(15 photos) How to make a braid for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands

By purchasing one-time tractor, buyers often face the problem of limited opportunities ❗ because of the minimum factory configuration of equipment. You can solve this issue by buying a coupling of corporate production. A more economical option of getting out of the situation is to make a clutch with your own hands.

Any trailed or hinged device for motor vehicles, whether it be a trolley, haymaking, hip, harrow or any other equipment is fixed by means. If the basic element is not suitable, the owner has a choice. Buy a suitable one or make a grip for the unit with your own hands.

Be that as it may, deciding which of the options for the mechanism is able to answer the functions that the unit performs, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors in the list of which:

  • Distinctive features of a cultivator or a walk.Behind tractor;
  • The scope of use of the unit is the responsibilities that he performs;
  • The equipment that will integrate with it;
  • Loads;
  • The need for multifunctionality.

Based on this, it is necessary to carefully familiarize yourself with especially often practiced devices and choose, taking as a basis the properties of what is best suited in this case.

Selection of coupling on a single tractor

Any hinged or trailed device for a walk-behind tractor, whether it be a harrow, hip, mowing, trolley or any other equipment, is attached using a clutt. If the basic part is not suitable, the owner has a choice. To purchase a suitable one or make a coupling for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands. In any case, determining which version of the node will be able to correspond to the tasks that the unit performs as accurately as possible, you need to take into account a number of points, including:

  • Features of a walk.Behind tractor or cultivator;
  • The area of ​​application of the unit. The functions that it performs;
  • Equipment that should be aggregated with it;
  • Loads;
  • The need for universality.

Based on this, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the most commonly used constructions and navigate in the choice, based on the features of the one that is best suited in this case.

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Types of surface treatment of soil. Sften processing

Methods (types) of soil machining are slightly. In different sources, they can be classified in different ways and differ in names. So, processing implies, in addition to compaction (rolling, slamming, pressing), three types of loosening:

If we are talking about the preparation of the soil for the winter in the middle strip of Russia, then this is most often loosening with a stratum turnover, or plowing. All kinds of types of plow’s lups provide a different result. So, the plow with the cylindrical surface of the Lemech turns the layer partially, but breaks it along the entire length, providing a good loosening along the way. But the screw-to-the-way flips the layer by exactly 180 °, preserving it almost unchanged and closely clinging to the depth of the seeds of weeds (where a significant part dies due to removal from light and heat).

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Some types of Boron also partially wrap a layer, such as a disc harrow. Its dentist, on the other hand, refers to agricultural tools that engage in loosening with alignment.

How to make a universal connection?

The universal design of the coupling will adjust the mounting equipment to the walk.Behind tractor without a backlash and free move. This, in turn, facilitates the work on the walk.Behind tractor. You do not need a lot of time and excessive efforts to make such a coupling with your own hands.

Using this device, you can attach to the walk.Behind tractor:

To create a quality product for your uno.Based tractor, a durable metal is used. You can also use slavelers, they have a sufficient margin of safety, manufactured according to factory technology. You need to make several additional holes, home.Made hitch is almost ready.

Double universal coupling to a walk.Behind tractor

The device can be made from durable cast iron or steel. But such materials require special equipment for processing, so it is better to buy industrial blanks.

If there are special workbench, you can make a steel workpiece of the desired shape. A good coupling for a traffic border trailer can come from a car cardan. To the menu

Tools and materials

The device consists of several complex parts. Before starting work, drawings are needed, which are suitable for creating a node. They must be verified and workers.

Materials that are necessary for assembly:

  • Bolts and steel studs are the main elements of fastening, they create mobile and motionless compounds;
  • The adjustment element is a lever that will help change the position of the device;
  • Metal blanks. Channel from which the main part will be welded.

To assemble equipment will be needed:

  • Metal drill to create holes;
  • Line for measuring;
  • Metal welding;
  • Keys set to tighten screw joints.

How to connect one.Axle tractor with a trailer?

The device is attached to the same.Based tractor using pins. They must be made of strong steel. Studs and pins stretch into the holes. The unit is placed either under the steering wheel, or behind the main device. If there are any features of the connection, they are indicated by the manufacturer of the trailer or walk-behind tractor.

Do-it-yourself connection can be useful not only to attach a plow, trailer and other similar devices, but it is also used for rural equipment or mini-tractors.

Before starting work, it is necessary to check the reliability of the node, scroll through all nuts and screws.

If it is necessary to change the position of the moving connection, for this, twist the screw handle in the required direction.

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After agricultural work is completed, you need to clean the threaded connections and grease them to prevent corrosion and breakdowns. To the menu

DIY adapter for a walk.Behind tractor

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How to fix a braid for a walk.Behind tractor?

The hitch is attached to the motor unit using durable steel pins. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the dimensions of the structural holes match, and all the components can be freely fixed.

Before starting work, you should also configure the clutch device. First weaken the adjusting bolts, and then put out the optimal working position of the attachment equipment, tighten the bolts. Sometimes, in the process of work, the setup has to be carried out several more times. Depending on the type of soil, speed of work, power of the walk.Behind tractor and other factors. The first time after installing the coupling, carefully monitor the operation of the walk.Behind engineer and attachment equipment to avoid a breakdown and in time to adjust the gun.

A homemade universal trailer for a walk.Behind tractor can be used not only to join the hinged or for trailer. It can also be installed on a mini-tractor or other agricultural technique.

Each time after the end of work, do not forget to clean the coupling. Pay special attention to compounds and thread. Do not forget to lubricate the part to extend its service life.

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How to fix a braid for a walk.Behind tractor?

After all the preparatory work, you can start collecting the coupling on a single tractor. Using the bolts firmly attach the bracket to the channel. If you have a hitch with an adjusting mechanism, attach it and its.

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You can proceed to the installation, for this, attach the bracket to the power block with the help of pins and install the hitch.

Immediately before work, you need to adjust the equipment. Having made several circles, you can configure the acceptable position of the attachment equipment for yourself.

Such a hitch is ideal for a trailer for a walk-behind tractor, seeders, harrows, an enchanting and other useful in agriculture to the MTZ, Neva MB-2, Agro and others.

Overview Walk-Behind Tractor (BCS, Grillo)

Creating a plow

Before creating such equipment, you will have to prepare drawings. In them you can indicate the main nodes. A lots and a dump.

  • For working details, it is worth taking 3-mm steel, but at first the masters recommend working on a removable plunder. In the form of a better material, a disk taken from a circular saw will perform for him. If it is not, you can take ordinary steel, which is not subjected to special processing.
  • The cutting part will be the working part of the braid braid, which fits off on the anvil. The plow should be with a dump, you can go to its creation after completing the work with the Lemch. As a material for this, you can take a pipe (50 mm), the thickness of which will be 5 mm. The blank of the dump can be done using a gas cutter. First we cut out the template, at the last stage, the workpiece must be brought to the anvil, and then on the sharpener.

How to make a coupling for a walk.Behind tractor yourself

When working, the device will be subjected to a large load, so you should adhere to the recommended dimensional and strength characteristics of all elements of the assembly. In this case, the following coupling qualities will be guaranteed:

  • Providing reliable fixation with a walk.Behind tractor.
  • Fastening to mounting equipment.
  • Ensuring the declared operational qualities of equipment.
  • Affordable price.
  • Reliability, long service life.

When choosing a model, you should check the dimensions that the power block of the walk.Behind tract and the attachment (plow, trailer, harrow, etc.) should be checked. The task of the master is to ensure the full compatibility of the elements, ease of operation and the ability to easily configure equipment to a specific task. The main part of the coupling is the bracket of the P-shaped form. Through the holes on one side, it is attached to the walk.Behind tractor, on the other hand, a stand of the necessary attachment equipment is fixed on the device case.

Necessary tools and materials

A person engaged in economic activity on Earth usually has a sufficient set of equipment for the manufacture of the coupling. The following tools will be needed for work:

  • Corner grinder.
  • Drill, drilling machine.
  • Measuring tool: ruler, roulette, square.
  • Welding machine.
  • Keys set.

It is important to accurately choose drill in diameter of studs and bolts. Lack of backlash will extend the service life of the attachment equipment. The case can be cut out of a metal sheet or use a channel suitable in size.

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Preference should be given to the clutch with the adjustment mechanism. In this case, you can use hinging equipment of different classes, from different manufacturers, reaching maximum efficiency in work.

make, coupling, walk, tractor, other, details

In the photo below, a universal coupling with a threaded adjustment mechanism. A simple, but effective device that is easy to do with your own hands:

Working with a metal drill will be easier and more productive if, when drilling, make a preliminary hole of a smaller diameter. For example, a drill of 5 mm is first used, and then 12-16 mm for the size of the bolt.

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Production of a universal connection

Work should be done on a flat surface. A table of the desired size or workbench is suitable. The order of work is as follows:

  • Marking. According to the drawing, the contours and dimensions of the elements are indicated.
  • Drilling. The operation is carried out by a drill or on the machine. The accuracy of the holes is checked by a caliper, as well as a hairpin or bolt, inserting them into the seat. Both backlash and jamming of parts are excluded. To facilitate the work and in order to avoid injuries, the holes are treated with zenkovka.
  • Welding. It is preferable to use electric welding. The metal warms up only at the junction and does not critically lose its properties. If there was no suitable channel, then a design of sheet steel of the necessary quality is made.
  • Assembly. The bracket is attached to the channel with bolts. If an adjusting mechanism is provided, then it is also fixed on the design.

Drawings of the hitch of a motor block

Consider the drawing of a universal hitch, to the following types of motoblocks: “Pubert Quatro”, “Honda”, “Agro”, “Oka”, “Cascade”, “MB-90”, “Neva”, “Favorite”, “Salute”.

The purpose of the universal coupling in conjunction with the motor unit of attachment equipment: digger, plow, perching of one- and two-row, etc.

Establishment of the coupling on a single tractor

The bracket bracket is installed on the bracket bracket, and fastened with pins. It is advisable to fix the bracket brackets with spitting bolts M12x60, the dispatch to the frame of the walk.Behind.

Changfu Brand Two Wheel Walking Tractor Assembling

Establishment of the tool for the coupling

On the bracket of the gun rack, you need to install a removable adhesion axis. You need to insert the axis with M16 threads into the opening of the hitch body and screw the screw into this thread. It is necessary to combine holes for the boltM16x40 on the gun stand and on the hitch body. After that, this connection is fixed by the M12 nut and the bolt m12x40.

Recommendations for work

Hinged guns are set up and adjusted individually, depending on the type of soil, and the power of the walk.Behind tractor. A special clutch design can be adjusted in different ranges. Using the initial settings, you need to install the radius grooves of the coupling on zero transverse capture angle, and fix the m12 with a nut and the bolt M12. Also set the longitudinal angle of capture. The first 3-5 meters of movement carefully observe how the unoic tractor with the gun works.

If you need to deepen or raise the gun, stop the movement of the motor block, and rotate the screw handle adjust the gun. After which you can continue moving and evaluate how the unoic tractor with the gun works. Also, if you need to adjust the transverse angle of capture, you need to loosen the m12 nuts and the Bolts M12.

Then adjust the angle in the required direction, and tighten the nuts with bolts. Before starting work, all threaded connections, you need to tighten tightly. After the work on the basis is over, daily you need to clean and lubricate threaded joints. To do this, use Litol 24.

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