What to make out of the boat motor. Homemade boat motors. How to make a boat outboard electric motor with your own hands

A boat motor can be made out of many mechanisms that gather dust in a shed or a garage and are not used for their intended purpose.

It often happens that the equipment fails, and to fix it you need to spend more than half the cost of a new device. Much easier in this case to buy a new device, and the old one to set aside and use it as source of spare parts and various nuts and bolts. It is from such devices and it is possible to make a boat motor.

If there are no such devices available, you can inexpensively buy such a mechanism on the secondary market. The main thing in such devices is to have a functioning motor.

Boat motor from a trimmer for grass

By minimally changing the design of the grass trimmer you can arrange an excellent pulling unit for a boat of any design. This model already has engine and transmission, all you need is to make a boat mount, and install a propeller instead of bobbin with fishing line or disk.

Before making a boat motor from a trimmer for grass, it should be understood that the power of such devices is very low, and it is unlikely to move against a strong current.

The grass trimmer as a boat motor is ideal for use on a lake or pond.

The disadvantages of using this device should include a high level of noise. In addition, at low speed you will have to breathe absolutely all the products of “life activity” of this system.

Boat motor from a screwdriver

Excellent indicators in terms of noise production and environmental friendliness have boat motors on electric traction. You can make a motor for the boat from a screwdriver, but the power of the device should not be less than 300 watts. For the transmission of torque to the propeller, which is located underwater, you can use a flexible shaft from the grass trimmer.

A small aluminum propeller from a car fan is used as a propeller, and car batteries with a capacity of 60 Ah are used to ensure a long operating time of such a device.

The disadvantage of such designs is the need to carry a fully-charged car battery. The mass of such a part is more than 20 kg. The disadvantages include the limited power of such a motor, after discharging the battery you will need to manually drive the boat again.

Boat motor from a power tiller

The most powerful of self-made boat motors is a device made from a power tiller. Technique for the processing of the homestead plot is equipped with sturdy and durable four-stroke internal combustion engines, which, being installed on the watercraft,

allow it to develop a decent speed, both upstream and downstream. Such engines have considerable weight and are not usually used on PVC boats.

The easiest way to install a boat motor of this design is with minimal modifications to the basic structure. It is enough to attach a single-axle tractor to the boat’s hull and install aluminum blades instead of cutters. The blades must be located in the same plane as the shaft, which in this case is located perpendicular to the movement of the watercraft The blades have the form of rectangular plates, which the lower half must be lowered into the water, and the upper part freely move through the air. Such a device of a rowing wheel, will allow to move with high speed even in places where the depth does not exceed half a meter. A boat engine made from a motorcycle with a fast current is excellent.

Other options

Make a homemade motor is possible not only using trimmers for grass and screwdrivers as a basis. If there is a desire to design a boat motor yourself and has a considerable amount of time and money, then you can use as a power unit any technical device equipped with an internal combustion engine or driven by an electric motor.

Many craftsmen put motorcycle engines on the boat. In this case it is possible to regulate the speed of the propeller with the help of shifting the gearbox. Powerful 12-volt motors, which are used in various mechanisms, can be successfully used as boat engines.

The advantages of using a grass trimmer

Using a grass trimmer to build a boat motor has a number of advantages:

  • much cheaper than an off-the-shelf motor for a boat
  • minimum fuel consumption;
  • low weight;
  • reliability;
  • The tightness of the construction;
  • availability of ready-made controls;
  • built-in tank and t.д.

These qualities make the weed trimmer the first choice among other options for remodeling.

How to make a boat motor from a chainsaw?

To avoid typical mistakes when assembling a motor from a used chainsaw, it is important to adhere to the scheme and follow the correct order of actions. The stages of assembly are as follows:

The stages of assembly are as follows:

At the first stage, the manufacturer must redo the coupling. To do this, you first need to mill a cup of suitable size and replace the spring that is used. In this way the manufacturer will be able to reduce the initial torque of the standard clutch and adjust the dimensions of the mass to those needed. Assemble the finished cup to the bracket using a washer and screws. The pin, which fixes the cup and the shaft together, must be closed with a strip and a screw; Next, you need to connect the shaft and the engine from the chainsaw. A pre-painted channel is best for this

Note the distance between the front cup of the assembled coupling and the integrated support frame. The distance should be such that during operation the rotating parts do not interfere and do not touch each other; Then on the second side of the shaft you need to install the gearbox; After that, the boat motor from a chainsaw will need to be equipped with a rotary mechanism

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This will allow you to change direction while the boat is in the water. To make the assembly you need a piece of pipe. Its thickness should be slightly greater than the diameter of the shaft with a pre-welded angle, which is used to mount the original guide. In doing so, the steel rod must match the dimensions of the hexagon used.

After assembling the homemade boat motor from a chainsaw, you need to fill it up with a fresh fuel mix and gear oil. The fuel filler cap then needs to be screwed on and secured with sealant. When testing the motor, there is no need to load it immediately. For the first 30 minutes you should let the engine work under low loads. After the first fuel tank is fully exhausted, you can move on to more intensive operation of the engine.

A motorized scooter from a lawnmower

If you like something to masters in the garage, make a unique form of transport, this instruction is for you. Here’s how to outfit your scooter with a gasoline engine. As a power unit the author decided to use the motor from a grass trimmer, which is not necessary. The same way you can put the engine from a chainsaw, lawnmower, etc.

Materials and tools for self-made thing:. old scooter (you can make it from scratch);- lawnmower engine;- bicycle wheels (for parts);- bicycle chain;- metal pipes (we found them in odd chair);- cable to control throttle;- welding;- angle grinder;- paint. wrenches, screwdrivers and other.

Step one. Device for free runningThe feature of this samodel can be considered that the rear wheel is connected to the motor through the bicycle hub. This means that after gaining a certain speed and dropping the gas, you can roll on the inertia. And after all, this is very convenient, because it allows you to save fuel to a large extent, as well as to avoid overheating of the engine.

Other variants like this send the torque directly to the tire, which is not very professional.

As for the installation of the carriage, there is a lot of work to be done. You may need to do some spacers, bushings, and so on to put everything together.

Step two. Installing the sprocket on the engine of lawn mowers can be different, the author needed such, which is equipped with a centrifugal clutch. Otherwise, if it is not present, the scooter will be very difficult to use, because when you start the engine, it will immediately drive away. And so the engine will run without problems at idle, and will move only when the crankshaft rpm increases.

A piece of the shaft that goes to the blade, that is, the area behind the clutch, had to be cut from the motor of the grasshopper. At the end there would be a shaft to which a sprocket was welded. The sprocket needed a good alignment. Most likely you will have to pick up or make a bushing.

Step three. The scheme of the frameThe author first made a wooden frame, in order to determine how to create a metal one. The problem was that the mounts for the new rear wheel did not fit the old frame.

In the end it was necessary to make another rear fork. It should hold not only the wheel, but also the engine. The materials that came in handy here were the chair, in other words, you need steel tubes. And then the pipes are cut exactly according to the scheme and well welded. It is necessary to make a mount for the engine, for these purposes you will need a piece of strong steel plate. In the center of it, you need to cut a hole for the clutch, as well as drill four mounting holes to attach the motor. And this sheet is welded to the rear fork.

Step Four. AssemblyNow everything can be assembled together.

Step Five. PaintingThis is the step where the author paints the frame. If the original board is bad or it does not exist, you can make it from a sheet of plywood, and then paint. You choose the size based on your needs.

Step Six. Connecting the motorAfter painting, the motor is put in place and everything is finally assembled

It is important to tension the chain, otherwise it will come off. Before you ride, you need to spin the rear wheel, and make sure that all the sprockets are centered and are clearly opposite each other

To control the motor you will need to connect the ignition button, as well as the throttle control cable. However, the button can not be displayed on the steering wheel, but the throttle knob will be needed necessarily. A cable from a bicycle brake or gear shift can be used as a cable. As for the handle, the throttle grip can be made from a shift knob, removing unnecessary parts from it, the result will be a handle that turns freely. Well, or in a pinch, you can control the throttle with the bike’s brake handle, but that’s not very convenient, since you can mix things up when riding.

A steel axle and bearing was found to further strengthen the clutch axle, and an additional bracket was welded to the frame. Now the axle has already two supports, which significantly reduced the load on the clutch. The axle is connected with a nut because the motor axle is threaded.

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How to make a boat motor with their own hands from a grass trimmer?

To build a boat motor from a lawnmower, a tool with a straight boom will do. If the grass trimmer boom is curved, you will have to work on improving it.

The procedure is as follows:

  • First remove the original nut (marked 2 in the drawing below). Do not throw it away or lose it, as it is impossible to replace the factory parts with ordinary nuts.
  • Unscrew the rest of the clamps and take the deadwood and the flexible shaft out of the boom (figures 8 and 9 in the drawing).
  • Look for new duralumin rod with slightly smaller inside diameter. Place the bronze sleeve (see drawing below) carefully into the nut.
  • Cut the tread (part 0) to the required size and insert it into the rod.
  • If the outer diameter of the rod is too large for the motorized bore, turn it over.
  • Use the standard nut to fasten the screw.
  • Use adapters to attach the shaft to the motor. There are no universal drawings for this part, because different models of trimmers have their own design features. You can order this part at a lathe or make it yourself from plywood. The construction will be attached by means of 4 screws.
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If you can not buy ready-made set for modification, which was mentioned earlier, the handle can be taken from a sports bike.

make, grass, trimmer, motor

You can also make a screw yourself from a piece of duralumin using the drawing below:

The pitch is the distance from the blade to the horizontal surface. Tilt angle can be adjusted with the pliers. To do this, you heat the workpiece beforehand.

To fill the motor from the grass trimmer on the boat, use only high-quality fuel and lubricants. Dilute petrol with oil in an appropriate proportion. The first 10 kilometers do not expose the engine to high loads. this will be the break-in period. Depending on engine power, the boat with such a motor can reach a speed of 5 to 8 km/h.

make, grass, trimmer, motor

Below is a video that demonstrates the operation of such a unit:

How to make a boat engine from a brushcutter by yourself

The easiest way to make a motor on the watercraft is to use a brushcutter with a straight leg (rod) and, accordingly, a rigid shaft. In this case all reworking is reduced to the production of a propeller, which can be cut from a strip of stainless steel or duralumin. Blank’s size. 100х30х2 mm. The blades should be given a curved form, for which you need to bend them by about 10 mm. Edge grinding of the propeller. An example of a simplified drawing of a propeller is shown on the picture below.

Important! Dimensions, number of blades and their bending angle are chosen individually, based on the weight and size parameters of the boat and grass trimmer engine power.

The manufactured propeller is installed in place of the trimmer head. At the same time it is desirable to use a ring attachment, which will not allow the propeller to damage the boat. In more detail the process of grass trimmer revision with your own hands is shown on

make, grass, trimmer, motor

Improvement of angle grinder gearbox

To achieve the maximum engine speed, you can equip the trimmer for grass with an angle reducer from an angle grinder, which must first be finalized. You may need oil seals and bearings. The very process of improvement of the gearbox is to replace the original short shaft for a longer one, corresponding to the size of the trimmer rod for grass. However, this will have to disassemble the gearbox.

Important! Shape and mounting dimensions of the new shaft must correspond to the parameters of the unit removed from the gearbox. This, in turn, allows the use of existing bearings and pinion in the gearbox.

After manufacturing a new shaft, reassemble the gearbox, previously protect the bearing with an oil seal to prevent water penetration. In addition, it is recommended to apply thick grease to the existing gears or fill the inner cavity of the housing with it. To seal the casing use rubber gasket and/or sealant.

As a side note! Increasing the trimmer engine speed with a gearbox, the propeller has to be mounted on the gearbox output shaft.

Improvement of the grass trimmer with a bent boom

If the owner of the boat has a lawnmower with a curved boom, the latter must be dismantled and replaced with a straight tube of appropriate diameter, made of duralumin. If the diameter of the new tube will be larger than the size of the hole in the engine block, the landing place will need to be turned to the right size. Finishing is carried out in the following order (see drawing). drawing).

  • First unscrew the regular nut 2, which is located in the bobbin with cord. Do not throw out the fasteners that you removed from the shaft, because brushcutter manufacturers often use their own threaded joints that do not correspond to the standard ones.
  • Then unscrew the original nut 4 and remove the stern shaft (pos. 8) and flex (pos.9) shafts.
  • Then cut out position 6. sliding bearing (has a bronze bush on the end of the shaft).
  • Then knock the plastic protector 10 out of the rod.
  • The previously removed plain bearing 6 is pressed into a previously selected straight pipe 7. It may be necessary to bore out the tube for this.
  • Then the slide bearing 6 is carefully pressed with a hammer on the groove 5. It is important not to damage the pressed bronze bush.
  • Then the plastic tread 10 is cut to fit and firmly pressed into tube 7.
  • Next stern shaft is connected to the steel bar, which will replace the flexible shaft 9. It may be necessary to use the help of a turner for this.
  • The final step is to attach the propeller 3 to the stern shaft 8 using nut 2.

The assembled boom is connected to the motor with specially made adapters, the shape and size of which depend on the design features of a particular model of grass trimmer.

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Motor for a boat with his own hands

You can make a homemade boat motor from a grass trimmer. First you should prepare materials and tools:

  • Grass trimmer with 3 liters capacity.с.;
  • 2 mm thick steel sheet for the propeller;
  • Welding machine;
  • mounts;
  • a screw clamp to mount the engine on the boat;
  • angle grinder;
  • drill.

Before the work, you need to create drawings showing all the dimensions, parts and assemblies required for the work, as well as the scheme and order of installation.

We need to find out the size of the propeller, which depends on the power and weight of the boat with the load. It is necessary to take into account that a propeller with dimensions of 3×10 cm, mounted on the engine, can carry a boat with passengers with a total weight of up to 120 kg.

Stages of work on the manufacture of the motor from a gasoline mower:

  • To make a motor for a boat, first you need to remake the bent shaft.
  • Then make a propeller.
  • Replace the plastic cover motor switch.
  • Attach the shaft to the engine from the mower.

Redoing the bent shaft

First you need to redo the bent shaft. To do this you need to take a 2 cm high cylinder shaped nut with a slit inside. Unscrewed nuts and bolts must be kept because their threads are not standardized. Then remake the rod with the stiff shaft. Pull the flexible shaft out of the sucker-rod by removing the nut.

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The end of the boom has no bearings, a bushing replaces them, so it must be cut out. Remove the tread. Since the metal pipe is bent, it is difficult to level it, so it will not be used. It should be replaced with a duralumin pipe of the same diameter or smaller than the diameter of the bushing.

A bronze sleeve is placed in the tube. To do this, it is necessary to slightly bore out the tube. Then gently tap the bushing into the groove with a hammer. It is not recommended to force the bushing so that it does not become damaged. They cut the tread to the right diameter and put it in the rod. If the tube has a large diameter and it is difficult to put it in the hole in the head of the internal combustion engine, it is necessary to grind it to the required size.

Take a steel rod instead of a flexible shaft and connect it to the motor shaft. Then a screw is screwed onto the shaft and secured with a nut. Then you need to fix to the motor rod with the inner shaft using adapters. These need to be made in a lathe workshop. Different models of mowers may have peculiarities that must be taken into account.

Using the gearbox from an angle grinder

To create a boat engine on the basis of a haymower often use a gearbox from an angle grinder. It must be reworked. The shaft with the pinion should be replaced with a longer one, which will fit the rod. The end of the shaft is made similar to the extracted short shaft so that the same bearings can be used.

At the points where the bearing is installed, a gland is mounted that will protect the bevel gear from water ingress. The gear housing is screwed together with a sealant. Pour grease into the gearbox to cover the gears.

Screw making

To create a propeller you need a strip of dural, 100 mm long and 30 mm wide. If you put the propeller on the table, there should be 10 mm from the propeller to the blade. Adjust the angle of inclination of the propeller blades with the pliers. Before this, anneal the dural. You can make propellers with 2 or 3 blades, different sizes. Propeller dimensions must be selected individually.

How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a trimmer for grass?

To assemble a motor from a grass trimmer for a boat, the maker will need to prepare the following equipment and materials:

  • household lawnmower;
  • clamp. If it is not available, you can use any other attachment to secure the motor to the boat;
  • Sheet of duralumin, which thickness must not be less than 2 mm;
  • welding machine;
  • set of fasteners;
  • a set of screwdrivers and wrenches.

To assemble a homemade propeller maker will need drawings. They must specify the exact dimensions of the blades and how they are attached to the axle.

Remember that the lower the power of the used drive and the weight of the boat, the smaller the blades should be. For example, for a boat with a mass of no more than 120 kg will suit a propeller with blades 10×3 cm.

After preparing the equipment and careful study of the drawings, you can begin to assemble the self-made.

The algorithm of work should look as follows:

  • First of all, the maker will need to refine the bent shaft. First you need to dismantle the factory nut, placed in the spool with pre-wound fishing line. The nut itself is shaped like a small 2 cm tube with an internal thread. If necessary, it can be split into 2 small full nuts. During removal of the fasteners must be extremely careful not to lose them. If this happens, it is no longer possible to find another suitable fastener;
  • After removing the nut, you will need to remove the plastic pad located on the throttle button. There are no roller bearings on the end of the standard bent rod. They have been replaced by a simple bronze bush, often called a plain bearing. It must be removed carefully. Before this you will need to unscrew the nut, as well as remove the deadwood and metal shafts from the tube;
  • Then you need to proceed to knock out the plastic tread located on the flexible shaft. The steel tube can then be thrown away, as it cannot be straightened out by improvised means. It can be replaced by a duralumin pipe of the same diameter. A bronze sleeve will need to be installed in it, which will need to be moved along the canvass with a hammer. Next you need to take a pre-cut diameter plastic protector, and install it on the tube;
  • The next step is to make the propeller. To do this, you need to cut duralumin blades and sharpen their edges. Afterwards, each blade has to be bent upwards by 1 cm to achieve a minimum propeller pitch of 10 cm. The nut can be used to fix the machine;
  • Next, you need to install a bicycle speed shifter on the boat motor from the trimmer, which will replace the regular plastic pad. After that you need to install the muffler, which will direct the engine exhaust away from the boat driver;
  • To secure the boat motor from the lawnmower, you need to use two sheets of plywood. Afterwards the shaft has to be clamped with 4 screws. During transportation of the boat motor from the grass trimmer, the shaft can be removed.

Once the homemade mowing head is ready, it will need to be run-in. For this you need to prepare a fuel mixture of fresh gasoline and motor oil in a ratio of 40:1. After that you need to pour the ready mixture into the regular tank of the boat engine, start it, and let it work out a full tank of fuel at idle speed. After running-in, the homemade boat motor from a grass trimmer will be fully operational.

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