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The starter is one of the most important mechanisms in any modern chainsaw. It is the starter that determines how to start the engine of the tool in all weather conditions. Starter for chain saws has a simple design, it is easy to maintain and repair with their own hands. However, in order to fix the failure, you must first find its cause. To do this, it is often necessary to completely disassemble the original mechanism.

Most chainsaws have the same starter motor. That’s why some stores offer customers universal triggers that will fit STIHL, Husqvarna and Partner models. Nevertheless, some differences from most have starters of domestic chainsaws Urals or Woodsman.

As standard the chain saw starter consists of a number of parts.

A protective cap is put on top of all the components of the starter motor. The original principle of operation of most starting mechanisms is also practically the same. In a special groove in the chain saw’s body there is a handle that holds the cable. When the handle is raised sharply, the latter is understood. At that moment the ratchet is actuated and transmits the force via the reel to another slotted reel on the engine shaft.

When the standard cable is pulled, the chainsaw motor shaft starts to rotate, which leads to compression of the existing fuel mixture located at that time between the cylinder head and the standard piston.

As the volume of the internal combustion engine cylinder increases, so does the amount of fuel mixture required for its future ignition. Accordingly, the operator of a powerful saw needs to make more jerks than the owner of a domestic tool with low power. To increase the rate at which the reel returns to its original position, the manufacturers of heavy-duty chainsaws use elastic return springs.

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How to Repair Recoil Starter Recoil Spring ls Out For Repair Brush Cutter Starter Pull Starter Repai

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How to find the starter?

Experienced car enthusiasts are sure that if beginners manage to repair the starter with their own hands, then after that they will cope with all the other breakdowns. Why they say so? It is simple. This part is installed in a very inconvenient place under the hood. Therefore, in order to dismantle it, you will have to put a lot of effort. In most cars the starter is located under the engine on the driver’s side. To dismantle the device, you need to have patience and a good set of tools. open-end wrenches, sockets, screwdriver. It is not superfluous and flexible adapters. It is best to disassemble the element on an inspection pit on an overpass.

If you plan to repair the starter with your own hands, then first you need a diagnosis. It’s impossible to correctly determine what’s wrong without removing it. In the process of work the starter is very dirty. This is due to its unfortunate location, as well as the use of graphite brushes. So even if you can’t immediately determine why the assembly is out of order, it doesn’t hurt to clean it thoroughly at all. Also check the integrity of all parts and elements after disassembly.

Starter Assembly

The starter assembly is assembled in several steps:

  • the coil is inverted by installing it in such a way that the spring bend fits exactly into the groove of the shroud, as in the photo below;
  • put two washers with a spring between them;
  • put the cup with the antennas in place;
  • tighten the screw (photo below).

When performing the above manipulation, two washers must be put in. If this is not done, the spring will eventually damage the plastic cup, and when it is raised, it will begin to jam. This makes it feel as if the spring has flown. To eliminate this disadvantage, you need to install this part of a longer length or an additional washer.

When such spares are not available, you can unscrew the screw slightly and the starter assembly will begin to work without jamming. But this option is temporary. it is better to have it repaired as soon as possible.

My string trimmer for grass keeps spinning when idle | Home Guides

A string trimmer uses the same clutch mechanism as a chainsaw to prevent the working part of the tool from rotating when the engine is idling. If the clutch doesn’t work properly and the string doesn’t stop spinning, the tool can be dangerous. It can damage anything or even cause injury. The engine may idle too fast. Which is easy to fix. or clutch service may be required.

Grass trimmer clutch operation

The drive shaft of a string trimmer for grass is connected to the motor flywheel by a centrifugal coupling, usually located in the front of the motor housing.The clutch consists of two parts: a body or drum connected to the grass trimmer shaft, and a shoe connected to the engine. The springs bind the shoes together and hold them in compression until the engine spins out fast enough to disengage them and they make contact with the drum. When this contact is made, the drum also rotates. It stops when the engine slows down and the springs pull the shoes back.

Clutch malfunctions

The clutch can fail in two different ways. In one scenario, the friction coating on the shoes wears out, they slide on the drum, and the string head rotates intermittently or does not rotate at all.This can also happen if oil gets into the clutch and contaminates the shoes. In the second scenario, the shoes never retract and are always in contact with the drum. A broken spring is usually the cause of this type of failure, but it can also be the result of corrosion. If the spring is broken, it can sometimes be replaced, but it is usually easier to replace the entire clutch.

Access to the clutch

To get to the clutch, you must remove the driveshaft, which is bolted to the engine housing.You may also have to remove the throttle cable and ignition wires. Be sure to drain the fuel from the grass trimmer before you start. To remove the single screw holding the clutch drum, you must prevent the engine piston from moving; A good way to do this. Insert a nylon rope into the spark plug hole. By unscrewing and removing the drum, you can unscrew the shoe and repair or replace it if necessary. If you decide to replace it, it is recommended that you replace the drum at the same time.

Engine Idle Adjustment

Before disassembling the grass trimmer for clutch maintenance, consider whether the engine is idling too fast for the clutch shoes to retract. In this case, adjusting the idle speed will also save gas and improve engine performance. To make the adjustment, locate the idle speed adjustment screw on the carburetor. It is usually marked with an “I”. and, while the engine is running, turn the screw counterclockwise. The engine may slow down enough that the head stops turning, but if the engine stops before the head stops, it’s time to repair the clutch.

How to repair the manual starter for your power tiller with your own hands?

The main thing is to treat all small things very carefully, so as not to lose them. Most often, starter repair involves the renewal of unusable parts. For example, replacing the starter cord will be relevant if it is completely frayed or torn.

It’s a little more complicated with the big spring, because there are special hooks on the ends of the attachment points. If they are missing, it is necessary to heat these very ends and bend in a suitable direction. An important point: do not try to restore the element to its former functionality when there is a pronounced metal fatigue. Replacement is the best way to go.

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How to replace or replace the starter spring?

If all was well with the rope on the starter, the suspicion falls on the coil itself. It is driven by a coiled band spring. To change the spring there are certain steps you need to take.

  • Remove the starter motor from the hedge trimmer.
  • Remove the starter coil.
  • Unscrew the main bolt holding the pulley to the housing.
  • Pull out the grab bars and spring, the belt spring will almost straighten out or fold into larger diameter rings.
  • Hold it in mind beforehand.
  • Check the virgin spring (there may be rust spots, cracks, etc. Д.). If the hooks on its ends are broken, new ones cannot be bent. High carbon steel breaks when trying to bend it. Loose hooks are suitable for easy bending.
  • Make sure auxiliary spring and washers are in place. These parts protect the coil frame from piercing the ends of the main spring. If washers and spring are broken, but no new ones are available, do not tighten the reel bolt, but keep an eye on it. It can swell and get lost.
  • If the main (flat) spring is damaged, insert one new. Place the hook on the end of the spring on the end of the spring and bend it, inserting the coil into the space where it should be.

Spring rewinds in one minute. The dexterity in this action is quick.

To replace or replace the starter spring, watch the following video.

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