Hedgehogs for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands

A homemade trenches is a hinged nozzle to a walk.Behind tractor that allows you to quickly and effortlessly dig trenches, holes. This is a kind of compact excavator with maneuverability and efficiency. Moves on a wheel or caterpillar.

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The nozzle-cap allows you to dig trenches and pits even in the frozen earth. The walls of the trenches are flat, without. The developed land is light and crumbly, it can be used for reverse backfill.

Two cutters are fixed on the front suspension, on the back. A shovel to extract the soil from the trench. On cutting discs and chain gear, it is necessary to fix the protective casings for safety precautions. According to the same principle, a drill nozzle is made from a metal rod and plates.

How to make a plane cutter with your own hands?

A practical addition to the walk.Behind tractor is a plane cutter. This is an indispensable assistant who creates the beds, weeps and hilles plantings, aligns, falls asleep, loosen the earth. The possibilities of such a nozzle are almost limitless.

If you place the plane cut through the left and lead in the same plane with the soil, then you can weed or loosen the ground. A little raising the device, high weeds turned to the left. If the blades look down, then it is easy for them to create beds.

Forming grooves for planting and filling the seeds will again help plane cutters. This is the instrument function.

You can use Fokin plane cutter as a hitch for a walk.Behind tractor. He has the necessary holes for hanging on the design. If a plane cutter is required, then you can make it with your own hands. The drawings and a small metal blank will help this.

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The metal should be sufficient thickness and fortress, so that in the future it can perform the functions of the blade. The sheet is heated with a soldering lamp and begs according to the scheme. When a flat cutter gets the necessary shape, it is cooled with water. In order for this workpiece to become hanging equipment, you need to make holes for fasteners and sharpen the harvesting of a corner grinder.

A metal sheet can be replaced by a pipe segment, to which pieces of metal like blades. They need to be sharpened.

Design features

Hedgehogs are attached to the one.Axine tractor when the farmer needs to remove weed grass between the rows. It is worth noting here that such a tool as a plane cutter also differs in the same functions, but when using it, the weed will be cut into the root itself, but leaving it inside. Over time, new stems will begin to grow in the same place, which is why this method is considered ineffective.

make, hedgehog, walk, tractor, hedgehogs

Speaking of hedgehogs, they are able to tear out weeds with its root, after which he will no longer grow in this place. Plus everything, this mechanism raises and loosen the soil. After the work is completed, the garden will take a pleasant and well.Groomed look. Another advantage is that homemade hedgehogs for weeding to ensure the supply of oxygen to potato roots.

In this video, you will learn about hedgehogs to the walk.Behind tractor: any method of weeding involves the use of hedgehogs that constructively almost no different from each other. The only significant difference that you will have to take into account when drawing up drawings and assembling with your own hands is the dimensions of the unit and the way to attach it to the mechanism.

Hedgehog Care: Bonding Tips Tricks

Make such a device from rings that differ in different sizes. Each of these disks is interconnected using jumpers. For such purposes, a welding machine is used. Spikes are welded to the ends of each of the rings. To make them, metal rods will be required. The result should be a conical structure welded to a steel pipe with an axis inside.

Such devices need to be made at least two. After they are fastened with a metal brace, adhering to the angle of 45 degrees in relation to each other. If this is a manual device, before making a hedgehog, you need to take care of the presence of a long handle. During rotation, the conical structure will grab the ground with spikes and form a kind of “crest”.

If a person has to deal with their own hands, it will be physically difficult for him, so the design of the hedgehogs can be simplified due to the assembly of an even form unit. This means that for a piece of pipe with a length of about 25 centimeters and up to 20 centimeters thick, spikes should be welded. On a metal bracket, the unit is fixed using two bearings and shaft. Also, do not forget that the handle is still fixed to it.

Speaking of factory devices, they are usually produced using a set of stars with attached spikes, which are planted with bearings. They have a length of at least 60 millimeters. As for the distance between the stars, it will be approximately 4 centimeters.

If the hedgehogs are made with their own hands not for a walk.Behind tractor, they are used simply by a rowing between rows where potatoes are planted. Such actions need to be repeated, moving in both directions. The attached spikes are able to tear out the weeds along with the roots, but only if they are correctly designed.

It will also flush the ground without damaging the potatoes. If a person is sure that he will collect the design on his own, you can not think about buying such a device. In addition to the fact that the unit will perform the same functions, you will have to give a considerable amount of money for it.

Hedgehogs for weeding: purpose and types

This is what hedgehogs look like for processing potatoes

Devices for removing weeds, in addition to their direct function, help to solve several related problems at once:

  • Loosen the soil area near the potato bush;
  • Reduce moisture loss;
  • Contribute to the better formation of a tuber;
  • Thanks to timely cultivation, potatoes of any variety are less affected by pests and diseases.

make, hedgehog, walk, tractor, hedgehogs

In large areas, it is difficult for summer residents and farmers to cost the primitive tools of labor: hoes and rakes. To replace manual guns in the fields are cultivated one.Axle tractor and hedgehogs for mechanized weeding potatoes.

Distinguish between two types of hedgehogs. This is a rotational hedgehog (used for weeding, giving a swelling of the soil, like a looser and an enchanter of potato plantings). Hedgehog is good for working on the field both before the emergence of seedlings and in other periods.

Thanks to these functions, potatoes are enveloping quickly, with a minimum of labor. This is the advantages of any type of hedgehog. It is not difficult to buy them today. But there is one significant minus of ready.Made devices. They are not cheap. You can reduce the cost of acquiring equipment by constructing a hedgehog with your own hands.

Homemade devices are available, simple and reliable. Their manufacture is possible from improvised materials and those that are sold in any cardhole department of a household store.

Hedgehogs for one.Time tractor: improved versions of a practical device

Recently, it was precisely the hedgehogs for the walk.Behind tract that have begun to use special relevance, because they are much easier to operate than classical manual options and allow you to process more territories 1 time.

Specialized companies offer many options for acquisition, but enterprising agronomists are sure that you can create homemade hedgehogs for a walk.Behind tractor very quickly and easily.

First you need to familiarize yourself with the drawings presented on our website, choose the necessary details and start work. Over, all relevant operations are described below to create a “mechanical assistant” based on a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands.

How to use hedgehogs on a walk.Behind tractor

When the hedgehogs are made for weeding potatoes, a person needs to get acquainted with how to use them correctly so that they bring a lot of benefits and at the same time do not break. These recommendations include the following:

  • Home.Made hedgehogs should not be installed in such a way that they are located very close to the walk.Behind tractor. This is due to the fact that during operation a small distance can provoke a blow, which is why the unit pipe will be bent and at the same time, most likely, repairs for the walk-behind tractor will be required;
  • Before carrying out work, the farmer must ensure that there are no large number of large stones on the site. If the spikes will fall on a firm surface, they will very quickly become unusable, as they will come in to;
  • When loosening is over, do not forget about cleaning the axes and gear spikes from wound weeds. Such cleaning is recommended after passing each row;
  • This device is better not to use if the soil is too wet. Subsequently, due to high humidity on the pipe and spikes of the device, corrosion will occur.

Note! Until the season has come, it is better for the farmer to paint all the details and then process them with a composition to combat corrosion.

When the assembly process of the unit reaches the sharpening of the spikes, they should be sharp only at the ends. If you cover most of the part, weeds will be cut off instead of wound on a disk. To sharpen the rods, the masters use a corner grinder and the smallest abrasive circle. When the season is over, hedgehogs should be cleaned well and walk through them with an anti.Corrosion agent that is usually used for a car. The device is stored only in a dry room.


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Blackberry Flint

Black Black Flint is considered a beautiful berry, Flint is a variety of an American blackberry that was bred in the last century. Since then, this culture has spread throughout the globe, blackberries have been grown both farmers from Russia and European gardeners. It is believed that this culture can be grown in different regions of our country. Berry berries are very tasty and sweet, and productivity is always high. That is why these plants often call the dreamer’s dream, today we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the variety, the rules of landing, care, and plant reproduction.

Black Black Flint: Description of the variety

Black vegetables Flint are direct shoots, spikes are present, so you will always need to harvest harvest. The plants begin to bear fruit in a year after the landing of bushes in open ground, and the culture begins to bear fruit fully at the age of three. The blackberry will begin to bloom, of course, early. White flowers form already in May on shoots. In the southern regions, fruits ripen in July, and in the middle lane of our country usually closer to August. The shoots of blackberry Flint varieties are quite branched and powerful, the stems always grow well and develop, lush bushes, reach up to one and a half meters. Over time, adult plants can grow even up to 3 m. Plants, of course, have spikes, but there are not many of them, so you will not be injured. Fruits and plants are rounded, black. Flint blackberry berries are always fragrant and sweet, but they also contain acid. Flint blackberry is not considered very large.Fruited, so the berries are standard. If you do not water the plants in a timely manner, then the berries will be bitter, so remember this and observe the watering mode.

Advantages and disadvantages

Black Flint is considered an undemanding culture in care, growing blackberries are easy and simple. There are plenty of advantages of this variety. Shrubs are able to withstand even.40 degrees if the snow cover is voluminous. The plant blooms actively, early enough. Black blackberries are high, from one bush you can collect 10 kg of ripe and aromatic berries. To the conditions of cultivation and other characteristics of the area of ​​the plant are not demanding. Farmers often carefully take care of plantings. But the pests on the site with blackberry are not frequent guests, the immunity of plants is high. Berries can be transported over long distances, the product usually does not deteriorate. Blackberry can be processed and consumed fresh. The bushes always bears abundantly, so you will not be left without berries. If we talk about the shortcomings, then it should be noted: sharp spikes are formed on the shoots, but they are dispersed on the stems, so you do not injure the hands with a neat collection of the crop. Another disadvantage is that a lot of basal shoots are formed near shrubs, so annually you will need to cut out unnecessary shoots or plant plants. And long shoots to cover for wintering is also inconvenient, however, the rest of this variety is more than attractive. We repeat, care for culture is also not difficult.

Black Black Flint: Planting

It is best to plant a flint blackberry in illuminated areas, the earth must warm up well, so it is good to plant a blackberry in an open area. If we talk about the composition of the soil, then these plants are undemanding to the soil. However, it is undesirable to plant a blackberry on heavy lands, the plants do not like waterlogging. Black blackberry grows poorly on salted soils. And in order to cope with the basal shoots, you can plant a blackberry near the fence, where it develops poorly, moreover, such fences will protect plants from cold winds. The place for planting blackberries will need to be prepared in advance. The plot must be cleaned of weeds, dig the soil. It is best to plant blackberry bushes in the fall, about a month before the arrival of frosts. But do not forget to cover the trunk circle near the seedling with any organic. In the depths of the landing pit should be approximately half a meter. Seedlings fall asleep in a pre.Prepared mixture with m humble, superfate, sand, as well as some other types of fertilizers. In order to neutralize acidity, add wood ash or lime to the ground. And if you plant several plants, then withstand the distance, leave at least 1 m between blackberry bushes, and it is advisable to retreat in at least 2 m in the aisles. If the plants are located close to each other, then over time, the rows are closed, which means that it will be inconvenient for you to harvest. And it will also be difficult to carry out garden work. If you notice that the seedlings are damaged by the roots, then you can treat them with a growth stimulant so that the plant is well rooted. Sometimes the root system is soaked in the solution for several hours to achieve the desired effect. The root neck should be located during the landing below the surface of the earth, before filling the landing pit of the earth, spread the roots of the plant well, and in order to do not remain air left, slightly shake these plants during the landing, compact the trunk circle upon completion of the work, mulch it. Covering the earth with straw or dry grass.

Black Black Flint: Care

You do not need special skills for growing. Even if you consider yourself a novice gardener, you can handle everything. And minimal care will provide you with a plentiful crop. It is believed that the blackberry of this variety is quite moisture.Loving, if the soil is dry, then over time the berries are crushed, they will lose their taste. Particularly intensively water the plant in the spring, when the blackberry will bloom, as well as during fruiting, forming ovaries. Typically, blackberry bushes are watered once a week, while spending more than 10 liters of water. In order for moisture to preserve better, mulch the upper layer of soil, so you will also brake the development of weeds, protect the root system of the plant from overheating on a sunny day. However, it is not necessary to overwork the soil, because in the swampy areas of the plants they develop poorly, the roots rot, and the shoots are delayed in growth and development. In this case, the frost resistance of the culture is also reduced, and the fruits become watery and tasteless. Do not forget about pruning. In early spring, it is recommended to get rid of dry and sick branches. And in order for the plants to develop correctly, you can conduct anti.Aging pruning, as well as increase the number of fruit shoots, pinching the branches. When the shoots in height become more than 2 m, cut off the extra parts of the plants. You need to do this when either the foliage has not yet bloomed, or already opals. It is also necessary to get rid of excess barracks in time. The blocked shoots are also cut off. Side branches in length should be no more than half a meter. Typically, the branches are not tied to the supports, but when a lot of ovaries are formed on the shoots, you can tie the bushes to the trellis. This is done so that all the berries ripen well. But the plant should not be fed often, for this, top dressing is brought into the ground only from the second year. Over, it is best to do this in early spring, in the fall, phosphorus and potassium are sealed in the soil.

Is it worth buying a hedgehog for a walk.Behind tractor?

The advantages listed above should be plentiful to convince you of the need to purchase hedgehogs for a single tractor. In specialized agricultural stores, such equipment can go in an additional set with the unit itself. Care for the site and harvesting will become your favorite pastime. According to the recommendations of agronomists, it is necessary to carry out hilling and loosen the earth no more than once a month.

If you did not find the necessary hedgehogs for a walk.Behind tract in the agricultural store, or just like equipment and are ready to check your engineering skills, we offer to make a hedgehog for potato processing with your own hands. It is much simpler than it seems at first glance, you only need to prepare a little. Have drawings at hand. Already half. So, the main materials that you will need:

Instead of discs, you can find suitable rings, it will only be a plus, since the whole structure will become easier and will have less effect on the soil. DIY hedes for hedgehogs for a walk.Behind tractor can have several variants of proportions, but traditionally they have 240mm: 170mm: 100mm or for simplicity take parts with “round” values ​​of 300, 200 and 100 mm.

The rings with jumpers are attached to the pipe at an angle of approximately 45º, and you need to start with the greatest, while monitoring the distance between the details. It should not exceed 18 cm. The next step is to weld the spikes chopped from a metal rod. The length of each part is 10-14 cm (depending on the type of soil). For the largest disc, you need 15 spikes, for medium. 10, for the smallest. 5. Also, several pieces can be welded to the axis. Everything, hedgehogs on the same.Based tractor are ready with their own hands. Additionally, you can also attach the support wheels, which will reduce the load on the design during operation. Such hedgehogs are easily suitable for motoblocks of Neva, MTZ, Agro, cascade and others.

Hedgehogs for weeding potatoes with a motor block with your own hands

Additional equipment for units is available in free sale. But you can make such devices with your own hands, devoting a little time and skills to this.

For the manufacture of hedgehogs, you can use our drawings, which show the correct location of all parts. Step.By.Step instructions for the manufacture of hedgehogs for walk.Behind engines with your own hands:

  • You need to prepare three metal disks or rings, the dimensions of which should be different. For example, these can be such proportions: 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm.
  • Disks are collected on a pipe of suitable diameter, starting from the largest, so that then it is inside the structure. A distance of 18 cm or less is left between them.
  • Spikes are welded to the disks, the length of which should be 10-14cm. On the smallest wheel there should be 5 spikes, on average. 10, and on the large one. 15. Several spikes need to be fixed and on the axis.
  • Hedgehogs are attached to one.Axle tractor with bushings and jumpers. In this case, you need to observe an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Further, two guides of the wheels are installed on the design itself, which reduce the load on the attached structure.

Hedgehogs. Indispensable devices for processing potatoes with a walk.Behind engineer. They help to significantly save time and effort, completely get rid of weeds and get a rich crop. Due to its versatility, the equipment is suitable for units of different manufacturers, including Neva, Agat, Oka and others, it is as simple and understandable as possible in work and is highly effective.

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