How to increase a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer after a mowing

A reliable option with a core and a section of 3 mm. Form of execution. A twisted square. This solution allows you to quickly clean the site from high grass and give the lawn a well.Groomed look. Sold in convenient packaging. The material does not require constant care, it is enough only to store it correctly.

  • The spiral form cuts grass well;
  • There is a core in the center;
  • Cord in moderation of flexible;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Available cost.

Siat Premium Twin Power Circle 2.4 mm

A great option for maintaining a lawn in a well.Groomed state. The diameter of the cord is 2.4 mm. There is a high.Quality core. Form of section. Circle. The product copes with small and medium grass perfectly, leaving only an even cut. Siat Premium Twin Power is made of solid material. Durability and efficiency are the main advantages, in addition, it does not deteriorate from a blow to stones or metal.

  • A large amount of fishing line;
  • Efficiency;
  • High service life;
  • Does not require special operating conditions;
  • Strength;
  • Nice shape.

Rezer Ultra-Pro Square with core 2.4 mm

25-meter cord, which is designed for fast and high-quality cut of grass. Fishing section. 2.4 mm. The core sensations are made of solid plastic, and not from steel, like the previous version. Rezer Ultra-Pro has a low price, as well as good strength indicators.

Rezer Ultra-Pro Square with core 2.4 mm

How to change a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer forester video

What type of hair is used for a trimmer for grass? How to remove a trimmer for grass? Coils with threads with carving reels of different types. Some tips on how to pull the trimmer for the grass correctly.

What you need to know about the braid of a trimmer for grass

A trimmer fishing line is nylon consumables and is a cutting device. With the help of this equipment, the grass is mowed, and the tool head rotates with a high frequency. This material has a different thickness depending on its use on the corresponding tools, low-power electrical (from 1 to 1.6 mm), electric from 500 W (2-2.4 mm) and gasoline trimmers with braids (from 2.4 to 3 to 3. 2 mm).

The more powerful the tool, the thicker the cutting tool should be. This affects not only the quality of mowing of the grass, but also on the life of the material. If you are interested in how to wrap the coil of a trimmer for grass, then it is time to change the reloading tool. With the onset of spring, this problem is becoming more and more popular, so the time has come to understand step.By.Step instructions for replacing the mowing fishing line of hair growth in a trimmer coil for grass.

Features of the use of trimmers

A trimmer for herbs for mowing herbs with hair can be used nearby: houses and other buildings, fences and hedges, trees and shrubs, flower beds and flower beds, rows in the garden.

Such a convenient, and most importantly, effective device, such as a trimmer for grass, exists in several versions:

As the name implies, the types of trimers are significantly different from each other. But regardless of the type of tool, this cutting element can be fishing. Of course, a fishing line for a trimmer, squeezed into a trammer for grass, is not infinite. And sooner or later you will have to replace it with a new.

Fishing consumption depends on the frequency of use the device and the volume of work performed. The more the grass is cut and the more often it is cut off by the trimmer, the more actively the fishing line for the trimmer is consumed. And, accordingly, the sooner it ends. The question arises: how to refuel the wire into the coil of the trimmer for the grass?

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. But twisting hair on the coil plays an important role in the trimmer. For the proper operation of the device, it is important to correctly rewind a new fishing line for a trimmer to the coil. How to change a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer, and will be told in this article.

Remove the coil of the trimmer for the grass

On small electric trimmers with the lower engine position (when it works underground), the coil usually has two keys on the sides. We click on them and disconnect one half of the coil body from the other that remains on the trimmer. Together with the first half, the inner part is removed, on which the fishing line for a trimmer of hair growth is directly wound. Be careful when analyzing: there is a spring inside that can fly out and get lost.

On curved trimmers with an electric and gasoline drive (it is still impossible to hold such trimmers for grass), you need to grab the coil body with one hand and start rotating the lamb on it with the other. It is he who attaches the coil to the trimmer. Having unscrewed the lambs, carefully remove the whole coil, trying not to lose the spring inside.


On electric and gasoline trimmers with a straight rod and a gearbox at the ends (except for wire on such trimmers, you can also install a knife), find a hole under the coil, insert a screwdriver into it, for example, turn quietly, until the screwdriver penetrates even deeper, and the coil is not Fixed. Now turn the entire coil clockwise (since the thread is left) and remove it from the trimmer for the grass. Then disassemble the coil. This can be collected by locking or twisting with the lamb. If the coil is on the latch, click on the side sides of the base of the latch so that they bent and free one half of the coil body from the other. We just twist the lamb. There may also be the third type of connection between the two halves of such a coil: it should be captured by the lower part by one hand and the upper part of the other, and begin to rotate them in opposite directions. When disassembling such a coil, it is also necessary to make sure that the spring has not been lost inside.

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Than 200 types of trimmers in one place at the lowest prices. Press and see

Now, having removed and dismantled the coil, we will begin, in fact, to the winding.

Which line for a trimmer is used for a trimmer for grass?

There are several types of cutting element:

  • Stronger. Around;
  • For mowing soft vegetation. Curly;
  • For mowing narrow grass. With notches;
  • Special. Suitable for certain types of trimmers.

The type of cross section of the cutting thread should correspond to the vegetation that needs to be mowed.

If you need to change the haircut, then you need to choose the type recommended by the manufacturer specifically for this model of a trimmer for the grass, in other words, the thickness of the thread cutting must correspond to the engine power and the size of the unit.

It is better to choose a specialized rifled thread. It is worth soaking a fishing line for a trimmer for a while if you plan to replace it with a reel.

After soaking, it becomes elastic and strong.

The cutting thread can be made of various components. Often there is nylon.

This material is characterized by the highest degree of wear resistance, the ability to withstand various temperatures and the highest loads.

A nylon fishing line for a trimmer can be stored for a long time, it does not dry out and does not lose its strength.

Therefore, his life can be quite long.

The coils or heads of the lawn mower have a different structure:

How to catch more fish?

  • One fishing line for a trimmer in the modification of this trimmer for grass has only one working fishing line for a trimmer. This device is mainly used for small work, such as pruning grass.
  • Two, pulled. They can be automatic or automatic. Here the package includes two topics. This trimmer for grass is used for mowing and cleaning areas.

How to change a fishing line for a trimmer on a gasoline trimmer: types of coils, replacement instructions, video

Trammers for grass are equipped with various types of coils, which are also called trimmer heads.

Over, the design and operation of these devices intended for motorcycle and electrocosa was the same and it was invented back in 1971.

However, on each of these heads you have to change the fishing line for the trimmer (string), which during operation is abrupt about grass and ground or breaks off for various reasons.

  • What types of coils are and how differ from each other;
  • How to properly wind a string on a coil of each type and change this element on a benzo.Cave;
  • What errors are made when winding the fishing line;
  • Why you can’t insert or wind the string.

Change a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer

This article will be able to tell you how to change the fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer. For some people, this work may not be simple. But step.By.Step instruction that is here will help you in this matter.

So, the first thing to do is remove the gearbox cover. Combine the hole on the side of the figure of the lower washer and axial seizure, insert the screwdriver to fix the shaft from the scroll. Now we unscrew the nozzle. The carvings on the shaft, as a rule, have a reverse cut, consider this when unscrewing.

Next, it follows the disassembly of the nozzle. There the lid is fixed with clamps through the holes. So you just need to second these latches in the holes, and the lid will be removed. If the nozzle has automatic \ semi.Automatic modes of fishing line, then there is a spring inside, which when opening the lid can just fly out, be prepared for this. We lay out all the removed parts carefully in order.

Now it’s time to take a fishing line for a trimmer and unwind 5 meters from it, cut off this piece. Pay attention to its thickness, do not wrap a fishing line for a trimmer of greater thickness on the unit than indicated in the guide to the tool. Otherwise, an increased load on the engine and a larger fuel consumption during operation will be obtained. We bend the measured fishing line for a trimmer in half to find the middle and get a loop.



In the middle of the coil there are a couple of recesses, sometimes these are not a recess, but the holes located opposite each other. We cling to one of the recesses and wrap a fishing line for a trimmer counterclockwise. If the coil has 2 compartments, then we wrap on them separately each end of the fishing line. Leave the last 15-20 cm free and pinch them while the coil is in the recesses.

Collect the device again, stretch the free ends of the fishing line in the holes on the case. We put the lid, clicking the latch into our grooves. Now you can stretch these free ends of the fishing line.

It remains only to attach the working unit in place, as in the first paragraph. Do not forget about the reverse rotation on fastening.

Now you were able to learn about how to wind a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass. Actually, the whole process was described in detail above. No laborious operations requiring the presence of specialists. Your lawn mower is ready for work again.

Storage of nylon thread on the coil

How to wind a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass. We figured out, now let’s talk about the storage of fishing gear, in particular fluorocarbon on the spray. For a long period of exploitation of the thread, several rules should be followed, the execution of which can save money on the purchase of a new equipment.

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It is important to remember that after fishing the fishing line for the trimmer and parts of the coil, they get wet, they should be well dried. Poorly dried fluorocarbon is very fast and becomes unusable. It becomes brittle and can break at the most crucial moment. So that this does not happen, after seasonal fishing, a fishing line for a trimmer from the coil should be washed off and spread on the floor so that it dries well. This procedure should be carried out with backing (winding). You can dry the nylon thread after each fishing, if you go to it once a month.

You already know how to change a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer, this will not be difficult. Always store fishing tackle in a dry place, this will become a guarantor of reliability and durability.

Problems with fishing line

Trimmeres users, both gasoline and electric, sometimes have problems with the cord. “Advanced” Kosilov owners can easily cope with the difficulties, realizing why this is happening, and for beginners, this is a problem that does not have a rational explanation. But in fact, everything is solved quite simply. The most common problems that happen to the fishing line are the following.

Cords of cord

If a trimmer fishing line is often torn, this can cause the following reasons:

  • Stones, small branches and other hard obstacles come across the grass;
  • The user mows the grass back to the fence, and if he is mesh, then this breaks the “antennae” even faster;
  • Poor quality of the cord (it is recommended to purchase high.Quality);
  • The output holes are worn out in a mowing head, which is why the fishing line for a trimmer is erased on the sharp edges of the bushings and breaks off (a complete replacement of the part will be required).

Large cord consumption

Basically, the cord quickly ends if you often knock on the ground with a semi.Automatic head or press it hard. The coil unlock occurs, and the fishing line for the trimmer, lengthening, is cut off with a knife. Another reason that the cord quickly ends is the improper operation of the device with an automatic head: the user during kosbe often drops engine speed. But as we recall, the automatic head is arranged so that it is with each reduction in the revolution that a new portion of fishing line is supplied, so it is quickly consumed.

The thread does not hold

It happens that the thread is unwound if the spring weakened in the semi.Automatic head. The fishing line for the trimmer is constantly extended and cut off with a knife installed on the casing, which increases its consumption. To check this, remove the casing and turn on the unit. If the fishing line for the trimmer “climbed”, then you will need to replace the spring.

A fishing line for a trimmer flies out

The reason that the cord after starting the unit is unwound is also a weakening of the spring inside the head. In addition, there are times when when the unit is turned on, a spitter head is scattered, and the spring installed in it is lost. Inexperienced users do not notice the absence of a spring and collect this node without it. Therefore, the cord does not hold, and under the influence of centrifugal force flies out.

The cord is not served, the coil does not spin

Automatic or semi.Automatic head should serve a fishing line for a trimmer without stopping the unit. But if it does not come out, then the reasons may be as follows:

  • The fishing line for a trimmer in a coil is incorrectly wound, which is why the latter does not spin;
  • The cord is wound unevenly, and the thread can get stuck between the turns (the thread should be wrapped neatly, the turn to the turns, without distortions);
  • Too short ends of the threads come out of the holes, as a result of which there is not enough centrifugal force to extract them, and the fishing line is not supplied for the trimmer (it is recommended to always adjust the length of the cord before starting the unit, slightly pulling it up);
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is sticking together (it will be considered later).

The thread sticks together

This nuisance occurs most often due to the use of poor-quality cord. When the apparatus is operating, the head of the trimmer for the grass heats up, and a poor.Quality fishing line for a trimmer in it melts, gluing among themselves. Also, sintering of the threads occurs when a fishing line with a solid obstacle occurs. In this case, there is a sharp braking of the cord, after which it drags it into the head, where it bothers. Some unit owners recommend lubricating the cord with mineral oil or spray on it with a silicone spray after winding on a spul. Others advise to wrap less threads on the coil. But it is better to immediately buy a quality product, in the manufacture of which the manufacturer took into account the factor of overheating of the head, and the thread will not stick together.

Types of fishing line for lawn mower/trimmer for grass

To date, a huge number of varieties of cord has been created. The fishing line for the trimmer is not only distinguished by diameter and length, but also by manufacturing material, surface structure and cross section.

But the main criteria for choosing fishing line are:

Almost always the main parameters of the fishing line are marked on the drum itself. Over, many manufacturers indicate the parameters of the fishing line not an accurate value, but the range. For example, take a drum with the following parameters: length-2.5-3.5 (m), thickness-1.5-3 (mm). The range makes the law mower more universal. The wider the range of values, the greater the range of work will be capable of performing a mower.

When choosing a fishing line for a trimmer for grass, it is especially important to take into account the value of the diameter. With the growth of the diameter of the fishing line, its strength increases

A good thick fishing line for a 3-4 (mm) trimmer can be used for mowing already formed and stronger weeds. The fishing line is thinner, by 1.5-2.5 (mm), only the mowing of young shoots can be entrusted.

The diameter of the fishing line is directly related to the power of the lawn mower. A thick fishing line for a trimmer is permissible only on powerful and productive units. Typically, a fishing line for a trimmer 3-4 (mm) is placed on the gas mowers with an engine power from 1000-1200 (W).

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Regarding the length of the fishing line, the longer the cord, the less often you will have to reload the drum. How else can you classify the types of fishing line for motorcycle.

Surveying and surface structure

The classic of the genre is a fishing line for a trimmer with a round section. Cord with a rounded profile has very solid reliability and durability. But the rounded cross section is well suited only for mowing young shoots, mainly with a thin stem.

If the operator is faced with the task of pumping a well.Strong weed with a thick stem, and maybe even dry stem, then the rounded cross section of the cord in this case will be ineffective. For such tasks, a fishing line for a trimmer with the presence of sharp faces is well suited:

Of course, these types of fishing line have their drawbacks. The main disadvantage of the faceted cord is the exposure to rapid wear. Sharp faces tend to break intensively. When choosing fishing line, you need to consider the material. Ordinary cord options are created from plastic. The fishing line for the trimmer is more expensive on the basis of more durable synthetics.

How to mow grass with a trimmer with a metal knife

As the border of the mowing area moves, move the fuel and the bag.

If the grass was setting down: you need to hand the steering wheel forward and mow to the left with an inclination by the handles to the left (sector ~ 11 hours) and the right with the tilt for the handles to the right (sector ~ 1 hour), and do not rush!, to mow the grass cleanly and so as not to “dig” the earth.

During the mowing of grass (and turns), do not forget to look around!:

  • To notice the gesticulation of others, drown out the motor and remove the headphones,
  • So that closer than 15 m children, animals, spectators and assistants do not come up, t.To. When a metal knife in the grass collided with a motionless object, a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower (motorcycle) can be strongly thrown to the side or expanded back, and a trimmer for the grass rotates at a speed of up to 10,500 rpm. And he is able to cut off his hand or leg.Also, when the grass is mocking the trimmer from under the knife, various objects (crushed stone, glass, garbage) can fly out and ricochet).

How to mow grass with a trimmer (more about the mowing technique)

The engine revolutions when the trimmer mowed depending on the load on the engine. The thicker the grass and, of course, is heavier than the engine, the bolder you need to open the “hole” (throttle in the diffusor of the carburetor).

Work speed of the engine during the mowing of grass with a trimmer try to keep constant (slightly higher than medium). Or less gas. Only depending on the overall load on the engine. No need to completely discard gas (and immediately acceleration again) with each wave of braids for grass. And the clutch is not for long, and the edges on the drive shaft can “overtake”, and the overall wear of the trimmer for grass (motorcycles) increases sharply.

Before mowing grass, we find out the parameters of the site

(to know which knives to take, how much fuel and time are needed)

  • Grass density;
  • The hardness of the grass;
  • The splendor of the grass;
  • Wovenness of grass;
  • (The height and thickness of the grass are not important)
  • The boundaries of the site;
  • What irregularities (how to come in);
  • The presence of hidden obstacles (remember)
  • That not cut (bushes, flowers, seedlings).

To mow grass in the summer is a disaster, and not just homework how to use a trimmer. If your yard or site is strongly overgrown with grass, you can scare you, but this part of the article will help to figure out how to mow grass with a trimmer easier and less irritating.

On a trimmer head with automatic dressing

For heads with automatic refueling, it is enough to just start and squeeze the edges of the fishing line, and the tool will perform further winding on its own when turning on. It is impossible to make a mistake here, because the coil itself recognizes how the antennae should be located.

With regular use of a trimmer for grass for begging grass, the discs are blunting, but they can be sharpened and continued to operate.The fishing line for a trimmer in the coil has the ability to end, so there is a need for refueling a new one, for which you need to determine the type of head and prepare the cord of the required thickness and length.


So, the mowing head is a cylindrical body in which a bastard is placed with a fishing line. Such a part is present both on electrimmers and on gasoline braids of any brands, whether it be Bosch, Makita, Stihl or other brand. There are three types of heads depending on the method of refueling and feeding the fishing line.

  • The principle of operation of the heads of the automatic group is that they independently serve a fishing line for a trimmer, when a mowing reduces the speed of the motor. Such designs are convenient when working in large areas, but they have a shortage. A large cord consumption.
  • The heads of the semi.Automatic group are easy to operate. Automatic fishing is performed at maximum engine speeds. To remove the cord lock, you need to carefully tap on the ground with the tool, after which the unlocked thread extends from the coil. The cut to the required length is made with a knife fixed on the protective casing.
  • Trammers for grass with manual supply of the cord must first be turned off, and then independently pull out the fishing line for the trimmer.

Coils for electric and gasoline braids can be with one or two tastes of fishing line. The former are used to trim low herbal shoots, the latter. For beveling tall grass and small shrubs.

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