How to install a trimmer head on a trimmer for grass

It should be noted that the coils in mowers can be different:

  • For functioning with one osik;
  • For functioning with two antennae;
  • The fishing line for the trimmer should be extended through the through hole, which is located inside the element.

And you should not confuse this part with an extension cord for a lawn mower on a coil, because despite the similar name these are two completely different elements.

In the first version, wound the cutting element is very simple:

  • On the inside of the coil element there is a fixing ear.
  • One mustache is inserted into it.
  • Refuel the nylon thread in the direction of the reverse rotation of the coil element.
  • You will need only 2 to 4 meters of fishing line. When the winding process is completed, the small end of this cutting element is put out and fixed in the groove that is necessary to fix the fishing line so that it does not spin during the functioning of the mower.
  • If there is no special groove, then the end should be held with a hand so that the cutting element does not spin during the further collection of the element.
  • At the last stage, it is necessary to pass the outer end of the thread into a special hole located on the outer part of the element. After that, the coil can be inserted into a mower.

When the video works with two ends of the polyethylene thread, then it is necessary to take the following steps to refuel the fishing line for the trimmer to the lawn mower:

  • Inside, the coil will see how many recesses for winding are available (two or one). If one deepening, then both ends of the threads will be laid on this recess. If there are two of them, then the antennae are laid out separately. Each by its own seizure.
  • It is necessary to rewind from 2 to 4 meters of polyethylene thread and pass two ends into the hole.
  • Wind both threads in one direction, reverse the drum.
  • When the entire fishing line for the trimmer is wound, the ends should be fixed in grooves or held with a hand.
  • Both ends are threaded in the ear from the outside of the clip body.
  • After that, the drum is assembled and inserted into a mower.

Coil element or video can have a completely different design, different from the previous two options. A fishing line for a trimmer can be extended through an ears, which is through and is located inside the coil. In this case, you do not need to disassemble the roller drum and manually wrap the plastic thread.

The polyethylene thread is threaded through the hole and rotates by pressing a special button. This button is located on the case and is intended for the operation of the equipment so that it is possible to produce a fishing line for a trimmer as it is worn.

Tape setup

Given the number of possible settings, in the parameters of the Office 2010 applications, a separate group appeared to configure the tape. To display it, click the file. Parameters. Tape setup.

In the final version of Office 2010, unlike Beta, the default “Developer” tab is already included, on which access to macros, superstructures, document protection and template management is concentrated.

In the table below, I listed the main actions to configure the tape.

  • Highlight the desired tab and click the Create Group button.
  • Set the group and icon that will be identified with it in small windows.
  • Highlight the created group, click the Rename button and set the name.

In the same window, you can proceed to the settings of the key combinations.


It is important to remember! You can not use fishing fishing line for a trimmer or metal cables for a trimmer for grass. This replacement is not effective and dangerous. The cable can injure not only the mower himself, but also others.

As for the length, it is worth counting on the estimated frequency of using a trimmer for grass. The more often, the more it is worth stocking up.

install, tape, trimmer, grass, automatic

Information about the possible diameter of the fishing line is found on the case Trimmer coils for grass. Most likely, the range will be indicated there. The thickness varies from 1.2 to 4 mm. Choose a suitable option, taking into account the features of the processed territory. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to mow hard grass.

How to replace a coil on a trimmer?

Removing a coil on a trimmer to replace it may seem a difficult task. At first glance, this is really difficult, as you should adhere to accuracy and accuracy. The article tells how to quickly and has a sound replacing the problematic part.

Before removing the coil, the trimmer for the grass is jammed (if it is on gasoline) or turns off the network (if we have its electric version). Then step by step performs such actions.

  • Remove the cap that holds the spring.
  • Acting by force on the latch with one hand, and the other carefully remove the tire.
  • Connect the hole in the gearbox cup with the hole in the shaft hub (this action is performed very carefully).
  • Put the shaft into the gearbox hole with a key with 6 faces (without turning it at the same time).
  • Remove the bobbin.
  • To unscrew the screw.
  • Holding the body of the disassembled element with one hand, unscrew it with the second hand (counterclockwise).
  • With light swaying movements to remove the mowing head.
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The assembly of a trimmer for the grass is carried out by the same actions in the reverse order.

All work needs to be carried out, adhering to the elementary safety rules and the following recommendations:

  • Jam the gearbox with a hexagon (if not, a regular screwdriver is used);
  • Jamming is mandatory, otherwise the shaft will turn around;
  • During the repair, the features of the tool are taken into account (paying special attention to the type of thread);
  • To make it more convenient to work with the unit, it must be turned down the engine and placed on a horizontally located surface;
  • Before dismantling a new coil, it is necessary to clean the tool;
  • The new detail should have the same parameters as the old;
  • If you neglect the previous requirement and install the part from another device, the trimmer for the grass will work incorrectly;
  • On the gearbox of most trimmers in the advantage of the left thread;
  • After the end of the work, you need to remove the screwdriver, which was immobilized the unit;
  • All work is carried out extremely carefully: the part is made of easily damaged plastic;
  • No need to tightly tighten the newly installed element, otherwise it will not be possible to remove it if necessary.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in replacing the coil of the trimmer for the grass. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and carefully carry out all the work.

Preliminary preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line, it is required to remove the coil (bobbin, spool) from the trimmer for the grass. Specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of product itself:

  • Small electric trimmers for grass with a working location of the engine and coils in the lower part, as a rule, have side keys on both sides of the bobbin. With the simultaneous press on them, the upper part of the coil, along with the internal contents for winding the fishing line, is disconnected, while the lower remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to analyze the bobbing in an even smooth place, so that the spring does not jump out and not be lost;
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers for grass with a curved rod without the ability to install a knife, as a rule, have coils with a special lamb: in such structures, you should hold the spool in a fixed position with one hand, and rotate the fixing bobbin on the bar with a barack’s baracks. After disconnecting the nut, the whole bobin is removed.
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers for grass with the ability to install a knife on a straight rod (for example, trimmers for STIHL grass) have a hole. For the immobility of the bar, a screwdriver or another suitable object is inserted into this hole and, with slow rotation, such a mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the bob is fixed. After that, the coil body is scrolled clockwise (with the left thread) and removed from the trimmer for the grass.

For the second and third cases, the coil, depending on the design, are versed in various ways. In the bobbins with a lamb, lamb is twisted, in the reels with latches, latches-fixers are pressed and one part of the coil is freed from the other. If the halves of the spool are connected by thread, then it is enough to turn them with your hands in the opposite directions until they are completely developed.

Failure adjustment

If the performance when mowing falls, it is necessary to adjust the thread. The length of the thread during mowing can be optimally configured at any time by light touch (arrow) of the thread head to the floor. However, this is possible only if the thread peeps out. 3 cm.

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A knife for cutting a thread (see. P. 8, d/8) automatically cuts too long the ends of the thread if the ends of the thread is shorter than 3 cm, the length of the thread must be built manually for this should be pressed button and pull the thread with force. Attention: cleaning the thread head, replacement of the thread and a reserve tuning of the length of the thread can only be done with the engine turned off and a pulled plug-in network fork!

Where and which knife is better?

When the features of the fishing line are not enough, you should think about its replacement with a steel or plastic knife. If a replaced knife is attached to the trimmer, there is no problem: replacing cutting equipment is carried out in accordance with the instructions for the operation of a trimmer for grass. But this does not always happen.

You can find out the suitability of installing a knife on an existing electric trimmer for grass (there will be no such problems with gasoline) by the actual number of turnover revolutions. If, when replacing a spoon with a fishing rod with a knife, the engine dials the installed number of revolutions in a second or less, then the replacement is possible, otherwise the engine will overheat a lot, and the trimmer gearbox will quickly fail.

It is interesting to compare among themselves the three most common options of knives. Multi.Tooth disk, as well as with two and three blades.

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Metal disk knives

Typically, the set to the trimmer includes several such knives, but you can also buy separately, measuring the external diameter of the knife and the configuration of the landing hole. For example, disk knives from Stihl and Husquarna interchangeable among themselves. Disk knives differ in the number of teeth, height (can be of different.High ones), as well as the solidness of the canvas. Such knives are most often installed on trimmers from STIHL, HUTER, AL-KO, equipped with a direct bar, and are most rigid. They cope well with the old shoots and long stems, but when working with young grass, mowing mowing is often observed on the inner surface of the protective casing.

A trimmer for grass with an oen.Colored knife, in comparison with a continuous, is gaining momentum. Lack of disk knives is an increased moment of inertia, so the starting power of the drive increases. On cheap structures and at frequent stops in work, this leads to overheating of the engine and negatively affects its durability.

Two.Lobed and three.Lobed knives

Such knives are equipped with their electric trimmers for grass brand Bosch. Their moment of inertia is minimal, and practically does not affect the performance of the drive. The convenience of the operation of this design is that a separate replacement of each of the blades is acceptable. The trimmers of such performances are curved in the form of the letter j. Two.Lobed knives work steadily on a homogeneous mowing mass. They threw off the cut off to the side well, do not allow sticking or wrapping the remains to the shaft of the bar.

Three.Lobed and two.Lobed knives in their capabilities are quite competitive discount, but the thickness of the blade should not be less than 2 mm. At the same time, forged knives are more durable than stamped (found on Chinese.Made trimmers). To distinguish them simply. On stamped blades, traces from the detachment punch are clearly distinguishable with the presence of characteristic zones of chip and cut, which is not on forged.

Shark knives

The Shark is a nozzle of three blade knives, and each blade is fixed relative to the other at an angle of 120 °. The advantage of this design is that each blade can be adjusted individually. As a result, with the mowing of a plot with different types of vegetation (grass, weeds, dryness), the quality of mowing will be approximately the same. In addition, since the interval between the mowing of the grass of each blade is reduced, the discharge of grass will occur more intensively. The “Shark” head is compatible with many sizes of electric trimmers, is characterized by low weight, but requires periodic lobe submitting, which are attached to the base with ordinary screws.

The moment of inertia of the disc knife can be reduced due to independent survey of its surface, for example, on a cutting press. The penetration holes should be located strictly symmetrically relative to the center of gravity of the knife. The tool becomes easier, and its cutting abilities do not change. The proper sharpening of the blades of a replaceable knife also gives a positive effect. It is performed with a small number of turns of the grinding circle with medium grain. Teeth are pulled at an angle of 30 °. Do not use a knife for a trimmer for grass with an attack made of solid alloy. The quality of the cut will remain almost at the same level, and the weight of the tool will increase.

Features and types of border tape

Border plastic material is made of different textures. Ribbons are flat or wavy. There are corrugated stripes, as well as cut in the form of figures. The width of the material has a range from 10 to 100 cm. Average thickness. 2 mm. On sale the strip element is entered with rolls, 10-50 m long.

In addition to ribbons, there are two more types of plastic curbs:

  • Products with connecting grooves are called border sections. The fencing elements are recruited according to the principle of the designer.
  • Ready.Made borders are made with whole elements. Products are produced with imitation of wood, brick, stone and other materials.

install, tape, trimmer, grass, automatic

Bordy tape for floral flower beds differs in color. The gardener is given a choice of strict and bright shades. Designers use multi.Colored tapes to decorate the landscape.

Advice! For the usual differentiation of flower beds or different plants on one bed, it is appropriate to use brown elements. Bright multi.Colored borders are in demand when creating floral compositions.

Pros and cons of garden tape for flower beds

The popularity of the garden border is due to its advantages:

  • The flexibility of the element allows you to give a ridge any outline. You can create smooth and sharp transitions, turns in the right place.
  • A plastic product retains a decorative view during the service life. The fence does not burn out in the sun, retains its shape.
  • Gardeners allocate an affordable cost by a great advantage. A plastic fence is cheaper than a design made of wood, stone, brick, metal.
  • If you use a border tape for a flowerbed correctly, its service life reaches 10 years.
  • The simplicity of installation is considered to be a plus. In a few minutes, the tape can be buried in the ground, and the fence is ready. To extend the service life of it for the winter, they are dug up, stored in the barn, and in the spring they return to their place again.
  • Border fence provides security for plants growing on a flower garden. The buried edges prevent the penetration of the roots of weed grass, pests living in the ground. In addition, the curb prevents cultures beyond the borders of the flower garden.
  • The use of the fence prevents soil leaching from the flowerbed during rain or abundant watering.
  • Mobility is another undeniable plus. If the flower garden urgently needs to be transferred to another place, the curb is easy to remove from the ground and dug up on a new site.
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The disadvantages include only weak resistance to mechanical loads. Plastic fences are damaged by random blows by a garden tool, break down on high beds from land load, if additional stops are not made.

Scope of decorative border

The most popular is a flexible border tape for green and black flower beds. The first option is combined with plants, and the second with soil. Fences of other colors are less popular, more often used by designers in creating compositions.

If we summarize the depicted examples in the photo of using a curb tape for a flower bed, then it can be used wherever it is required to distinguish between the site.

How to choose the right

Produce tape from synthetic materials. In relation to the soil, plastic is considered environmentally neutral. The consumer is offered a choice by the manufacturer.

The domestic strip has an affordable cost, but it is fragile. In the middle price range, border fences of Polish and Chinese production are ranging. They are characterized by increased elasticity.

German products are considered the highest quality and expensive.

The choice of width and length depends on the characteristics of the ridge. The second parameter is determined by the measurement of the flower garden around the perimeter. The width of the curb element is determined by the alleged height of the flowerbed, plus a reserve is made for deepening into the ground. The resistance of the fence of soil pressure depends on the thickness of the product.

Advice! The higher the strip is above the level of the soil, the more its thickness should be.

The texture plays an important role. Corrugated or wavy stripes have stiffener ribs. They, by the principle of slate, are opposed by large loads. Flat ribbons are best used for low beds. Figure cutouts on curb elements are just a decoration. They are chosen at their discretion.

The choice of color similarly depends on personal preferences. Borders are usually found 15 colors. In addition to brown and green, gray tape is popular.

install, tape, trimmer, grass, automatic

Regardless of the technical characteristics, manufacturer countries, border elements are stable to all weather phenomena. Withstand the temperature in the range from 50 to. 50 OS. Subject to operating conditions, manufacturers guarantee a border service life of up to 5 years.

Important! Great danger to plastic fence is a trimmer for grass. However, there are borders for flower beds of increased strength. Such products should be preferred if frequent mowing of grass is supposed.

How to fix a border tape on a flowerbed

The process of protecting the flowerbed is so simple that a woman or a teenager will deal with it. To work for the site, you will need to take a bayonet shovel. Clains and a marking cord will not interfere if it is supposed to create a complex shape of a flower bed or many flower beds on the site.

From other tools, you may need scissors for cutting and a soldering iron to solder pieces of tape. However, it is rarely done by soldering. Summer residents usually connect pieces of tape with wire if necessary. They install a border tape for the flowerbed according to the following principle:

  • On the site the cord marks the contours of the flowerbed. Dug a groove with a bayonet, leveled the bottom.
  • Install borders, align. The size of the deepening and protrusion above the level of the soil depends on the width of the tape and the type of the equipped flowerbed.
  • Border fence is covered in a groove with soil, trim.

Before buying a curb strip for beds, we recommend reading reviews of summer residents that have already purchased and tested in practice this product.

Inga, g. Kazan: “Black country has acquired 10 m long for the improvement of the territory near the country house. She herself formed several round beds, it turned out beautifully, even the neighbors admired. During the summer season, the tape did not faint and retained the original shape.””

Igor, g. Stavropol: “I live in a private house, I have a small garden with a garden. At first I wanted to decorate the site with crafts from improvised materials, but there is no time for their manufacture. I purchased a border tape with a texture simulating a pebble for the design of the track. The decor looks great.””

Irina, g. Novorossiysk: “Without hesitation for a long time, I bought a“ garden designer ”of a noble terracotta. For its installation, I pressed sharp edges into the soil. And all! The bed turned out to be beautiful.””

Nikolai, g. Voronezh: “It took material to strengthen the beds, as they began to blur after prolonged rains. I bought a black border strip 30 m long, 15 cm high. Enough for all the beds. By the way, it preserves the form perfectly.””

After reading these reviews, you could make sure that the border tape for decorating flower beds, flower beds and beds is a really useful product.

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There are a lot of ways to protect the beds, and the simplest. Using a wide strip (up to 50 cm), buried in the soil. You can also build a fence with your own hands from improvised means.

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