What to make of the boat motor. Homemade boat motors. How to make a boat outboard electric motor with your own hands

A boat motor can be made from many mechanisms that gather dust in a shed or in a garage and are not used for their intended purpose.

It often happens that the equipment fails, and to fix it you need to spend more than half the cost of a new device. In this case, it is much easier to buy a new device, and put the old one aside and use it as source of spare parts and various nuts and bolts. It is from such devices and it is possible to make a boat motor.

If there are no such devices in stock, you can inexpensively buy such a mechanism on the secondary market. The main thing in such devices is to have a functioning engine.

Boat motor from a trimmer for grass

By minimally changing the design of the grass trimmer you can arrange an excellent pulling unit for a boat of any design. The engine and transmission in such a device is already there, it is enough to make a mount for the boat, and instead of a reel with a fishing line or a disk to install a propeller.

Before making a boat motor from a grass trimmer, it should be understood that the power of such devices is very low, and it is unlikely to move against a strong current.

Grass trimmer as a boat motor is ideal when used on a lake or pond.

The disadvantages of using this device should include a high level of noise. In addition, at low speed you will have to breathe absolutely all the products of “life activity” of this system.

Boat motor from a screwdriver

Excellent performance in terms of noise production and environmental friendliness have boat motors on electric traction. You can make a motor for the boat from a screwdriver, but the power of the device should not be less than 300 watts. To transfer torque to the propeller, which is located underwater, you can use a flexible shaft from the grass trimmer.

A small aluminum propeller from a car fan is used as a propeller, and for prolonged operation time of such a device automobile batteries with a capacity of 60 A/h are used.

The disadvantages of such designs is the need to carry a fully-charged car battery. The weight of such a part is more than 20 kg. The disadvantages include the limited power of such a motor, after discharging the battery you will need to manually drive the boat again.

Boat motor from a power tiller

The most powerful of the homemade boat motors is considered a device made from a power tiller. Technique for the processing of the household plot is equipped with robust and durable four-stroke internal combustion engines, which, being installed on the watercraft,

allow it to develop a decent speed both upstream and downstream. Such engines have considerable mass and are not usually used on PVC boats.

The easiest way to install a boat motor of this design is to make minimal modifications to the basic structure. It is enough to attach a single-axle tractor to the boat’s hull, and install aluminum blades instead of cutters. The blades must be located in one plane with the shaft, which in this case is located perpendicular to the movement of the watercraft The blades are in the form of rectangular plates, which the lower half should be lowered into the water, and the upper part freely move through the air. This arrangement of a rowing wheel, will allow you to move at high speed, even in places where the depth is not more than half a meter. A boat engine made from a power tiller with a fast current is excellent.

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Other options

It is possible to make a homemade engine not only using trimmers for grass and screwdrivers as a basis. If you want to construct a boat motor yourself and have considerable time and money to spare, then you can use as a power unit any technical device equipped with an internal combustion engine or driven by an electric motor.

Many craftsmen put motorcycle engines on the boat. In this case it is possible to regulate the speed of the propeller with a gear shift. Powerful 12 volt engines used in a variety of machinery can be successfully used as boat engines.

What’s the hose on the exhaust?what kind of material?

This motor is long gone, and the hose is metal, some kind of corrugated

I must have missed it, when I was making one, a 5.4hp grass trimmer for a one man boat, it was something else. During the test, even the propeller blade came off, it was scary as hell.

Well done, but I see you have a hard welded leg bracket, but it would have to tip over, like on the PLM.

The whole motor with the transom tipped over there, only that motor is long gone, and so is the boat. But the record stays here.)

Original! For beginners! It is loud, though

How did you realize the sealing of the gearbox? There’s a hell of a lot of holes for purging, and water will flow through all of them into the shaft bearing area

make, motor, boat, lawnmower

It’s greased and all, gearbox has had a good winter, checked the other day, everything turns and does not whistle.

The deadwood tube goes straight to the shaft bearing or something? I understand it prevents water from getting in that way. I have a gearbox from a 230 angle grinder and there is a bearing just paired with water will break (the upper primary shaft)

It would be interesting to see tests on the water In short, the video on the site

I think there are videos on youtube. And so in short “yelling and floating”).

interesting solution with the propeller fabrication.

Just didn’t have the other one, and the ones they sell have the spin the other way

theoretically you could take a “different rotation” propeller and put it on airplane style, t.е. not pushing, but pulling. but that’s just saying. haven’t tried it myself.

Aren’t you afraid of shrinking the piston from the splash? I was ditching in the reeds myself and the piston got splattered.

It would be nice to mount a volute in the air intake anyway.

How to turn a chainsaw into a boat motor?

In order to avoid typical mistakes when assembling a motor from the used chainsaw, it is important to adhere to the scheme and follow the correct order of action. The assembly steps are as follows:

The assembly steps are as follows:

The first step is for the manufacturer to remake the coupling. First it is necessary to cut a cup of a suitable size and replace the used spring. In this way the manufacturer will be able to reduce the initial torque of the regular clutch and adjust the dimensions of the mass to those needed. The finished cup must be fastened to the bracket with a washer and screws. The pin that secures the cup and shaft together, you will need to close the bar and screw; Next, you need to connect the shaft and the motor from the chainsaw. The best way to do this is to use a pre-painted channel

You need to pay attention to the distance between the front cup of the assembled clutch and the built-in support frame. The distance should be such that during operation the rotating parts do not interfere and do not touch each other; Then on the other side of the shaft it is necessary to install the gearbox; After that a boat motor from a chainsaw will need to be equipped with a swivel mechanism

It will allow you to change the direction while moving the boat on the water. To make the assembly a piece of pipe is needed. Its thickness should be slightly greater than the diameter of the shaft with a pre-welded angle, which is used to attach the original guide. The steel rod must be the same size as the hexagon used.

After assembling the home-built boat motor from a chainsaw you need to fill it up with a fresh fuel mix and gear oil. The fuel filler cap then needs to be screwed in and secured with sealant. It is not necessary to load the motor immediately during the test. The first 30 minutes you need to give the engine a low load. After the first fuel tank is fully used up, you can move on to more intensive operation of the engine.

Motorized scooter from a lawnmower

If you like to make something in the garage, make a unique form of transport, this instruction is for you. Here you will learn how you can equip your scooter with a gasoline engine. As the power unit the author has decided to use the not necessary motor from a trimmer for grass. Similarly, you can put the engine from a chainsaw, lawnmower and so on.

Materials and tools for self-made thing:. old scooter (you can make it from scratch);- lawnmower engine;- bicycle wheels (for parts);- bicycle chain;- metal pipes (we found them in odd chair);- cable to control throttle;- welding;- angle grinder;- paint. wrenches, screwdrivers and others.

Step One. Device for free runningThe peculiarity of this self-made machine can be considered the fact that the rear wheel is connected to the engine through a bicycle hub. This means that after gaining a certain speed and dropping the gas, it is possible to roll by inertia. And it is very convenient, because it allows you to save fuel to a large extent, as well as prevent overheating of the engine.

In other similar variants, the torque is transmitted directly to the bar, which is not very professional.

As for the installation of the carriage, you will have to make some fuss. You might need to make some gaskets, bushings and so on, to connect everything together.

Step two. Installing the sprocket on the engine of lawnmowers can be different, the author needed such, which is equipped with a centrifugal clutch. Otherwise, if it is absent, the scooter will be very difficult to use, because when you start the engine, it will immediately drive away. And so the engine will run without problems at idle, and will move only with the growth of revolutions of the crankshaft.

From the motor for grass mower, you need to cut off a piece of the shaft, which goes on the knife, that is, the area behind the clutch. You will end up with a shaft to which a sprocket is welded. The sprocket needs to be well centered. Most likely you’ll have to pick up or make a bushing.

Step three. The scheme of the frameThe author first made a wooden frame, to determine how to create a metal. The problem was, that the mounts of the new rear wheel didn’t fit into the old frame.

In the end we had to make another rear fork. It has to hold not only the wheel, but also the engine. As materials to help here is a chair, in other words, we need steel pipes. And then the pipes are cut exactly as planned and well welded. Under the engine it is necessary to make a mount, for this purpose a piece of strong steel plate will be needed. In the center of it you need to cut a hole for the clutch, and also drill four mounting holes for fixing the motor. And this plate is welded to the rear fork.

Step four. AssemblyNow everything can be put back together.

Step Five. PaintingThis is the step where the author paints the frame. If the original board has become bad or does not exist at all, it can be made from a sheet of plywood, and then painted. Size is chosen depending on needs.

Step Six. Plugging in the motorAfter painting, put the motor back in place and put everything back together

It’s important to tension the chain, or it will come off. Before riding, you need to spin the rear wheel, and make sure that all the sprockets are centered and clearly in front of each other

To control the motor you need to connect the ignition button, as well as the throttle cable. The button may be omitted from the handlebars, but a throttle knob is a must. A cable from a bicycle brake or gear stick can be used as a cable. As for the handle, the throttle knob can be made from a shift knob, throwing out the extra parts, the result will be a knob that turns freely. Well, or in a pinch, you can control the throttle with your bike’s brake handle, but that’s not very convenient because you can mix things up when riding.

To further strengthen the clutch axle, a steel axle and bearing were found, and an additional bracket was welded to the frame. Axle now has two supports, which significantly reduces the load on the clutch. The axle is connected using a nut, since there is a thread on the motor axle.

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Ready nozzle kit

There are now ready-made lawn mower attachments that allow you to convert your mower to a boat motor with minimal effort.

The attachment already has a ready-made solution for attaching it to the gasoline engine of a grass trimmer.

Also attached to the rod is a control handle with a muffler button. The throttle grip is designed similar to a bicycle grip (meaning a bicycle with gear shifting) and has a ratchet that locks the selected position.

This kit even includes a special clamp, designed to mount the entire structure on the boat (on the transom of the boat).

The grass trimmer attachment is assembled without difficulty, as its construction is very simple. All that remains is:

If you read the reviews on the Internet about this device, then, in general, they are positive.


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The necessary materials and tools

To convert the grass trimmer into a boat motor, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • A lawn mower with a power of at least 2.2 kW (3 L.с.);
  • Sheet of stainless steel or dural with a thickness of 2 mm and a size of at least 10×3 cm;
  • A steel rod of length equal to the length of the straight part of the grass trimmer boom;
  • thread tap. The diameter should match the diameter of the metal rod;
  • Handbrake handle from a bicycle
  • A clamp for securing the grass trimmer to the stern of the boat.

As fasteners, it is convenient to use the hulls of old hand-held meat grinders. After sawing off the upper part of the trimmer, there remains a reliable clamp, to which you can easily weld or screw the motor.

Of the tools you will need:

A tapping tool for threading the steel rod

A welding machine also comes in handy. Most metal joints do not involve their further disassembly, so it is faster and more reliable to tack the metal by welding than to drill and fit holes for screw connections.

How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a grass trimmer?

To create a boat motor from a lawn trimmer, a tool with a straight boom is suitable. If the grass trimmer boom is curved, you will have to work on improving it.

The modification is carried out according to this algorithm:

    First remove the original nut (marked 2 in the drawing below). Do not throw it away or lose it, as it is impossible to replace the factory parts with ordinary nuts.

If you cannot afford a complete rebuild kit as previously mentioned, you may get a handle from a sport bike.

You can also make a propeller yourself from a piece of duralumin, using the drawing below:

The pitch is the distance from the blade to the horizontal surface. Adjust the angle with the pliers. To do this preheat the workpiece.

To fill the motor from the grass trimmer on the boat, use only high-quality fuel and lubricants. Dilute petrol and oil in the appropriate proportion. The first 10 kilometers do not expose the engine to high loads. this will be the running-in period. Depending on the power of the engine, a boat with such a motor can reach a speed of 5 to 8 km / h.

Below is a video that demonstrates the operation of such a unit:

Hunting and Fishing Community Blog About the boat motor

Good afternoon brothers anglers! Found and internet here is a miracle! The design is not complicated but there are a lot of questions. Maybe someone uses this and can share their impressions. And another question: whether this device need to put on the registration in the RB as a boat motor. Thank you all!

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 41

A foot from the wind with a propeller plus a four-stroke engine with five horsepower and you’ll be happy!

And at what rpm does it have power? You need to get up to 2500 on a propeller at face value. What to downgrade? What is its torque rating?? For a boat motor, the closer to a diesel, the better. In general, I think it’s all bullshit.

I support those who are against this miracle motor.It is better to be patient and buy a normal one, 5 hp minimum, or better yet 15 hp (if the boat will allow)

I work in a gardening service. Chinese boat motors were dragging in the summer, only the noise was standing. Met this device, a good thing, though air cooling is not a problem, if you look at the summer in the city workers are running around with trimmers all day mowing and nothing boils, and the motors do not break. This motor has 3.8 power, if someone in the garden who has a simple gasoline trimmer you can just buy a boot and operate the same way (I found the boot at a price of 8,500rub.) it is enough on the small rivers. don’t expect anything more. I contacted the service and talked to a mechanic who services these motors. I have not heard any surprisingly bad reviews from him. Price of this motor is 11,500 rubles. Now going to buy a friend of mine this motor and will test in practice. Good luck to all

I have a STIHL chain saw attachment for the ice drill.I use it sometimes at the end of the winter. You know, I’m satisfied)))! When I just started to join the water-powered hobby, I also considered buying a similar device for the boat motor and reviewed a bunch of options, but in the end I still took a scooter for 2.5 л.с. I don’t know if it will break down or not.After 3 years, already a Yamaha 15, and a bigger boat). If you do decide to buy, waiting for reports))).

Wasted money because the cooling is air. This thing sails slow. and in the heat, 32 in the sun, moments boil. It is better to get a second hand motor or a new Chinese one. I got a HDX 4 forces) happy as shit

Wasted money. Buy a normal motor.

Made pretty good quality, starts up without a problem. Economical, comfortable “automatic transmission”. Of the disadvantages. it roars so that temporarily lost hearing in one ear. Make it quieter is not possible. The speed on my boat is about 8 km / hr. Very noisy gearbox, or clutch mechanism as heated, when the collapse, I do not know, went 10-20 km. Pictures alive are here: www.drive2.l/l/4062789/

oh man! class! I liked it with the fin. and the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on it are bullshit

found this miracle on the paddle faster however, the chainsaw only pulls gasoline ))))

I’ve only heard of guys taking such attachments for STIHL chain saws.but, it’s not my thing

Noise from it all the fish inspectors are gonna be all over the place!

I’ve been doing this myself, that’s why I don’t recommend this one or the 2.5 horsepower one, start with 5 horses at least

I saw a guy on a PVC boat with one of these, he passed me in five meters, I almost went deaf and the fish after him went somewhere.

No, it’s not worth taking this miracle, a friend of mine had a rare turd, loud and does not drive a darn thing!Koresh sold it in a week and bought himself a Chinese motor yamarin.

The engine is from a lawn mower. I have a grass mower like this 3.3hp.according to the certificate. I could probably put it on a light rubber. but there’s a better one !(

) watch out I could not come to my senses for three days.

I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the video even more fun was recommended.

There are so many options you can think of, cut off a cow’s leg and you can swim as long as the reflex))

The engine from the lawnmower. I have this mower for grass 3.3 hp.according to the passport. You can probably put it on a light rubber. but there’s a cooler one !(

) watch out I’ve been sick for three days.

The engine from a lawn mower. I have a 3hp grass mower.3 hp.according to the datasheet. You can probably put it on a light rubber. but there’s a cooler thing !(

)watch out I’ve been waking up for three days.

Thanks!I didn’t expect such a cool idea. our ingenuity we are unbeatable!I haven’t laughed like that in a long time!

Lawn mower engine. I have a grass mower like this.3c.on the passport. on a lightweight rubber band, you can probably put it on. but there’s a tougher one !(

) watch out I’ve been waking up for three days.

The engine from the lawnmower. I have such a grasshopper 3.3hp.on the passport. ) you can probably put it on a light rubber. but there’s something cooler !(

) watch out I’ve been waking up for three days.

The engine’s from a lawn mower. I’ve got a 3hp weed whacker like this.3 hp.according to the passport. on a lightweight rubber probably can be put. But there is a cooler thing !(

) watch carefully I could not come to my senses for three days.

Gardentool website.in the section petrol grass trimmers.

I once saw a man on a rubber band float. Cool. Put it on the account only as a helicopter!

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