Electric screwdriver without a battery. We transfer a screw to power from network 220

Battery screwdriver. A wonderful assistant in the household. The tool along with the master works in the house and in the garden, works in the garage or in the field. Until the battery. The number of cycles of the charge of the battery is limited, the battery spoils from idleness: self-discharge destroys the elements. On average, the battery lives for 3 years, after which it has to be replaced. You can save the tool by converting it in the network. Alteration is performed in different ways.

Without batteries, the screwdriver turns into a piece of iron. When batteries stop holding a charge, you have to look for new nutritional elements. Firstly, it is expensive-the price of batteries is up to 80% of the cost of a screwdriver, it is more efficient to buy a new tool. Secondly, batteries are not always on sale, for example, if the model is discontinued from production. Thirdly, the zealous owner seeks to use all the possibilities to save money.

Alteration of the battery screwdriver to work from the electric network. A good output. What does it give:

  • The tool gets a new life.
  • No longer needs batteries requiring charge.
  • The torque of the tool does not depend on the battery charge.

The disadvantage of the converted design is the dependence on the outlet and the length of the network cable.

Attention! Work at a height exceeding two meters, converted screwed is not allowed.

Structural elements of electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver is rightfully considered an indispensable universal tool. The modern screwdriver market is represented by a large number of models equipped. Despite the variety of brands and modifications, all batteries have the same structure and only slightly differ from each other.

Each of them includes individual elements, interconnected by each other. All of them are made in standard sizes and have the same voltage level. Separate types of elements are distinguished only by a container measured in a/h and indicated in the marking.

There are 4 contacts in the tool case that perform various functions. Including, two are power, intended for charging and discharge. In addition, in the upper part there is a control contact included in the circuit along with a special thermal attewer. It protects the battery, performs a shutdown of the charger and limits it to a set value due to changing the temperature regime.

Separately located the fourth contact connected with resistance. It is necessary when using chargers of increased complexity that can align charges of all battery elements. Such stations are rarely used in everyday life due to their high cost. An ordinary 12-volt electric screwdriver does not require such stations.

One of the reasons for the failure of an electric screwdriver is the battery malfunction, that is, its separate element. In such cases, with a sequential connection, the entire chain fails. Therefore, it is very important to accurately determine the faulty place. As a rule, this happens after the established life. This problem can be resolved in two ways: purchasing a new battery or repair and restoration of an old battery.

Necessary materials and tools

For most, the third option may seem difficult, because it is much easier to buy a new device and use it for several more years. In fact, the old electric screwdriver will last even longer, but for this it is necessary to restore it. To do this is quite simple, but this will require the next tool and materials:

  • Charger, which early played an important role of charging the battery.
  • Multiple electric cable.
  • The battery from the electric screwdriver, which has become unusable.

A soldering iron, acid, solder and insulating tape are required from the tools.

All these details will allow you to transform an electric screwdriver to connect it to the 220 volts network.

Mobility of the device

When transferring battery equipment, one of the main distinguishing properties is lost. Mobility is lost from the power supply. Therefore, if you decide to remake a screwdriver power, you need to determine exactly which device you want to use in your work in the future.

launch, electric, screwdriver, battery

There are two concepts, how to redo the battery type to the network:

  • Power supply (BP) will be external. This execution option provides for the presence of a separate device. But let it not scare you, even a heavy and large rectifier can simply be near a power outlet. All the same, you will be limited by the length of the power cable either to the outlet, or to the supply unit. According to the law of OM, a reduction in voltage with the same power increases the current strength. Therefore, the power cord for 12-19 volts should have a cross.Section more than a 220 volt network cable.
  • The power supply is mounted in the battery housing. In this device, mobility is almost completely preserved, only the length of the network cable can limit the movement of the operator. One problem may arise if necessary to install a high.Power transformer in the hull body of the screwdriver battery. But the modern radio engineering industry allows you to solve this problem, there are a large number of compact rectifiers in the radio equipment markets.

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Each of the methods finds supporters, as it has a certain set of characteristics.

Installation of the finished power supply in the body of the old battery

If you managed to purchase a power supply in the market with appropriate indicators, installation and alteration is carried out by several simple steps:

  • Dismantle the old battery building, the extraction of the developed elements.
  • Install a new power supply so that it is tightly located with the case, if necessary, you can glue, connect the wires of high voltage (exit from the 220 volts outlet).
  • Connect low voltage terminals to the power supply of the Gaikovert electric motor, in the absence of contacts, the wire will have to be soldered.
  • Assemble the case after alteration and install the block on an electric screwdriver.
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Installation of the finished power supply in the body of the old battery

It must be remembered that compact power supplies are warming in a closed space, so it is necessary to drill several holes from different sides of the body for ventilation.

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Assembly of a network power supply for an electric screwdriver in the housing from the battery

It is convenient to redo the electric screwdriver in the network using the case from its battery. At the same time, they use as an internal filling:

Reducing the Chinese block for 24 V

Chinese.Made PSU with voltage at 24 V (maximum current 9 A) will not be difficult to buy in places of sale of radio components. Most screwdrivers are designed to work from 12 or 18 V. For this reason, it is necessary to lower the output voltage of the Chinese product to the desired value. It is easy to do this, even having shallow knowledge in the field of radio and electrical engineering.

The modernization of the supply source is performed as follows:

  • The permanent resistor R10 with a resistance of 2320 Ohms, which is responsible for the output voltage;
  • A adjustable resistor with a maximum resistance of 10 kOhm is soldered in its place, having previously set this parameter to 2300 Ohms so that the built.In protection does not work when the device is turned on;
  • Supply power for a converted block;
  • By rotation of the tuning resistance regulator, the required amount of output voltage is set, controlling its value using a multimeter.

To connect the multimeter, just touch its probes to the appropriate contacts at the output of the reduced product. In this case, the switch of the measuring device must be set to the range of constant voltage. If the modernized power tool is designed to work from 12 V, then you should make sure that the current with a given voltage value does not exceed the maximum value of 9 A. Otherwise, the created device will quickly fail due to overload.

Homemade built.In power sources

To power the electric screwdriver from the network, you can also assemble a home.Made power source (IP). This will require an electronic transformer for 60 watts, for example, Taschibra or Feron. No need to redo them. The final circuit of the power supply that is to be assembled is presented in the photo further. It is clearly visible on it all the details with their marking, as well as the main parameters.

T1 transformer will need to be done on your own. For this they do this:

  • Acquire a ferrite ring (NM2000), which has dimensions of 28169 mm;
  • The corners are stuck on it;
  • The ring is wrapped with insulating tape.

All details of the circuit are attached to the aluminum plate (with a thickness of 3 mm), which will simultaneously perform the conductive function. Then the assembled IP is installed in the case from the battery.

You can also take ready.Made parts from an energy.Saving lamp and from other devices. But the schemes then will be different, for example, as in the photo further. To solder them, certain knowledge of radio engineering will be required.

The scheme above corresponds to an individual entrepreneur with a ballast lamp, the photograph of which is presented below in the assembly. In this case, the light bulb performs the backlight function.

Using ready.Made blocks when remaking

Inside the old battery case, you can put any power supply, designed for 220 V, the main thing is that it has suitable dimensions and the required voltage at the output. PSU with the desired characteristics is bought on radio markets or in stores for radio amateurs. To install the purchased power supply for an electric screwdriver, instead of the battery, come as follows.

  • Pre.Disassemble the purchased product.
  • Redo it in the right way, modernizing it for their own needs. If necessary, connecting wiring is lengthened, a separate transformer and microcircuit are placed separately. For better cooling of the board, it is equipped with a radiator.
  • After that, the parts are mounted in the housing from the battery block, in which holes are also made through which the air will remove heat during circulation during circulation.

All built.In parts inside the case must be securely recorded.

The degree of modernization of the acquired PSU in each individual depends on the correspondence of its initial parameters to the required values ​​for the power tool. In order not to make a mistake with the dimensions of the acquired power source, they take the body from under the batteries and try on the selected product on it.

Simple steps for a hot connection of a car in an emergency (instructions for beginners)

Latest update December 28, 2020.

launch, electric, screwdriver, battery

Connection of a hot connection is mainly launching a car without a key. We all saw such films where the hijacker (or hero) climbs under the steering column and twists two wires together to get a car.Is it really so simple in real life?

Well, before computers and electronic locking systems were built into cars, hot wiring was really such a simple task. But now everything is a little more complicated when you need to deal with central computer systems that control the mechanisms of blocking.

However, if your car was released in the mid-1990s or older, you can connect it by performing a few simple steps.

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Important: Obviously, we do not promote theft and do not invite you to get out and connect someone else’s machine.This should be used only in an emergency or on your car (if you feel that you really need to try).

Note: Connecting a car to the mains can be dangerous for both your personal safety and for the well.Being of the car. If you do not take appropriate precautions, there is always a probability of electric shock. The wiring of the car can also be damaged when trying to connect to the mains. Before the attempt, always check whether the car is on the neutral with the emergency brake on.

How to connect a car to a network by 6 steps

When you insert the key to the ignition of the car, and then turn it, usually an electric circuit occurs, which goes from the battery to the ignition, and then the starter only receives power to the starterkak, it ultimately turns on the engine and starts the car. So, when you connect the car to the mains, you create this electric circuit yourself without using the key.

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STEP # 1

The first thing you need to do is to take a screwdriver and insert it into the keying well of the ignition system (which is called the ignition toothbler). Turn the screwdriver and see if he can do the car thus. With a small number of cars, this is all you need to do to start the engine.But for most cars you will need to go to other steps.


Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the lid of the steering column. You should easily see these screws on both sides of the steering column. As soon as they are removed, you will see access panels. Remove access panels by simply pulling them. Now the wires of the ignition system are opened.

STEP # 3

You should see 3 bunch of wires with different colors.There is a ligament for car headlights, another for janitors and heaters, and one more for the battery and ignition. The latter is what you will be concentrated on.

In this conjunction there will be wires connecting the battery, starter and ignition system. Find out which wire is connected to the ignition system. And which. To the battery. The battery wires are usually red, but there is no universal flower system for ignition wires, so you need to look for your brand and model on the Internet or check the user guide.


Use the wire cleaning tool to cut off part of the insulation from each end of the two wires. Now just take these ends and twist them together with your hands and fingers. If everything is done correctly, ignition, radio and headlights should turn on.


Then you need to find the wire that connects to the starter, and cut off a piece of insulation from its end. Take the end of the wire and touch it with the ends of the other two.(Do not try to twist the wires together, as this is a wire under voltage!) This should start the engine.


Use isolet to close the end of the starter wire under voltage. You do not want him to accidentally contact you or something else and shocked you, or lit up you.

Other tips

  • Take the engine a couple of times to make sure that the car does not stall, and you do not have to start all over again.
  • If the process described above did not work and you find yourself in an emergency, take the battery drill and drill the keyhole of about the length that your key usually includes.You may have to remove the drill several times during the drilling, because it will help get rid of stopped pins. Now remove the drill and stick the screwdriver, then turn it. Your engine should earn now.
  • To turn off the car, just spin the ignition wires and the battery, which you connected at a step 3 above.
  • Keep in mind that even if you manage to adjust the car under voltage, many cars have the function of blocking the steering wheel that prevents the movement of the car (except when you are driving right in a straight line).

How to replace the HP laptop battery

If you have not noticed, the battery of your laptop is not designed for eternal work. Perhaps you realized that spending hours on charging a laptop only so that he has a battery for a short period of time. This is because over time your battery capacity is reduced, so it will no longer be the same as before.

But there is good news. Laptop batteries can be replaced. So, if you are interested in how you can install a new battery yourself, this article will show you how to do it.

This leadership will help you carry out repairs quickly and efficiently so that you can return to work and work for the long time from the battery of your device.

Here are the steps that you will take when replacing the battery of your computer:

  • Buy a new HP laptop battery
  • Create a battery report in Windows
  • Disconnect a portable computer from a power source
  • Remove the rear panel of your laptop with a screwdriver
  • Give the old battery
  • Connect the new battery to the body of your portable computer
  • Replace the back panel
  • Confirm performance with a new battery report

Let’s start.

Buy a new HP laptop battery

Before you think about opening a computer and starting this process, you first need to order a new battery. HP support service can help you with this, but you can also find the brand and model of your computer yourself so as not to order the wrong battery to replace.

Determine your serial number and company that produced your computer before looking for a new battery on the Internet. Also check whether you can easily determine your own model number and serial battery number when you search.

launch, electric, screwdriver, battery

  • Use the battery search tool to find a suitable replacement
  • If you need to replace the battery of an old computer, search a third-party website

Create a battery report in Windows

Before performing the replacement of HP batteries, you should get an idea of ​​how well your battery works. Windows simplified this using a battery charge report. Here’s how you can create a report:

Click in the lower left corner of the screen to open the command line.

Enter Powercg / BattleReport and click Enter

The battery state report will be saved.

Click the users folder to find and view the battery report.

The report provides an overview of how the battery worked in the past, and a review of its past three charging cycles. You will want to look at the calculated container in comparison with the full charge capacity to determine whether it is worth replacing the battery.

If there is a big difference between how much the battery can keep when you unpacked the computer, and now, then, probably, replacement is necessary.

launch, electric, screwdriver, battery

Disconnect a portable computer from a power source

This is the easiest step in the process, but it should be repeated. In addition to the complete shutdown of the laptop, you must also make sure that you turned it off from the power source. Otherwise, you will suffer a serious danger to be injured due to electric shock.

Remove the rear panel of the laptop using a screwdriver.

Most HP laptops require removing the rear panel to replace the battery.This means that you may have to spend money on the Phillips screwdriver or a set for opening a laptop that is inexpensive and can greatly simplify the installation process of a new battery.

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On the rear panel there may be rubber legs that you have to remove before you can access the battery, but it depends on the model of your HP laptop. Use a plastic tool for opening to lift rubber, which will allow you to unscrew the screws holding the body of your laptop together.

Using Phillips screwdriver, loosen the screws on the rear panel, and then carefully remove the back cover of the laptop.For this, it may be necessary to use a plastic tool again to loosen the edges. It is usually easier to start from the corner and carefully move the panel, but be careful not to damage the components inside.

Remove the battery from a portable computer.

Use the cross screwdriver unscrew the screws holding the battery in the computer housing. After it is weakened, you will need to disconnect the cable with which the battery is connected to your system. Be careful at the same time because these details are fragile, and you can cause problems in the future if you damage them.In addition, do not forget to completely remove the battery from the device.

Remove the new battery from the package and make sure that it does not have plastic. Make sure this is really the right battery for your device so that there are no problems with compatibility. Insert the battery in the slot on the laptop and make sure that it is aligned correctly.

Connect the new battery to the body of the portable computer.

At this stage you can start the process of connecting a new battery.After you insert a new battery, you will need to cancel the steps just executed so that the computer will work again.

  • Carefully connect the computer cable to the new battery
  • Plunge the battery back into the device case
  • Make sure that the battery is installed reliably, but not too tight, otherwise it may damage some components

Install the rear panel to the place.

Combine the back cover with the rest of the portable computer before using the Phillips screwdriver to put on the lid again.Again, you must be careful so as not to make things too tight or too free, because it can damage your device. Replace rubber supports in the lower part of the laptop if they are on your computer.

Other methods of feeding

Block inside

The solution to the problem “Is it possible to connect an electric screwdriver through a charger” can be an alternative option for writing an electric screwdriver. Installation of power supply in the devastated body of the tool supply unit.

Before starting actions, it is necessary to prevent overheating of the block, for which holes are arranged in advance in advance, which will provide air movement, removal of heat. The time of continuous operation by an electric screwdriver with such an improvement is advisable to reduce to 15 minutes.

A finished block is purchased, it is selected by the size of the case, technical indicators. The impulse version of the module is most suitable for use, it is small, light. The use of domestic production modules of the time of the last century is not recommended. They have large volumes at small efficiency.

Unsuitable nutrition elements are removed from the bed, a power supply is laid in their place. Contacts are noted, the case is closed. A collected hybrid gadget is ready to work from the network.

  • The wires can be lengthened for convenience.
  • It is necessary to monitor the quality of the assembly: the design should not be able to touch metal elements, otherwise the short circuit is not avoided. It is best to leave some place between the transformer and the board, which will positively affect cooling.
  • If any parts of the structure are very hot, it is possible to install excessive heat of the modules, or the device of ventilation grooves.

On your own

For users with special knowledge, skills, the problem will not turn out to be difficult “whether it is possible to power an electric screwdriver from a charger without special means”, t.To. Assembling a nutrient unit is possible with its own hands. Instead of spoiled elements, the power module collected according to the scheme is inserted into the case. The outgoing voltage is measured, the wires are transferred, the case is locked.

Tip: the scheme may require an additional load, provide it with the inclusion in the 15W light bulb, which will also provide backlight.

The computer module is also suitable

Another solution to the problem of writing an electric screwdriver. Installation of it to a computer power supply. This option is applicable to such modules that are equipped with a mechanical switching lever. The positive aspect is that the block is cooled by the cooler, is protected from exaggerations of the load built.In special system.

Such an assembly is arranged only with the use of power modules at 300-350 W and an current of 12 volts, at least 16 A. For tools with a voltage of more than 14 volts, this recording option does not work.

The user may wish to hide an unaesthetic block into a beautiful case, then it is recommended not to forget to arrange ventilation in it.

Car charger

In search of a solution to the question “Can I connect an electric screwdriver to a charger”, you can stop by charging by a car ak-block. The modules with manually adjustable current, voltage are applicable. Connection is absolutely not complicated. It is enough to connect the input channels of the tool motor with contacts of the car charger.

General recommendations

All of these methods include one stage unifying them. Dismantling of the body of the supply module. If the skeleton is fixed on the bolts, then this is not a difficulty, fastening on the gap requires careful opening of the seam by tapping the gap with a hammer, deepening the knife into it.

During installation, observe the voltage direction. It should not be served on the battery. Therefore, the module is mounted in parallel to supplying contacts, a diode illuminator for a certain power is built into the plus line.

Resume: to the question “can an electric screwdriver work from a charger” have a positive answer, and several solutions, however, caution, some scientific knowledge and dexterity are required.

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