How to make a polishing wheel from old jeans without costs

For making cloth polishing wheels, the most commonly used fabrics are papermesh, muslin, cloth, cotton cloth, tarpaulin, etc. ะด. But it is preferable to make them from old denim fabric because of its widespread use and such properties as wear resistance, hygroscopicity, not subject to electrification, etc.

How to make a polishing wheel from old jeans without cost

Strengths and weaknesses

Many manufacturers produce grinding nozzles, but not all care that the product was reliable. Competition favors cheaper products, so quality suffers.

Third-grade tools will not last long, so do not focus on the minimum cost. Although the price of quality accessories can vary significantly, still such a purchase will be less expensive than buying a special tool. Let’s pay attention to some criteria.


  • In some cases, only with the help of this device can grind hard-to-reach area of the surface.
  • Convenient for grinding small parts.
  • Electric drills are cheaper than specialized tools and appliances.
  • Many grinding attachments can be made by yourself.
  • The fixture is less convenient to use than a specialized tool.
  • You can’t work with some attachments without skill.
  • Low performance.
  • Sometimes you can not do without a drill with adjustable chuck speed.

Since the benefits are more powerful, the nozzles are popular and used by many people.

Where to use

Depending on the type of sanding pad purchased, you can use it to

  • clean rust from metal;
  • remove paint from iron;
  • polish metal;
  • polish painted surfaces;
  • polish lacquered wooden parts;
  • polish glass;
  • sand the edges of glass;
  • grind small parts;
  • to remove scale, burrs and other defects from metal in places where it is not possible to do it with other tools;
  • perform grinding of products in places where you can not perform grinding with other tools.

This is an incomplete list that can be expanded.

Petal wheel of large diameter

The assembling principle is the same as the last one, but with some details.

You still need to take some scraps of plywood and cut out circles, but of a larger size.

Then fasten them together and make eight cuts with a metal saw. In these cuts are still inserted pieces of sandpaper, but after compressed by a rubber band and impregnated with glue or epoxy resin.

Allow it to infuse and dry, then proceed to test a homemade large-diameter petal wheel for an engraver.

How to use

The nozzle on the drill for polishing cars can be bought at any store that sells products for cars. But you should choose these tools with care.

Bodywork components for new cars are made using modern technology. On the metal is applied an anti-corrosion composition and paint, which are characterized by durability. They will last about 15 years. But it is better maintained if cared for properly. The polishing attachment restores the original gloss and removes defects from the surface. Combined with a special product, such a product will cost less than the services provided in the workshop.

When working, it is important to hold the sanding pad on the wood drill correctly in relation to the surface. For example, if the plate nozzle is not positioned at a right angle, its edges will easily mar the surface. To understand the principle of operation, it is worth practicing in advance to hold the tool correctly.

  • The operator holds the drill in his hand and works as with a regular tool. This is the simpler and more familiar method, but it has disadvantages. Holding a drill for a long time can be tiring. In addition, it is important to monitor its position and do not tilt. This way grind large surfaces: walls, floor, ceiling, large furniture, car.
  • The drill is fixed on the table motionless, and the object is brought to it. High quality sanding can be achieved in this way, but it can only be used on small objects that you can hold in your hands.

Polishing fixture

As in the previous case, we need a screw, washers and a nut, only instead of emery cloth we will use felt. After marking a piece of felt, we cut out circles of the same radius.

Holes are made in the center of the workpieces, threaded onto a screw, and then clamped with a nut. The finished device is inserted into a drill chuck. The felt alone will not polish the piece, so by turning on the drill, the nozzle is rubbed with Goya paste. After that we can get to work.

For the purity of the experiment an old and rusty wrench was used. As can be seen in the photo, after a short polishing the treated area was effectively cleaned in a short period of time.

Such polishing nozzle can work both with flat and shaped parts, but it will not cope even with small depressions.

Leather wheel

As in the tool described above, instead of felt, you can attach leather, resulting in a tool for dressing wood chisels.

Use a file

A circular file can be used as an attachment by removing its handle and clamping the shank in the chuck. A file with a small diameter is best secured to the base of the file.

With such a device it is convenient to grind holes and semicircular hollows.

Epilogue Whether you use a purchased drill bit or make one yourself, it can prove invaluable in many jobs.

The main purpose of the drill when working with wood is to drill holes. However, this tool is much more functional than many people think. To expand its functionality use special attachments for wood, which, in fact, is devoted to this article.

Next we will look at what attachments exist on the drill for woodworking, and for what purposes they are used.

Saws for wood and plastic

Disk for cutting plastic, do exactly the same, repeating the above procedures, except for sharpening the teeth. Here the notches should be made at right angles, two mm deep, and with a pitch of the same two mm.

The teeth should be short and wide. With this saw blade you can saw plastics of different density, and also plexiglass and textolite.

Wood grinder with my own hands

Grinding machine, a useful thing in the workshop. Those who work with wood, such a device is a must, because it is versatile, which greatly simplifies the work. But, unfortunately, such machines have a pretty high price, so we have to invent. This article will talk about a functional, and most importantly convenient, grinding machine, with detailed drawings and photos. Each point is explained in detail, and if anything is unclear, you can always watch the video.

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Here is a table with the overall dimensions of our homemade tool:

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