Making an adapter for power tiller with your own hands. Step by step instruction, drawing

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A single-axle tractor is a widespread and popular special equipment, which will save a lot of time and effort to any tiller. This machine can work all year round, planting crops in spring, harvesting crops in summer, clearing the road from garden debris in fall, and removing snow in winter. The only inconvenience in controlling the tiller is dragging it in front of you holding on to the two handles, making enough effort. Facilitate the process of working behind the power tiller will help a special attachment, the name of which is the adapter. What is an adapter to a power tiller?? It is a cart with a seat, with which you can do the work just like a tractor, ie.ะต sitting. To date, not everyone can buy an adapter for power tiller. So, we suggest that you do not despair and take everything into your own hands, literally. We tried as much as possible to go through all the needs of farmers and agrarians. It’s time to make an adapter to the power tiller with your own hands! Forward to familiarization!

Making an adapter to the power tiller with your own hands

If the design of a power tiller can be called simple, then this can’t be said about the process of making it. When designing a homemade adapter to the power tiller, you need to pay attention to the scheme of drawings and dimensions of the adapter, which play a key role in the further development.

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First of all, you need to have the following tools and parts:

  • welding;
  • drill;
  • file;
  • saw;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • metal plates;
  • 2 wheels;
  • metal corners
  • mounts.

When developing a drawing of the future adaptor for the motor-block with their own hands, it is necessary to take into account what constituent elements are included in the design:

  • frame;
  • suspension;
  • portal;
  • hitch;
  • the seat;
  • steering control.
  • layout design. at the very beginning it is necessary to calculate everything so that all systems and mechanisms are in equilibrium, and to prevent cases of overloading of the system. You can use already drawn schemes, but you can make it yourself;
  • creation of the main parts. during the practical realization of the drawing it is necessary to pay special attention to the rotation of the body. It must be easy and without obstacles. The frame is based on metal pipes and angles. The body of the adapter is made of metal plate;
  • installation of the driver’s seat. It is placed on the beam at a distance of 80 centimeters from its front part. The design can be supplemented with seat adjustment, additional levers.
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This unit can also be equipped with additional cultivation tools:


Power tillers are usually supplied with universal cutters with sabre-shaped blades. They are good for working on soft soil. For dense, overgrown weeds, these are called “goosefoot hoes.

High mechanical strength and a special shape of cutters allows them to loosen neglected areas, pulling out weeds with the roots. In the fall, they are used to kill insects and pests that have gone to ground for the winter.

Mount on a mini tractor or how to make a simple hitch adapter with power tillers/ part 2


The earth turned over by the plough is a “semi-finished product” that requires finishing. A harrow is used for this operation, breaking up large clods and leveling the soil.

It should be noted that disc structures perform harrowing of higher quality and cleaner than toothed ones.

Clutch device

Coupling is responsible for linking the attached equipment and the mechanical unit. This fixture is defined as one of the most important, so it is made of high-strength metals. steel or cast iron.

The length of such a device is about 2 meters, width. 80 centimeters.

Depending on the clutch, you can consider such design options:

  • with movable clutch. This unit is the lightest. The clutch here is located in the front, but steering in this case is more difficult, because it is necessary to turn the entire power unit;
  • with steering. The clutch here is rigid, and the steering is done by a mechanical steering unit. Such steering is easier to use, but more difficult to produce.

For power tillers of different productivity different adapters are designed. On mechanisms with little power. with a short mount, on powerful. with a long one.

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Types of motor-block attachments

The most common types of attachments for power tillers:

Plow for power tiller is used for plowing large areas of land. After some practice, the plough also lets you plant and dig up potatoes. When properly adjusted during plowing, the plow will deepen into the soil to the desired depth on its own, without much physical effort.

Trailer for power tillers is designed for transportation of various cargo. Depending on the model of the power tiller you can carry a load of 250 to 500 kilograms on the trailed carriage. For convenience the carts are equipped with seats.

Hiller for power tillers is designed for dipping potatoes, as well as for making furrows when sowing vegetables. Manufacturers of power tillers produce single-row and double-row planter.

Cultivation Cutters. One of the most popular arable tools in agriculture. Depending on the desired width of cultivation, the cultivator changes sections and adjusts the opener.

Installing this equipment turns a single-axle tractor into a minitractor. Adapter. is a rear axle that is fitted with seats for attachments or trailed implements.

How to order delivery of attachments?

We will deliver your order by any convenient means:

Our manager will inform you about the following when you place an order.

How to make a single-axle tractor the most functional and versatile unit? Of course, you need to buy attachments for your power tiller. Manual land processing takes a lot of effort. In order to plow, cultivate, loosen the soil, take care of the plants, collect and transport the harvest requires a huge amount of time. It is especially difficult to cope with all this if you own not one or two acres of land, but more.

How to choose the right attachment?

Trailed tools can have several modifications, so it is worth consulting with the managers of the marketplace before buying. They will help you make the best choice of equipment that will fully meet the needs of the household. We guarantee express delivery to all regions of Ukraine with the payment on receipt. Also you can buy the product directly in Kharkov.

The attached implements have high quality and manufacturer warranty. Long service time guarantees that on the pages of the site you can find parts and accessories to long-used add-ons for the power tiller.

How to assemble an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands

It’s not hard to assemble the adapter yourself at home. In essence, it is a simple trailed cart. Trailer is designed so that the center of gravity of the entire structure falls on the supporting frame. The most complex mechanism here is the coupling mechanism with the MB, because its strength determines how long the machine will work.

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The construction of the standard device consists of the following components:

  • frame;
  • steering wheel;
  • wheel set;
  • operator’s seat;
  • hitch;
  • the lifting mechanism of the hitch;
  • brake mechanism.

The drawings below show the drawings, according to which, if you have a skillful hand, you can build a simple device with your own hands.

Fig. 1. Drawing of the footplate and part of the frame of the attached cart

make, hitch, adapter, power

In the manufacture usually uses a metal pipe round or rectangular shape or a metal bar.

The coupling mechanism allows the attachment of the trailer to the power tiller, provided that the connecting brackets of the power tiller and the adapter match each other in diameter.

make, hitch, adapter, power

Step by step instructions on how to create the adapter can be seen in the appropriate video:

Step-by-step assembly of the adapter

After you have the necessary drawings and dimensions of parts worked out, materials found and tools prepared, you can begin to assemble the adapter.

  • A piece of square steel profile with a length of about 180 cm is welded perpendicularly to the metal profile with a length of about 60 cm. This is the piece that will be the attachment for the wheels. The height of the wheel stands should be no less than 30 centimeters.
  • Let’s weld the struts to the main frame and the wheel bushes.
  • The dimensions of the main frame will be about 40×40 cm, they can vary depending on the individual wishes of the designer. A channel is welded to the back edge of the frame Side tubes are fastened together with secure bolts.
  • Then the control arm is welded to the frame. To increase steering force, the lever can have one or more elbows about 70-80 cm long. Bolts are fastened to the knees.
  • As a support for the seat you can use a tube of about 30-40 cm, which is firmly welded to the main frame.
  • Let’s weld the hitch to the tiller.

We suggest you also read the video, which demonstrates the different types of adapters and their features for power tillers of several well-known brands.

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