end from a disk saw

This nozzle actually replaces this hand tool by one hundred percent.

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Inexplicable thing, if required, for example, pre.processing a log. during the construction of a log house, preparation of enclosure supports, etc.D.

  • In this case, the protective casing can be removed. Such a nozzle is whole.leafed, and its destruction does not occur. But protection against a scattered chip (glasses, compacted clothes, mittens) is required.
  • Work is allowed only with a “angular grinder”, in which (or installed) the 2nd handle is provided (or installed). The corner grinder should be held when pre-processing the tree by 2 hands.

Making a tool from a manual circular saw

The design is simple and available for manufacturing at home. The body of the sawing machine is assembled from wood or metal. From the sheets of plywood (wood-brown plate) build a base on which a vertical rack is installed, after cutting the holes in it for attaching the circular. The mechanism of the pendulum type is made of the board and is fixed on the support using a long bolt.

Having prepared a corner or metal rod, it is screwed on top of the pendulum, trying to make the end perform. Take a spring. One side is assigned to the back of the corner, and the other at the vertical rack. The tension is selected experimentally, but it should be enough to freely hold a hand saw on the weight.

Disconnecting the handle from the tool, it is fixed on the pendulum in the prepared hole. Cables are laid in the grooves provided for this and the voltage is connected. A small slot is made in the countertop and side stops are fixed to it at right angles. If they make them rotary, then it will be possible to cut the workpieces at a given angle. The saw from the circular is collected, it remains to test it in action. Using available drawings, it is easy to make any, even more complex tool.

The main selection criteria

Before you go to the store and consult with sellers, read the parameters that you should rely on when buying a tool. And then you can rationally make your choice.

  • power. Affects performance and speed of work. With its increase, the mass and the cost of the tool grow. Household endings consume less energy than professional;
  • Disk size. The depth and cut speed depends on it. Also find out if there are replaceable discs on the selected tool model in free sale;

Sawed the parameters. Angle, width and depth. The saw should cut the workpieces to your angle necessary for your purposes, preferably in both directions. The manufacturer also indicates the maximum cutting depth when working at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees to the surface. The function of restriction of the cut depth is important. It is used in selection of grooves and processing blanks in thickness;

the presence of a horizontal broach. Allows you to increase the width of the cut by moving the cutting part in the horizontal plane. For one pass, you can cut a fairly wide workpiece.

  • collector. It is necessary to regularly check the anchor, but such an engine has a greater torque;
  • asynchronous. It works quieter and longer;
  • Toer. There is no slip in large loads;
  • belt. It publishes less noise and extinguishes vibration, but the belt breaks more often than the teeth of the gears wear out;
  • straight. There is no gearbox, fewer rubbing parts, but a lower torque;

a system that automatically closes the working disk with a protective casing when lowering to the processed part;

a bag in the form of a bag. Attached to a special pipe. You can connect a vacuum cleaner to it.

Preparation for work

Before starting work, it is necessary to decide on the necessary set of tools and materials that will be needed in the process.

The following tools will be used for work:

  • Circular saw or you can use a sawing jigsaw machine.
  • Electric screwdriver.
  • Grinding machine.
  • Corner grinder (angular-grinding machine).
  • Electric.
  • Hand tools: hammer, pencil, square.

In the process, the following materials will also be needed:

  • Laminated woody stove.
  • Plywood.
  • Massive pine.
  • Steel tube with an inner diameter of 6-10 mm.
  • Steel rod with an outer diameter of 6-10 mm.
  • Two goals with increased area and inner diameter of 6-10 mm.
  • Self.tapping screws.
  • The carpentry glue.

Varieties of end saw

These simple devices allow you to perform even incisions at a straight and arbitrary angle. Before you make a trim with your own hands from a manual circular saw or corner grinder, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of structures.


Small size of the machine where the cutting disk is fixed on the pendulum. The blade moves back and forth, and the processed canvas can rise up and down and rotate. Thus, it is possible to adjust the cut angle.


The design of the equipment includes an additional table for sawing the material. There is an opportunity to change the angle of sawing in the process of work. Used simultaneously in the form of a end saw and circular.

For reference! Combined devices at home are rare, basically these are carpentry workshops.

With a length

Designed for a complex sawing angle of high accuracy. It is easy to use them, diagonal cutting is impeccable. A feature of the tool is a rotary module that simplifies the work. guide

The modern market offers the buyer a large range of products, among which there are quality goods and inexpensive analogues. But, sometimes, the cost of a specialized tool is greatly overestimated. As for the offices, the end saw from a hand circular with your own hands can really be made at home.

How exactly the end of the end is created in detail below.

  • plywood sheet;
  • galvanizing;
  • two furniture guides or pipe;
  • connecting elements;
  • electric drill;
  • wood jigsaw;
  • sawing disk;
  • pliers;
  • knife, roulette;
  • glue.
make, floor, parquet, comparison, finished

A window or door loop can be used as an stop for a shelf.

For reference! Some craftsmen install the engine from the washing machine. Such machines are used to cut.

Preparation of the base

It is necessary to take a sheet of thick plywood and make it drank in it for the movement of the disk. The base should be massive to hold the shelf with a saw. The size of the base depends on the purpose of the future design.

It is better to perform work according to a pre.drawn up drawing, scheme. A special groove is prepared at the base, according to which the saw disk will move.

Deformed sheets with impaired integrity in the work are not allowed to take.

Determining the height of the shelf for transverse movement

The location of the structure element can be on the right or left side of the table. You should choose the height of the shelf so that the tooth disk does not cut the base.

Designing a shelf

A fragment of thick plywood or wood-bruise, which is installed along the cut under the toothed disk. Fastening is carried out on the corners with self.tapping screws to a certain height. The shelf can be strengthened with a second layer of plywood sheet.

Setting limiters

After fixing the shelf, you should start installing a saw. It must be fixed in such a way that it enters into a drink and does not catch anything. To do this, use limiters. The material is the same plywood. Fasten the limiters with glue.

Setting guides for blanks

It is made from a piece of plywood or wood-piece plate with a width of at least 10 centimeters. Its length is more than a table by 15-20 %. The strip is attached with clamps in two places. The guide changes the position at the right angle.

Corner grinder

To solve the problem, an angular grinder is often used. It is ideal in order to make its end machine for processing the end surfaces. The home.made version will have the following technical characteristics:

  • The speed of the corner grinding disk should not be less than 4,500 revolutions per minute;
  • The cut length is 350 millimeters. Note that this indicator is significantly higher than that of the factory tool that relates to the middle class.

The created design allows you to remove the angular grinder from the table and use it as a regular tool.

When considering how to make a similar option, we note the points below:

  • The cutting tool is installed on the axis, which is represented by a car wheel. This moment determines the possibility of ending at an angle. To fix the rotary mechanism, a bearing with a diameter of 150 millimeters is used. To fix the corner grinder, a special mechanism is used, which is attached to the rotary axis. After a certain time, it is recommended to lubricate this axis, since there is a probability of a creak;
  • To fix a certain angle during the production of the machine on the bearing, on the outside, special ears are welded. Fixation is carried out using a screw, for example, M6. The attachment of the ears should be carried out so that there is no great distance between them. Otherwise, there is a possibility of a strong backlash, which will significantly reduce the accuracy of processing;
  • The likelihood of chips enters the bearing should be excluded. This is due to the fact that the chips inside the bearing leads to its wear and non.melting rotation of the cutting tool. The chips can be small enough, which will lead to the rapid wear of the bearing. The introduction of a lubricant also allows excluding the likelihood of rapid wear of the bearing;
  • can be created with a shock absorber. It is recommended to choose options for execution from trucks, as they are more resistant to environmental effects. You can use broken shock absorbers. The preparation of the shock absorber consists in removing oil and drilling holes that become a kind of ventilation. The holes should be tightened with a net with small holes in order to exclude the likelihood of wood chips entering the ventilation system;
  • In order not to feel a strong jerk at the beginning of the work should be equipped with a corner grinding module for a smooth start module. This module at the very beginning of the start reduces the number of revolutions and promotes the disk to operating speed gradually. You can’t make a smooth start module on your own, it must be removed from another device or purchased separately.

The latest stage of production can be called the creation of a shield for a saw. This element allows us to exclude the likelihood of getting into the cutting zone of foreign bodies. Its end machine can be used in everyday life.

However, the design under consideration has significant disadvantages that should be taken into account. These include:

  • ending machine is very noisy. This is due to the features of the work of the corner grinder. During processing, a noise appears, which is almost impossible to reduce;
  • The end machine is used for high.quality processing of the end surfaces. That is why quite a lot of attention is paid to the accuracy of the location of the corner grinder with the disk relative to the workpiece. To adjust the location of the corner grinder with the disk, slices of bar are used. Traction should be fixed using a bolt, after which you can process.

The drawings of the end machine determine that it can be quite simply installed in almost any workshop. It should be taken into account that the design is small in size, and the workpiece can be quite large. In order to exclude the likelihood of loss of accuracy during processing, the structure is attached to the base.

Particular attention is paid to the type of disk installed. Initially, the corner grinder was designed for metal processing, which determines the presence of a large number of disks for the metal. But there are also discs for processing wood that have their own characteristics

But there are also discs for processing wood that have their own characteristics.

Note that there are quite a few drawings that can be used when creating a end machine. Some to realize is quite simple, others are difficult to perform.

Assembly process

First make a table on which a cutting unit will be installed. The frame is built from a metal corner according to the welding method. On top the stand is covered with a thick sheet of metal with a longitudinal hole. The edge of the bed is processed by a file.

Dawed from corner grinder is mounted on the axis. This allows you to handle the blanks at an angle. Fix the rotary mechanism by installing it on a bearing with a diameter of 150 mm. Fix the structure with a mechanism connected to the axis. The axis is lubricated from time to time to exclude the occurrence of a creak, excessive friction.

For the handle of workpieces at a certain angle, at the time of assembly, the saw is supplied with ears grounded on the outside of the machine at a short distance from each other. If this is not done, there will be a backlash, the accuracy of the cut will suffer.

When working, it is necessary to ensure that the sawdust does not get into the bearing: this can lead to the rapid wear of the mechanism, the rotation of the disk will be difficult. For additional protection, you need to use grease.

The most effective for processing wood endings with a stretch, a shock absorber. It is better to choose samples installed on trucks: they are more resistant to aggressive mechanical exposure, resilient. The part is freed from oil, supplied with technological holes that will serve as ventilation ducts. As protection against sawdust, wood dust, the holes are tightened with a net with a small cross.section of the cells.

Another useful option of the end circular saw is a smooth start module. Thanks to him, when starting, the machine does not make sharp jerks. The principle of operation of the part is to reduce speeds at the start. As a result of the cutting disk of ending, he gains a move gradually. It is difficult to assemble a stabilization module yourself. It is recommended to remove the part from another device or buy.

At the final stage, a shield is made to protect the end saw from entering into the working area of ​​the cutting of objects.

If there is a regular disc saw, you can make a movable carriage. It is easy to install, assembled from a plywood sheet, guiding bars and fasteners: bolts, screws.

Important points

In order for the tool to carefully perform the intended cut during the processing of the ends of the workpiece, you need to try to place the angular grinder relative to wooden parts as accurately as possible. You can adjust the placement of the cutting element using bars, while the craving must be fixed with a bolt.

The end machine can be installed in the garage, workshop, basement, other places. The main thing is that the working structure is firmly connected with the base.

You need to carefully choose a saw disk. It must correspond to the specifics of work, the characteristics of the material.


When the tool (and even more so the machine) is made independently, then its design, as a rule, takes into account the needs and standing tasks that are supposed to be solved with its help:

  • So that the epaulettes during cutting do not have burrs and creases, it is necessary that the circular saw should have adjustable speeds of the relatively cut plane (so that the burrs are removed by the cutting edges of sawing teeth);
  • Suppose you need to do not ordinary transverse ending of epaulets, but at a certain angle. At the same time, it is necessary that the workpiece is recorded in the game of backlash during the cut;

All these features are inherent in the home.made constructions of the end machines, which makes their production on their own justified and profitable.

Disks for end saw

When choosing a festive mechanism suitable for home conditions, special attention must be paid to the dimensions of the saw disk, the diameter of which should not be less than 20 cm. Also, one should not forget about such important characteristics of the acquired device as the width and depth of saw cut

We should not forget that a large disk size is considered good from the point of view of optimal working conditions, using which it will be possible to operate it for quite some time and efficiently.

Focusing on all these indicators, it is possible to choose the required model of the cutting tool, the level of performance of which will meet the requirements for it.

We attach the transporter

I drilled a hole at the base. The screw will fix the transporter. So we can cut off any corner.

It’s time to cut something! I used a disc with a diameter of 115 mm, so the cut depth is about 4 cm. Ideal for cutting small boards, aluminum profile, etc.D. Cut is even and clean.

That’s all. We made a small and powerful end saw. I hope you liked it!

Comparison of finished products

Miter saw Hitachic10fce2 Redvergrdms2101200 Dewaltdw711 Makitals1040
power, kWt 1.95 1.2 1.3 1.65
Sawed height, m 0.06 0.06 0.06 0.09
Width draped, m 0.14 0.12 0.14 0.1
Tilt, city 52 45 fifty 52
Speed ​​speed, rpm 5000 4500 2750 4600
Mass, kg 11.9 6.8 twenty eleven
Dimensions, m 0.460.5610.628 0.430.5270.445 0.590,620,49 0.530,5320,476
Price, 13676 6290 30432 15826

Different types of saws differ in the price associated with the tasks of the model and the fame of the manufacturer. The most famous brands:

The end type includes the following parts:

The collector engine does not require regular tracking and lubrication of parts, and asynchronous is distinguished by a long and quiet work. There are options where the engine is installed behind, which makes the review much better when working manually.

The motor works with a mechanism transmitting rotation through a belt or a gear wheel. In the first version, noise decreases and there is no cutter of the cutter, and the second option does not allow the saw to slip when cutting in case of strong pressure.

The nuances of use

A saw, even made independently, can cut such types of materials as:

The maximum mass of the product is 28 kg, which is associated with its characteristics. This species makes it possible to perform joints in the “mustache”, they are common in baguette and furniture workshops.

Here is the main principle of operation: the devices are equipped with discs that can be replaced, aimed at cutting a particular subject. Some types of tools are designed to install them at the right angle, at a given distance, while others make it possible to perform a turn only in one direction. these are simple.

The price of a 360 degree tool rotates is much larger. Its tilt is easily tuned. However, know that to find out what angle is required, it is necessary to decide what materials we will use.

Red oak parquet floors finished with Bona Nordic Sealer.

What is the purpose of this tool and how it works

A device designed for cross.cutting wooden blanks at different angles is called a end (end) saw. Often such a tool is also called electric stupid, by analogy with a carpentry device in the form of a tray for cutting boards under a certain inclination. The design of such a saw allows you to perform a cut, changing both the vertical and horizontal angle of the saw disk.

You can cut off a long blank by changing the vertical and horizontal angle

The functional capabilities of the end saw allow it to be used in woodworking, where an accurate docking with the ends of the two elements of the product or structure is required. It is to ensure the accuracy of the cut and a bed is required, which can have legs or set on the table. Such work is often necessary for the following purposes:

  • manufacturing decorative frames;
  • cashing of door loves;
  • plinth devices;
  • structures of wooden building structures during the construction of houses and auxiliary buildings;
  • finishing work by lining or plastic panels, as well as laying wooden, parquet flooring or laminate.

When installing a certain type of disk on such equipment, you can cut a light metal or plastic profile and pipes. If necessary, the end of the wood can even choose the thickness of the wood, arranging grooves that are often used for the manufacture of window or door frames and lines.

Such work is often performed in the manufacture of window frames

Despite the thorough appearance, and the fact that such saws are often called machines, their weight is small (about 18 kg) and they can become an excellent tool for a home or summer cottage workshop.

Parts of the mechanism

All end saws have a simple design mainly similar to different types of this tool. Their main elements are:

make, floor, parquet, comparison, finished

The main elements of the design of the end saw

  • a bed with a round turning table (some models have a one in both directions, an extension cord on integrated supports);
  • A rotary lever attached to the bed with a special joint with a return spring, on which a saw disk and a handle with the launch and braking buttons are attached, such a lever is called a pendulum, which is why the entire tool was called a pendulum saw;
  • an electric motor located on the pendulum to the right of the saw disk (in some models, to make the best review, it is installed from behind on the pendulum;
  • the control unit of the angle of the disk, which allows you to rotate the cutting head of the tool to the left of the operator to any angle to

45O, the turn to the right is impossible due to the engine located on this side;

A special insert is provided on the table of the tool at the cutting place, in the form of a depressing of a tray type, which allows the saw disk to cut out the workpiece to the end, making a neat incision. A scale is applied on the bed to turn the table in both directions to a certain angle. In the right position, the table is attached with a screw clamp. The tool disk is protected by a special transparent casing, which makes it possible for the master to see the place of saw. For convenience, many models of end saws are equipped with a laser pointer showing in which place an incision will be carried out and table lighting.

make, floor, parquet, comparison, finished

Details in more detail with the design of the end saw, the purpose of its main components, and also see how they are used in the work, you can in the next video.

Advantages and disadvantages of home.made endings

A few more convenient and interesting self.useings, including an excellent stationary, mobile and made in a couple of minutes from several plywood and screws:

DIY Natural Hardwood & Tile FLOOR CLEANER Recipe

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