How to make a moldboard or shovel for snow on a single axle tractor with your own hands

A dozer is an attachment in the form of a shovel or bucket, installed on a singleaxle tractor to clear snow masses and debris from the yard, and also to level the ground. Snowplow for power tiller greatly simplifies cleaning, and can be used both on the household plot, and in the public domain.

Structurally, the blade on a single-axle tractor consists of three main elements. a shovel, a fixation unit and a mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation of the shovel. Shovels, presented today in stores of agricultural equipment, are equipped with shovels with different modifications among themselves. The difference between them is mainly in the device and the principle of their functioning.

As a rule, a snow thrower for a power tiller works in several positions:

Before proceeding directly to the making of the snow blade, you should find the optimal angle of the shovel, and fix it on the power tiller, using L-shaped bracket.

Self-made snow blade

Snow throwers, which can be installed on almost any type of machinery (tractors, ATVs, machines or motor blocks) greatly simplify life and the process of cleaning snow drifts itself. Any snowplow consists directly of the working body, the mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation and the attachment unit that fixes the shovel to the power unit chassis.

Self-made snow blade for power tillers

Although there are various modifications of factory-made devices for removing fallen snow masses, however, according to the presented drawings, you can easily and independently make a snow shovel. Thanks to this attachment for the power tiller “Neva” you can clear your plot from snow drifts in winter, and at other times use it to clean debris, level ground areas and much more. In spite of the different modifications, all the moldboards have the same general design and operating principle. The snow shovel has three basic positions:

Before snow clearing works, the self-made shovel made from a gas cylinder or steel barrel must be turned 30˚ to the left or right. Having set the required angle, the shovel of the power tiller is fixed in the required position by means of metal cotter pins.

Working width of the grip is usually made 1000 mm, provided the use, for the manufacture of shovels, metal 2-3 mm. True, some models may be larger or smaller than this value. The industry makes snow shovels from high quality steel.

Makeshift mouldboard

Those owners, who have no desire to deal with the manufacture of the moldboard, can easily buy it in the store, but because of the high cost of such units, more often the owners of private residences and plots are interested in how to make a shovel for a singleaxle tractor by their own hand. In addition, there is a lot of information and drawings on this topic on the Internet. Such features allow you not only to save money, but also to make a machine of the right parameters.

Dumpers for agricultural machinery (power tillers, tractors, ATVs, etc.). п. ) make the snow removal process much easier. This is especially noticeable with large piles. Any snow-clearing “gadget” for machinery consists of three elements: the working body, which is in contact with the snow, the mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation, and the attachment unit with the machinery.

Although factory models have many different types of designs for any agricultural device, the self-assembly of the snow shovel is uncomplicated, and can save a lot of money.

With the help of a homemade machine you can not only engage in snow removal in winter, but also to remove trash, level the area and other necessary functions.

It does not matter which design is used by the owner. the factory or the moldboard with their own hands. In any case, it will have three positions:

Before starting snow removal work, the shovel blade should be set in the right position, based on three possible. After determining and establishing the desired position, it is fixed with metal cotter pins. The width of the snow throwing area is usually one meter, but provided the steel used is 3-4 millimeters thick. Some factory models allow more snow to be thrown. This is because the industrial samples, as a rule, are made of high quality steel.

Self-made plow

For power tillers, there are plows among the attachments: horse plow for plowing, turnover plow for ripping, tilling, and others. Recently began to gain popularity plow Zykov, drawings, dimensions which can be found only on the specialized resources.

Its main distinguishing feature from the mass-produced ones are the carefully calculated angles of the mouldboard for intensive mixing of soil. If we compare it with conventional models, we can see that the skimmer on the model Zykov is located in front at a greater distance, so the angle of lift is on an arc.

The attachment of the plough to the tiller is made vertically. There is an adjustment of the outreach of the blade. Fastening is performed by bolt connection. Blueprints plow for mini-tractor with their own hands are different from those designed for power tiller.

How to make a blade on a single axle tractor with your own hands

When making the attachment independently, you should first carefully study its device. The presented photos, drawings of the blade on a singleaxle tractor with their own hands give only a visual idea of the design. It is optimal to first consider the snowplow device in reality. To do this, you can visit a retail outlet or ask to take measurements from the blade from a familiar equipment owner. When there is no such a possibility, you should be prepared for the fact that mistakes may occur during the work, which will have to be corrected.

Blueprints for the dozer blade with their own hands

You can find a lot of schemes on the Internet or in thematic literature, but they are all practically similar. This is due to the simple design of the shovel. Nothing superfluous should be invented here. For example, the drawings of the moldboard for the “Neva” motorblock with their own hands will be similar, as well as for the “Zubr”, “Zirka”. Minor changes may be only in the design of the coupling.

The drawing will help to make a shovel with a hydraulic elevator in the absence of hydraulics elevator do lever, such as from a spring

Making a moldboard from a barrel

A barrel with thick walls should be selected for the bucket. The optimum choice is a stainless steel product. If you do not have a strong barrel, you can use an ordinary barrel.

The work is done in this sequence:

  • A marking is placed on the barrel. On the bottom and sides it is divided into 3 equal sectors of 120º. After that the object is cut with an angle grinder. The remaining parts of the floor are trimmed along the chord. End pieces are needed to stiffen the bucket.
  • If the tin is thin, the two parts are folded together and stapled. It is a good idea to apply hot bitumen to the parts before you join them together. This will prevent corrosion, increase bucket weight, and reduce metal hitting noise from stones and curbs. Fix the parts with rivets or bolts.
  • The perimeter of the obtained bucket is reinforced with a strip of steel that is at least 3 mm thick. Attachment is by welding, bolting, or riveting. The upper and lower parts of the bucket are reinforced by semicircular inserts made from off-cuts of the barrel.
  • On the bottom of the bucket is attached a conveyor belt. The width of the protruding part should be between 3-10 cm, depending on the conditions in which the snowplow will be used. The belt should be made removable, so that the moldboard can be used to work with loose materials.
  • The finished product is cleaned of rust, encrustation and scale. It is treated with anti-corrosion agents and painted.

A similar way is carried out to make a bucket from a gas cylinder. Since its walls are strong enough, they do not need to be additionally reinforced.

Since the wear and tear on the moldboard will wear through the steel, it is best to make a removable moldboard at once. As soon as the product of the first phase of operation is over, a replacement can be installed in its place immediately.

How to make a moldboard for a power tiller with your own hands

It is not difficult to make a mouldboard for a power tiller with your own hands, if you have an angle grinder, a drill and a welding machine. Here is one of the uncomplicated variants of such a product for owners of power tillers. You do not have to search for a suitable metal, because you can use an ordinary two-hundred liter steel barrel.

Carefully cut it into three pieces, and you get three curved segments for the shovel. Welded on the contour of the two of them, we obtain a product with a metal thickness of three millimeters, which is enough to ensure the stiffness of the moldboard.

The lower part of the blade is reinforced with a knife. For this, you need a steel strip 5 mm thick and the length equal to the blade’s grip. Drill a hole with a diameter of 5-6 mm at 10-12 cm intervals in the knife to fix the safety strip of rubber.

The design of the blade holder to the tiller is fairly simple and can be implemented in the home workshop. With this to the blade, welded from two segments of the barrel, about half of its height, welded a square tube 40×40 mm to strengthen the. Then a semicircle of thick steel is welded to the tube in its center, in which three holes are made, which are necessary for fixing the angles of rotation of the blade shovel.

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After that the L-shaped holder is welded from the same pipe, one end of which is inserted into the hole on the semicircle and the other end is bolted to the tiller frame. Bolts A and B are used for adjusting the height of the shovel. They are screwed into holes in a piece of square tube, which is welded to the coupling device and put on the L-shaped holder.

Shovel mounting

To install the grader it is necessary to resort to the use of brackets mounted on the frame of the power unit used. In addition, the blade is attached to the tiller with two tie rods that when not in use, allow you to unload the motorized brackets. Blade, made of 850x100x3 mm steel plate, is fixed on the lower horizontal edge of the grader with a bolt connection.

Now, after the blade is ready, you need to install it and you can proceed to clearing snow drifts, removing trash or leveling the ground on your plot. Blade for a power tiller with your own hands, it is a versatile equipment, with which you can perform a variety of works. Self-made will allow you to get a multifunctional device adapted exactly to your needs.

In order for the power tiller blade to last as long as possible and resist corrosion, it should be treated with a special primer or protective paint. The rubber band, fixed on the working edge of the shovel, should protrude beyond the steel plate.

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