How to make a hole in the wall if you do not have a drill handy

How to make a hole in a concrete wall, if there is no peorator?

In the life of every person there are situations when you need to hang a picture, a lamp, a shelf or something else. And if there is no torch, the question arises: how should it be done and is it worth spending money on this device, given the fact that, perhaps, next time it will be useful not too soon. You can torture a poor drill for a long time, or ask friends, neighbors or relatives for a peorator. Consider also some other interesting options.

What the experts say?

There is no doubt that the concrete structures are quite strong and difficult to drill. To this we should add that you can stumble on the crushed stone included in the concrete mixture, which is exactly what the slabs are made of.

You can solve the issue of drilling holes in the following ways:

  • Using a drill that has an impact function with the use of a pobedite drill bit;
  • Another method is diamond drilling, but you must be extremely careful not to break the entire wall.
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Immediately it should be said that a simple drill is quite difficult to make a hole in the wall of concrete, so at the beginning of the work it is worth buying special drills with plates that are made of pobedite, that is, a material that copes with concrete and brick. In working with soft materials, such drills should not be used, because they will simply turn them into crumbs, not cut.

Help for the home handyman

If you need to drill a small number of holes, you can use a drill that has no percussion function. In the case where there is a dense inclusion in the concrete wall, you need to smash it with a puncher. a pin made of hard metal, equal in diameter to the future hole. At this point, you need to insert a puncher into the hole and beat it with a hammer, while trying to break up difficult areas and increase the depth of the hole. Need to rotate the pin periodically. Then it is necessary to continue to work with a hammerless drill.

All of the above steps should be done until the hole is at the required depth. The described method is undoubtedly quite difficult, as well as tedious, but if you want to make a couple of holes in the wall, it is quite suitable.

Another way of drilling

Another option is to consider the drilling of concrete using universal drills, which have a diamond coating. They have good effectiveness in a variety of durable materials. You can install them on a simple electric drill, as well as on any other tool with disabled vibration function.

The drill should be handled with extreme care, otherwise it will break quite quickly. The tip of the drill should be periodically wet with water, so that it does not smoke and completely fail.

So, in order to drill without using a peorator, you need a drill that has a percussion function, and you should also immediately stock up on pobeditovye tips. Diameter holes when drilling with a drill should not be more than 12 millimeters in diameter.

I would like to wish you success in the repair!

Using the awl and self-tapping screws

The awl is a versatile tool that can help in many repair situations, including this one.

To begin with you need to take a pencil, make some measurements, and mark the place where you want to make the hole. A simple point will suffice for starters, as the awl itself is thin. If there is no awl at hand, too, you can try to carry out the same operation with a nail, carefully hammering it in with a hammer.

The nail needs to be thin or medium, so as not to damage the surface of the wall. It is necessary to hammer it all the way in, because then it will be difficult to pull it out. The length of the nail depends directly on the desired depth of the hole, but initially the hole should be made somewhat shorter.

Then this point on the wall must be drilled to the required depth. The latter depends directly on your goals, for which the hole is intended. This is where the work with the awl ends, then the self-tapping screws go.

Tips from the experts

In order for you to be able to drill a concrete wall correctly, it is necessary to have the necessary equipment, perform all work carefully and adhere to the following recommendations:

  • without a peorator, the work can be done with an impact drill or drill with an electric screwdriver;
  • Do not buy cheap drills, as they have a very quickly fall off the pobedite tip, and they are out of service;
  • instead of a puncher, you can use pobeditovye tool, one you will break the rubble, and the second, inserted into an ordinary electric drill, to drill;
  • To work with concrete, the drill must have an SDS-plus chuck;
  • Take into account the placement of fittings to determine where it is, you can use a metal detector, if the fitting is bare, it must be painted to prevent rusting;
  • Universal diamond drills can be used for working with concrete, but they must only be inserted into a regular drill, or the impact mode must be switched off.


The tool is suitable when several holes need to be made. You can use a regular drill. Plunging the pobedite drill into the body of the wall, sometimes you need to break the concrete with a punch that matches the diameter of the hole. It is necessary when the drill begins to get stuck in the surface, bumping into too dense areas. The process is quite time consuming.

For higher performance, multi-purpose drills with diamond tipped tips are also available. They are installed only on a regular drill or on a tool where the vibration function is disabled.

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For high volume jobs, an impact drill and pobedite drills are used. They are designed for holes up to 12 mm. The drill is suitable for working with metal, concrete.

make, hole, concrete, hammer

Drill holes in concrete without percussion machine, which provides along with the impact, the rotation of the working tool and the drill

Some people use an electric screwdriver to drill holes in concrete. It drills longer than a drill, but its work can mean: Work is the performance of actions in time and space with the use of force does.

The advantage is that there is less noise (you will save your neighbors’ ears and nerves). But you need a special drill bit for ceramic and glass. The work should be done at low rpm and periodically moisten the drill bit in water. The drill will not last long, but you will have time to make a few holes.

use a drill a cutting tool designed for drilling holes in various materials concrete is an artificial stone building material, resulting from the formation and hardening of a rationally selected, thoroughly mixed and compacted mixture of mineral (for example, or metal without a peorator. Set it against a concrete or brick wall unit of force in the MTS system of units used in the USSR from 1933 to 1955. 1 wall equals the force exerted on a mass of 1 tonne, giving it an acceleration of 1 m/s². 1 wall = 1 t-m/s² = and we hit it with a hammer, a small percussive hand tool used for hammering nails, breaking things in and other work. Twist a little bit of the drill bit and then hit again. The process is not quick, but it is right.

Preparation of the laying site

The manual method involves a few additional works, which you can do yourself is not difficult. This method is usually used when the laying depth is shallow.

Routing the sewer out of the house under the foundation itself is justified here. There is no need to use expensive equipment. A couple of steps of preparatory work are necessary for laying:

  • Excavation is definitely needed. Let’s take the distance from the house to the sinkhole 6 meters. The depth of the entrance of the drainage pit is 1200 mm. The depth of the exit in the pit under the foundation is 900 mm. The width I develop usually 80-90 cm. Almost ideal slope distance for laying at this distance.
  • Making a bed of crushed stone. For stable operation of the entire system the pipes are placed on the bed of sand, gravel. If the distance from the house is more than 5 meters, during the installation, cement mortar is used to cover the pipes. Place it on the pillow itself, in the trench, keeping a distance of 1.5-2 meters between the application of mortar around the pipe. A few trowels (5-6) are quite enough for fixing.
  • Warming pipes do in the event that the depth of laying sewer pipes less than 800 mm from the ground surface. Foam foam, foam insulation, polyethylene foam, expanded clay, it is logical to use everything here. The choice is great. It is better to give preference to the finished basalt version, it sits tightly on the pipe, and the foil does not allow moisture to penetrate. Its fixation is carried out with a metallized adhesive tape.

Finished sewer pipe in the foundation The ways of laying sewer pipes under the foundation are not as complicated as they may seem.

There is a blind method, where the pipe is then buried or concreted. And the way of laying in the casing.

Where a pipe with a larger diameter is installed first, and then the outlet of the carrier pipe is made in it.

General recommendations

Drilling load-bearing walls and partitions made of concrete. not an easy task. To perform the planned work quickly and efficiently, you need to know some secrets and tricks. And also it will not hurt to listen to the opinion of experienced craftsmen, who advise:

  • Use a concrete drill to work with the same material, as well as stone and ceramic. For metal and wood they are categorically not suitable.
  • Drill steel reinforcement caught in the wall, only with a metal drill bit, then change it back to a concrete drill bit.
  • Break hard stones in concrete by hand with a sledgehammer or using an old drill bit for this purpose.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of the nozzle when working with hard concrete. It should not overheat, so you need to take breaks every 10 minutes.
  • To maintain the integrity of the wall on the back side, you must sometimes slow down.
  • You can drill ceramic tiles with a concrete drill bit, but you should not press down hard on the drill, so as not to crack the finishing material.

If you follow these tips, you can drill a hole in a concrete wall without too much trouble. In this way you can save not only time but also your own efforts.

How to drill without dust: options, what is better

Construction work is always accompanied by dust and debris, but using some recommendations and tips, it can be significantly reduced:

  • When working, the drill leaves little dust, so that it does not fly around the room at the same time use a construction vacuum cleaner. Some brands of tools have a built-in vacuum cleaner, which makes the task easier;
  • Using a drill, it’s best to make either a conductor on the end or a pile, or make an envelope under the hole so the debris falls into it.

During these works, it is necessary to adhere to the developed technologies and safety rules, then you can not only make a hole yourself without attracting expensive specialists, but also avoid injuries.

How to drill a bearing wall in a panel house

In most panel houses, the walls are made of concrete, to make a hole with a pobeditovye drill bits must be applied.

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In addition to these, you can also use special drill bits. They have tips around the circumference. When using them, you need to disable the percussion function of the perforator.

Specialists use diamond drilling, which requires powerful equipment and skills.

Forming a hole for a pipe with construction components

In addition to the tool, you need to be able to choose the right bit. Usually there are several sets of drills and nozzles for one tool for different types of work. Even for a single action, manufacturers offer several options than it can be carried out.

Drill bit

Drill bit for power tools in the case of work with a full-body wall should be with a pobeditovye tip. The material is characterized by high strength, resistance to abrasion.

Compared to similar drills made of other raw materials, pobedite drills last longer. Used many times.

Drills for brick work

Standard item length 15 cm, intended for household use. There are larger models for peorators, the largest ones are called auger drill.

It is possible to make the desired hole with such a nozzle by drawing a circle. Then drill along the contour of the holes at a pitch of 1 cm. The core is removed with a chisel and hammer.

This is the way out, if you do not have a special drill bit for the peorator, there is a spatula. it is easy to remove the central part with it.

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