TOP-32 best cultivators for a summer residence-rating for 2022

Gasoline cultivators exist in two types, depending on the type of engine:

install, cutters, cultivator, sable, shaped

  • Two.Stroke. Operate on mixtures prepared from gasoline and specialized engine oil. Characterized by high performance, durability, low cost. Minus. Non.Economic fuel consumption.
  • Four stroke. Require separate nutrition. The design contains two tanks. One for oil, the other for gasoline. Advantages. Simple operation and care, economical fuel consumption, low noise, the ability to process large areas.

Additionally, motor cultivators are divided into 4 classes:

  • Light and inexpensive. Designed for small and non.Hard work, for example, loosening of the soil;
  • Medium. Can be equipped with additional equipment for laborious garden work;
  • Heavy. Professional technology used on farm lands.

For plowing soil in a summer cottage, light and medium gasoline cultivators are perfect.

The main varieties

Solving the question of how to choose the wheels for a single tractor, it is important first of all to find out what their types exist. According to the classification, three varieties are distinguished:

  • Pneumatic. In their design, a rubber tire and chamber are released;
  • Metal with soil.Spaces. The peculiarity of such a wheelbase is increased cross.Country ability;
  • Rubber. This is a whole.Liter design consisting of a rim and rubber.

What option to give preference? The choice should be made based on the operating conditions of the walk.Behind tractor. For example, plowing too moist soil or a clay area will be quite difficult if you do not use a technique equipped with metal wheels with dirt. Their teeth enter the ground deep, due to which an additional effort is created that ensures the advance of the walk.Behind tract in the right direction.

If the unit is used to clean the crop or landing, for example, potatoes, on a site with normal soil, you can give preference to the pneumatic model of the wheel. If the soil is characterized by the presence of a large percentage of stones, then a technique equipped with a cast wheelbase is ideal for a plowing of a field. Such elements of the chassis demonstrate good resistance to mechanical damage. The main minus of cast wheels is a large weight. Therefore, the latter, as a rule, equip medium and heavy equipment.

Advice! To increase the performance of technology under different weather conditions, it is recommended to purchase two varieties of wheels, for example, a pneumatic and metal version with primers. These are quick-change elements of the chassis, so there will be no problem with their installation.

Features of operation

If the diameter determines the depth, then the number regulates the width of the capture. The most common option is two or three pairs of elements. Cultivators are found with one or four pairs. By changing the number of soilofors, you can adjust the width of the processed strip.

The number of elements also depends on the type of soil. For processing with your own hands of loose light soil, the maximum number is set. For loam, virgin land, their number decreases.

How to properly assemble (install) the “Goose legs” cutters on a motor.Cultivator and whether it is necessary to hide them

Importable assistants in the country and in rural areas: one.Axle tractor and motorbike. Both of these units are driven by a gasoline engine. The main difference is that the first can still transport goods, plow and even mow, and the second can only loosen the soil. Cultivator mills are the knot that makes them similar to each other.

install, cutters, cultivator, sable, shaped

The advantages that the cutting of the cutter gives can only be attributed to the ease of cultivation, only at first. The pluses ended on this. But there are more minuses. The roots of weeds do not break out, but grind, which leads to a autonomic increase in their reproduction.

How to install knives on a walk.Behind tractor correctly

We need additional labor costs for disassembling and assembling cutters. It is noted that after sharpening the device, no more than 2 hours work normally and they need to be disassembled again and select. This all takes a lot of time. And when to process the site?

Dismantling for sharpening and subsequent assembly of cutters requires a lot of time, and when to work

So it is still worth sharpening the cutters of the motor.Cultivator or not? Opinions in this matter differ. Some argue that it is possible and necessary, while others recommend adhering to the instructions of the manufacturer of the equipment, where it is clearly written: the knives in no case do not sharpen, since this will increase the load on the equipment.

Features of operation

If the diameter determines the depth, then the number regulates the width of the capture. The most common option is two or three pairs of elements. Cultivators are found with one or four pairs. By changing the number of soilofors, you can adjust the width of the processed strip.

The number of elements also depends on the type of soil. For processing with your own hands of loose light soil, the maximum number is set. For loam, virgin land, their number decreases.

Knife sharpening

Elements with a rounded edge do not drag.

Odin on the record “How to choose and install mills for the cultivator

I want to replace the cutters of saber.Shaped with goose legs, but I don’t know the size. Cultivator Husgvarna TF 335

The secrets of assembly of soil cutters of the cultivator, motoblock

After 1. 2 jerks, the motor should start. The fuel valve is set to the position depending on the task, and the air damper is opened.

The cultivator is turned in a horizontal position in the fresh air. It is impossible to launch in a closed room.

Previously, it was recommended that the run.In was done at idle for 5 hours. This was done for the purpose that the details could get to each other. Today, the accuracy of manufacturing engine parts has increased and such a mode of preparing a new cultivator is no longer required. Manufacturers of different engines recommend their current conditions, more details with them must be familiarized with the instructions. In most cases, the operating mode at medium and low speeds with subsequent oil replacement is expected after 5 to 20 hours.

How to make tree or vegetable planting tool

The good functioning of the cultivator or walk.Behind tractor is guaranteed only with a sufficient amount of oil in the engine. Therefore, checking the oil level is carried out before each launch of the technique.

Unboxing Assembling The Adaptive Cultivator System

  • The cultivator is installed in a horizontal position.
  • Using a rag, you need to clean the grass and particles of the earth from the neck.
  • The cover is removed from the crankcase.
  • If there is a probe on the cultivator, then the oil level is determined by the tags on the probe. Otherwise, the oil level is determined by the lower edge of the neck.

Every 20 hours of operation of equipment, it is recommended to completely replace the oil. Irregular oil replacement leads to breakdowns of key elements of the motor, bunks are formed on the details, and the channels are clogged with dirt and developed lubricants. To replace it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • The cultivator is installed in a horizontal position and put a tray under the drain openings.
  • The plug of the drain hole is unscrewed.
  • After draining the waste oil, the cork is returned to the place and the new oil is poured.

Factory cutters “Goose paws

Not so long ago, mills began to be used for motoblocks, which were called “goose paws”. They have proven themselves well, are most often used to process solid and complex soils. It is such cutters that are used when cultivation should be carried out in difficult conditions, on rocky soils. The design of the “goose legs” is made continuous, which provides the highest indicators of the strength of the equipment. Mills are available in standard sizes:

  • Knives width is 41 cm;
  • The length of the knives is 38 cm;
  • Structure height. 38 cm;
  • The mass of the cutter is 16 kg;
  • The permissible operating speed of a motor cultivator with such knives is 2-5 km/h.

What are the pluses of the “Goose legs” cutters, is it possible to install it on your own? It is convenient for soil processing, weed fighting. The remaining models will not be able to cope with work better. For rocky and solid soils, the “Goose legs” cutters are simply indispensable. Of the advantages, it should be noted that the steel of cutters in this case is welded. If necessary, you can carry out repairs at home, and not buy new knives, as it is costly.

The cutter of this type also has disadvantages. The main drawback is that ordinary carbon steel is used for manufacturing. The strength of the design itself is at a high level, but the material loses a little other varieties. Such a milling cutter should be regularly inspected when work is carried out on clay soils, with the cultivation of virgin lands. Knizes knives can be curved or simply broken. However, the repair is not too complicated, a welding machine is usually used for a broken knife, after which the fracture is thoroughly polished.

When assembling the circuit, you should work together, since the weight of the design is significant. It is important not to confuse the direction of installation of knives on the axis. When assembling, sharpening should look towards the processed soil. To strengthen the cutter, use a lock, it is placed on the output axis.


Earth cultivation is the desired process when processing it. During it, plowing occurs, but without lifting the lower layer of soil. The cultivator, which is a technique for cultivating the Earth, passes through it to a given depth, loosen the upper section, and then crumbles into small parts.

This leads to alignment of the field. Additional benefit is the purification of the soil of ingrown weeds. In addition, cultivation helps to improve the flow of air into the ground, allows it to warm up faster, gain useful substances, and restrain moisture.

The presence of knives on the cultivator gives the ability to quickly, thoroughly plow various types of soil. With their help, you can process land, and then be content with the following advantages:

install, cutters, cultivator, sable, shaped

  • High level of quality plowing;
  • Comfortable conditions for controlling the cultivator during soil processing;
  • High level of reliability of transmission;
  • High efficiency of the cultivator.

There are several types of milling. Each is aimed at their purpose. They are mainly designed for loosening the soil, the creation of a specific structure of the soil layer, which is processed, as well as to combat weeds.

How to sharpen a home.Made cutter correctly?

Manufacturers of motor cultivators supply equipment with already sharpened standard cutters on sale. However, what to do to a person who made mills for the existing cultivator on his own? In this case, it will be necessary to perform the independent sharpening of the cutting knives of the device.

To sharpen the equipment, you will need an angular grinder equipped with a diamond circle with a diameter of 12.5 cm. Otherwise, you can use the grinding machine, but it will be difficult to use it in connection with the dimensions and the direction of bending knives. If the manufactured mills are equipped with small knives in size, then for their rapid sharpening you can use fine.Grained sandpaper.

To sharpen the knives of a home.Made cutter for a cultivator, it is necessary strictly at an angle of 45 °. In this case, it is necessary to independently determine the side that deepens into the soil. It is not required to remove too much metal from the knife, 1-2 sharpening in one season is quite enough. In some cases, the frequency of sharpening knives can change. It all depends on the intensity of use and the type of soil processed.

With intensive work, the cultivator in wet weather will need to monitor the state of the milling. To exclude the formation of corrosion, they should be treated with a special anti.Corrosion compound, which can be found in almost any automobile spare parts store. It is also very important to try to exclude cutters on stones and other solid items. This will help extend the life of operation and reduce the need to sharpen the cutting knives of the device.

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