A cart for a power tiller with my own hands

single-axis tractor. it is an indispensable and necessary equipment, which comes in handy when working in the homestead, in the garden. With its use, you can easily cultivate the land and transport a lot of various goods, such as tools, hay, various crops, fertilizers, material for planting, garden waste. If the standard model of a power tiller does not include a trailer, there is a solution to the problem. it is a homemade cart for a power tiller.

Moto-blocks can be: light, medium and heavy (professional). Models differ in weight, power and functions. A single-axle tractor can be equipped with an okushnik, grouser, plow, potato planter, mower, motor-block rake, seeders and planters. Motor cultivators are considered analogues of power tillers, but this equipment is designed to perform only one function. land treatment, in rare cases there are small additional features.

Dump trailer for power tillers

In order to make your trailer a tipper trailer, when constructing the frame, weld to beams 1 and 2 (shown in the photo below) the usual door hinges “droplets”. To prevent the body from tipping over during travel and loading, it can be secured by welding a latch (such as a door latch) to the edge of the frame. Such a trailer is ideal for such models of motor blocks as Neva MB-1, Neva MB-2, MTZ, Oka and other models of well-known manufacturers.

Brakes for a trailer to a power tiller are needed based on safety requirements. It will not always be easy to stop a loaded trailer, especially if there is a slope in the way.

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To equip the trailer with brakes yourself, you must first acquire tools and find such parts from an old motorcycle:

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Each wheel should be braked so the trailer won’t skid when braking.

Remove the cables from the brake drums and sharpen them before beginning installation. Slide the machined drums onto the hubs and fasten them to the rear. Cover the space between the ribs of the discs with spokes. Put the drum on the axle and fix it with the bushings. To prevent the part from shifting, weld a piece of angle to the axle.

After attaching the drums, pull the cables to the steering point. The control place is made similar to the parking brake system of the car (handbrake) of improvised means.

We suggest that you also read the video, which shows the device of the homemade brake for the trailer to the motoblock:

The first step is to prepare the necessary parts and tools

In general, it is the usual combination of body, frame, wheels and coupling. To assemble a homemade trailer to the motoblock you need to buy (or perhaps you already have them in the household) the following parts:

  • pipes with a diameter of 60×30 mm and 25×25 mm, usually they must be iron for the reliability of the future product;
  • Two wheels, perhaps you have stashed old unnecessary from “Moskvich”, as well as springs;
  • Duralumin sheets, their thickness should be about 2 mm;
  • sheets of steel, their thickness should be about 0.8 mm;
  • channel ;
  • fixing elements.

Of course, you can not do without the necessary tools when installing a cart for power tiller: angle grinder for cutting parts, jigsaw, electric screwdriver and welding.

Materials Needed

An experienced handyman will have no difficulty in choosing parts, tools and spare parts for the upcoming construction. The simplest option involves the use of these elements:

  • Wheels. You can use wheels from a sidecar or a car as a frame. You can buy them at a salvage yard or on any marketplace on the Internet. Wheel size and rim strength are important parameters. They must be able to withstand loads up to 300 kilograms or more;
  • Wheel axle. For the manufacture of this element use a steel rod with a diameter of 30 millimeters or more. As for the length of the part, it is determined by the width of the body. It is important to choose the optimum rod size to prevent the trailer wheels from protruding over the body’s circumference;
  • Thrust ring. A 58×4 tube can be used here;
  • Bolts m 8;
  • Three beams for the support;
  • Wooden structures for the box;
  • Frame for coupling with a power tiller;
  • The driver’s seat (It can be made from improvised materials);
  • A foot rest;
  • An elementary driver;
  • The saw arm is made from a piece of metal tubing;
  • Brackets;

Preparation of drawings for a trailer with a capacity of up to 350 kg

Bogie on a single-axle tractor, capable of carrying inventory and luggage weighing up to 350-400 kg, is considered universal for use with a domestic power tiller. Planning to make a more cumbersome design is in principle not worthwhile, as it will entail additional costs as well as wasted time and effort.

In order to make a cart for a power tiller as reliable and balanced as possible, it is extremely important to study the schematics. Depending on the material and parts available, the dimensions of the main and additional elements of the design can be changed. Below we look at the drawings optimal for use in the farm cart middle class.

The first diagram describes in detail the general appearance of the trailer with its main parts and assemblies.

The second drawing describes in detail how to make the frame. The basic material for its assembly are round or rectangular pipes joined together by welding. The body of such a cart is made of planks, at least 2 cm thick. All of the sides are solidly connected to the frame and do not fold away.

The third diagram shows the design of the driver. Most of the load of the body is on the drawbar and turntable body mounts. Because of this, to prevent breakage, this part of the structure is reinforced with four additional stiffeners, as shown in the drawing in section B-B.

This diagram describes the design of the steering unit. This is the most complex part of the cart, so much care and patience is needed in its assembly.

Detailed drawings are just as essential as using stable materials in the construction of the cart. Only with the proper diagrams at hand will a farmer be able to build a quality trailer capable of carrying the right amount of cargo over long distances.

Basic rules for choosing a trailer for the Neva single axle tractor

Trailers for power tillers, be it Kentavr, AGRO, Neva MB2 or Motor Sich, are not designed for moving on busy roads, let alone highways. Their main purpose. transportation of goods from the gardens and summer cottage plots, and it is better to move them outside the road network, so as not to create an emergency situation on the roads.

When choosing a trailer for the Neva power tiller, as well as for any other brand, you need to correctly correlate the load capacity of the trailer and the power of your mechanic. When it comes to choosing a dolly for the Neva power tiller, with the exception of the heavy model range MB-23, the rest of the range has engines from 5.5 to 7.5 liters.с. Therefore, the optimal solution for them will be to choose a trailed device with a load capacity of 250 to 500 kg. Trailer device for the motor-block Neva MB 23 can be taken with a capacity of up to 1 ton These powerful machines have enough strength to pull such a load.

Other rules for choosing a trailed cart for any power tiller.ч. and for the Neva are dictated not so much by concern for the motor block, as by common sense and convenience in its operation. When choosing you need to pay attention to:

  • The body material. It is better to choose a trailer body made of galvanized steel. neither frost, nor heat, rain or dirt can damage it.
  • The presence of folding sides and tipping body, so that loading and unloading the cart was easier and more convenient.
  • The availability and quality of brakes. As you often have to transport goods with your power tiller on a rough terrain, the presence of reliable brakes on a steep slope will save you from a lot of trouble.

If you follow these simple rules you will be able to choose a trailer for your Neva power tiller that will serve you for many years. But if for some reason you do not want to buy a factory trailer, it is not difficult to make it with your own hands. The main thing is to find good drawings of a self-made trailer device and to get the necessary tools and materials for this. But this is another topic for discussion.

A simple trailer for power tiller “Neva

To begin making a cart with your own hands, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • Duralumin sheet with a thickness of 2 mm;
  • Sheets of steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm;
  • springs and wheels;
  • 25×25 and 60×30 mm steel pipes;
  • channel;
  • fasteners;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • welding machine;
  • jigsaw;
  • angle grinder.

The trailer frame will be a one-piece construction, mounted on a frame grid. For its manufacture, two crossbeams 25×25 mm need to make a crossbeam and connect to them pipes 60×30 mm so that the result is a grid.

Two longitudinal pipes are welded to the ready-made grid, from the top of which a strapping 25×25 mm is attached by welding. The material for the sides will be sheets of steel, which are cut to the required dimensions and welded.

Now it is the turn of the beam, for the manufacture of which you will need two channels. The elements are inserted into each other, and then the wheel axles are put on one end of the resulting part.

The longitudinal member is connected with the help of springs, the end of which should be put on the axle of the beam and the axle of the ear. Then the central part of the springs should be welded to the same beam with stirrups.

In the last turn with your own hands to make drawbar from pipes 60×30 mm. They must be docked and welded, one part to the trailer and the other to the spars.

A simple trailer for a power tiller is ready. I would like to note that to connect its parts, experts recommend using a welding machine. Such fastening will allow you to operate the construction for a long time.

How to make a cargo platform

The design of the load platform can be very different, but it is worth thinking about its functionality. Based on the experience of building trailers, many craftsmen recommend using steel at least 1.5 mm thick for the bottom of the body. It will be easier to clean and unload. The boards can also be made of 20-25 mm wide planks, which are fastened to the board frame welded from 4×4 cm thick angle bars. At the corners of the boards are studded for fixing, and from below to the platform of the boards are fixed with loops. As an option, for curbs suitable sheet metal, it does not even need to paint.

When designing the trailer, you must take into account that the main load must be placed between the wheels and the hitch, so that the cart does not have a tendency to tip backwards. When planning the weight distribution of the trailer do not forget about driver’s seat that also will give additional load on drawbar, but weight should be distributed so that trailer will not tilt backwards when fully loaded without a driver. Given these points, it is quite possible to build a cart for a power tiller with your own hands quickly and inexpensively. Good luck to all!

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