How to install a disc on a trimmer for grass

The model belongs to the professional models, so the goals set in front of it will be little higher. It is designed to mow coarse grass, cleaning hard shrubs and young trees.

There is a new high.Power engine that does not distinguish many harmful emissions.

  • Motor power. 1.9 liters.With;
  • Motor volume. 36.3 cm3;
  • Tank volume. 0.53 l;
  • The bar is even;
  • Pen-T-shaped;
  • Equipment. Shoulder belt, two.Blade knife;
  • The diameter of the fishing line is 2.4 mm;
  • Weight. 5.9 kg.

The scatter of for these models does not speak of some difference in quality, at first, no matter what mower Stihl Designed for a certain type of work.

It is clear that there is no point in getting a more expensive and strong model if you have a plot or clearing in front of the house. Simple models will perfectly manage this task, but the word “simplicity” is used here in no way in a derogatory form. Powerful braids are designed to process tremendous areas with overgrown and thick surfaces, hence the difference in prices. If you are confused in such a wealth of tools, then do not be upset, but boldly click here and we will tell you how to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence.

But what model you would not choose, you need to comply with certain operating rules recommended by the manufacturer in order to avoid likely breakdowns.


The material for the knives is plastic or metal, which determines their purpose. The question naturally arises about what disk Better use: plastic or iron? The choice is determined by the following factors:

Electric version of braids for grass

Self.Propelled type of these units can be used anywhere, but only next to the power supply. Silent, they are often used near schools, kindergartens, also hospitals and clinics. They are quite actively consumed in personal areas.

How to change the disk on the trimmer and for which motorcycle they are used

Trammers for grass differ in the method of engine operation. Electric and gasoline options are released. The latter. Have a much more capacity of their competitors.

For miniature trimmers, plastic knives or light metal elements are traditionally used. For mowels of greater power, you can even use a winning disk for a trimmer for grass. But the restrictions affected not only the power of the devices.

The second principle is the mechanism: hard or gear. In the first. Rotation is transmitted based on the shaft, and in the second. A steel cable. A flexible cable does not work with large discs, as it quickly becomes unusable. Therefore, for a flexible transmission, use a reel with a fishing line instead of knives. The type of device should be found out before the purchase, so as not to be with a quick breakdown.

Which knife for a trimmer for grass is better to choose? Review of possible options

Manufacturers produce several varieties of cutting elements for motorcycle. It all depends on the type of device. It is customary to distinguish between consumables:

What material for a trimmer knife is better

The purpose of the consumable determines the material: iron or plastic. The choice of one or another option is determined by several factors:

Important: metal mills are never installed on network braids. The power of the device is not enough for a full torque. Therefore, he appeared an alternative. Plastic. Features of the design of the electric format motokos simply do not allow metal knives to work adequately:

Plastic blades are used only on devices with flexible hoses. Plastic copes with fine grass, dry areas and burdocks. If the wrong disk was accidentally installed, look further: how to change the disk to the reel on the trimmer.

Metal cutters. It is used for mowing thick, dense grass, small trees. The properties of a disc trimmer for grass allow you to install it in the fight against shrubs.

Technical and external characteristics that indicate that you need exactly an iron tip:

  • Straight bar, respectively. The length of the device itself increases;
  • Comfortable handles for control of a scythe;
  • Setting a smooth turnover of the blade.

Black and Decker Electric String Trimmer Review

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Tip: for mowing a large territory with different types of grass and shrubs, gasoline units are well suited. They need to install a metal disk with sharp knives on them.

How many blades should be

The form does not affect the efficiency of the blade as their total number. For example, for the future hay it is worth taking a mill for 6-8 blades. With an amount of 2-4, the grass is mowing “into the meat”, and you will not fall any drows. For young trees, blades with many small teeth are great (look in stores with winning elements. Also a great option).

Labric mushroom knives are Natural in different ways: on one or both sides. Dumb or spent option increases fuel consumption and works inefficiently.

Important: try not to work with blades in areas with stones, brick. The only hit of the blade on the solid edge can break it can break it. Worse, if part of the pebble flies away in your direction. Be carefull!

How to change the nozzle for a trimmer for grass? The element should be selected on the basis of dimensions, material and design. Also focus on the format of work and the area that you will mow. The instructions from the tool will help you partially. Manufacturers indicate which knife what territory your equipment will process. Well, we go to how to put a knife on a trimmer for grass correctly.

Rules and nuances of work

So that the weeding is as efficient and safe as possible, perform a sequence of actions:

  • Initially, they put on protective glasses, a respirator and clothes that will close open areas of the body.
  • Prepare a trimmer for grass and check its work at idle. If there are any malfunctions, then using such equipment for weeding is unsafe.
  • A cultivator.Type nozzle can be deepened by no more than 2 cm into the soil.
  • Weeding is carried out if the height of weeds is not more than 20 cm.
  • It is better to weed after 4 pm in dry calm weather, and experts recommend mowed weeds as natural mulch for beds.
  • Every 20-30 minutes you need to take a break. And the trimmer for the grass should relax (cool the motor), and the person who controls them.

Opinion of expert Kuznetsov Vasily Stepanovich

Before starting work, it is recommended to process the nozzle of a trimmer for grass using an alcohol solution. It is appropriate to carry out the same procedure after weeding. So you can avoid the spread of pathogens through the territory of the garden, which will save from a number of problems.

#127803; Hipa Heavy-Duty String Trimmer Line with High-Strength Flexible Black Inner Core Any Good?

Ribbating should be done every 10-14 days. It is not recommended to leave the garden unattended, since in the presence of abundant precipitation the grass will grow much faster than cultures. And if the weeds reach half a meter, then they will have to remove them manually.

Choosing a saw disk

Choosing a diamond disk of a TST series designed to work with wood and multilayer plywood, with the following basic characteristics:

There are three rings with the same external (30- mm), but in different internal diameter, that is, they differ from each other in width. These rings are designed to compensate for the difference between the landing hole of the saw disk and the retaliatory element on the clamping puck of a larger diameter.

What knives to put on an electric and a lawn mower

Before buying and putting a knife on a motorcycle, find out what they are and in what cases are used. Today, manufacturers offer the consumer a large number of types of these supplies. In general, the entire cutting tool designed for mowing grass can be classified:

The main material for the manufacture of trimmer knives can be plastic or metal. The use of such consumables largely depends on two parameters:

For safety reasons, manufacturers do not recommend putting steel knives on electric trimmers for grass. Almost all motokos operating from the electric network and battery are equipped with plastic blades. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be a solid disk design, with several blades or in the form of a special mowing head, which provides for the installation of removable plastic blades.

Direct rod in a gasoline trimmer for grass and curved in electric

Putting a metal knife on an electric trimmer for grass does not allow its design features.

  • The curved rod of the unit reduces the distance from its working part to the legs of the Kosar. In the case of a collision of blades with a stone or other hard object of a braid for grass, it is discarded to the legs.
  • The high torque, which we mentioned above, in the event of a collision of a metal knife with a solid object, transfers a large load to the flexible shaft of a trimmer for grass and its engine. What causes their premature failure.
  • Handle Electric Knules most often does not have a restrictive bar playing the role of the stop. Which does not exclude leg injury.

It is these features that allow the use of exclusively plastic knives on trimmers with electric engines. In a collision with an obstacle, the blades are destroyed, thereby protecting the legs of the mower from obtaining possible injuries.

The use of metal knives only on gasoline trimmers is also due to constructive features.

  • The direct design of the rod increases the distance to the legs, which provides the Cossacks with complete safety.
  • Comfortable U-shaped and J-shaped handles allow you to keep the tool firmly. D-shaped handles Motokos are equipped with a limiter resting in the leg of the Costsa, which does not allow to let the head to the legs when meeting a cutting disk with a solid obstacle.
  • The clutch of the gasoline engine allows you to smoothly gain speed to the optimal level. And when the blade collides against a hard surface, it can extinguish part of the blow.

Thus, gasoline trimmers for grass with an installed metal knife are best used in large areas. They will successfully cope not only with high coarse grass, weeds, burdocks and nettles, but also with shrubs, as well as young trees.

The shape of the blades of the disk set to the trimmer for the grass does not affect the quality of the work performed. The speed does not depend on them. Triangular, trapezoid, rectangular forms are all marketing course of manufacturers.

Safety regulations

I’ll start with this section in order to recall: any home.Made gas mowing design can cause harm to health. This requirement is especially relevant for:

Electric danger of a trimmer for grass

Electricity does not think about your health. She creates the current path where the best conditions and less electrical resistance are provided for him. You can get a shock even from random things: clothes surrounding objects standing a car. There is nothing strange in this. You need to take care of yourself, apply protection means.

When creating an electric trimmer for the grass with your own hands, immediately pay attention to the strength and quality of the isolation of all current.Alkali parts both inside the engine and the outer scheme. Its installation should be performed by a qualified employee.

During operation, a homemade trimmer for the grass is necessary:

All three devices should be checked. They must meet safety requirements for technical characteristics, settings, be correctly established.

Remember the general recommendations: do not work in raw weather and do not mow the grass with a lawn mower with a dew. The wet environment is well conducted by electric current.

The dangers of a mechanical scheme

Collector engines develop very large rotation speeds. For vacuum cleaners, they can be from 11,000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute. This is quite enough for a small pebble, a piece of wire or chips, like a bullet from a rifle, from under the cutting head.

The difference will be that the direction of the bullet is selected by a sniper, and a pebble from a lawn mower is a case. Where it will fly to predict it is impossible. Therefore, when working, it is necessary:

  • Ensure a stable body position, which is a general requirement of safety when working with all tools;
  • Protect yourself with dense clothes made of natural cotton fabrics or jeans;
  • Put on your feet strong shoes, not open sandals;
  • Use glasses or a protective mask.

Lawn bore from the electric motor from the vacuum cleaner

  • Collector engine;
  • Its mounting knot on a wooden bar;
  • Homemade cutting knife;
  • Support wheel;
  • Switch buttons;
  • Protective covers.

Electric motor

A collector engine from the old Soviet.Time vacuum cleaner for 300 watts of the Buran brand is taken as the basis for the design of the lawn mower.

It was necessary to abandon its use after the purpose of it, after long.Term operation, various gaskets began to wear out, the movement of air was disturbed.

I’m tired of eliminating the fistulas that affect the pressure and absorption, therefore I bought a replacement for him.

The appearance of the collected trimmer for grass from the engine is shown in the photo. Since it is no longer used, it was covered with rust, and the remains of mowed grass have long dried up and remained adhering to all details. It is much more convenient for me to work as a factory structure.

The engine did not have to redo at all. Just using an electric drill, a vice and hacksaw for metal, he made several fasteners and protective covers. In the next photo, a cap carved from a plastic bottle that closes the brush knot is raised.

A working knife is poorly visible in this picture, but it can be considered above.

For greater clarity, he raised the protective cover with his finger and showed a close.Up engine from the brushes. Here all the factory details are completely in a working state.


The fastening of all parts of a home-made trimmer for grass is made on a dried wooden stick without any processing of it. He drilled the fasteners in it, and screwed some details, for example, a handle bracket with a piece of wire.

All these compounds are visible in different pictures.

Homemade knife for grass

It is noteworthy that when I removed the fan impeller, I saw: the vacant place on the rotor shaft is ideal for attaching a home.Made knife. I didn’t even have to select a nut and gaskets.

Bad experience

At first I tried to fix the wire of different diameters on the shaft. She began to mow the grass normally, but she broke off very quickly. Its structure does not withstand mechanical loads on the gap and bend developed by large engine speeds and oncoming grass. Therefore, manufacturers of trimmers produce different varieties of fishing line.

The method of manufacturing a lawn mower

Made a knife for a homemade trimmer for grass according to the following technology:

  • Took a metal plate made of soft steel;
  • Cut it with a rectangular shape;
  • Drilled in the center a hole along the diameter of the shaft;
  • Imprisoned edges to reduce loads during kosbe.

To show the way to fasten it through the factory sleeve, I unscrewed the nut a little, and the knife itself just bent my hand.

Support wheel

The main disadvantage of this design of the lawn mower, like all trimmers with the lower location of the electric engine, is the need to apply large physical efforts to hold the knife in the desired plane during kosbe. The employee’s muscles are tensed, and he quickly gets tired. I need an emphasis on Earth.

Therefore, I attached small wheels from the old children’s cart to the engine and the bar body and the bar with the adapters. They are light, but greatly facilitate the work.

Step.By.Step instructions how to mow a benzoca with a disk of grass and save fuel

The launch of the lawn mower is required mainly on the ground. Some craftsmen know how to start the tool, holding it in their hands, but it is quite difficult and dangerous. After starting the tool, you can proceed to its use. First you should wear protective uniforms and an unloading belt.

Depending on the tool model, unloading belts can be on carbines or screeds. If a carbine or latch is used, then after starting the engine, the tool should be fixed and proceeded to work. If the screeds are used, then you need to put on the belt along with the working tool.

Initially, the belt balancing should be performed. This means that despite the total weight of the tool, the mowing should have a minimum of load. With his hands, the mowing carries out only the movement of the tool, and if you do not make balancing, then fast fatigue will be observed during operation. All weight should fall on the shoulders of the employee.

When the tool is ready for use, the instructions for ukos of grass with a benzocaum have the following view:

  • You need to make movements to the right and left, while holding a trimmer for grass at the same distance from the ground
  • The mowing movements should be unhurried (half a step). Experts call the movement of mowing duck steps
  • The biggest difficulty faced with newcomers is to maintain stable revolutions. The turns during the mowing process should be changed, which depends on the density of the vegetation. If the grass is young, then it does not need to work at all to the full capacity
  • A mower should feel the work of the tool. If a braid for grass does not cope with grass, you need to increase speed. At the same time, it is not recommended to work as a tool at full speed
  • Experts have developed such an optimal regime of the grass of the grass with benzotrimers. One way you need to increase the speed above average (almost to complete gas), and when the grass trap is moved back, the gas is dumped, while taking a step forward. This method is relevant for cases when it is necessary to gently lay the grass in the rolls

Often, among mowers, there are disputes about how to mow a trimmer, whether it is necessary to discard gas or it is better to work in constant mode. We will figure out in detail in these matters.

  • There is an opinion that it is better to mow a benzoca in one mode of revolutions. This opinion is not correct. Work with the same power not only affects the increase in fuel consumption, but also wear and tear. The discharge of gas with the reverse movement of the tool is useful, since during this period the engine is cooling, as well as the lubrication of CPH. The discharge of gas leads to the overlap of the throttle, as a result of which the fuel passes through the XX channel, and thereby lubricate the parts
  • Gas reset allows not only to mow grass, but also carefully put it in rolls. Moving the tool in one direction allows you to mow it, and when moving, a roll is created
  • The disk moves in only one direction, so it is simply pointless to keep the tool at constant speeds when it is moved in the opposite direction
  • The discharge of gas leads to the fact that the cutting disk by inertia begins to rotate the crankshaft, and the movement of the roll is always useful

If you mow a gas station in one speed mode (this is how beginners are usually done), then this will affect the increase in fuel consumption and engine overheating. For comparison, you can imagine the work of the chainsaw. The saw gives maximum turns only if necessary, but when the cutting of the tree ends, the chainsaws are working on xx, thereby it is cooling.

Sharpening of the disk

Regardless of the quality of the disk, over time it is stupid and begins to cut the grass poorly. If the knives are still relatively new, and the replacement is inappropriate, you can sharpen them with your own hands.

Important! For sharpening, only those discs are suitable on which there are no attacks from solid materials. Such details are thrown away, and instead new.

  • Disassemble a trimmer for grass, remove knives;
  • Carefully inspect the disk. If cracks are discovered, it is better to change the part to a new one, since its further operation is unsafe;
  • Bent blades can be carefully bend with a hammer;
  • Given the size of the disk, you need to choose the right file for metal, this will provide more convenient work;
  • At an angle of 30 ° equally sharpen all the upper cutting edges of the disks;
  • Collect a trimmer for the grass in the reverse order.

To sharpen the disk, you can use an sandpaper at low speeds by installing a circle for grinding with medium.Sized grain. Through such a tool, the process will move much faster. For safety, you need to put on gloves on your hands, and a protective mask or glasses on your face.

So, for beating grass on gasoline and electrimers, plastic and metal disks of various shapes are used and with a different set of blades. They are chosen in accordance with the type of work performed and the size of the processed territory. If the knives on the mower are swept away, they are easy to sharpen or change them on their own. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, you need to be neat and remember the safety so as not to injure by negligence or not to damage the technique. A more detailed description of the replacement of knives in relation to a specific model of a trimmer for the grass can be viewed in the instructions for operation or on the official website of the manufacturer. For clarity, the general process of the process is shown in the video.

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