Pilling machine or leaf.Bearing rollers, then giving the workpiece the desired shape will not be difficult.

It is necessary to blank metal with a thickness of 3-5 mm, the rollers are directed at an angle of 20-22 degrees, as shown in the drawing, and the desired bend is given.

Here, a workpiece. A pipe with a diameter of 600-650 mm can serve (this diameter will require less labor costs, since the bend of the pipe will repeat the desired bend of the future dump) and 3-5 mm thick. From cardboard, make a template, and apply to the pipe, not forgetting about an angle of 20-22 degrees, as shown in the drawing below.

We circle the template with a pencil or chalk, and cut out with gas. Welding, if necessary, grind the workpiece and bring to the desired condition.

Probably the most difficult way to make a dump, when the workpiece is heated and with the help of a matrix, they give the desired shape that the dump from another plow can serve.

The material of the plow case serves the steel sheet of the brand ST3. ST10 with a thickness of 3 mm.

Drawing details of the plow for a walk.Behind tractor

We advise first to make the details of the plow of cardboard and attach them to each other in compliance with the desired angles. So, the values ​​of the angle α on different parts of the plow body will be from 25 ° to 130 °, the angle γ is from 42 ° to 50 °. If a home.Made model of a cardboard plow has arranged you in all respects, you can proceed to work with metal.

When the metal parts of the plow are ready, you need to find an additional sheet of steel 3 mm thick, 600×600 mm in size, it will be needed to assemble the plow, and the welding machine (preferably inverter). On this sheet we retreat from the edges of 40 mm and measure the angle γ0.

Assembly of the plow

With the help of wedges with an angle of α0 = 25 degrees and an angle γ0 = 42 degrees on an additional sheet, a piece is installed and grabbed to the sheet with welding, pointwise on two sides.

The side panel of the rack is connected to the lumshoi so that its edge goes beyond the plow of 4-7 mm, while the shield should be raised to be higher than the lumber blade (that is, higher than the additional sheet) by 6-8 mm so as not to interfere with the prayer, Cut the ground. The shield is also grabbed to the plunder and to an additional sheet.

Further to the lignh very tightly, leaving the clearance of the dump is joined so that their surface is one whole. The angle between the upper cut of the dump and the blade of the lime is equal (γmax-γ0) = 6-8 °.

Fastening of the plow’s ligne

If you find that the corners and/or surfaces do not correspond, the dump is brought using a hammer. After adjusting the dump to the plug, he is welded from behind to the plunder, and to the side panel. Then the side panel is welded with a spacer bar and a plate of the base, stubborn corners for the lime are grabbed to the last welding.

Followed by. Once again, inspect the finished plow, and if everything is clearly welded finally. Additional. The sheet is separated from the body with a chisel or mush. All welded seams are polished.

Installation of the plow on the device by clutch

Many people think that when connecting to the motor block of additional equipment, the work will accelerate. But they are mistaken. In the process of plowing, the power is acted by power perpendicular to the level of the dump, there is resistance that leads the tool to the side. If the mount is very hard, a person spends strength in order to press the equipment into the soil. Therefore, when connecting, it is recommended to leave a gap of a horizontal plane up to 6 degrees.

Clutch. Devices connecting one.Axle tractor with a plow. There are two types: universal and stationary. The first more suitable for this kind of activity, because they make it possible to perform correct debugging.

The accession of the tool is a simple process when the clutch occupies the right place on the equipment and is fixed with a screw. From this stage, the procedure for setting up the plow on the one.Axine tractor begins.

This process is called the angle of attack in another way. It is a degree of roll of plowing relative to the plane. Regulation occurs using a spiral handle.

Fabricate/Install Plow for Compact Tractor

  • One. Place a single.Axle tractor with a plow attached to it on a stand. Unscrew the adjustment handle until the board falls tight on the ground, without gaps.
  • 2. Twist the handle in the opposite direction until the back rises above the soil a couple of centimeters. If something is wrong at this stage, there may be unpleasant consequences. When the value of the field board is large, the device moves hard. Otherwise, it will not be able to remove the laid part of the soil.
  • 3. Control whether the correct setup can be opened when opening, the same.Based tractor should go medium: not too easy or difficult.

The time of final regulation comes so that the original soil plowing occurs easily. The same.Based tractor is placed from the edge of the site, the plow is driven into the ground and begin to plow. If you try to make a direct furrow, the following will also be even. A stretched rope will help this.

At this stage, it is better to observe the degree of deepening the plow, for which a measuring tool is placed in the soil. If necessary, you can configure the depth of plowing. One of the wheels of the walk.Behind tractor is pressed into the ground, and the plow is placed perpendicular to the ground. To do this comfortably, you can install the device on a straight plane by putting a stand under the wheel equal to the depth of the furrow.

Advantages of using the plow

The use of mechanical tools for plowing the field greatly simplifies farm work. According to statistics, the yield is almost doubled if the field is processed using specialized devices.

The advantages of using motorcycles are distinguished:

  • Time saving and obtaining the best results by making a minimum of effort;
  • Additional loosening of the soil and subsequent fertilizer when using one tool;
  • Uniform cultivation of the Earth and, as a result, improvement of structural quality and condition;
  • Soil saturation with moisture and oxygen;
  • Slow down the growth of weeds due to the cultivation of the earth.

How to plow with a motor block? How to adjust the pound of a walk.Behind tractor properly?

It comes time to prepare your personal plot for sowing work or vice versa prepare it for winter. One of the most important works in spring or autumn is a plowing of a land plot. Currently, most gardeners and gardeners have their own one.Time tractor or motor.Cultivator. And if not yet, then maybe you are going to purchase a single tractor, do not dig your plot with a shovel for a century!

Many newcomers have when working with a walk.Behind tractor, especially if you need to plow their site, there are many questions about how to properly adjust the plow so that the plowing of the earth is performed carefully and correctly. Here’s how to adjust the plow of a walk.Behind tractor and it will be discussed in this article.

Preparation of the walk.Behind tractor for plowing

Before plowing the land, it is necessary to prepare a walk.Behind tractor. What do I need to do? Let’s take care of everything in order.

It is advisable to deliver one.Axle tractor to the place of plow and soil. Typically, a rejuncted uniform tractor is transported in a car to a summer cottage. If you have a land plot near the house, then you can prepare a walk.Behind tractor for a plow in any selected place with a flat surface.

When the one.Axine tractor was delivered to the place of preparation for work, it is necessary to replace the transport wheels (b) with special soil drives. In order to make it more convenient to remove the transport wheels, under the coupling of the walk.Behind tractor, which is located behind, you can install a stand (a).

Instead of the hubs, on which the transport wheels of the walk.Behind tractor are installed, it is necessary to install elongated hubs (a). This is necessary to increase the distance between the primers to ensure the stability of the walk.Behind tractor during a plow.

After the hubs are installed, we proceed to the installation of soil.Spaces (a). Be sure to pay attention to the correct installation. A tread of the soil.Spaces in the form of a “Christmas tree” (b) should have a direction, as shown in the photograph. Tread narrowing. This is a direction forward.

When both primers are installed, you can remove the stand (a) and proceed to the next step of work. Preparing the plow for work.

Assembly of the plow

Assembly of a plow is an installation on a plow of a clutch device (hereinafter, the coupling). The plow and the hitch must be assembled for the subsequent hitch of the plow on the one.Axle tractor.

We prepare everything you need for work. A plow, a hitch, worshiping keys.

To ensure the optimal depth of plowing, it is necessary to compare the hub of the hitch (b) with the middle hole of the plow rack (a) and connect them using the mounting bolt (c).

The mounting bolt of the adjusting screw (b) must be installed in the upper hole of the plow rack (a) and fixed using a nut.

Important! All nuts in the places of attachment of the coupling and plow do not require complete fixation, since when performing work on adjusting the plow, the fixed nuts will have to be loosened!

So, by installing the clutch on the plow, you can go to the next stage of preparing a walk.Behind tractor.

Now you can hang a plow on a single tractor. Connect the plow with the walk.Behind tractor using one or two (depends on the model of the walk.Behind tractor) pins (a). We fix the pins with codes.

Adjustment of the motoroblock plow

In order to adjust the plow, it is recommended to put one.Axle tractor on the stands (a), for example, put two short bars with a cross.Section of 150×150 mm under ceremonials. Such a height of the bars will allow us to adjust the plow to the depth of the plow of about 15-18 cm.

For the convenience of adjusting the plow, you can put a board or plywood (a) under it, as can be seen in the photo. This will help us more accurately adjust the angle of inclination of the plow from the heel (c) to the nose of the plow. The angle of inclination of the plow is adjustable using the adjusting bolt (b) on the coupling as follows:

Rotating the adjusting bolt clockwise, we raise the heel of the plow up (yellow arrow), while the depth of plowing increases.

Rotating the adjusting bolt counterclockwise. Lower the heel of the plow down (white arrow), while the depth of plowing decreases.

The distance from the surface of the soil to the heel of the plow should not exceed 3-5 cm. Otherwise, the plow will “bury” into the ground. If the angle of inclination of the plow is not exhibited correctly, then the quality of the plowing of the site will decrease, while the load on the motor block and on the hands of the person and, as a result, fatigue occurs very quickly. After completed adjustment with the help of the wrench, we tighten the fasteners (a) of the plow and the coupling.

We check with the help of a tape measure the gap between the motor block gearbox and the control surface, as which we used a board or plywood. A gap at point (a) should be from 15 to 20cm.

The plowing of the site by a motor block

Before starting to plow the site, it is necessary to carry out a control plow and check the adjustment of the plow:

A) checking the depth of the furrow and the quality of the dump;

plow, motor, block, installation, single, tractor

D) checking the load on the hands (smoothness of the walkway of the walk.Behind tractor at a plow).

Only when all these factors are checked, and you evaluate them positively, you can proceed to a full plowing of the site. If at least one of the listed factors has a negative assessment, then in this case it is necessary to re.Adjust the plow.

The control plowing is as follows. Install one.Axle tractor on the edge of the site where the control groove will be made.

We turn on the first gear, smoothly press the clutch lever, while the engine steering wheel should be in parallel relative to the surface of the earth. No need to press the steering wheel and push the one.Axle tractor during a plow, it plows perfectly perfectly. The main thing is to hold the steering wheel exactly relative to the surface of the earth so that the plow does not burrow into the ground and, on the contrary, does not lift upwards.

Having passed the first furrow, it is necessary to control the depth of plowing, using a roulette or ruler, measuring the distance from the bottom of the furrow to the crest. If the depth of plowing is consistent with the parameters that are set when adjusting the plow (15–18cm), then you can begin to start the plow of your land plot.

Plug Installation on a single tractor: step.By.Step actions

Before attaching the plow to the walk.Behind tractor and start setting it up, the draft unit itself must pass a number of preparatory procedures. They come down to:

  • Transportation of a walk.Behind tractor to where it will be used;
  • Dismantling the wheel drive, which is replaced by soil. Otherwise, the equipment will begin to slip and may get stuck.

After these requirements, you can start installing a plow.

  • Fastening the plow on the coupling of the walk.Behind tractor with nuts, which will allow in the future to independently set its working parameters;
  • Prepare two fixing pins with which to attach the coupling and plow to the earrings.

This is where the plow installation task ends and you can proceed to the next.

A plow for one.Time tractor: overview of popular models and their characteristics

Industrial modifications, although inferior to home.Made analogues in the amount of costs, are highly reliable and durable. There are many diverse models in the modern market that differ not only in terms of the requirements for the quality of the soil, but also to the technical parameters of the power plant itself.

Plugs on the Union tractor “Salute”

“Salute”. A well.Known brand of cultivators and motoblocks. Thanks to the plow, soil plowed to a depth of up to 25 cm. Function with such varieties of plows:

  • Revolutionary, suitable for dense soil. The most heavy of the considered;
  • Single.Hut without a hitch, the weight of which is 9.55 kg at a depth of plowing up to 200 mm;
  • Zykova’s turning plow weighing 9 kg, which loosen 20-25 cm of the upper layer.

Plugs on the single tractor “Mole”

The MROT motor-cultivator is known in several modifications-MK-1 and MK-2, both are perfectly compatible with universal turnover plows. For the best coupling with the surface, it is necessary to buy soil.Bearing.
plow, motor, block, installation, single, tractor

Technical characteristics of the plow “Mole”:

Plugs to the Neva motornote

The Neva Unoa Tractor has several basic modifications, including MB-1 and MB-2. Between themselves differ in power and transmission. Therefore, they are equipped with various adapters.

MB-1 is compatible with a universal single-hut plow without a hitch, as well as a model P1 20/3. The latter captures a row of 22 cm wide and adapted to overwork.

Plug for Motobes “MTZ”

With other modifications of the manufacturer, plows can work with the motor-cultivator of the MTZ-09N:

  • Universal revolutionary PU.00.000-01, made of steel and having a specific shape of the ridge;
  • P1-20/3, smaller than the size of the previous one;
  • Two.Sided revolting with a perovarian limch. Together with such a plow, the same-based tractor can be operated at a speed of 2-5 km/h.

The universal plow of the PU series was great. Its features are:

  • Smallness;
  • Simplicity of transportation;
  • Fastening with a conventional hitch;
  • Track width 30 cm;
  • Adjustability of the depth of plowing, which max. Can be 25 cm.

In addition to the above, plugs for a walk.Behind wheel with a support wheel were very popular among consumers, the adjustment of which is made by a screw mechanism.

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