How to make a tape-grinding machine: 6 design options

The finish processing of wooden blanks (for example, before painting or varnish) involves grinding the surface with fine sandpaper.

For these purposes, it is convenient to use a ribbon-grinding machine. over, on it you can process not only blanks made of wood or plywood, but also from metal (it can be steel, aluminum, brass or copper).

In general, the possibilities of a ribbon-grinding machine is much wider than just grinding. On it you can:

  • sharpen kitchen knives;
  • Round sharp corners on wooden and metal blanks;
  • grind round rods (make a pointed end).

In this article we will tell you how to make a tape-grinding machine for a workshop with your own hands-consider 6 design options.

In most cases, the drive usually serves as an electric motor. But homemade craftsmen offer other options. for example, use a corner grinder and drill, and even a grinder.

Making a home.made machine for grinding, you do not limit yourself. you can independently determine the dimensions of the structure and the way to attach it to the table, as well as choose suitable materials from what is at hand.

By the way, ribbon grinding machines can be both vertical and horizontal. We will consider both options.

Ribbon grinder from the engine from the washing room

After all the necessary materials have prepared, you can start work. For convenience, we will divide the entire process into several main stages.

Шаг первый: изготовление приводного и ведомого ролика.

First of all, it is necessary to make a drive video. We saw off a wooden block of suitable length (slightly larger than the width of the grinding tape).

We grind the workpiece. make it round. We drill a longitudinal hole in it, and then put on the engine shaft.

After that, you need to make a tension video (or just a driven video). In the same way, we round a piece of a wooden bar, and drill a longitudinal hole in it.

Additionally, drill seats under the bearings, and install them. press out with a kiyanka.

Шаг второй: изготовление станины и вертикальной стойки.

Next, it will be necessary to “plant” the electric motor on the base. There are many options for the foundation. we will consider one of the simplest.

In the engine housing there are “ears” into which we insert segments of a threaded hairpin. We put on the corners at the ends of the studs, fix them with nuts.

Cut off two pieces of a square profile pipe. They need to weld the corners to them.

We weld another piece of professional pipe to the bed, which will act as a vertical rack.

To the top of the rack, a mobile bracket made of metal strips, which serves to fasten the tension unit with a driven roller, is attached to the top of the rack with a nut with a nut.

Шаг третий: изготовление блока натяжения для шлифленты.

From a square profile pipe, a strip of metal and a driven roller, a tension unit is made. Then it is attached to the bracket on the top of the rack.

Шаг четвертый: изготовление опорной пластины и рабочего столика.

It is necessary to weld a piece of profile to the rack, and to it. a supporting plate of sheet metal. Gazlift is installed between the fastening of the supporting plate and the stretch unit.

A piece of profile is welded to the base, to which you need to weld a working table.

Шаг пятый: электромонтажные работы, покраска и сборка.

At the last stage, it remains only to perform work on the electric part, then paint all the parts manufactured, and you can proceed to the final stage of work. assembly. assembly.

A instructions for the manufacture of a grinding ribbon machine with your own hands can be seen in the copyright video. This idea was shared by the author of YouTube SEBY Torrisi. take note.

The home.made design turned out to be quite easy to manufacture and convenient to use. And make it to everyone.

Please note: you need to protect the electric motor from grinding dust, otherwise it will not last a month.

Fields of use

Grinder is good and useful everywhere, including in the household. from the competent sharpening of a high.quality knife or tailor scissors to grinding a complex part of metal or other “difficult” material. In other words, the tool is needed, it will come in handy in the farm.

over, it is quite realistic to make it with your own hands. To do this, it is not at all necessary to have special equipment and solid professional experience.

Of course, you will have to tinker, but you will do exactly what you need and, very important, save a serious amount of money up to several thousand American dollars.

We do with a disk or with a ribbon?

The drawing of the Greener. By the latitude of a grocery line with grinding machines, only turning machines can argue. Grinders on the market are offered a huge number. all stripes and sizes.

The most famous and primitive in the form of the famous emery. a pair of circles of grinding stone with a screwed motor. These machines are sold with a wide variety of schemes and principles of action.

But if you plan to make a home.made grinding machine yourself, it is better to stop and choose between two options: disk or ribbon.

  • The disk grinder grinding layer is applied to the disk, which rotates during the inclusion.
  • The strip machine in which the abrasive is applied to the tape wound on the rollers.

Which one is better. to reason wrong. The criterion “which is more needed” will be correct. The choice should depend on what exactly you are going to grind. If these are relatively simple details of, say, wood, you suit you more home.made wood.drawn wood grinding machines.

If you have serious grinding work on the exact finish with complex details ahead, choose the tape.

It is necessary to take into account the difference between the claim and the tape, not only by their functional features. Another important factor is the drive power. Grind wooden zegotovs of small size. you have enough power in the range of 160. 170 watts.

This will calmly give an elementary motor from the washing machine or even from the old drill.

For grinding massive and overall parts, the power will be needed higher: up to 1200 watts. We note right away that buying capacitors to the machine will cost you not much cheaper than the motor itself.

Ribbon-discolor grinding machine. Part 1

The New Year’s “lull” has come There is time to “report” about the “creative” work done in 2020. And among the made was the manufacture of a strip-dispensional grinding machine, presented in the photo below. How did it all start.

In 2018 and 2019-2020.G. I made disk grinding machines (ideas were borrowed on the Internet with changes and additions to specific components). Report on the manufacture of the first machine, wishing people can see here: “Communities make a blog of a disk grinding machine”.

The story, about the manufacture of the second disk machine, is placed in these reports: “Community make the blog yourself a disc grinding machine. Version 2 “.

The manufactured tools turned out to be convenient, many processes at once began to be performed faster and more efficiently But the appetite comes during food and following the covenants of Evgeni Aleksandrovich Evstigneev in the famous film “Watch out the car”: “Is it time, my friends, we will swing to William, you see, our Shakespeare?”-decided to try his hand at the manufacture of tape grinding (tape-disc) machine.

The process began with the study on the Internet of industrial models of this type and experience in the manufacture of tape machines by other home.madeers. The industry proposed mainly the structures of metal and plastic, the design of home.made are products mainly of wood (plywood), with the exception of, of course, an electric motor, bearings and shafts made of metal.

It was decided to make their machine with wood-metal (or metal-wood). I picked up the AOL 012/2, 2790 rpm, 120 watts, the operating voltage of 220/380 volts 3 phase (from the drive on a magnetic tape for computing equipment of the late 60s). Of course, there would be more powerful power, but for garage “creativity” 120 W was enough.

Based on the engine power, I decided to use a grinding tape of 100×610 (100 mm wide, ring length 610 mm) glued to the ring). There was not enough for the tape of a larger length of engine power.

The selected electric motor and grinding tape determined the main dimensions of the future machine. Recalculation of the speed of rotation of the electric motor (with a transmitted number from the engine to the leading shaft of the tape 1: 1) to the linear speed of the tape gave a result of 7.6 m/s, it fell approximately in the middle of the range of the tape velocities (from 4.1 m/s, to 18 m/s), on which industrial machines I studied worked. This result suited me quite.

As in the manufacture of previous machines, he began with the measurement of all the overall dimensions of the engine and the choice of options for its fastening. Design executions of this engine AOL 012/2, according to the installation method, is made with an attachment flange on a bearing shield with paws (GOST 2479-79). This immediately determined the engine mounting option on the machine gun. Based on the results, I developed drawings, according to which constructive elements of the future machine were made.

The main sizes of the electric motor AOL 012/2.

Taking into account the size of the electric motor, a drawing of the base has been developed (plywood 18 mm).

Based on the presence of a certain number of bearings with an internal diameter of 10 mm, the outer 30 mm and a height of 9 mm, with the lids (bearings of the series 200, 18200, etc.D.) it was decided to make a shaft diameter of 10 mm. In the manufacture of shafts (and other elements), the use of a lathe was not planned. The width of the rollers is selected based on the size of the applied grinding tape. The calculated drawing of the driven and the leading rollers (rollers) turned out to be such.

Developed the “distort” mechanism “of the shaft of the driven video to stabilize the position of the tape. See the drawing of the “skew mechanism”.

The strap table was developed, a method of tensioning a grinding tape, a mechanism for replacing the tape.

The bearings of the leading shaft were planned to be fixed in the clips made from a tap pipe welded to the right and left sides of the base of the strip table.

The plate of the tape tension unit has been developed and calculated. In the previous drawing, these plates are indicated by numbers 1, 2, 3 in circles.

Since it was planned to fix the strip table in two positions (horizontal and vertical) developed a tape table rotation unit combined with a drive belt tension knot. It was planned to use a gear belt as a drive belt (when buying, it was positioned by the seller as a drive belt of some kind of tool) 10 mm wide and a length (ring) 450 mm, turned out to the teeth.

The process of creating a tape-discip machine was started with a manufacturing of plywood 16 mm thick using a Bimetal crown, 60 mm. Since plywood was used, then for the manufacture of each of the videos, 7 blanks were required.

After the manufacture of blanks, they were assembled on a glue of 2 packages of 7 pieces, tightened with a threaded hairpin and clamps and left for drying for a day.

The side panels from the corps of some Es-Sov computer technology, which had long ordered a long time to live and written off due to moral and physical aging, were used as a leaf-steel donor. From this metal, 2 mm thick, in accordance with the drawings) the harvesting of the tape grinder body and the remaining elements of the machine.

Device and principle of operation of a tape grinding machine

To begin with, it is worth telling about the design features of the heroine of our review. Outwardly, a rectangular body is a rectangular body, in the lower part of which there are two movable shafts. A tape with abrasive material is fixed on these videos.

The most “sophisticated” models are equipped with a bag for collecting sawdust, dust and other garbage formed during grinding

tape, grinder, table, applied, parameters

In the process of work, the shaft begins to rotate at a certain speed. this leads to the movement of the tape canvas, removing all the irregularities to a perfectly smooth state.

The owner needs only slowly, with a certain degree of pressure, carried out according to the processed material

The procedure is quite simple and does not require special knowledge from the operator. The presence of linear grinding helps most of all (there is no similar feature of eccentric or vibration machines). You can move equipment in any direction with a practically identical result.

The main technical characteristics of the grinding machines of the tape type

In order to decide which tape grinder to choose, you must familiarize yourself with important criteria.

The speed of rotation of the tape

This indicator can be different, depending on the power of the engine and the type of processed material.

For home use, models with a speed of movement from 200 to 500 m/min are suitable. For professional use, you need to choose more powerful devices.

The power of the electric motor

In order for the device to cope with the tasks, the power should be 600. 1200 W. The productivity of the device and the duration of operation depends on the engine power.

The length and width of the abrasive tape

This indicator is selected dependent on the processed surface.

  • Wide tapes are used for large areas.
  • Small tapes are like when it is necessary to process compact parts with voluminous parts.

The weight of the tool

This criterion is of great importance, especially for homework. Devices can be from 2 to 8 kg. For home use it is better to choose models weighing up to 4 kg.

Today we will tell you how to choose the right tape grinder and why it is intended.

What is the tape grinder intended for?

This device is mainly used for primary rough processing of the material, because it has the ability to reserve scratches along the tape.

Suitable for grinding surfaces of large area: using a grinder of this type, you can remove the upper layers of wood, paints and other materials, as well as process bezes and edges of the blanks, prepare them for better grinding using other grinders.

How the tape grinder arranges?

The design uses a tape made of abrasive material, which is fixed in the ring and rotates at high speed with rollers. Due to the fact that the tape always rotates in the same direction, it also carries out the function of the dust collector from the surface. The effectiveness of such a machine depends on the width of the abrasive tape, as well as on the speed with which it rotates.

Of course, to provide a mirror smooth surface, let’s say so well. But due to the principle of operation, many use such a device instead of electric rhubates for wood work. Ribbon grinder are used in the manufacture of windows, doors and flooring of wood.

Of the shortcomings, one can highlight that this device forms dead areas in front and behind the grinder due to rounding on rollers, which means that this device will not work out in the corners.

The main characteristics of the strip grinder.

Power. The power range of the strip machine varies from 500 watts to 1700 watts. Among the low.power ones, Makita 9032 can be distinguished, it is often called an electrician, since it has a narrow tape, thanks to which you can easily reach narrow and inaccessible surfaces. But let’s say right away that most of the market of this device is represented by a capacity of 700 watts to 1500 watts. If you focus only on power, then everything is easy enough. The greater the power, the better. But we advise you not to forget about other characteristics.

The speed of rotation of the tape. The surface processing and quality of work depends on this criterion. The speed of rotation is affected by both power and the width of the tape. To date, the market offers us tape machines at a speed of 75 m/min to 2000 m/min. The nuance of such machines is that narrow abrasive ribbons are used for machines with high rotation speed, and wide ribbons are used at low speed, and wide ribbons are used for machines with low speed of rotation. The optimal indicator for household grinders is a speed of 400 m/min.

The weight. Weight depends directly on the power, the higher the power, the higher the weight. Most cars weigh up to 4 kg. But high.power tape grinder of more than 1000 watts have a weight of 5 or more kilograms.

The dimensions of the abrasive tape. The standard of the tape width is 75 mm, 100 mm, 115 mm. In this case, the frequency step in length is 5 mm. But some models of tape grinding machines have non.standard dimensions, which can be 232 mm or 142 mm along the length of the abrasive tape.

Here is, in principle, the minimum that you need to know when choosing a strip grinder. If all these criteria are suitable for you, then we suggest you go to our website https: // and already there to get acquainted with specific models and competently choose the same grinding, and you can also visit our stores at g. Vitebsk st. Gorovtsa 12 or ul. Leningradskaya 215, we will be happy to help you in choosing the best tool! If you have any questions, then feel free to call the number 8029-200-8029, we will definitely answer all your questions.

Principle of operation

The main parameters of the strip grinding machine include the feed speed and the force with which the tape is pressed to the processed part. Such parameters as the degree of granularity of the abrasive tape should be selected depending on what material the processed part is made of, as well as on the degree of roughness, which should have the surface of the processed product.

The characteristics of the processed material, in particular, its hardness, primarily affect the granularity to choose an abrasive tape. The processing modes that are directly interconnected are the feed rate and the force of pressing the tape. So, if grinding at high speed, but with a slight effort of pressing the abrasive tape, then some parts of the surface of the part may be unprocessed. If, on the contrary, to increase the press force and reduce the feed rate, then you can encounter the fact that on some areas of the processed surface, burns and blackening of the material may appear.

Another variation of the machine is the view from the working surface of the tape

The results of grinding are also influenced by how high.quality the abrasive tape is glued. To get high quality processing and do not encounter malfunctions in the operation of the strip machine, you should not use abrasive tapes that are glued incorrectly or have torn edges. When putting on the tape on the shafts of the equipment, it should be placed so that the end of the seam that is overlapping does not lift up on the surface of the processed part, but slipped along it. Read more about the gluing of the tape in the video below.

Any, including a manual grinding machine, should include the possibility of adjusting the tension of the tape, which is ensured by moving the movable shaft, which is not a drive. The tension of the tape is a very important parameter, when choosing which one should be guided by the rule of the “golden mean”. If the tape of the grinding machine is pulled too much, then this can lead to its rupture during operation, and its too weak tension is the cause of slipping and, as a result, its excessive heating. The main characteristic for determining the degree of tension of the tape is the arrow of its deflection, which is measured with a slight press on its surface in a stretched state.

A hand.ripe grinding machine can be served by one operator who moves the desktop with a part of the part and cranks it so as to bring all sections of its surface under the abrasive tape.

How to make a tape-grinding machine

Many home masters and professionals are wondering how to make a grinding machine with your own hands. The reason for the occurrence of such a question is quite simple: the high cost of serial grinding equipment, which is not possible for everyone to recoup for irregular use. In order to make such equipment, you will need several main components: an electric motor, rollers and a reliable bed. Naturally, drawings of such a device or its photo will not be superfluous. Also, at the end of the article, you can see the videos on the assembly of the strip machine on your own.

It is not difficult to find an engine for strip grinding equipment, it can be removed from the washing machine that has served its term. The bed will have to be made independently, for this you can use a sheet of metal with dimensions of 500x180x20 mm. One side of the bed should be cut very smoothly, since it will be necessary to fix the site on which the electric motor will be mounted. The site for the electric motor should also be made from a sheet of metal with dimensions of 180x160x10 mm. Such a site must be fixed to the bed very reliably with a few bolts.

The effectiveness of the tape grinding machine directly depends on the characteristics of the electric motor, which is installed on it. If you are going to make a grinding machine with your own hands, then an electric motor with a capacity of 2.5-3 kW is quite suitable for you, developing about 1,500 revolutions per minute. In order for the grinding tape to move at a speed of 20 m/s when using such an engine, the drums must have a diameter of about 200 mm. What is convenient, if you choose an engine with such characteristics, then you do not need to make a gearbox for your grinding machine.

The leading shaft is connected to the electric motor shaft directly, and the second. the driven. must freely rotate on the axis, which is installed in the bearing nodes. In order for the abrasive tape to more smoothly touch the surface of the processed part, the section of the bed on which the driven shaft is installed should be performed with a small bevel.

You can make shafts for a tape grinding machine with minimal financial costs from the stove wood-bearing plate. Just cut square blanks with a size of 200×200 mm from such a stove, drill the central holes in them and put them on the axis with a total thickness of 240 mm. After that, you will only have to counter the resulting package and make a round shaft with a diameter of about 200 mm from it.

Drawings and detailed analysis of some details of the machine made of wood.

Land-grinding machine made of wood (click to increase)

So that the tape is located strictly in the middle of the shaft, the diameter of its central part should be 2-3 mm larger than at the edges. And in order to exclude slipping of the tape on the drum, it is necessary to wind a layer of thin rubber on it, for which you can use the old tire from the bicycle wheel, after cutting it along its entire length.

A grinding tape for such a machine, the optimal width of which should correspond to 200 mm, is made of an ordinary sandpaper. The standard canvas is cut into stripes of the required width, and an abrasive tape is already glued from them. It should be borne in mind that the material is glued to the end, for this, dense matter is placed on the reverse side, which will strengthen the resulting seam. Glue has a great influence on the properties of such a seam, it should be very high quality, then the material will not break along the seam after a short use.

A few more options for manufacturing tape-grinding machines can be seen in the video below.

On a homemade tape grinding machine, you can not only process wood products, but also use it to sharpen various tools: chisels, secateurs, knives, axes, etc. In addition, on such machines you can process parts that have a curvilinear surface.

How to make a tape grinding machine with your own hands?

For finishing wood, metal or stone, you can build a tape grinding machine with your own hands. The need for such processing occurs quite often. It is needed not only to obtain even and smooth surfaces. With its help, you can remove various kinds of irregularities, convexities and cavities, tear off the burrs, remove local defects, remove the greens formed during welding, carry out internal grinding, etc.D.

Scheme of a refrigerator-grinding machine.

Manual execution of such processing is very laborious and low.performance, and the cost of grinding machines of industrial manufacture is quite high. Therefore, you have to invent and build homemade structures, especially since they do not differ in particular difficulty.

Flower ornament. Vector models for engraving, printing, cutting and cutting

Flower ornament 216pcs download by link: https: // vk.COM/WALL-212102260_3766

Archive size: 10.3 MB Archives 7z Compression: Ultra

Application: on caskets, boxes, packaging, postcards, clothes, glasses, glasses, for engraving, underpass, seal, cutting, sawing. In general, where you want and where you need, it is limited only by your imagination.

Makers of technology. Drawings for a laser machine and CNC ⁠

Collected vector models and drawings in a selection on the topic “Technique”

Convenient device for a grinding machine

This video tutorial presents a convenient device in the form of an additional removable table for a disc grinding machine. The author of this video has several such machines. The machine to which this device was made is made for certain tasks, it has left rotation. The mechanical basis is included in a 100 watt engine and a circle with a diameter of 125 mm, this machine is included quite often, it is light and figurative, and as often happens, the machine began to “grow” with adaptations. The master talks about one of them.

For this machine, he made an additional table and in it, as in industrial analogues, there is a groove, a transporter and certain devices are installed in it. They are fixed with a screw.

This table is made of 2×10 mm logs with a size of 2×10 mm, the plates are edge. This table is a turning point. It can be put along the groove and groove across. This creates convenience in work. the master turns the table in the right position, or applies another device, while putting a pitching pin.

There is an even simpler structure in the form of a rail with a screw and stops and clothespins. Thanks to it you can keep the size, and submit the part gradually, as it grows down. Quickly and exactly it turns out a circle. Go to the author’s blog and subscribe to his channel.

With the help of this stand, the tape grinder becomes a grinding machine

As an improvised tool, a board is used. For assembling small products, like caskets or frames, is quite suitable. There are two holes, dowels are inserted. One of the boards is not fixed very much with clamps. There was a task to fit tightly so that the board did not walk. There is no backlash, since the pin is made by a cone.

Often there is a difficult problem of editing the circle on the sandpaper.

Circle or stone must be edited when installing a new circle on the sandpaper. There may be vibrations and beating. The editing of the circle will contribute to the reduction or disappearance of these defects.

Also, during the operation of the circle, the workers’ planes are worn out and they periodically need to align. There are several ways below than to rule the sharpening circle.

one. Diamond pencil. This is the most reliable and correct way. But the most expensive. You can buy a new pencil from 600 to 2000.

tape, grinder, table, applied, parameters

It is a metal rod, inside which technical diamonds are flooded. Metal here acts as a ligament for diamonds.

The process is very simple- we take and drive a pencil on the surface of a rotating circle. The editing goes very quickly, with a large release of abrasive dust. I bought myself a used pencil at a flea market, for 200.

2. Diamond disk for corner grinder. As an alternative to the first method, you can apply a disk for tiles to an angular grinder. The segments of such a disk also contain those. Diamonds.

You can take the disk in your hands and rule the circle. And you can put the disk on the corner grinder, turn on and rule the circle of the circle. But with a corner grinder is much more dangerous than manually!

Glass cutter. When I had neither a disk nor a pencil with diamonds, I ruled the circle with an old glass cutter. He was a roller type. At first I ruled the circle, without parsing the glass cutter, held it by the handle, touching the roller of the circle. Then the fastening of the rollers broke and I kept the videos with pliers.

It was not very convenient and for a long time the process, but still went. You can apply glass cutter with diamond at the end. Only you need to work carefully and slowly.

Sharoshka for grinding circles. It is a rectangular case with an axis on which a set of metal stars is dressed or a video with diamonds inside. Sprouted shock circles and acute tools!

Grinding machine based on “Interskol LSHM 76/900

For small details and small works, he collected such a device from plywood scraps. I found an idea on the Internet. Allows you to work in a horizontal, vertical plane, as well as at an angle (in my case, it is 45 degrees, as the most popular angle, but if necessary, you can do any).The manufacturing process is quite simple, everything is visible in the photo. Grind/car you can use any. The table is lifting so that the grinding tape can be used completely.

I ask you to share pictures of my work (including plywood) who is not sorry))) what will like, I will try to realize in the material, thanks in advance!

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Greetings. Like Interskol itself? Good machine?

No complaints. Only the tape moves from the shafts during operation.

Thanks. In the agony of choice. I don’t want to do expensive and it is difficult to choose from budget. But the angular grinder Interskol has been serving me for a long time. We will take))), and if instead of LSM put an electric rhinoma?

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Bench Grinder Maintenance

Everything is good only the machine must be turned over, since in this position the tape tension regulator is difficult to reach. As it is worn, the tape will begin to “walk” even more. In general, the model is rather weak, it is desirable that part of the housing with a ribbonine mechanism be metal, optimally Makita 9403. She has a stronger front roller than the 9404th for the run of radii (although 9404 models have ready-made threads and guide for fastening all sorts of stray.The market is now full of “Chinese” licked from Makita. The price is 3 times less and the quality is satisfactory

tape, grinder, table, applied, parameters

The tension regulator is available. The design is provided.

How in general LSM is holding the tape does not crawl around, the reliability of the car is like? I want lsm, but here the brands are expensive, but they take doubts any.

There is little power, and the tape moves a little))) made from what was. But has been working for several years (periodically).

Как настроить гриндер Все секреты настройки гриндера

How in general LSM is holding the tape does not crawl around, the reliability of the car is like? I want lsm, but here the brands are expensive, but they take doubts any.

Liked. But how much I did not look at the photo to understand how the turning of the grinders could not be implemented.

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