How to make a big hole in metal?

Drilling large holes is no problem if you choose the right tool. For example, such work may be necessary to fix a channel or a metal angle. It is easiest to use an electric drill, but to get a hole with a diameter of, for example, 15 mm requires a lot of effort. To drill large diameter holes in metal, special tools and core drilling technology are used.

The twisted-hands way

Although the old invention offered for familiarization has lost its relevance, but in some extreme situations, it can be useful even today, when you need to drill a hole without using a drill, which is simply not at hand. The authors of the program “Kinky Hands” suggest making an antique tool from new materials.

By the way, in another article read about a device, thanks to which you can improve your work with the drill.

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What we need to make a hand drill?

Metal hole without a drill

To drill through thin metal or plastic, you need a screwdriver and a self-drilling screw with a cutter head. It comes in different lengths, it is better to take a short.

  • Mark on the surface the point where you will drill.
  • Insert the screwdriver in the screwdriver and gently screw it through
  • While doing this, press it so that the tip hits the workpiece and pierces it.

The operation only takes a few minutes, and the hole is ready. You can cut several openings with this self-drilling screw, and then it must be replaced.

These tools are also good for drilling holes in wood. First you need to screw in a small self-tapping screw, and then a larger diameter.

The drill with his hands

The best tools for this operation are small handheld drills, like the ones you can make yourself. For this purpose, to the rigid axis, which can be a steel or wooden rod, tied to the top two cords and a handle, and at the bottom. a sharpened nail. In the middle of the rod you need to fasten a heavy flywheel, which will act as an inertial accumulator. In order to bring this drill into action, the cords are screwed by hand on the rod, and then, having set a nail in the right place, press the handle. The rod rotates and the nail is drilled, pressure on the handle stops when the cords are fully unwound. The handwheel rotates by inertia and screws them on the rod again, and then stops and you need to press the handle again. Viscous species of wood may not lend themselves to such a drill, as the drill will bind and slow down the rotation.

The way out, how to drill a hole in the brick, if you do not have a drill. The main thing is to find at home a metal drill of the right diameter.

  • Break the spiral rod strictly perpendicular.
  • Use this drill and hammer to make a hole in the wall.
  • Turn it clockwise regularly. Then it will gradually deepen more and more.

It takes about 5 minutes to make a hole 5 cm deep with a splintered drill bit and hammer. So if necessary, you can pierce the brick with these tools.

make, hole, plastic, drill

Fish in a box

In the usual form of backpack we have tried to play with the helmet of Feta the Bean.(I think fans of Star Wars will appreciate)

String puncher with round section

Half rings, #5 zipper, adjusting frames, ironmongery

You will need

Apply varnish to the desired area. The lacquer must be applied thickly on both sides. Do not forget to carefully smear the ends. Let the workpiece for 10-15 minutes so that the varnish dries.

On the dry surface, use a marker on both sides of the workpiece to mark the place for the hole. The place I choose arbitrarily, now we need to show how this way you can make a hole. For example, you want to put a normal factory rivet. The diameter of the hole should be slightly smaller than the size of the rivet.

Pour water into a container and add 3 tablespoons of salt. The height of the water in the reservoir should be 10 mm less than the height of the section of the workpiece covered with varnish.

I take a device made of hair clipper charger and two nails. The nails will act as electrodes. I connected them to one contact. The other contact is just a stripped bare wire. I use a 12 volt charger, but a regular cell phone charger will do the job.

make, hole, plastic, drill

Striped wire must be the plus, the electrodes. the minus. Use a clothespin to attach the positive wire to our nail. Then lower the nails into the water.

It is possible to make slots in the container to fix the position of the nails. Plugging the charger into the socket. After turning on the water around the nail electrodes begins to bubble, and the cleared mark under the hole becomes black.

Note: to check the polarity of the wire it is necessary to connect the charger. If water starts bubbling around the nails, then it is the minus and you have connected correctly. If there are bubbles in the water around the workpiece, it means that the minus is connected to it and it is necessary to change the wire. The minus side must always be connected to the electrodes, and the plus side to the workpiece to be etched!Leave the container for one hour, after 30 minutes after the start of the process it is necessary to change the water. I disconnect the charger and pull out the workpiece.

There is a through hole in the intended place. To make the diameter of the hole larger, the process can be continued. Or file away uneven edges with a file. This is how you can make the required hole in the billet by etching high-speed steel with the most common tools.

First drill

The first drill bit is used to make big holes over 11mm in diameter. To make the hole smooth and clean, it is best to continue drilling until the tip comes out on the opposite side of the workpiece. The workpiece should then be turned over and the operation completed by drilling from the other side. The feather drill has a centering tip and sharp cutting tips on opposite sides of the blade. The first drill bit is used for large holes in both wood grain and the sawn ends of beams and cants. You should always set the drill speed high when using a feather drill.

Four “bank security” scripts

Before the New Year there was another exacerbation and telephone scammers from the “bank security service” activated. At least I got three calls on the same day.

This scam was widely used after the beginning of active use of mobile and Internet banking, the development of Internet commerce.

With the advent of stable mobile bank/online banking applications, it has become very easy to perform many operations remotely that previously required a visit to a bank branch. This is what the scammers took advantage of, using various scripts (script (script). is the sequence by which the fraudster acts, in this case, to achieve a certain goal).

In the beginning the script was very simple, it was necessary to know the data of the bank card (card number, name of the owner, expiration date and cvv code).

“Security officer” type confirmed the card owner, specifying the card details.

With this data it was possible to buy something, but it was difficult to withdraw money quickly.

Counteraction: Never tell the card expiration date and CVV code to anyone. Hang up and call back the bank’s contact number.

The next script was to gain access to the personal account in the online banking (mobile banking) of the card holder. This allowed the withdrawal of all funds from all accounts of the bank card holder. Fraudsters tried to tie “your number” of cell phone to the online bank. They require a confirmation code, which was sent to the cardholder’s phone. And if the person communicated this code to the fraudsters, he/she would lose the access to internet/mobile bank, and then all the funds, which were quickly transferred to the fake accounts (accounts of droops). But the banks have started to actively fight it: there is the following in the SMS-message: “Do not tell the code to anyone, not even an employee of the bank”, they have issued leaflets, wrote warnings on their sites and applications.

UPD: Catch 1. You are asked to repeat the code received by the phone “robot” for authorization. You tell the code not to the bank employee but to the “robot” (as if you cannot listen to the conversation at the same time).

Subterfuge 2. They say that you will receive an SMS with the number of the open fraud case, but in fact you receive an SMS with a code about connection to the personal account of another cell phone number. If you noticed it and did not say the code, then you try to forget and transfer to another employee who clarifies the circumstances and asks about the number of open case (and maybe it will pass!).

Counteraction: not to tell anybody the code received by SMS or push-notification, hang up.

Option A. Under the pretext that your account has been compromised by fraudsters, you are asked to withdraw money from your account and transfer it to a “special safe account”. It sounds especially “comical” when people physically withdraw money from their bank accounts and carry it to an ATM to deposit it into a fraudster’s account. ALLO PEOPLE ! You have the money in your hands, you haven’t lost anything! Why take it somewhere else, take it home? When you calm down and realize you’ve been scammed, take it back to the bank.

Counteraction : hang up the phone, and if they have taken money from your account, take it home.

Option B. (Especially twisted) Under the pretext that they tried to take out a loan on your behalf, the bank customer is forced to take out a real loan and transfer it to a “special safe account” for operational purposes. After that, the person is left with a huge debt to the bank, which he has many years to pay off. What kind of moral pressure and mockery is this?

WARNING! Trying to ask for a loan does not mean giving it away.

Counteraction: Hang up the phone (they will try to reach you again) and call back the official phone of the bank.

These are essentially variants A and B of the previous script, but with the addition of actors: police investigator, FSB investigator, IC investigator.

A distinctive feature of this scam is that you will be asked to visit the official website of the relevant agency and make sure that the caller’s number is the same as the one indicated on the website. WARNING! at present technologies allow to replace caller’s real number with any number, i.e.ч. and any specified on the site, and the bank phone, too.

Above is the essence of the scripts, the details vary, i.e.к. There are many variations. If you receive a call from a phone you do not know, do not do what you are asked by the “bank security officer” under any circumstances. The actual bank security or bank monitoring staff may call you and ask if you have done these actions or not, but they block the transaction first and then ask. And if you confirm the operation, you are asked to do it again. And if you have not performed, then simply put you on notice and you yourself need to call the bank or come to the bank branch.

From myself, what other scripts are valid now?Don’t fall for a crook’s tricks.

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