How to cut a circle in metal

Chinese metal tool attracts its availability and practicality. It is not inferior to the products of world brands in terms of ergonomics, design and functionality. Most metal.Cutting equipment is available from HSS steel, has an accuracy class A. At the same time, products are much cheaper than competitors.

Metal processing is a comprehensive procedure associated with mechanical, thermal or other effects on the workpiece. As a result, the part acquires a given geometry, color, strength or functionality.

We have prepared a rating of metal drill, including the best products of foreign and domestic production. The presented information will help choose the product, reduce temporary and financial losses when buying it.

The question of how to sharpen the drill for metal arises regardless of how expensive and high.Quality you have purchased.

Threaded joints are needed for reliable fastening of parts, as well as for transmitting movement in mechanisms.

In this material, we will consider the geometry of the main types of milling. These are disk, cylindrical and end models.

The theme of this article is the drilling of square holes in the metal. There are various ways for this. About how to make a square hole in the metal, we will talk below.

Safe operation of corner grinding

Angle.Grinding machine, it is a corner grinder. A very traumatic tool. If the corner grinder did not be so indispensable in many types of work, it would be possible, perhaps, to introduce a restriction on the use of this tool. Unconnected, scattered and “clubfoot” work with a corner grinder is categorically contraindicated. In general, it is very important to know how to work properly a corner grinder.

The consequences of improper operation of the corner grinding

Starting to work

Getting to work with a corner grinder, you need to be extremely assembled. You can not pick up the tool, being tired, unhealthy, and even more so drunk. Fatigue gives rise to negligence, which can cost expensive when working with a corner grind.

Protective casing and glasses. Mandatory conditions of safe work. The two most important rules that should be carried out strictly. You can not work with a corner grinder with a removable casing and without glasses. Sparks, abrasive particles, fragments of metal and scale. Inevitable satellites when working with an angle grinding machine. Their hit in the eye can lead to injury.

Sparks of sparks from corner grinder

Glasses or a mask replacing them should be closed. Sparks and fragments fly along a complex trajectory and are able to fly by glasses or a mask if they are open from the side. It is good if the mask has a safety grid, since the blows of the circle of the circle can be so strong that an uninhabited mask may not withstand the blow.

Protective glasses and mask

The ideal option for protecting the corner grinder

The protective casing is the first barrier standing between the operator and rotating at a high speed circle. Destruction of the latter. Quite frequent phenomenon. Many who more or less regularly use a corner grinder, at least once, but have encountered it. Most often, the destruction of the circle occurs when clamping (jamming) in the slot.

The protective casing is installed in such a way that the release of sparks and fragments is excluded towards the operator. Below are images that clearly show how the casing protects the operator if the circle collapses during rotation. It is clearly seen that the scraps of fragments are set by the opening in the casing.

Scattering of a corner grinder disk

At the end of the article there is a video of this experiment.

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The fastening of the casing should exclude its spontaneous spray. How it would not be inconvenient in some cases to work with the casing, its removal from the tool is unacceptable. Otherwise, the operator is not safe from the most unpleasant consequences.

Other personal protective equipment. In addition to glasses to compulsory personal protective equipment when working with a corner grinder, mittens or gloves should also be attributed. Hands are in the immediate vicinity of the rotating circle and should be protected from sparks, abrasive particles and fragments of metal. It is best to use dense leather gloves to protect your hands, cotton cannot serve as reliable protection against sparks.

Anti.Fry respirator or mask are used if stone materials are processed without the use of dust suction devices.

Clothing should not be wide and well.Seasoned. Chatting parts can be tightened by a rotating circle.

Removable tool

For each type of work (type of material processed), its abrasive tool is intended. You can not use circles not intended for this type of operation.

It is unacceptable to install circles larger on corner grinder than those for which it is intended. Small.Sized angle grinders have higher rotation speeds than large.Sized machines. Circles of large diameters (both new and those who were in operation and decreased in diameter) may not withstand high speeds and collapse. This is all the more dangerous because to install a large circle you have to remove the protective casing. In addition, too high the load from the rotation of the large circle causes increased wear of bearings and reduces the time of the instrument service.

It is unacceptable to install circles larger on corner grinder than those for which it is intended.

You cannot use damaged circles: with cracks, chips and potholes, having deviations from roundness or flatness. This can lead to the opposite impact and the final destruction of the circle with the creation of a traumatic situation.

One of the most important safety requirements when working with a corner grinder. Inadmissibility of using sawing saws for wood in the corner grinder. Due to its extreme danger, this should be absolutely excluded. The history of the operation of the Bulgarians is full of tragic facts, which was the result of the installation of saw on them for wood.

You can not put saw wood circles on a corner grinder for a corner

make, circle, corner, grinding, work

This is due to the fact that the tree. This is a heterogeneous material in which there are knots capable of leading to an opposite impact. Clounds may come across. In addition, the corner grinder has very large turns, and the saw disk will quickly dull.

After installing the tool, it is necessary to check the operation of the corner grinder at least 1 minute at the maximum speed. In this case, the circle should rotate freely without touching the protective casing, and vibration should not be more than usual.

Fixing the processed parts

If its own weight of the processed part does not provide its guaranteed immobility during operation, the part must be securely fixed in a vice or clamp on a heavy structure. You can’t work, holding the workpiece in your hands. This is violated at once by two safety requirements. The corner grinder holds with only one hand instead of two, and the immobility of the workpiece is not ensured. With such work, it is inevitable to shift the workpiece relative to the circle, and hence the danger of jamming the latter with a backward blow.

The use of Bulgarian

Bulgaria is used while working with metal of small thickness. To form a round hole using this tool, it is possible to follow these step.By.Step tips:

  • While cutting the circle into metal Bulgarian, the markings are made so that its contours are clearly visible.
  • In the course of the planned drawing, the Bulgarian disc is cut short segments, which as a result will be connected.
  • This figure will not be just the same as a polyhedron than on a circle. Therefore, at the end of cutting, the product is processed not cleaned until the edges are smooth not smooth. For processing, you can also use the Bulgarian. If the circle has a wide diameter, the contours are usually pointed by a large disk.

How to cut a circle of corner grinding

How to cut a circle in metal: the best methods and valuable tips

Any design, for example, in your home, in production, involves working with metal.

Often, at one time of the operation of this material, the question may arise: how Cut the circle In metal?

It deserves attention, since the complexity of the process of performing the work is not the quality of its result does not directly depend on the choice of the correct tool.

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How to cut a circle from a stainless steel sheet?

Any design, whether in your home, or in production, involves working with metal.

Often, during the operation of this material, the question may arise: how to cut a circle in metal?

It deserves attention, since the complexity of the work process and the quality of its result directly depends on the choice of the right tool and technology.

How to cut a flat circle made of metal

How to cut a circle in metal: the best methods and valuable tips

Any design, for example, in your home, in production, involves working with metal.

Often, at one time of the operation of this material, the question may arise: how Cut the circle In metal?

It deserves attention, since the complexity of the process of performing the work is not the quality of its result does not directly depend on the choice of the correct tool.

How to cut a circle in metal as a corner grinder

Before cutting a circle in metal, mark the workpiece before the corner grinder.

Make numerous cuts around the perimeter of the intended circle.

Process a circle and hole to obtain perfect surfaces.

To cut the smooth circle of metal with a corner grinder, take into account the following recommendations of the masters.

If you have, use diamond circles for metal or wheels with carbide teeth.

To cut out of sheet metal as a smooth circle of corner grinder as possible, work at low speeds.

Treat the seats with anti.Corrosion compounds.

Photo: Cutting a circle in a metal grinder

How to drill metal properly with a drill

The peculiarity of the drilling of the metal with a drill is that it is necessary to manually hold the tool, give it the correct position, and also ensure the required cutting speed.

After marking the part of the part, the center of the future opening should. This will prevent the displacement of the drill from a given point. For ease of work, the workpiece should be clamped in a locksmith or put on a stand so that it takes a stable position. The drill is installed strictly perpendicular to the surface that needs to be drilled. This is important to avoid its breakdown.

When drilling metal to the drill, it is not necessary to provide large pressure. On the contrary, it should decrease as it moves. This will prevent damage to the drill, as well as reduce the formation of burrs on the output edge of the through hole. Monitor the removal of the chips. If the cutting tool is seized, it is released, having betrayed the reverse rotation.

Когда используется инструмент из быстрорежущей стали, можно ориентироваться на частоту вращения согласно данным таблицы. When working with carbide drills, permissible values ​​are 1.5 2 times higher.

Drill diameter, mm

Rotation frequency, rpm

up to 5 6 10 11 15 16 20
1300 2000 700 1300 400 700 300 400

Drilling metal products must be carried out with cooling. If it is not used, it is likely to lose the cutting properties with a tool due to overheating. The cleanliness of the surface of the hole will be quite low. As a coolant for hard steels, an emulsion is usually used. Machine oil is suitable at home. Cast iron and non.Ferrous metals can be drilled without cooling liquid.

Features of drilling deep holes

Holes are considered deep if their size is more than five diameters of the drill. The peculiarity of the work here is the difficulties associated with cooling and removing the chips. The length of the cutting part of the tool should be greater than the depth of the hole. Otherwise, the body of the part will block the screw grooves along which the chips are removed, and the liquid for cooling and lubrication comes.

First, the hole is drilled with a hard short drill to a small depth. This operation is necessary to set the direction and centering of the main tool. After that, make a hole of the required length. As you move, it is necessary to extract metal shavings from time to time. For this purpose, use cooling liquid, hooks, magnets or a part.

How to cut a hole in the metal at home

In the metal, you can cut any holes exactly everything thanks to such modern cutting methods as plasma non.Laser cutting metal.

Unfortunately, for home workshops, such high.Precision equipment is a luxury if they have to use other methods, some where they are quite extraordinary.

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Marking metal

The contour of the hole should be applied to the metal that should be cut. Cutting a round hole in the metal is not as difficult as drill a hole in the glass, but more troublesome. Marking is carried out using a marker, a ruler of a non.Marking circul. For a hole consisting of straight lines, the markings are carried out by means of a line of not a marker. For marking a round hole, the circus is used. To make it better, it is more visible, it is provided with a marker.

The rectangular hole in the metal is much easier to cut through the corner grinding. For this purpose, a circle is installed on the machine with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.4.5 millimeters. The thread is carried out according to the intended direct, until the sheet of the metal does not echouse through. Use corner grinding cautiously in the corners, since it is easy to make a cut, than just the necessary.

Round holes are cut in most cases with a gas cutter:

  • It is necessary to light the burner;
  • The torch should be adjusted well;
  • Slow movements should be carried out by a torch along the intended contour.

A rare home master has a gas cutter in this case a round or oval hole is cut out using a welding machine. How Cut the circle From the hole in the metal C can be cut out with a corner grinder. How to cut the Circle “Damn” came out good and the hole in doing it according to the template by a corner grinder. The device is put on the maximum possible current. How to cut a round hole in the metal: instruction. The lighted arc is installed in any settlement of the contour of the hole. A hole will appear in the metal after a time, then the electrode should be carried out along the contour during the burning of the metal.

How to polish a corner grinder

Do not forget that grinding is always associated with a lot of dust. Preparing for grinding, do not forget about yourself! Protective mask and respirator are the best helpers for grinding. You can find such an option where the mask is combined with a good respirator.

The respirator filter will be clogged very quickly, so you need to prepare several pieces for operational replacement at once. Only after careful preparatory work can you start grinding.

Grind the tree

Wood is a unique material. It is manually polished well, but with a corner grinder you can achieve very good results. Some snobs argue that the corner grinder cannot be grinded at all, but this is from ignorance and inability.

The main secret is the grinder is used at minimum speeds. If the corner grinder has a speed switch, then there will be no problems. At large speeds, sandpaper will be very quickly and very tightly clogged with wood. In this mode, it will not be enough for five minutes of work. Optimal speed of not more than 6,000 speeds.

Another secret is not to grind the whole area of ​​the circle. If you grind the entire surface, then circular traces will remain on the wood. So that there are no traces of sandpaper at all or they would be minimal, it is necessary to grind only the upper sector of the circle. Machine movements should be along the wood fibers.

This method can get excellent results when grinding the lining. The board becomes smooth and does not save the traces of the tool. No need to get carried away and change the sandpaper on the circle in time.

Similarly grinds the log house. Here it is desirable that the support plate is thin along the edge. With such a plate it will be easier to polish the narrow places of the adjustment of the logs. Otherwise, this work will have to be brought a chisel.

We work on concrete

If it was not possible to purchase a branded protective casing with a pipe for a vacuum cleaner, then it can be done with your own hands. To do this, take the used bucket of putty or glue with a diameter of a little more than a circle of corner grind. Cut the bottom part at the height of a slightly larger collected grinding part.

Cut the hole in the bottom for installation on the gearbox and a hole for plastic plumbing angular discharge. Now we connect the vacuum cleaner hose to the pipe and work calmly.

The grinding circle must be designed for stone processing. Concrete and concrete surfaces are preferable to grind the entire surface of the circle. This will save processing time, and align the surface plane well.

Grinding the concrete floor must constantly control the plane with the help of the construction line, because due to the different density of concrete, you can make recesses. To process the docking seams between concrete filling, it will be sufficient to achieve one combination by level.

It is good to polish the concrete floors and surfaces of the Matrix diamond grinding cup. If the corner grinder is 150 mm, then a cup of 125 mm.

Grinding metal surfaces

Metal is polished according to different requirements. Most often, the metal is polished for painting or for further polishing. The main tool is recognized as a supporting cup with interchangeable sandpaper. The selection of sandpaper depends on the degree of processing and on the state of the metal.

During grinding, it is necessary to work only part of the disk. There should not be unprocessed areas on the surface.

Processed surfaces of ordinary steel, it is advisable to cover with a primer. The moisture contained in the air can very quickly cover the metal, and cause the appearance of rust.

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