How to install trimmer fishing line on the reel of an electric grass trimmer

On small electronic trimmers with a bottom-mounted motor (when the motor is near the ground when working), the spool usually has two buttons at the edges. We press them and disconnect one half of the reel body from the 2nd half, which remains on the trimmer. Together with the first half is removed and the inner part, on which exactly and winds up a line for the trimmer. Be careful during disassembly: there is a spring inside that can come out and get lost.

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On electronic and gasoline trimmers with a bent rod (such trimmers still would not be able to put a knife) must be embraced by the coil body itself with one hand, and the 2nd hand should start turning counterclockwise existing on it drums. Specifically, it strengthens the spool to the grass trimmer rod. Unscrewing the wing bolt, carefully removed all the spool, trying not to lose the spring that is available inside.

On electronic and gasoline trimmers with a straight boom and a reducer at its end (in such grass trimmers besides the fishing line you can also install a knife) look for a hole under the spool, insert a screwdriver into it, for example, and quietly turn the spool, until the screwdriver will not get deeper and the spool will be fixed. Now twist the whole spool clockwise (because the thread is left-handed) and remove it from the grass trimmer. Next, we disassemble the spool. It can be assembled with snaps or twisted with a wingnut. If the coil is on the latches, then press around the edges on the base of the latches so that they bend and release one half of the coil body from the other. Simply unscrew the wing nut. Can be to the same 3-th type of connection 2-half of the coil: it needs one hand to grab the lower part and the other. the top, and start turning them in opposite directions. Disassembling such a reel, it is also necessary to watch that the spring inside is not lost.

How to choose a line for a trimmer. length, diameter, limitations

For any electric or gasoline grass trimmer, you can use fishing lines from different manufacturers. Nevertheless, consumables of the same brand as the tool remain the best option. It is believed that in this case it will benefit the durability of the work and even reduce consumption.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER! Do not use fishing line for the grass trimmer or metal cables. Such a replacement is inefficient and dangerous. The cable can injure not only the mower himself, but also those around him.

As for the length, it is worth counting on the estimated frequency of use of the grass trimmer. The more often, the more you need to stock up on consumables. Information about the possible line diameter can be found on the body of the grass trimmer reel. Most likely there will be a range. The thickness varies from 1.2 to 4 mm. Choose the right one for you, taking into account the specifics of the area you’re working on. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to cut tough grass.

How to tuck a line for trimmer in the trimmer for grass?

To ensure that the area near the house always looks well-groomed and neat, it should be regularly trimmed. Fortunately, modern technology allows you to solve this task without excessive physical effort. Electric grass trimmers are so easy to operate and maintain that even a teenager can mow with them. The main thing is to understand beforehand how to tuck in the trimmer for grass trimmer fishing line.

How to charge a line for the trimmer in the grass trimmer?

So, we are faced with the task. to correctly charge the line for the trimmer in the trimmer for grass. Let’s look more thoroughly at what to start its implementation and what pitfalls can expect us in the process.

At the very beginning it is necessary to choose the correct line for the trimmer. Although at first glance, all sold in the market or in the store fishing line for trimmer little different from each other, do not buy it at random. Not to err in choice it will be superfluous to take with you a package of used fishing line or a small piece of it, or at least write down the trimmer model for grass. The ideal option for almost all trimmer models will be a line for the trimmer with a thickness of 3-4 mm.

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To perform this operation, the grass trimmer must be unplugged and turn the working head upside down. The further course of action depends on the grass trimmer model and the design of the reel itself:

  • In small trimmers with the bottom of the engine press the keys located on the sides of the spool and remove the top of the head;
  • For trimmers with a bent rod, clamp the coil body with one hand while turning counterclockwise the wing nut located on the body;
  • in trimmers with a straight boom and gearbox, insert a screwdriver in the hole under the spool, and then turn the body of the spool counterclockwise.

Once the spool is removed from the head, it should be carefully disassembled. It is better to do it on a mowed area, as there might be a spring inside the spool, which is not easy to find in tall grass. After disassembly we will have three parts: the body (top cover), the protective cover and the coil itself.

Step 4. Measuring the amount of line you need

Beginner mowers usually wonder how many meters of fishing line should be wound on a grass trimmer reel? There are two ways to solve this issue:

In any case, after winding is complete, the coils of fishing line should be on the body of the spool without slipping off the spool. It is not necessary to try to wind as much as possible, because the line for the trimmer will not unwind well and will tear more often.

Step 5. winding the line for the trimmer on the spool

How to install the line for the trimmer on the grass trimmer, depends on the design of the spool. Let’s consider the variant when the body of the spool has one exit for the line for the trimmer. In this case, the end of the line is clamped in the cleft of the spool, and then wind the line for the trimmer, trying to lay the turns as tightly as possible. The direction of winding should be opposite to the direction of rotation of the spool and is usually indicated on the inside of the spool. After winding is complete, the protective cover should be put on the spool and the end of the line should be pulled out into it

If the spool is designed to work with two tails, the line for the trimmer should be folded in half and placed in the groove in the central part of the spool. Further winding will be carried out on one or two slots, depending on the design of the spool. The winding direction should also be opposite to the direction of rotation of the spool. At the end, the fishing line tails will also need to be brought out into the holes on top of the spool.

Winding the line

It is not difficult to insert the trimmer line into the grass trimmer. To carry out this operation, it is necessary to follow a simple algorithm of actions. The first step is to determine how much consumable material is needed. To make its calculations, you need to wind the line for the trimmer on the spool so that the resulting coil would be less than or equal to the diameter of the sides of the structure.

When you have decided on the size of the cord, you need to fold it in such a way that one part of it is 15 cm longer than the other. Winding the cord begins with the edge that divides the bobbin into two parts. Here will be located the fastener, in which you need to insert the thread, bent in half.

Now it is necessary to understand in which direction to insert the trimmer line into the grass trimmer. To do this, inspect the bobbin. often a special arrow is indicated on it. If there is no explanatory information, find the pointer on the trimmer head, and start winding in the opposite direction. The next steps can be divided into 4 steps:

  • Completing the cord winding. To do this, it is inserted into the side groove on the spool. Its second end is attached to the opposite groove.
  • The ends of the fixed line are cut. A 7-10 cm allowance remains.
  • The inserted piece is placed in the head of the grass trimmer. This is done by alternately inserting and pulling the thread into the inlets of the structure.
  • The thread is pulled out of the grooves. Once the action is completed, the product cover is secured with the clamps.

After completing the last step, the garden tool is ready for use. If after inserting the line into the grass trimmer the unit does not work correctly, it is recommended to repeat the procedure, changing the thickness or type of cord. Otherwise, the product can fail.

Choosing a fishing line

It is important to use the correct filament in the trimmer head to choose the right filament for your trimmer. The thicker the cord, the thicker and tougher the grass it will cut. A universal trimmer line with a diameter of 2 mm is often used. You can find the right diameter for your mower in the following ways:

  • Check the instruction manual that comes with your trimmer for information about line thickness.
  • Pay attention to the bobbin itself. Sometimes information about possible line diameters is printed on it.
  • Another option is to try inserting a cord into the outlet hole. If it passes easily into it, then the chosen diameter of the line is suitable for use.

Grass trimmer reel

You can choose a cord according to the type of engine. If the line for the trimmer is too thick, the rotational resistance will increase. the motor will then overheat and will soon fail. Helpful tips:

  • A 1.3-mm-thick cord is fine for an electric device with a motor under 500 V. If you can’t find it, you can use 1.6-mm trimmer fishing line. If the power is greater than 1 kW, you should choose a 2 mm cord.
  • With a gasoline grass trimmer, the shaft mower matters. A 2 mm cord is often used for the bent version. If the shaft is straight, install 2.4 to 2.5 or 3 mm yarn. The thickest line for the trimmer is installed on powerful devices. from 1.3 kW.

Also pay attention to the type of cord cross-section. Some popular options:

  • The most common lines with a round section. They cut fresh grass well, but cope worse with bushes, dead wood.
  • Twisted (spiral) cord is not highly durable, but not bad for thin young grass.
  • A serrated, sharp-edged line is ideal for large weeds in a neglected area.
  • Rectangular, star-shaped or square grass trimmer lines can mow the lawn more evenly, but they are not very durable.
  • The strongest is a two-piece cord with an inner core and a round section.
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Grass trimmer fishing line types

Note that you can not use wire, metal strings and ropes, as well as ordinary fishing line instead of fishing line. The device will be dangerous for both the user and others. So the rope or similar products will gradually begin to work together, resulting in their ends unraveling, and the small pieces disperse with great speed.

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How to quickly change a trimmer line in a trimmer reel to a disc

Depending on the difficulty of mowing, you can install a disc made of metal or high-strength plastic.


Working with a technique like a grass trimmer requires care and attention. Compliance with safety measures during work is mandatory for beginners and experienced craftsmen. It can happen that confident mowers let their guard down, make irreparable mistakes and get seriously injured. Therefore, it is important when working with the machine

  • Close the reel cover with all latches.
  • Do not coil more line than necessary: it’s difficult to unwind later.
  • After refilling the spool always check that the tool works before mowing.
  • Choose quality material that fits the particular trimmer.

Do not try to mow coarse grass with thick stems with a fishing line. There are steel discs for this. Wear protective clothing only. Wear safety glasses and proper footwear.

How to remove the spool and change the line for your trimmer

Owners of trimmers, mainly beginners, get confused, bordering on panic, when there is a need to change cutting tools or line for trimmer in the reel. Very often, when trying to unscrew the mowing head, users simply render it unusable, unaware that it unscrews in the opposite direction. To prevent this from happening if the tool needs to be replaced, it is recommended that you read the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Before you tuck the trimmer line into the spool, turn off the brushcutter engine or de-energize the electric grass trimmer to avoid injury from accidental startup of the cutting tool’s rotation.
  • Unscrew the brushcutter attachment on the gear shaft. To do this, secure the shaft by aligning the holes in the washer and axle and inserting a metal rod or screwdriver.
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