How to make a hand.Made circular and end machine 2 in 1 from a corner grinder

Almost everyone has a corner grinder, but there may not be a manual circular or end saw. If they are still needed, then it is enough to make a special prefix to the corner grinder and it is very good to replace them. It is simple and does not require turning and other complex manipulations.

From sheet steel, you need to cut the sole of the machine. It is made small, literally 20×30 cm, and less is possible.

Sprinkle is made from the ends and the sole is slightly bent for the best call in the future when working.

In its corner, a piece of circle 60 mm long is welded, drilled across the center. Its location and orientation of the hole should be like in the photo.

A fastener for angular grinding grinder is made from the strip.

You need to drill and bend 2 blanks. They are fastened to the angular grinder gearbox into regular holes for its handle.

Next, you need to insert a long bolt in the hunger welded to the sole, squeeze it with a nut. Strips of brackets clamped on a corner grinder are welded to it. The tool must be leveled so that the cutting disk is located strictly parallel to the longitudinal edge of the sole.

In the sole under the cutting disc is a slot under it. Then the emphasis from the strip is welded on it to smooth the blanks when cutting under a right angle.

Following the sole to the edge of the table, we get the end saw. Also, the machine can also be used as a manual disk saw for cutting sheet materials, moving it along a parallel stop.

What will be needed to alteration of the corner grinder for the circular

The principle of manufacturing a stationary machine for sawing wood from an angular grinder is that the power tool must be rigidly fixed by fixing it to the base of the table or a workbench. This will not be difficult to implement, but for this you will need the following tools and consumables (depending on the scheme):

  • Corner grinder or corner grinder. Over, it is recommended to take a powerful power tool for this, since the ability of a stationary machine will depend on this parameter. If a small corner grinder is used, then only thin materials can be sawed, so this should be taken into account at the stage of manufacturing the device
  • Drill. Is needed to make holes with which they will fix the brackets holding the power tool
  • Welding machine for connecting metal plates
  • Plates wood-bearing plate
  • Clamps, as well as fasteners

make, circular, corner, grinder

A special disk for cutting wood must be installed on the corner grinder. It will not work to use the disc from the circular to the corner grinder, since it will not fit the external and inner diameter. A disk installed on an angular grinder for cutting wood must correspond to the diameter of the landing hole. In addition, the outer diameter should have protrusions. Teeth, the number of which directly depends on the tool itself.

There will be no difficulties with the choice of a suitable disk on an angular grinder, since they are sold to the corresponding models of a corner grinder. In addition to corner grinder with a circle for cutting wood, you will also need to prepare a table on which the power tool will be fixed. As such a table, even a frame or a workbench is suitable, to which the main requirement is presented. This is stability.

It is interesting! The angle grinding machine creates vibrations during operation, therefore, to increase safety, base or bed, it must be highly stable.

If there is a finished table, then it is only necessary to attach a power tool to it. If there is no table, then it can be made from improvised means. As a countertop, you can use boards or wood.Fiber slab. The countertop also acts as an stop.

To ensure the immobility of the power tool, it is necessary to make an appropriate mount using bars, boards or metal plates for this. The bracket for corner grinding can be mobile or motionless, which affects the quality of the use of the tool. The movable mount allows you to adjust the size of the cutting circle. If the bracket is motionless, then the sawing depth does not work. As fixers, you can use clamps, metal plates and other materials, which are reliable and efficiently fixed by an angular grinder to the base.

After the installation of a corner grinder on the base is installed, only the last action will remain. To check the work of a home.Made tool in action. For this, a trial short.Term start is performed, according to which all defects and defects of the structure are revealed. If there are no one, then you can perform a trial cut of wood.

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Choice angular grinder for homemade

The use of corner grinders as a working module is the most convenient. At any time it can be removed and used for its intended purpose.

Before the design and assembly of the circular of the corner grinder, it is necessary to decide what work will be carried out on it. For trimming bars or plywood sheets, an angular grinding grinder with a slight power is suitable. Responsible work will require the use of a more productive semi.Professional tools.

In addition, you should pay attention to the necessary thickness of the sawed material. In the case of an angular grinder, there is a direct dependence of the diameter of the disk on the power of the tool.

The higher the power, the greater the diameter of the cutting circle can be used.

make, circular, corner, grinder

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Circular grinder circular: electric saw manufacturing technology

The circular is an indispensable tool that is very important not only when sawing firewood, but also during repairs in a house or apartment, as well as the manufacture of furniture, etc.P. Circular itself is a fairly expensive pleasure, but do not rush to spend money on its purchase. Such a tool can be made from corner grinders. How to do it? This material is dedicated to this issue.

Preparation for remaking the corner grinder for the circular saw

What will be needed to create a circular saw from a corner grinder with your own hands? To do this, you need to make sure the following structural elements are available:

  • Corner grinder. It is advisable to use a powerful professional instrument. On low.Power grinder, only thin wood materials can be sawed.
  • Drill.
  • Wood-steering plate.
  • Screws and glue.
  • Clamps made of plastic.

First you need to purchase a special disc of the circular, suitable for an angular grinder. This disk should be with teeth, the number of which depends on the size of the disk, as well as on the purpose of using the tool. First you need to worry about the foundation for the future circular saw.

A home.Made wooden table, frame frame or old table will come as the base. The main thing for the base is stability, since fluctuations will occur during work.

It is important to know! The base can be collected from improvised bars and plywood, which will be much more effective and reliable.

When the base is ready, you need to take care of creating an emphasis for angular grind. You can also make it from bars and boards. The thickness of the stop should be selected so that the corner grinder casing has a tight fit to the side of the box without cracks. The length of the box should be sufficient to fix the corner grinder. You can also highlight the place for the hose, with which the sawdust will be removed. The width of the stop will be equal to the distance from the lower edge of the protective casing to the edge of the body angular grinder.

The emphasis is attached with self.Tapping screws. The edges of the stop should not go beyond the edge of the future surface for work. At the third stage, you should fix the working surface on the base. Such a surface must be even and smooth.

Installation of an angular grinder on the base is carried out with the tool disconnected. As fixers, you can use plastic clamps. The protective casing of the tool should not protrude outside the working surface. After installing the corner grinder, you should check the ease of rotation of the disk using the hand. If the disk rotates without jamming and touches to the structure, then the circular is almost ready for use.

To get started, you should set the desired depth depth, then fix the corner of the corner grinder. After everything is ready for launch, you can perform a test short.Term launch. If everything is fine, then you can run the device and check it in action.

It is important to know! When working corner grinding, it is necessary to check the heating of the electric motor. When it overheating, jamming may occur, so this cannot be allowed.

Do not forget that the wheels for corner grinders intended for cutting wood cannot be used to cut other materials: plastic, metal and other options. If there is no one tooth on the disk, then the use of such a tool should also be excluded.

Option of a desktop circular

The circular saw made of corner grinder is a great way to save a significant amount of funds. At the same time, it is important to understand that a home.Made tool is not as reliable as the factory, so do not forget about compliance with safety regulations.

Independent production of circular saw requires a little time, as well as compliance with accuracy. If there is no confidence in the reliability of such a design, it is better to redo it right away than to experience it. Through simple, but at the same time deliberate actions, you can even make a table circular. The advantage of a desktop circular is compactness. It can be installed anywhere, as a result of which to do the work. This may be needed in case of repairs in the apartment, so as not to go down every time to the garage to cut products of various shapes and thicknesses. Variants of table circulars from corner grinders are presented in the photo above.

The main condition of table circulars is the reliability of fixing the base. It is best, during the work, to fix the entire structure to the table or other surfaces in order to ensure complete immobility.

A variant of a full.Fledged stationary circular from corner grind

The manufacture of a full.Fledged circular saw from a corner grinder is a more time.Consuming process than making a desktop version. In the manufacture of this option, you need to pay attention to the buttons of the control of the tool: Start and stop. To do this, you will need to disassemble the angular grinder to remove the wiring from it to the control buttons, but at the same time you can get an almost complete circular saw.

As a corner grinder, it is recommended to choose models on which the speed of rotation of the disk is up to 7000 revolutions. Small corner grinder give up up to 12 thousand revolutions, which is a very large value. Wood wheels are not intended for working at such speeds, so it is very important to take the selection of an angular grinder with particular seriousness. When buying a disk, you should pay attention not only to its size, but also the quality. The option of a full.Fledged circular is presented below.

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Below the video shows a homemade circular using German angular grinding, the spindle rotation frequency of which does not exceed 6 thousand revolutions. This option is simply ideal for making a home.Made circular saw.

The main stages of work

It is not necessary to use even a drawing to assemble homemade, since the operation is quite simple.

How to make a circular from a corner grinder. Step.By.Step guide:

  • Collect a miniature table from improvised materials. The legs should be so height that a corner grinder can be placed under the bed. They are fixed to the stiffeners. Small boards, which is fixed along the edges of the table at a distance of about 125 mm from the bottom.
  • It is advisable to make the upper working surface from laminated plywood. As soon as the countertop is completely ready, it must be turned down the front side to make a marking to install the cutting disk (the future hole is marked along this assembly of the corner grinder. It should be longer and wider than the cutter itself). Using the drill, you need to drill two forming points.
  • Using the ruler, connect the edges of the holes, drawing two parallel lines over the entire width. Next, the tag is cut off using the existing corner grinder. Disc anger is ready.
  • You will need a new disk that is attached to the corner grinder. The best option for working with wood is 125 mm. There should be solid cloves on the disk. The master himself chooses a step.
  • Below the working surface, you need to fasten the bar for fixing the corner grinder. Strings are needed here. The device is fixed with clamps, and delayed using nuts.
  • A new disk can be put in a cut hole. It should be located in such a way that the main part towards the surface.
  • It is advisable to make a mount for a protective visor. It can be purchased at any construction store.
  • The stubborn bar is made of any metal corner. It must be fixed on a plywood or wood-piece plate. The length of the bar should be the same as the length of the table. Fixation is carried out at a distance of about 2 cm from the teeth of the disk. At the ends of the rail, it is necessary to make several holes, for the placement of bolts or screws there. For reliable fixation to the table.
  • On the inside of the table, make a mount for an electric outlet. Usually fixation is carried out outside (on stiffener ribs), but you can do as it will be more convenient for the operator.

Important! The board that will be processed should be completely placed on the countertop, because in the process of work the lumber will vibrate. It will be impossible to keep it on weight, and the risk of injury will increase.

After assembly, it is necessary to carry out the first launch, and try to cut a small block.

The design of a homemade circular of corner grinder

Regardless of the structural features, each circular of corner grinder, which is made with your own hand or bought in stores, consists of:

In the form of engines for homemade machines, it is allowed to install various available options. Often it is recommended the use of asynchronous engines that are bought directly for machines, engines from washing machines, drills or corner grinder. Any of the options has a number of their advantages and disadvantages.

When buying engines for the appropriate purpose, it is possible to choose its parameters for your device. There are no more advantages as such. The only drawback of this acquisition is the high price. After all, in fact, the cost of the engine exceeds the cost of manual power tools. Therefore, you can report a little and purchase a ready.Made machine. For many, this is not affordable, and there is no expediency of such purchases.

Another solution is engines from washing machines. This method will be optimal if you have a working engine with such an unnecessary technique. Not any washing machines are suitable for homemade machines. Many modern automatic machines are equipped with an engine for which it is necessary to use a special controller.

Naturally, you can make your own efforts to assemble a controller, but these are extra temporary and financial costs. It is quite simple to connect to the engine from the old washing machine, since their shaft is already equipped with a pulley. The presence of such an engine is many times simplifying the creation of a circular. The disadvantages of such devices include their small power. As a result, we will get an inferior machine model, and a fictitious device. But it is worth noting that for certain situations you can use such a solution.

Basically, the electric drill has low speeds and high power. The drive into the work of the saw disk is carried out in a direct way, by squeezing its axis by an electric car. The disadvantages of such schemes are the need for breaks during the work process. This is due to the fact that the drill is not intended for continuous types of work and it needs to stop for 10-20 minutes for every 10 minutes of work with it. In part, this problem can be solved if you install additional ventilation on the engine, however, this will significantly complicate the machinery structure.

The use of angle grinders, which are also called corner grinding, actually does not have known shortcomings. First of all, its engine has high power. Many men can boast of such an instrument, if not, then it can always be purchased, in any case it will be useful for use for the main purpose. At the same time, it is quite easy to integrate into the machine.

Often, in the configuration of the angle grinding machine, the presence of clamps is provided, thanks to which it is easily attached to the bed. Installation of the pulley on the shaft is carried out as simple as possible. Due to high speeds in the device engine, good ventilation is carried out, since there is a built-in cooling system that can function without stopping.

Construct a circular machine using an angular grinder, for each, each. There is no need for special knowledge and skills. Here you need to plunge a little creativity and diligently do your task

At the very beginning of the manufacture of the machine, you should make sure of the accuracy of your intentions and you need to decide whether you need it? It is important to consider that despite its resistance to continuous work, the corner grinder may break due to a large load

Having the intention to open their own production of furniture and wooden products at the industrial level, of course, it is worth acquiring a full.Fledged circular machine. A homemade device is suitable for home and country purposes, as a tool that allows you to solve household, everyday problems.

Step-by-step instruction

There is no need to create a scheme for assembling the system, since the procedure is quite easy.

How to make a circular saw from a corner grinder. Instructions:

  • Make a small countertop from available materials. The supports must have a length so that a corner grinder can be placed under the bed. They attach them to stiffeners. Small boards that are mounted in the corners of the table with an interval of approximately 125 mm from the lower angle.
  • The external working site is recommended to be performed from laminated wood-based slab. When the table is entirely ready, it needs to be turned down the front part in order to apply tags for the installation of the cutting disk (in the future the gap is determined by this node of the corner grinder. It should be larger in length and width of the cutter itself). Using a drill, 2 forming marks are performed.
  • Using the ruler, the joints of the gaps are connected, with the conduct of 2 parallel stripes over the entire width. Then the marking is removed, by means of corner grinding. The cut for the disk is made.
  • Need a fresh disk fixed into the corner grinder. The best solution for interacting with wood is 125 mm. The disk should have solid.Shaped teeth. The interval is selected by a specialist personally.
  • At the bottom of the functional site, it is necessary to attach a plate to install a corner grinder. You can’t do without a clamp. The unit is installed by means of clamps, and twisted by nuts.
  • You can insert a fresh disk into the gap done. It should be placed in such a way that the central region is slightly higher relative to the coating.
  • It is recommended to perform fasteners for a protective canopy. He is in every specialized outlet.
  • Persistent bar is made from any steel corner. It needs to be attached to a faner or a wood-piece plate. The dimensions of the plate must correspond to the parameters of the countertop. Installation is carried out with an interval of approximately two centimeters from disk teeth. At the endings of the rails, you need to perform several gaps, for installing screws or screws. For a good attachment to the countertop.
  • On the inside of the design, put a lock for an electric outlet. As a rule, fastening is carried out from the outside (on stiffener ribs), but can be equipped as it will be comfortable for a specialist.

After assembly, you need to organize a test launch, and try to cut a small beam.

The main principles of work and advice on application

Realizing how to make a circular saw out of corner grinder, it is important to familiarize yourself with some points that must be observed in the interaction with the unit:

  • You can start processing raw materials only when the device picks up acceleration.
  • It is not recommended to work continuously on the design of more than twenty minutes. Then the engine will not hesitate.
  • It is important to connect the structure only in the presence of a protective coating.
  • If the speed of the disk is more than ten thousand revolutions per minute, then on the border of the cut, the smoky areas of the tree can be noted. Therefore, there is a chance of fire. In order to prevent such a situation, the pace of rotation must be reduced by the device to reduce the stress. The speed of revolutions will be much smaller.

make, circular, corner, grinder

If the corner grinder works slowly during sawing raw materials, then it is necessary to immediately remove raw materials from the functional coating. If such a moment is ignored, then the angular grinder engine may light up.

The procedure for reincarnation of home equipment into a machine does not require much effort. The proposed information is enough to understand how to quickly make a circular saw from a corner grinder yourself.

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