How to lubricate the gearbox of an electric screwdriver. The lubrication of an electric screwdriver. Equipment and tools

Professor or home master should troubles about the tool that he uses in the activities of his company. For this reason, the duration of the equipment directly depends. The power tool needs high.Quality lubrication. This will protect the nodes and mechanisms from wear. Work with all this will be significantly more effective.

Therefore, the lubricant for the pea is very fundamental. It must be selected in coordination with the features of the equipment model. Each brand develops lubricants with certain technical characteristics. Different additives included in the composition provide a variety of properties of similar products. Therefore, it is necessary to select it in agreement with the criteria for operating the peorator.

The history of the development of technology

Than 150 years have passed that all additional details of the moment are removed from the door, as in the far 1851 the first time began to be used in the works of a manual peorator. It was made for the needs of the mining industry did not have the variety of modes that of course of modern models at the moment. But even then he significantly improved the work of workers. No wonder the presented type of instrument is extensive distribution among masters of various specializations.

Since then, the tool has been subjected to significant design changes. One thing remains constant. The need for proper care. The device of the peorator is quite complicated. Some of its details are variations to wear rapidly.

So that this does not work out, the lubricant for the peorater must own a number of properties. With the development of the submitted power tools, its additional materials were also improved. To realize how to choose a lubricant, you need to see the structural features of the equipment.

The device of the penetrator

A mechanism that is able to produce the required effect on the material, you will like electric or pneumatic. The peorator has 2 main features. The power of the motor and the impact power are related to them.

The just the indicator in watts and joules, the stronger the tool. The electrical and pneumatic type of equipment has a different device. Therefore, what lubricant is used for the peorator of each variety, the mechanism of operation of their devices will be responding.

The electrical type of tool consists of a coil, core and drill. These are the elements that need lubrication. The pneumatic mechanism has a cylinder and a piston, a drill and a fight. They significantly affect the weight of the penetrator.

The main properties of lubrication

Lubrication for the Makita, Hitachi and a huge number of other manufacturers makes the functions required from it. At first, it flows through the necessary details of the mechanism, preventing the friction of their surfaces one about the other. Here, respectively, their wear is miniaturized.

Such substances have additional additives that prevent the occurrence of corrosion. The 2nd more fundamental feature is the washing function. When working equipment, of course, small particles of material and dust fall into the tool. They settled on the mechanism and lead to its wear.

Lubrication collects this mud and garbage and keeps them in a balanced state. When there is a lot of pollution here, the substance must be changed. There are mineral, synthetic and semi.Synthetic lubricants. The cheapest substances are made based on oil. These are mineral varieties. They rapidly lose their characteristics and require often substitution.

Synthetic lubricants are expensive, but the quality of this brand is the highest. They are not necessary often to change, they provide very benign protection of the mechanism from wear.

Average in semi.Synthetic oils. They own the best than mineral varieties, properties. But in addition to synthetic materials, they do not reach slightly.

For what parts the lubricant is suitable?

Each lubricant of course has its own appropriate features. They must certainly be taken into account. Therefore, we choose a lubricant for the penetrator consciously. For each type, the component of the mechanism selects their variety of substance.

The lubricant for the gearbox is not able to use the drill. Therefore, before purchasing lubricating materials, you need to closely study the manufacturer annotation. It is correctly indicated that from components and devices asks for processing how often it needs to be done.

Also, the manufacturer will certainly shows what substances it is allowed to create an inventory care. If you find the product recommended by the manufacturer, it is forbidden to be controlled by common rules for oil substitution on various mechanisms of the penetrator.

Lubrication of the reducer of the electrical screwdriver Dewalt DCD734 14.4V Cordless Drill-Driver Gear Greasing

Often during operation an uncharacteristic ringing sound. How to disassemble lubricate.


Liquid oils are allowed to be used for the gearbox. They are poured in the quantities established by the manufacturer. The case has special holes. Through them, oil is poured inside. The covers closed, insulating the liquid tightly. The most popular today is the lubricant for the Makita Peorator, Bosch.

For the gearbox, it is important that the consistency of such funds is liquid. Some models involve the use of cream.Like lubricants. But this is rather an exception.

Liquid oil leaves a thin, but strong trace of the substance on the parts of the gearbox. It is also called a film. Too liquid substances will not be able to maintain the monolist of the coating. Dense substance creates too dense film. It prevents the movement of the gearbox.

The most popular means of this type today Makita P-08361, Bosch 1615430005.

The drill of the instrument

When working, the Bur is subject to significant mechanical influences. Pressure and heating are able to quickly disable the nozzle and their seat. In order to avoid increased overheating, special substances are applied to the bur.

What lubricant to use for the pedorator for this department must be found in the instrument operating manual. The manufacturer indicates a list of products suitable for brown lubrication.

They also prevent dirt and dust on the working surfaces. Each time before installing the drill cartridge, it must be treated with a special material. The nozzles are lubricated, but not very plentiful. The effectiveness of the work depends on the correctness of this action and its final result depends.

Device and principle of operation

The gearbox is an integrated gear mechanical node through which the axis of the motor-power unit transfers torque to the cartridge.

Two or three gear rates are installed in the gearbox.

The design of the “household” double.Mode electric screwdriver includes:

  • Plastic case. A small drum that is attached to the cartridge. The case itself is fixed motionless, and the shaft of the cartridge is inserted into the clamp on one of the transfer plates;
  • 2 or 3 gear plates (drive). A round plate of metal, on one side of each there are 3 protrusions under the small gears. On the other side of one of them, a clamp under the shaft of the cartridge, and the other (or 2 others) has another T.N. “Planetary” gear, which rotates three small gear wheels;
  • 6 or 9 small gears (three each: they can be one or different thickness). These are the so.Called “satellite” gears that are installed and rotate freely on the protrusions of the gear plates. With their teeth, they interact with the solar gear located between them and with the ring gear, which is located on the inner surface of the case;
  • Ring gear. A metal ring with teeth on the inside and small protrusions on one of the rings of the external. On these protrusions and balls, she fits on the inner surface of the case.

Details are lubricated, collected sequentially and installed inside the ring gear, which lies inside the body of the body (it contains a seal with deepening into ball bearings and ledges of the gear). After that, the surface of the open satellites is closed with a metal washer, in the center of which there is a hole, which includes the engine shaft with another gear fixed on it.

During the operation of the electric screwdriver, the gear wheel on the engine shaft rotates the upper satellites, and they, spinning around its axis and, along the ring gear, respectively, pass the movement to the next drive. Depending on the number of plates and small gears. The speed of rotation will be proportionally reduced.

As can be seen from the device of the gearbox. They are divided depending on the number of gear rates on:

Reference. Such an indicator as the number of speed modes of the device depends on the presence of steps, and this, in turn, will affect its cost.

Another indicator according to which gearboxes are divided is the material from which its parts are made.

The production of satellite gears uses:

  • Plastic. Such structures are relatively lighter, but their reliability is lower than that of a metal analogue;
  • Metal. They are durable and with proper care and lubrication will work “like a clock”.

Important. The disadvantages of metal details. The continuation of their advantages. They are heavier than plastic and are more expensive. Over, if an electric screwdriver is used without violation of operation rules 2-3 times a year, the master most likely does not feel the difference from what material the parts of the gearbox are made of.

Diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions of the electrical part of the electric screwdriver

If you have a battery device, then the first thing you need to check the batteries in the battery block by dismantling it. There are collapsible and non.Vegetable blocks. In the second case, you will need to carefully insert the screwdriver into the place of gluing the walls of the block and, slowly, disconnect them.

Next, it is necessary to measure the voltage on all “banks”. The voltage rating is indicated on the body of each battery. The voltage should be slightly lower than the indicated, but the same on the working batteries. Faulty batteries will differ significantly from the rest in the voltage issued. They will need to be replaced. New batteries can be purchased on the Internet.

If you are the owner of a network electrical screwdriver, then the test algorithm is slightly different. At first, you need to promote the body of the apparatus and remove it one half. Take the tester and “call” the power cord for a cliff. In the case of a good cord, you need to check the start button. Check with a button pressed if there is a circuit on the output of its contacts. If the button is faulty, it will need to be replaced or repair. How to do this will be considered later. With a good button, the problem can lie in electrographs or engine.

Repair button

Below is the electrical circuit of the battery electrical screwdriver.

lubricate, gearbox, electric, screwdriver

It shows from the diagram that 2 wires from the battery are suitable for the button, and 2 wires to the engine come out of it. Also, 3 wires from the transistor responsible for adjusting the revolutions are connected to the button. To understand the device of the button of the electrical screwdriver, it must be disassembled. All wires going to this details can not be soldered. They will not interfere with disassembly.

Remove the pressing mechanism (red) from your seat. Do this with neat rotational movements, while pulling the part in the opposite button, making sure that the joke does not break.

Next, remove the button cover. In the places indicated in the figure with arrows, with the help of a knife and screwdrivers, you need to put and push the latches, then remove the lid.

Removing the lid, you will see the reversal compartment. But the button mechanism will still be unavailable. Using the soldering iron, disconnect 2 elements (the next figure is indicated by the arrow).

Gently pull out the element under number 1, then remove the cover that closes the compartment with the mechanism for turning on the device.

GEDORE Tools for life (ENG)

Holding the return spring, take out the mechanism from the body.

In a faulty button, you will see the erased contact sites.

Contact sites wear out quickly due to the poor quality of metal. Small metal dust from the cooked contacts accumulates between them and closes the platforms. As a result of this, a spontaneous launch of the apparatus occurs.

With the help of a cotton swab moistened in alcohol, remove metal dust. If this fails, you can scrap her with a knife. After these actions, the spontaneous launch of the device will stop.

Replacing brushes

To check the condition of the brushes, it is necessary to disassemble the engine by bent the “antennae” located at the end of the case.

Next, with light beats of the hammer on the engine shaft, knock out the rotor from the body.

In this case, the cover in which the electric shows will be removed first.

The following photo shows that the collector has black. This means that it will pollute the dust from the brushes. As a result of the pollution of the collector, as well as the grooves between its plates, the engine power drops and the brushes sparkle. It is necessary to wipe the collector with cotton wool moistened in alcohol, and clean the grooves with a needle.

The following photo shows what a clean collector looks like.

If the brushes are worn out, they will need to be changed. For some models of screwdrivers, it is difficult to find original brushes on sale. But you can find brushes suitable in size, after which on a sharpener to trim them and connect (solder) to the brush holders.

To better understand how the brushes are replaced, you can use the following video.

Engine brake repair

The engine brake is a device that stops the anchor rotation at the time of release of the launch button. In screwdrivers, this function is implemented by closing the plus and minus of the engine when the button is released. As a result, there is a lot of self-induction, and the spindle is blocked (with great sincerity from under the brushes). If the engine is slowed down, then you will need to replace the control transistor or start button.

Tips for lubricating the reducer of electrical screwdriver and tool care

What lubricant to use for an electric screwdriver. Old school professionals will best answer this question. In addition to modern lubricants, many still use time-tested lititol-24. It can be bought in any profile store and it will cost inexpensively.

  • Before lubricating the gearbox, it must be cleaned of old lubricant, dirt and at the same time rinse the rest of the elements. It is better not to touch the bearings. After cleaning, wipe all the details dry. Do not rinse the gearbox with gasoline, solvent and other caustic liquids.
  • After all the manipulations, grease the gearbox with fresh grease and place in the case. When an electric screwdriver is turned on, the remaining lubricants may seep. There is nothing wrong with this. Excess oil can be removed with a napkin or a rag.
  • The electric screwdriver itself requires no less care. For the tool to work for a long time and without breakdowns, it should be kept clean. After work, the unit needs to be cleaned from dust with a rag or soft rag.
  • It is unacceptable to get on an electric screwdriver of moisture and water. Store the tool in a dry room. You can not throw electric screwdriver, and you should also try to protect the batteries from shocks. In the case of a network unit, make sure that there are no bending and twisting cable.
  • If during operation there are problems in the tool, power elements or charger, it is advisable to stop the work. With serious breakdown, it is better to contact the service center. It will save time and finances. Minor malfunctions can be settled yourself without resorting to the help of specialists.

Than and how to lubricate?

During the assembly, each part is lubricated with synthetic (semi.Synthetic) or mineral lubricant paste (grease). These substances differ in viscosity and resistance. The smaller it is, the more often the details have to be covered again. After the gearbox is disassembled, each element is recommended to be covered with lubrication separately, gradually collecting the knot together. The lubricant is applied with a brush and distributed over the entire surface of each part.

Another way is to use specialized gearbox oil. Oils have a liquid consistency. They are used as well as lubricant, or sometimes poured into a gearbox, without disassembling it if a special hole is provided in the design of an electric screwdriver.

Thus, having figured out the device of the reducing unit of an electric electric screwdriver, extract it from the tool, check all the details and, if necessary, change the grease for them even for a novice master. If this operation is carried out regularly 1-2 times a year, the risk of breakdown of an electrical screwdriver will be minimal.

The choice of lubrication and differences between them

Not only the user decides which lubricant for an electric screwdriver is better. Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Dewalt manufacturers produce a large number of lubricants for building tools. They recently joined the Russian bison and interskol.

The main condition for lubrication is the absence of solid fractions in it. So that this does not destroy the details of the tool. The oil should form a film that protects the elements from corrosion. And an important point. Lubricant should have a viscosity that allows it to stay on the details.

What lubrication of the electric screwdriver gearbox is better. The differences are their consistency. For example, a soft lubricant from Metabo is used for a low rotation speed. For other parts, liquid or semi.Liquid lubricant can be used.

The choice of lubrication and differences between them

Not only the user decides which lubricant for an electric screwdriver is better. Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Dewalt manufacturers produce a large number of lubricants for building tools. They recently joined the Russian bison and interskol.

The main condition for lubrication is the absence of solid fractions in it. So that this does not destroy the details of the tool. The oil should form a film that protects the elements from corrosion. And an important point. Lubricant should have a viscosity that allows it to stay on the details.

What lubrication of the electric screwdriver gearbox is better. The differences are their consistency. For example, a soft lubricant from Metabo is used for a low rotation speed. For other parts, liquid or semi.Liquid lubricant can be used.

Frequency of replacement

Many sources (manufacturers of manual power tools, lubricants, authors of instructions and good tips) recommend replacing the lubricant in gearboxes in angular grinders, drills, peorators “at least once a year, or more often, depending on the intensity of operation”.

Corner grinder of a professional class, capable, as stated in its operating manual, “work with full load for a long time and without a break”, will simply not live a year without lubrication.

Professional corner grinder Bosch GWS 22-230 H requires frequent lubrication. Photo 220 volts

Corner grinder stored on a shelf in a garage (or in a barn in the country), it takes more than one year without breakdowns, if only moisture would not get into the gearbox and did not do its own business there.

Decide for yourself whether to lubricate or not, focusing “on the intensity of operation” and on the results of the diagnosis, you and the.

Lubricant for the gearbox of corner grinders: which one to use, how much to lay

The guarantee of a long life of any manual tool is the correct periodic service. Of course, you can give for service and diagnostics in special service centers, but, as they say, “you want to do well. Do everything yourself”. Therefore, it is worthwhile to figure out how to independently serve such a tool that popular with home masters as an angle grinding machine or corner grinder, in common people.

lubricate, gearbox, electric, screwdriver

Impact Driver Service Lubrication Guide

Lubrication for gearbox corner grind

The most susceptible to wear the movable parts of the corner grinder. These are bearings of the anchor, gears, as well as the gears themselves, located in the gearbox. Lubricant (or lubricant) laid by the manufacturer, over time, is aging, its properties are lost, all this leads to greater wear of the gears in the gearbox and, as a consequence, to increased vibration and the appearance of extraneous noise during operation. Periodic maintenance and replacement of the lubricant in the gearbox Corner grinding mash must be carried out at least once a year.

Characteristics and features of lubricants for bells

When servicing any manual tool, where there are mobile parts, a lubricant is used that has the following characteristics and features:

  • It should not have solid particles that can cause painting mobile parts of the mechanism.
  • The temperature at which the lubricant becomes liquid, should be more than 120 degrees.
  • Oil should not absorb moisture, must form a strong film that protects the parts from corrosion.
  • And also, most importantly, the oil should be such a viscosity that he has the opportunity to stay on mobile details.

The consistency or viscosity of the lubricant is divided according to NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute), while in certain cases it is necessary to use the oil of a certain density. The viscosity of the oil is selected depending on the speed of rotation of the gearbox, the higher it is, the more liquid should be oil. So, depending on the tool, viscosity is selected:

  • Drills, peorators, jigsaws, where the gearbox has a low rotation speed. Lubrication with the NLGI-2 index which is soft.
  • Light peorators and shock drills. Class NLGI-1, in consistency very soft.
  • Corner grinder, circular saws, motorcycles. Class nlgi-0, half-liquid in consistency.
  • Heavy peorators, junk hammers. Class nlgi-00, in consistency is liquid.

Lubricant for gearbox angular grind

Almost all world manufacturers of the tool require the use of the recommended “their” lubricant sold under his brand. In principle, this is right. The lubricant used for the gearbox of the corner grinder, in this case, is tested at the manufacturer, it gives a guarantee of long.Term and proper operation of the angle grinding machine. However, there are shortcomings that consist in the high price of the lubricant from these brands.

In addition to original oils, there are many lubricants produced by third.Party manufacturers on the market, so the question of how to lubricate the gearbox of corner grinders is not worth.

The products of Haskey, Castrol, Liqui Moly and others showed itself well for adding to the gearbox.

Russian manufacturers also do not lag behind foreign and offer their products. So, the lubrication of the conical gearbox is very popular angular grinder from the company “Nanotech”. Of course, such a lubricant for the gearbox is not an original and recommended manufacturer, therefore, in the case of its use, in the subsequent warranty repair, they may simply refuse.

The correct process of stuffing lubrication in angle grinding machines

After the choice of lubricant for corner grinding is produced, they start directly to maintain the tool. The correct process of maintenance of the corner grinder consists of several steps. First you need to open the gearbox, then remove the old lubricant, apply a new one, check the correctness of the application. Removing the old lubricant is mandatory for the reason that mixing with the new one, she will not allow her to work correctly and the whole service procedure will not bring any result.

When to change grease in a corner grinder

The frequency of the replacement of the lubricant depends on how often and at what loads they operate the tool. As a rule, this period is about a year. In the case of intensive operation with frequent overheating, the frequency of replacement is reduced to six months, sometimes more often.

For service, you will need to disassemble the angular grinder gearbox by unscrewing 4 screws on its lid.

After removing the lid, you can see two conical shocking gears: a large and small gear. Small gear is anchored and drives a large gear. Large, in turn, is planted on a secondary shaft, to which a cutting or grinding disk is attached.

How to remove the old grease in a corner grinder correctly

The disassembled gearbox of the corner grinder must be cleaned well of the old lubricant. He no longer fulfills its functions, plus firm particles that arise as a result of the wear of moving parts have already accumulated in it. Mixing with the new, old lubricant also significantly worsens its characteristics. Therefore, the gearbox and gears must be carefully cleaned.

The old lubricant is removed with a rag, a paper towel or just a rag. The removed parts can also be washed in gasoline or solvent. Before assembling, the washed parts must be thoroughly dried. The remnants of the solvent or gasoline are mixed with a new grease and change its consistency, which again worsens its characteristics.

The procedure for applying lubrication to the gearbox of corner grind

Before applying, a new lubricant, it must be thoroughly mixed and trace that there are no lumps or extraneous objects in it. On the gear, the lubricants are applied with a thin layer, making sure that it completely covers the teeth. It is more convenient to fill with a syringe inside the bearings with a syringe inside the bearings. Then the lubricant intended for angular grinder is clogged into the gearbox body. This is necessary for the reason that during work it can fly with gears and with its small number, the gears will work “dry”.

How much lubrication should be used when replacing in the gearbox angular grind

The volume of the lubricant laid in the gearbox should be such that the oblique teeth of the gears are completely covered with it. Excess will lead to the fact that it will squeeze out from under the cover, and an insufficient amount will not ensure the correct operation of the gearbox.

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