How to lubricate the shank of the bead of the penetrator?

The lubrication of the shank of the drill, firstly, reduces friction, and, accordingly, the wear of the parts, and secondly, delayed dust and does not allow it to penetrate the body. As a result, the user who does not forget to perform this operation significantly increases the life of the penetrator.

Lubrication for the drills “special”. A mixture designed to process the tailings of the nozzles, which are installed in the cartridges of peorators and drills. Suitable for any SDS standard tool. The material additionally protects the planting nest from the dust secreted during drilling or detection.

Features of the selection of lubricant for the gearbox, drill, cartridge

Lubrication is a substance designed to reduce the friction force between the details interacting with each other. Of course, friction is partially left, and when operating the tool, in contact of structural elements continue to wear out. But in the presence of lubrication, the process is significantly slowed down compared to friction “on dry”.

Lubricants are synthetic, mineral and semi.Synthetic. The second variety is made from oil. She quickly loses its operational characteristics, it is more often required to change.

The main parameter of lubricant is the degree of its viscosity. Perocrats manufacturers in the operating instructions for them recommend using a lubricant with a certain value of this characteristic to care for their tools.

Each brand of lubricants has its own technical characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing. To lubricate the gear gears, cartridge, and the barrel of the nozzle, only varieties of compositions suitable for processing these parts are used.

To lubricate the transmission mechanism of the peorator, it is recommended to use gearbox oil. It is poured through a special hole in the case in the amount required according to the instructions. In this case, it covers the interacting details, filling out the crankcase. Oil for the peorator should be a liquid consistency.

Also, the transmission mechanism is lubricated with special plastic compounds. But it must be borne in mind that not all equipment can work normally when using substances with such a consistency. If the gearboxes (partially or completely) are plastic, then it is possible to use silicone lubricant, for example: 220-R Silicone DBC or HVS-100 Silicone #3 from Huskey.

To reduce friction between the tail parts of the nozzles and cartridges, it is necessary to use compounds of a thick consistency, which indicate that they are intended directly for drilling. If there are no such, then you can use a graphite analogue. But he takes heat worse than a special composition. Thick varieties of silicone lubricants are also used for cartridges.

Recommended lubricants

Lubrication can be used as proprietary (from manufacturers of peorators, for example, Hitachi, Metabo, Aeg, Bosch, Bosch, Interskol, Bison), and from companies involved in the release of lubricants (XADO, Ravenol, Shell and others). The most popular companies with a demanded product range are presented in the table below.

Company manufacturer Suitable assortment The appointment of lubricants
Bosch 3605430008, 1615430012 oily oils
1615430005 Reducer oil
1615430010, 1615430009 For the tails of nozzles
1615437512, 1615430014, 1615437511, 1615430015, 1615437509, 1615430019, 1615430016 oaric lubricants in various packaging
Makita 181573-3 For drill
042024-0A SDS tool gearboxes
183477-5, 042005-4A SDS devices
P-08361 SDS MAX tools gearboxes
LubCon Thermoplex Aln 250 EP Gear lubricant
Thermoplex Aln 1002 for peorators
Turmogrease NM 4602/0 Universal composition
Nanothek MetalPlak Electra Treatment of the tail parts of nozzles
Metabo 631800000 Lubrication of drills
Bison Zubble expert 60 Processing of the shanks of the nozzles
Zubble expert 125
Zubrov ZSB
Interskol B9000327 and B9001698 Small smearing
Prorab 0125 Plastic composition designed to process the tail parts of nozzles
Kress 98035301 Small smearing
Different manufacturers Litol-24, Litol-24 lux for lubricating the gear ratio and equipment

When using a tool, the quality of which is confirmed by a special certificate, only the lubricant of the products indicated by the manufacturer should be used. The use of other materials will lead to a loss of the possibility of warranty repairs and maintenance of the penetrator.

Some may have a question: whether the lilest is suitable for lubrication of the peorator? It is associated with the fact that this lubricant in terms of its characteristics is inferior to specially designed compositions from well.Known firms. Litol can be used, only it will need to be changed more often. The best grease option is the composition specified by the manufacturer. There will be no problems when using it, in t.H. With warranty service.

Ремонт редуктора пеоратора макита HR 2450 своими руками. Самый полный обзор

Lubrication requirements

For the gearbox and equipment, different oils are needed. The details work in various conditions, at different pressure and temperature regime. It is recommended to buy compositions created by manufacturers of peorators. If this is a Bosh or Makita tool, then the consumables should be taken under this brand.

Squirrel lubrication

The market is full of compositions designed for applying a drill to the shank. They are visible, but it is usually higher than the density of the lubricant for the transmission mechanism. You need to use the compound peorator recommended by the manufacturer. If the lubricant for the seams of the orator is over. Buy it in an official dealer.

Lubrication for the gearbox

When assembly, the peorator is lubricated properly. As a result of the work, the composition wear out, is produced, therefore it needs periodic replacement. Sometimes particles of dust or pieces of metal break from gear, they become abrasive materials that accelerate the wear of the details. For the gearbox, oils corresponding to a number of requirements are used:

  • A water.Repellent effect. Protect the parts from moisture penetration during the operation and storage of a pedorator in raw rooms;
  • Work at high temperature;
  • Self.Healing;
  • High adhesion. Sticking to the surface of the steel, the formation between the details of the oil film;
  • Inertia in relation to steel. Gears are made, plastic and aluminum. The case;
  • Metal protection from oxidation;
  • High temperature of dropproof. Prevents the drop in lubrication under the influence of centrifugal force;
  • Came and removal of contaminants from the contact area of ​​parts.

Many professional peorators are supplied with a hole for adding lubrication to the gearbox. Through them, spilled oil out of the unit is poured, the hole itself is tightly closed with a rubber or plastic traffic jam. In such models, liquid lubrication is used. The consistency is similar to engine oil, but it is not replaced. She washes the contents of the gearbox, so she does not need sticking.

Features of graphite lubricant for a pedorator

Plastic graphite lubricants are increasingly used in peorators. They are created on the basis of graphite. One of the forms of carbon with the addition of calcium oil and soap thickener. They meet all the requirements for anti.Adhesives for the peorator gearbox, but also have disadvantages:

  • Due to low temperature, melting calcium thickener;
  • For nodes with high accuracy of manufacture, they are not in the best way. Graphite molecules disrupt the geometry in places of contact with metal at a microscopic level, which leads to accelerated wear of parts at high speeds.

Lubrication replacement. Perform at home

When they talk about lubricating the tool, they mean the replacement of lubrication on certain parts. First of all, we need to lubricate the gearbox. This mechanism itself is very complicated in terms of assembly. If this element is disassembled is quite simple, then with the question of assembly after applying the compositions, considerable difficulties may occur. Therefore, all actions should be performed in the correct sequence. Before lubricating the peorator, we will need a certain list of materials:

Famous manufacturers, including Bosch, Makita and others, mandatory indicate in the instructions the procedure for assembling and analyzing tools, give some important recommendations and tips. The owners of such technology, even first encountered the need to perform such work, will be able to do everything as soon as possible with a minimum of time and effort costs. If you do not have detailed instructions, you need to act in accordance with the following algorithm:

The tool is carefully cleaned of dust and other contaminants when assembling and disassembling a drill, it is necessary to remember the location of all its elements

To fix the location, you can use a photo or video camera so as not to make a mistake to perform all the actions related to the application of a lubricant in the future, only after some time after the device is operated, otherwise the cold lubricant can cause a violation in the normal operation of the penetrator when it enters hot elements. The main components, including the boucking and gearbox, must be washed with spindle oil or gasoline, after it is carefully drained from moisture, special attention should be paid to the gearbox. This applies to flushing gasoline, and subsequent drying carefully examine every part of the penetrator

There is no lubricant on some parts, from this we can conclude that it does not need to be applied to this element by using branded lubrication, released specifically for the peorator of your model, you will provide your tool with such important properties as moisture resistance, as well as protection against corrosion. As an alternative, you can use a lubricant, the release of which is engaged in Metabo, is a reliable product that is in demand for both ordinary people and professionals after lubrication of the gearbox gently and carefully gathers in the reverse sequence. If everything is done correctly and competently, the tool is already ready to work.

In addition to the gearbox, another important element is subject to the compulsory and regular application of the solution. A bourgehram of the peorator. The lubricant for the drill for the peorator is applied to the shank of this mechanism. For this reason, the shank should be thoroughly cleaned and washed in a gasoline solution. After that, you can proceed to smear the drill, gently applying lubrication to its shank.

lubricate, tail, drill, features, lubricant, perforator

The gearbox and a bourgehor of the penetrator are subject to compulsory and regular application of lubrication

In parallel, you can also treat the cartridge oil seal, which will increase its life span, and also prevent the hit of too much dust. However, it is necessary to lubricate the cartridge in only one case if a system with an open type cartridge is installed on the drill. Otherwise, the need for this operation disappears.

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In modern tools, in some cases, plastic parts can be used. Here you can not use the same means as for metal parts. For this, silicone lubrication is used.

Thick mixtures are used for caudal nozzles. This is caused by significant loads that this part of the tool experiences. Usually on the package indicates whether it is suitable for drilling. The master should carefully choose which lubricant to use for a pedorator.

The most popular for the goals are the products of the following manufacturers:

  • Makita lubricants are designed to care.
  • Turmgrease mixtures have universal use.
  • Bosch products are suitable for both gearboxes and for the tail parts of nozzles.
  • Lubcon Thermoplex lubricants are designed for gearboxes.
  • Nanothek products are well suited for lubricating the tail of the drill.
  • The mixture from Kress is used for drills.

The use of branded funds should occur in accordance with the instructions attached to them.

When buying a tool, a tube of lubricant intended for drilling is often included in the kit. It usually refers to the same brand as the power tool. If the supply runs out, you can use mixtures of other manufacturers, but they should have a note that they are used for drills.

When servicing the gearbox, it should also be borne in mind that the tool will warm up with prolonged use. Sometimes employees use lubricants that are used for other household appliances. However, when choosing, it is necessary to take only specialized lubrication. Particular attention should be paid to what to lubricate the shank of the bead of the penetrator.

It should be borne in mind that a working gearbox creates specific requirements for the composition. One of these examples is squeezing lubrication during operation. The substance must have suitable parameters so that its action is the most effective.

Lubrices are also divided into mineral, synthetic and intermediate. The former is made on the basis of substances that are extracted from oil. Their advantage is the low cost, but the quality is not high enough compared to other varieties. Synthetic relatively expensive, but have high quality and provide longer protection.

How to make a lubricant correctly

You need to know which tool nodes need to be lubricated. This list is required to include:

  • The gearbox directly provides the rotation of the working unit into which the drill is inserted. Most often, it is located in the design with a shift to the side. For trouble.Free work, it must be abundantly lubricated. After the purchase, there is often a thin layer here, but it is better to apply the mixture in addition to yourself. Before proceeding with the procedure, you need to choose the right thing than to lubricate the peorator gearbox.
  • The electric motor provides energy and frequency of drill movements. He transfers rotation to the gearbox. The use of lubrication will reduce the wear of moving parts.
  • The cartridge is the part into which the drill is inserted. During operation, he is subject to significant loads. Immediately after the purchase, there is no grease here. It is recommended to process it yourself. In the place where the tail of the drill is located, the effect of friction force is the most significant. If this is not done, the wear of the drill will increase significantly.
  • The tail nozzle quickly wear out without lubrication under the influence of shock forces. It should be borne in mind that during operation it heats up, which increases the negative effect even more. When lubricating, it is necessary to first wipe the part with a napkin, removing dust and other contaminants. The shanks are treated every time before inserting them in place.
  • Working nozzles choose depending on the features of the upcoming work. They must be sharpened in the right way. Although the tail is subjected to the greatest loads, nevertheless, friction occurs throughout the connection with the cartridge, which determines the need for lubrication.

lubricate, tail, drill, features, lubricant, perforator

The lubricant should be carried out regularly, but it is difficult to establish the frequency precisely. This is due to the fact that the use of the tool can occur in various modes. More often or less, and this affects the frequency of care for this device. Therefore, the procedure takes place taking into account the following factors:

  • The frequency of use of the tool.
  • Recommendations given in accompanying instructions.
  • The presence of a warranty period and its duration.

It is important to consider the requirements that are a condition for the provision of warranty service. In particular, it is necessary to use only certified types of lubrication. This is important, since in case of violation of the requirements, warranty service may be discontinued.

lubricate, tail, drill, features, lubricant, perforator

How to lubricate the peorator

The main purpose of the penetrator is to drill, hammer and drill various surfaces. As a rule, most of the materials with which this tool has a tendency to ardent. Small particles, falling on internal parts, clog the device. It should be borne in mind that the elements are in motion, during which they are in contact with each other, which means that their abrasion may begin. To maintain the performance of the tool, it is necessary to clean it in a timely manner. Only with this departure it is possible to extend the service life as much as possible, avoid an ambulance and expensive repairs.

Important: lubrication has several main varieties. One type is used for the gearbox and a completely different type is necessary for drill or tips of the drill. Each device has detailed operating instructions, which prescribes a clear frequency of lubrication. It is these recommendations that should be followed.

There are general rules for all types of peorators.

How to lubricate the peorater gearbox

  • So, to lubricate the gearbox, it is most often advised to use compositions in the form of liquid oil, which is poured in a certain dose into the tool body (into specially designed holes). Such oil fills the gearbox body and is reliably isolated inside with the installed covers on holes or bolts. During operation, parts are evenly covered with this tool. The most popular manufacturers of oil for lubricating gearboxes are Bosch and Makita firms.
  • An example is two popular types of manufacturers data that are used in the initial assembly or during the repair of the tool:
  • Lubrication “Makita P-08361” 30 ml, approximate cost 100;
  • Bosch 1615430005 oil 45 ml, price is about 300

Tip: There are also plastic compositions for gearboxes (in the form of a cream), but it is worth considering that not all tools of tools can work stably on means of such a consistency. The composition for the lubrication of the gearbox should be for each owner of the peorators. But if the peorator is under warranty, then it is best to perform such an operation using the services of service centers, especially in the absence of special holes (that is, if you need to disassemble the tool).

How to lubricate a bar of a pedorator

  • The lubricant for the bends of the penetrator is used to reduce the wear of the nozzles, and also extends the operational period of the peorator (including by reducing the number of dust penetrating into the dust). Lubricants are applied before each insertion of the drill into the cartridge, for this, the nozzles of the nozzle are lubricated with a small amount. Before carrying out this operation for the first time, you need to carefully read the instructions for the tool. This is necessary in order to understand how to correctly disassemble/assemble a peorator without damaging its elements and achieve proper operation.
  • The amount of lubrication and its quality depends on how the power tool will function. If the ratio is incorrectly selected, overheating of the device and even failure are possible. Therefore, before applying one or another lubricant, it is worth checking if there is a given manufacturer and the type of fund in the recommendations in the operating instructions. The most common compounds for the grease of drills are also produced by Bosch and Makita trademarks, only funds have a thicker consistency.
  • When starting to lubricate, it is necessary to rinse and blow the tool, wipe it dry and only then apply a new layer of protective equipment. Those details that do not need sliding should not be lubricated, since this can only damage the peorator. Such elements include, for example, the gear council.

How to lubricate the inferator cartridge

  • Also, the composition should be applied to interchangeable nozzles for drill in the form of a cartridge. The amount of substance should be the same as indicated in the instructions. From its overabundance or deficiency, the tool may fail.

Choosing the type of lubricant does not make problems, there are clear recommendations in the instructions, if they are not available, then you can choose almost any funds from trusted manufacturers.

Lubricant for the Makita Peotor

Japanese corporation, which has been engaged in the production of various construction tools since 1915. The very first owner of the company was Masaburo Makita, in the Honor of which the company still has its name. To date, the corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools (350 types) and accessories (4500 varieties) to them.

How to disassemble and lubricate the Makita Video Peoporator

Assortment of products (lubricants):

  • “042005-4A”. For sds orals (packaging 16 kg);
  • “042024-0A”. For gearbox SDS ceorators (packaging 2.5 kg);
  • “P-08361”. For gearboxes SDS Max (packaging 30 grams);
  • “183477-5”. For sds orals (packaging 30 grams);
  • “181573-3”. Lubrication for drills (packaging 100 ml).

Bosch peorator lubricant

  • The founder of the German concern was Robert Bosch. Engineer and businessman, who in 1886 opened a small company for the sale and manufacture of electrical equipment. And despite the fact that initially the staff consisted of only one mechanic and one electrical engineering, the company was able to reach unprecedented heights.
  • Today is a leading supplier of various categories of construction and consumer goods, including power tools. The subsidiaries of the enterprise are located around the world, including the Russian Federation. And, perhaps, in every city of Russia there is an official Bosch service center, and since 2007 a plant was opened for the production of equipment in the city of Engels.
  • Many technologies, which are considered innovative today, have been successfully tested for many years in this company. Bosch tools. This is a reliable and ergonomic technique, with the most advanced achievements. The policy of the corporation is not to sell as many tools as possible, but that each purchased apparatus serves as long as possible. That is why specially designed branded tools for maintaining power tools, including peorators, began to produce.
  • “1615430009”, “1615430010”. Grease for inserted tools of tools (packaging 30 ml);
  • “1615430012”. Oil for peorators (packaging 1 l);
  • “1615430014”. Lubrication in tubes for peorators (packaging 45 ml);
  • “1615430015”. Lubrication in tubes for peorators (packaging 225 ml);
  • “1615430016”. Lubrication for peorators (packaging 1 kg);
  • “1615430019”. Lubricant for peorators (packaging 1 l);
  • “1615437509”, “1615437511”, “1615437512”. Lubricants for peorators, complete with a sealing frame (packaging 50 ml);
  • “3605430008”. Hydraulic oil (packaging 1 l).

Lubrication for the Lubconoretor

  • German company founded in 1980 in the city of Frankfurt. Produces various types of synthetic lubricants for power tools. Products are supplied around the world, including Russia. The company positions its products as environmentally friendly compositions. For their development, only components are used that meet the highest requirements.
  • Lubrices are distinguished by special thermal stability, they do not oxidize and perfectly prevent friction even with maximum load. These are waterproof compositions that guarantee the durability of the majority of power tools.

Assortment of products for power tools:

  • “LubCon Thermoplex Aln 250 EP”. Grease for gearboxes;
  • “Lubcon Thermoplex Aln 1002”. Lubricant for peorators;
  • “LubCon Turmogrease NM 4602/0”. Universal grease.

Lubrication for the infantry pedorator

The Russian company is engaged in the production of synthetic, semi.Synthetic, mineral, semi.Liquid and plastic lubricants. For the first time in the Russian market, products under this brand appeared in 2004 and since then Nanonet has been increasing the range of its products annually. Lubrication and oil meet the high requirements of our time.

Lubricant for Metabo Peotabo

  • The company first began its activities in 1924, Albrecht Schitzler and Julius Klos are considered its founder. The initial plans of the creators of the company were to release tools that would meet the increasing needs of modernity in a technological plan. Initially, the tool was manual, and only in the 30s of the 20th century they began to make electrical apparatus.
  • The company is trying to make products that would have been durable. And for these purposes they create a whole line of electric tool care products, including lubricants for peorators. Most often these are plastic products, designed for shanks of drills.

Lubrication for the oozer bison

The company is a Russian manufacturer of various materials and tools that have proven themselves to both domestic and foreign markets. The goods have an affordable price and good quality, the assortment range is constantly replenished with new categories of products. All products are tested in the laboratories of the company and only after their successful completion do they enter the design bureau. The finished product is mandatory undergoing quality control, and then, goes on sale.

  • “Zubyr Expert 60”. Grease for drills (packaging 60 g);
  • “Zubyr Expert 125”. Grease for drills (packaging 125 g);
  • “Zubrov ZSB”. Lubrication for drills (packaging 125 g).


Russian enterprise, today is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of power tools. The company has extensive experience in the development and production of various products and has its own design and test office. The factories are located in Russia and Spain, and the products themselves are supplied to many European countries.

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