How to independently make the rear speed on a power tiller without reversing

What is a single-axle tractor on its network? It’s the same tractor, but miniature. And one more important difference: it is single-axle, the role of the rear axle is performed by a man, who controls the motoblock with the handles on the steering wheel. In Soviet times such machinery was not in demand, because you could use the collective farm equipment for a small fee or even for free to plow your garden. Who does not know. there were no problems with fuel in those days. When kolkhozes faded into oblivion, such equipment turned out to be in demand, because it greatly facilitated the main types of agricultural work on relatively small plots. Low weight, high maneuverability, ability to use almost the same set of attachments as for tractors are the main advantages of power tillers and their variety. power tillers with a mill, cultivator or other attachments of a similar type. Add to this a significant difference in price in comparison with tractors, even small ones, and you understand why such machines are so popular among private farmers.

As with any other self-propelled vehicle the walking tractor has a gearbox which makes it possible to regulate the speed of cultivation of the field. Many models also come with reverse gear, which makes manoeuvring the tractor easier. But many power tillers are made without reverse gear. If you need to turn in a confined area, these machines have to be turned by hand. If the weight of the power tiller is small, 30-40 kg., it is not a problem. But our homegrown agrarians prefer heavier machines: they can handle soils of any structure, including heavy ones. But maneuvering a power tiller that weighs over a centner is not a task for physically weak people. Therefore, many owners of such equipment after one or two years of operation, decide to self-modification of his power tiller.

If you think that this is a task that requires special technical skills, you will be only partially right. Yes, technical knowledge is required and we will give it to you. The rest depends on whether you have direct hands or not. But since you work on the ground, we can assume that you’re okay with it. So let’s proceed to the study of the question.

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Step-by-step instructions for assembling the chain gear

With some skills, you can make a reducer of any type with your own hands, but the easiest way to assemble a small-sized mechanism with a chain gear. Materials for it are easier to find and more reliable in operation.

To build a homemade chain gear, stock up on the following parts and materials:

  • sprockets with the required number of teeth;
  • drive shaft;
  • cylindrical and eccentric bearings;
  • protective cover;
  • fasteners for connecting parts of the cover;
  • Chains with the necessary number of links.

Do not replace bearings with bushings when assembling any gearbox. Twists and turns between the drive and idler parts are not allowed.

You can use an old gearbox housing of a suitable size as a protective cover, by drilling holes in it for mounting.

How to increase the speed of your Moto-Block

There are two ways to increase the speed of your power tiller:

Let’s first consider how changing the wheels helps increase the speed of the power tiller. The standard wheel size of almost all models of the mini unit is 57 cm. When replacing, tires that are 1.2 times the diameter can be installed. Usually 70.4 cm wheels are used. Despite the small difference, the speed of the motoblock noticeably increases. If the arches into which the tires are inserted allow you to insert wheels with a larger diameter, you can try adding centimeters.

When using a power tiller to work the ground, you use grousers. These are wheels with iron plates, freely gripping the ground or snow. They can be purchased in specialized stores, or you can make them yourself. Their size also affects how fast the machine travels.

Dependence of mini-tractor operation on the gearbox

The single-axle tractor is designed to facilitate the labor of landowners. In order for it to work properly and reliably, plowing the ground, removing leaves and dry grass, planting, it is necessary to have sufficient power and speeds. To find out how to make a reverser on a power tiller, it is necessary to get acquainted with its device and the tasks entrusted to it.

Reversing gear is called a reversing gear. It is available on all modern air-cooled petrol and diesel powered machines. This addition allows the farm machine to work safely at increased loads, such as digging potatoes, working heavy soil, plowing. With the help of this walker you can increase the power and eliminate slippage of the wheel pair.

Choose the power should depend on the size of the area of the plot:

For larger plots, a capacity of more than 7 liters is chosen.с. The installation scheme includes a reducer for the minitractor, it is mounted on the drive shaft, where next to one side is a gearbox, and on the other side is a clutch assembly. It is represented by gears, which are meshed with a gear. Gearbox reversible provides a set of necessary speeds. If you decide to make it with your own hands, it must be reliable and be able to withstand loads on difficult terrain.

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make, back, speed, single, axle, tractor

You can simply borrow this unit from another device. a motorcycle or mini-tractor. It is important to consider the gear ratios. The reverse gearbox on a power tiller has values of 1:4.62. Compliance with these values guarantees the proper functioning of the machine: Improved driving and traction characteristics and reduced pressure on the drive transmission.

Frequent malfunctions

When we talk about the repair of motoblock Mole, it is worth listing the following breakdowns and ways to fix them:

Faulty ignition. a frequent cause of repair of the Mole motocultivator

The ignition of the motoblock Mole depends on the condition of gasoline hoses, the insulation of high-voltage wires and their connection. Check it carefully, the flywheel plates MUST NOT touch the magneto wires. Make sure that there are no signs of touching.

You could not find the ignition breakdown? Contact a specialist, you can not cope with a serious problem on your own.

We give a small recommendation on selecting a specialist to repair the “Mole”. the site of the Pro.See. Choose your city and look for a mechanic, the probability to find a good specialist is very high.

How to make a single axle tractor with your own hands?

Many residents of rural areas, as well as lucky owners of dacha plots are engaged in cultivation of land for planting and growing various vegetable crops. Sometimes this work is accompanied by huge physical costs. Every diligent owner tries to facilitate his work and increase the productivity of the operations performed, which makes him buy a single-axle tractor for the processing of the plot.

You can buy a ready-made factory device, the benefit of modern industry offers a large number of models, but this will require a large amount of cash investment. The thrifty owner, who has some knowledge of technique and carrying out locksmith work, will try to learn about how to make a single-axle tractor with their own hands and implement the conceived plans in practice.

The purpose of the machine

First of all, self-made single-axle tractor is a homemade design, which is designed to simplify the processing of soil on not very large plots. And secondly, such a unit is an excellent device for the delivery of small-sized cargo during various works.

With the help of a handmade power tiller can successfully carry out the following operations:

  • Tillage and harrowing of the soil with the help of different attachments which can be purchased in a store or made by oneself.
  • Carry various loads weighing up to 300 kg. Trailer for these purposes can be developed independently or buy a ready-made device.
  • Planting crops.
  • Planting and hoeing crops.
  • Bring fertilizer to the site.
  • Harvest ready crops.

Some owners of a homemade power tiller use it for snow removal, sweeping the area of the plot and even for drilling.

Main elements of a power tiller

Before proceeding to the assembly of the design, it is necessary to decide on the nature of future works, the rated power of the mechanism will depend on this.

The main components for assembling a power tiller with your own hands at home are:

  • Engine, which can be used from an old motorcycle, chain saw (it is better to use a powerful motor “Ural”).
  • The device transmission and gearbox.
  • Bearing frame of the mechanism, collected independently, with the process of creating a trailer device has a significant impact on the parameters of the base of the unit.
  • Additional equipment for a power tiller, with their own hands (plow, spudger) is made in accordance with the requirements of the owner and the availability of materials.
  • The wheel system, which can be equipped with grousers to improve the efficiency of the entire mechanism.

Engine of the motor block

The motor for making a power tiller with his own hands most often used from an available old unit. Here the range of models is quite large. The main requirement of this unit is the presence of forced air cooling, which contributes to the optimal operation of the mechanism at low speed.

Often an engine from a scooter is used, which suits all the parameters for the equipment of a power tiller. It is quite possible to assemble it with your own hands. The power of this unit reaches 13 horsepower, which is acceptable for the planned device.

To facilitate the start of the motor from such a unit, you will need to slightly increase the thrust, which is achieved by replacing the installed valve on the petal type. This will significantly save fuel consumption while the power tiller is running.

Engines from motorcycles are too powerful, so for optimal operation of the homemade motorblock install a travel reducer.

Stroke Reducer

Such a device, which is an integral part of the gearbox, allows the engine to operate normally at low speeds, which is necessary when cutting furrows and digging potatoes.

All industrial models of power tillers are equipped with a system of stroke reduction, so its presence on a self-made device will also be very relevant. Without it, the domestic helper can only be used for transporting loads.

It is worth noting that it is difficult to make such a device independently, so it is easier to buy it at a specialized store or remove it from old equipment.

The chain reducer

This device allows you to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor shaft and increase the torque that is transmitted from the engine to the working equipment.

The chain reducer consists of the following elements:

  • The first stage has two sprockets with 12.75 mm pitch. The leading one, which is installed on the output shaft of the engine, has 17 teeth, and the driven one, which is located on the outer flange of the second stage primary shaft, has 57 teeth.
  • The second stage of this device is assembled with sprockets with spacing of 19.05 mm. The driven one has 25 teeth and the driven one has 11 teeth.
  • So, the second stage is located in close proximity to the ground, so it is necessary to install a sump from clogging.
  • The crankcase is a container with a rubber cover.
  • A strut is welded between the crankcase and crossbar.
  • Special seats are made in the crankcase walls for bearings.
  • Adjustment of the chain of the second stage is carried out by turning the bearing housing with the eccentric around its axis.
  • The second stage shaft is clamped between the walls of the crankcase on bearings.
  • Lubrication is accomplished by dipping the bottom of the pinion teeth.
  • Oil seals must be installed in the bearing housing to prevent oil leakage.

Support frame for the machine

Before making a single-axle tractor with your own hands, you need to think carefully about the location and place of installation of all the main elements of the device. To do this, you need to build a support frame.

The supporting device is made taking into account the number of wheel pairs. The simplest frame is a skid. It can be made of steel pipe 42 mm in diameter. On the center and edges of the supporting structure are welded brackets with drilled holes. Then the frame is turned over with the central bracket downward and welded to the cross beam. To increase the docked area, the crossbars need to be slightly bent.

Increasing the power of your power tiller

Increase the speed motoblock can be ways:

Increasing the speed in the first way is quite a complicated process. So if you don’t have knowledge and skills in this area it is better not to do it yourself and apply to a special service center. If you have the necessary skills you can make the replacement yourself. As well as any other technique, a single-axle tractor has several speed modes, controlled by gears. A single axle tractor moves at 2 to 15 km/h. The bigger one usually has 61 teeth, and the smaller one has 12. In order to increase the power of a power tiller, the gear pairs of the gearbox are replaced. Maximum speed can be achieved by increasing the number of teeth on the gear.

When replacing the pinion, be sure to choose the right pulley. An improperly selected pulley may cause a single-axle tractor to stop working.

How to make a single-axle tractor go faster with a wheel change? The standard wheel size for power tillers is 57 centimeters.

To increase the speed, you can install the tires with a diameter of 70.4 cm, such a change will help to accelerate the single-axle tractor several times. If the arches, in which the tires are put, allow you to put wheels with a larger diameter, you can try to increase by a few more centimeters.

How to Increase RPM on a Single Axle Tractor. How to make a single axle tractor go faster video. Converting into all-terrain vehicle and attaching a trailer

and more gardeners today ask themselves a question: how to perform tuning of a power tiller with their own hands? After all, if you turn to specialists in this matter, it can entail large financial costs. In the end, remaking a power tiller can cost even significantly more than buying a new unit.

But there are several available options that allow you to carry out tuning of the motoblock with your own hands with minimal cost and time.

Improvement of engine performance

How to increase the speed of a power tiller? There is nothing you can do here, because it’s all in the engine’s work. To improve its characteristics, it is necessary to lubricate the main parts of the engine as often as possible. But the main thing is to change the oil in time. If this is not done, the engine (and with it the single-axle tractor) will quickly fail.

In the case where you often have to work in cold or strong heat, special attention should be paid to the plugs. Their quality largely determines the speed and overall efficiency of the engine. In order for a single-axle tractor to plow more soil in an hour, you should replace the old plugs with new ones of higher quality. This makes it possible to start the machine faster and protects it from overheating or freezing.

Devices for snow and hay removal

You can make an additional device on your power tiller to pick up hay. This is especially useful for large farms. It is almost unrealistic to buy a special machine for this purpose if you have limited funds.

You need old pipes and a plate. All in all, it will resemble something like a big rake. The parts are connected by means of a welding machine. You need to fasten the pins and pipes to a strong, thick plate so that it looks like a rake. It is best to use thin metal pipes. The lighter and stronger they are, the better.

The resulting addition is fixed on the back of the motor block near the motor. If you work in big fields with lots of hay, it is desirable to make an additional axle with wheels. This will increase the efficiency per hour.

Some owners of country houses are in great need of a good snowplow. But it costs a lot of money, and most often there is nowhere to put it. Then there is a question of upgrading an old motor block for a snowmobile. It is very convenient, as it will be possible to cope even with large amounts of piled snow in a matter of minutes. This is especially important for the northern regions, where winters are very severe.

Improvement of the motor block for the snowmobile is very simple. It is necessary to buy only tracks that allow the machine to move freely even in deep snow drifts. The tracks can be fixed temporarily instead of the wheels. It is also possible to attach them to the machine so that later in the summer you do not have to take them off. Here it all depends on the specific power tiller model.

And so that the machine not only moves in the snow, but also removes it, in the front part with a hook for trailers, you need to fasten a shovel. It is best to choose a deep shovel of large size, if it is supposed to remove drifts. And when attaching it, make sure that it is held tightly on the hooks and does not move.

Otherwise, snow removal will only give you more trouble.

Converting into a cross-country vehicle and attaching a trailer

If the region is characterized not only by harsh winters, but also wet clay soils and swampy terrain, it makes more sense to carry out improvement of the power tiller in a cross-country vehicle. This allows you to work with the machine in any weather and on any ground. In order for such an upgrade to be successful, you need to consider a few important recommendations.

The basis of this improvement is a special frame with four wheels instead of two. It is the 4 powerful wheels that will allow the unit to move without much effort. Note that the rotary motion to these wheels must necessarily be transferred to the rear axle through the cardan shaft. If the transmission will go to the front axle, then nothing good will come out of such a redesign.

The body of a power tiller is attached to a wheeled base by simple welding. But it is necessary to weld the parts carefully and in several places, so that nothing would fall off during the work. Such simple conversion allows you to get a super single-axle tractor, which will somewhat resemble a small quad bike or even a mini-tractor.

The most common way to upgrade older power tillers is to attach trailers to them. This is quite a handy thing. After all, the trailer makes it possible to use the machine not only as a machine for clearing snow, hay or tillage, but also as a separate vehicle for transporting medium and large loads.

Such modernization of a power tiller means attachment of a trailer to it. This is done by a fairly rigid hitch. It is extremely important to keep the center of gravity while working.

make, back, speed, single, axle, tractor

After all, the slightest improper displacement of it will lead to the fact that the cargo in the trailer will be simply impossible to carry, as the unit will be overturned all the time together with the trailer. The center of gravity must be moved back.

It is also recommended to install a differential to increase the maneuverability of the mini-tractor and attach special bushings in front, which will allow you to slightly increase the width of the front axle.


So, modification of the power tiller for agricultural work can be done with your own hands without involving specialists and spending a lot of money. But this work must be carried out with extreme care so as not to damage the main parts of the machine. Then the upgraded single axle tractor can be used for absolutely different purposes, without resorting to the purchase of expensive additional devices.

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