DIY Coal grinder fasteners

Corner grinder or corner grinder facilitates life in work and everyday life. With its help, you can file a sharp angle, cut off the protruding part of the profile or pipe, make the hole in the tile, etc.D. Hold the tool constantly in your hands is inconvenient. Hands get tired, and the cut is uneven. To facilitate the work, we present you several home.Made options for cutting machines with a holder and a bed that can be made of scrap metal.

The corner grinder is a rather heavy and powerful tool, so the bed should be durable to keep it in a suspended form. Profitable metal pipes provide such strength. The manufacture of a holder for a corner grinder made of wood is allowed only from thick lumber. However, even in this case, guarantee that the design will withstand the load, it is impossible. When working with profiled metal pipes, you will need a welding machine and work skills with equipment. In addition to a grinding machine and welding machine, prepare for work also:

  • Two rear used shock absorber from a car;
  • Pipes suitable in diameter of shock absorbers for compression;
  • Profile pipes and metal quadrt corners of 25 mm to collect the base;
  • Two tards 35 × 25 mm to give stiffness the base;
  • Two corners 40 mm for vertical supports;
  • Metal plates for fixing shock absorbers 190 × 75 × 5 mm;
  • Square corner 45 mm l = 120 mm to connect an angular grinder with shock absorbers;
  • Car nuts and 12 mm bolts for tightening plates.

Before starting work, we work out a drawing of the future bed. To make it easier for you to do this and avoid typical errors in the manufacture of the structure, with an analogue in the store. Inspect the bolt fasteners, the location of the supporting elements and other details. It is advisable to be guided by the principle of assembling the bed precisely for your model angular grinder. After familiarization, it remains to transfer the size and make the drawing on paper.

A distinctive feature of this design is the departure of the holder. As a result, we will receive an improved version of the pendulum saw with the ability to adjust the holder not only down and up, but also forward. For the implementation of this idea, a couple of old car shock absorbers will be needed in life.

Since the walls of the shock absorbers are thin, and they will have the main weight of the structure, it is necessary to give them strength. To do this, take a pipe of suitable diameter and cut the squeezes. In metal plates, drill the holes of the appropriate diameter for pulling the holders with car bolts, weld the chopped squimers from the pipe to them.

We proceed to the assembly of the base. Its dimensions are 46.5 × 40 cm. In order not to spend money on the purchase of new pipes and corners, we will use scrap metal, all the same, after assembly, the parts will be painted. The back of the base consists of two squares 25 × 25 mm, and the front of one. Two corners of the same section are welded on the sides. With an indent 10 mm from the side parts, we will fix Taurus 35 × 25 mm. To the back of the base we weld two 40 mm corner-hardware 32.5 cm long at a distance of 9.2 cm from each other. From the inner part of the vertical corners, drill holes for fastening of holders. Combine the racks between themselves, which is welded to the right angles of the support.

The case is made, we begin to assemble the machine. First, fix everything on the wire. We check the correct assembly of the structure, the quality of the cut and, if necessary, adjust. If everything suits, you can move on.

For the convenience of adjusting the holder’s course, we cut out a corner of suitable length (in the photo) and make the corresponding holes in it. Departure at the ends of the shock absorbers is fixed with a threaded hairpin and nuts.

For fastening, the corner grinder is made by the fastener element, the details of which are welded to each other. It is fixed on threaded mounts, it is easy to remove and replace it if necessary, change the diameter of the disk. Dimensions are selected individually according to the model angular grinder. The finished part is attached to the outer side of the shock absorber corner.

After the steps, all the parts are painted. To keep the position of the holder with the tool in a horizontal position, in addition to the upper complication of the shock absorber and the frame we attach fasteners under the hairpin with a diameter of 8 mm. The refundable movement of the pendulum provides a sprout for doors, which can be purchased at a household store.

1 cm gaps between lateral corners and tavras we left for a reason. We will need this space to move the work table. Given the width of the corners and the gap, we make holes on the sides of the table for adjusting bolts. Stain and attach the table to the base. If you need to move the working surface, slightly unscrew the bolts and change the position of the table forward or backward. Additionally, for the convenience of cutting metal, we recommend that you make guides under 90 and 45 degrees.

To assemble the frame part and the holder of the pendulum, you will need profile pipes, and for console fastening. Additionally steel strips and a metal rod. A stand, which will also serve as a working platform, is made from a sheet of steel. We weld the transverse shaft to the pendulum lever from the piece of profile pipe, observing the perpendicular when mounting. As bearings that will provide a pendulum turn, we use ready.Made bearing nodes. We press them on the shaft from both sides. The connection should be tough, otherwise an unforeseen longitudinal or transverse displacement may occur. When the bearings are pressed, we retreat 5-6 cm from the edge of the stand, weld the assembled pendulum with support nodes.

Making a cutting machine from a corner grinder with your own hands

An angle grinding machine (aka “Corner grinder”) a regular and universal manual instrument. But the appeal from the corner grinder asks for a firm hand and a good eye. At one point, the disk that jerks in the material not only takes the fishing line for the trimmer cut aside, and it may collapse, which is unsafe.

On the other hand, stationary saw machines are significant and massive. It is hard to drag them directly to the place of work. Small.Sized device will help to cooperate the pluses of corner grinding and motionless disk saw. A prefix that allows you to tightly fix the corner grinding and use it as a end or even disk saw.

The processed material will be firmly fixed on the work table of the machine. Our corner grinder will act as a working tool, reliably fixed on the bed. This will allow you to quickly and safely cut materials strictly along the marking lines.

How to do it with your own hands?

Before you do, for example, any machine using a corner grinder (the device is quite simple), it is recommended to get acquainted with the drawings-schemes that can be found on the Internet or special literature. They will help to better deal with the principle of the construction of the Bulgarians themselves, as well as how various nozzles are made, which may be required. The nodes will have to be selected empirically, focusing on the actual dimensions, which is available in this particular turbine model. Such an unit can be ideal for cutting and ending of various blanks.

How to make a grass cutter machine by hand grinder

There are dozens of different nozzles that can be of different sizes, so select the parameters of working elements should be when this particular model is in front of the eyes.

Creation of a wood sawing machine

Two parts of a piece (45×45 mm) are cut off from the corner). Accurate dimensions must be watched in the dimensions of the gearbox block corner grind. Holes 12 mm are drilled in the corners (an angular grinder is screwed to them). If the factory bolts are too long, they can then be cut. Sometimes, instead of bolted mounts, studs are used, this does not affect the quality. Often, the corners are welded, such a fastening is most reliable.

A special support for the lever is made, the unit is attached to it, you should choose two pieces of pipes for this so that they enter with a small gap one into another. And so that the markup is more accurate, it is recommended to wrap fragments with an adhesive mounting tape, draw lines with a marker. A cut is made along the line, an element of a pipe with a smaller diameter should be smaller than smaller (1.8 cm). For the inner diameter, it will be necessary to find two bearings, which are inserted into a more massive pipe, then a pipe with a smaller diameter is inserted into a pipe of a larger diameter. Bearings are pressed on two sides.

The mount is placed in the bearing, it is necessary to put the counter.Show in the bolt mount. After the rotary node is prepared, a small fragment of the corner should be fixed.

A vertical mount for a rotary node is made of a corner of 50×50 mm, the segments should be the same sizes. Corners are fixed with clamp and cut.

It is recommended to immediately drill corners, and then they can be attached to the rotary node using the nuts with the worships.

Now you should figure out how long the lever will be needed. An angular grinder will be attached to it. A similar action is performed on the selection technology, while the parameters of the turbine should be taken into account. Often the details are pre.Laid out on a flat plane and analyzed, then the configuration and size of the product becomes clear. The pipe is most often used square with a size of 18×18 mm.

After the exact fitting of all elements, they can be fastened with welding.

The pendulum node is easy to put on any plane. It can be a wooden table that is sheathed with a metal sheet. A more rigid mount is provided by welding of two small fragments in which holes are drilled.

During installation, one of the main working moments is to set the angle of 90 degrees between the disk plane and the supporting surface (“sole”). In that case, you should use the construction square, which is attached to the abrasive circle (it is mounted on the corner grinder). For the master, to weld a fragment at an angle of 90 degrees is easy, it will take a little time.

Emphasis should also be made so that the workpiece during operation is rigidly fixed. A vice is often placed on an even plane, which provide reliable fastening. After all the operations performed, a protective coating (casing) should be made. It is recommended to take into account the size of the disk here. Before starting work, the exact template of the future part should be cut out of cardboard.

The protective screen can be made from two fragments of tin. An aluminum corner is attached to one of the blanks, it will reliably fix the protective screen, using the cross. Such accessories are necessary for normal work, since the corner grinder is an instrument of increased injuries.

make, mount, corner, grinder, cutting

Small holes are made on the screen, with the help of nuts and bolts, a prepared fragment is fixed. The protective casing can be painted with oil paint, and if it is made correctly, it will serve for a long time and reliably protect the employee.

The base-stand for the machine is sometimes made of silicate or red brick.

Metal elements grinding machine

There is another option that will allow you to process metal parts. To do this, take profile pipes (2 pcs.), attach them with welding to a rectangle made of steel sheet 5 mm thick. The holes are drilled in racks and lever, while the dimensions can only be determined by the empirically.

  • The lever is attached.
  • The spring is attached.
  • Holes for bolt fasteners are drilled.
  • The bar is also drilled (the drill is suitable for 6 mm in size).
  • After preparatory work, the turbine can be attached on the working plane.

DIY cutting machine from corner grinder: for cutting metal and wood

In the home workshop, each amateur of a home.Made man always has an angular grinder (angle grinding machine). This tool is almost indispensable, as it can perform many functions.

Over, if the owner has additional accessories, its capabilities are significantly expanding.

Home.Made machines for corner grinders are of great popularity, since they are easy to manufacture and do not differ in the bulky structure.

Scope of cutting machines

The use of additional accessories for an angular grinder gives a very large area of ​​their use, but the main task is to cut materials such as metals, wood, stone.

A cutting machine from a corner grinder with your own hands is made for such purposes:

All these criteria give the makeshift the opportunity to make parts of a more complex design using a cutting machine, since the quality of execution increases.

Attention! Without a machine, at home you can perform these tasks, but it will take more time, as you will have to bring the evenness of the cuts. It will be important at the same time several times to double.Check the correctness of the angles for the same blanks.

Corner grinder device device

The cutting machine made of corner grinder in most cases is performed according to the pendulum system. A similar tool is popularly called a pendulum saw.

The principle of operation of such a device is based on outweighing. On the edge of the vertical support, two metal corners are installed. They should be attached to the loops strictly in the middle.

The assembled device of this type resembles a children’s swing. In the place where the cuts will be carried out, the angular grinder is mounted.

A load is installed on the other edge of the pendulum, which will raise the corner grinding at the end of the cut.

Making sliding angle grinder

Instead of cargo, you can also install a spring that works for compression. The stiffness of the spring is selected in practice.

How to fix the corner grinder for accurate cutting? It is required to unscrew the handle on the tool. And on the available holes in the corner grinder, drill the same in the corner. For fastening, you need to fasten it with two bolts.

Next, it is recommended to install the corner grinder handle in its place, for the convenience of cutting.

Home.Made pendulum machine

Necessary tools and materials

For the manufacture of a cutting rack, power tools will be needed:

  • Corner grinder for cutting metal blanks.
  • Drill, used to drill holes.
  • Electric. It is used to cut plywood for the base. Also, under this part, you can use leaf metal.

make, mount, corner, grinder, cutting

A hand tool is also used, without which it is impossible to do work:

Advantages of homemade equipment

Home.Made manual tools are very popular. The demand is explained by the fact that in the workshop they do not take up much space, which is very convenient in small rooms such as a garage or basement, which is mainly used by home.Made people.

For reference! Small equipment dimensions lead to the fact that it is easy enough to hide and get it at the right time.

Another advantage of home.Made equipment is that the owner will manufacture it soundly, although such a home.Made will be added in weight, but it will have a margin of safety.

Drawings of such equipment are available for overall use, but many craftsmen finish them independently, relying on their own needs.

Making a cutting machine with your own hands

To understand how easy it is to make a cutting machine out of a corner grinder, you need to have at least the initial experience with a corner grinder. It is quite simple to make such equipment on your own if you know for sure all the nodes of the future desktop equipment.

Preparatory stage

At the beginning of all the works, the exact sketch of the machine should be found, in which, in the step.By.Step version, the entire assembly will be set out completely. Such prudence will allow you to collect all the necessary material for manufacturing in advance.

The variant of drawings is selected arbitrarily, regardless of the power of the corner grinder. Free sizes can be easily found on the Internet.

It is also required to prepare the entire tool that will be needed in the process of all work.

Drawings for the manufacture of a home.Made cutting machine

Finding ready will not be difficult. Below is one of the simplest options.

Step-by-step instruction

At the initial stage, the base should be made. It is required to cut the corner into four parts at an angle of 45 ° C.

The sizes of parts can be selected as arbitrary as there are different dimensions of the Bulgarians. They are welded together by forming a rectangle.

In the middle of the base, tires are welded, which are additionally strengthened from below. Thus, a platform of the correct size should be obtained.

At the next stage, you must perform a pendulum. First of all, its basis is made. From the pipe, you need to cook two parts at an angle of 90 °. They are installed on the base, with a distance from each other equal to 40 mm. The edges of the parts should be washed down on 45 °. This is necessary so that the details have a complete fit.

Next, you need to prepare a swing mechanism. It is made of studs and tubes. Instead of a metal pipe, you can take nuts with an internal thread like a hairpin.

Two parts of the tubes are welded to the tops of the corners, which will serve as a swinging knot.

For the pendulum, a profile pipe with a section of 40 × 40 mm is taken. The wall thickness should be at least 3 mm. A hole is drilled in the middle of the pipe, the diameter of which should strictly correspond to the diameter of the hairpin.

Milling machine

Often you have to process flat and shaped surfaces of various blanks. To do this, use special mills. They are part of the machine of the same name. Such an adaptation for corner grinder can have one of the following performance:

  • The angle grinding machine is rigidly fixed vertically on the movable element of the machine, which allows the tool to shift relatively processed workpiece.
  • Corner grinder is fixed motionless into the device. Therefore, during milling, only the workpiece is moved, and the tool remains in place.

Any of the options involves the presence of a reliable frame. If the device is made to order, then the structure of the structure will usually offer a specialist based on his experience and knowledge.

Of course, the customer can provide drawings developed by another specialist or simply downloaded from the network. In any case, the master will prepare all the necessary materials for the manufacture of a milling machine. It will also be necessary to purchase a milling holder. This is a canchical device. Over, some masters are able to make it from a hexagon.

The use of corner grinders

Corner grinding machine (abbreviated angular grinder) is used to cut and grinding various materials. The variability of the tool is provided by replaceable working disks and the power of the device.

Low.Power or household corner grinders are used in the household. Designed for the use of discs with a diameter of 115-125 mm. The tool is small, low.Power engine, low weight. Not designed for long.Term work without interruptions, quickly overheat.

Professional corner grinder of high power is used in construction work and for production purposes. The tool is designed to use disc 150-230 mm. A heavy and powerful device is designed for long.Term operation without risk of engine overheating.

Attention! For cutting parts, the edge of the disk plays an important role, and when grinding, the entire surface of the nozzle is used.

The possibility of rapid replacement of working surfaces and high tools of the tool can increase the range of use of corner grinders. For example, for the manufacture of homemade machines. Machine use increases the level of security.

The use of corner grinders

Corner grinding machine (abbreviated angular grinder) is used to cut and grinding various materials. The variability of the tool is provided by replaceable working disks and the power of the device.

Low.Power or household corner grinders are used in the household. Designed for the use of discs with a diameter of 115-125 mm. The tool is small, low.Power engine, low weight. Not designed for long.Term work without interruptions, quickly overheat.

Professional corner grinder of high power is used in construction work and for production purposes. The tool is designed to use disc 150-230 mm. A heavy and powerful device is designed for long.Term operation without risk of engine overheating.

Attention! For cutting parts, the edge of the disk plays an important role, and when grinding, the entire surface of the nozzle is used.

The possibility of rapid replacement of working surfaces and high tools of the tool can increase the range of use of corner grinders. For example, for the manufacture of homemade machines. Machine use increases the level of security.

Assembly procedure for corner grinding

Preparation of the platform from the duralumin plate. ✓ Cut the plate size 300 × 120 mm.

✓ Six Ø4 mm holes with a deepening under the hats of self.Tapping screws. These holes are needed to attach corners, bar and handles. ✓ from the duralumin corner 30 × 30 × 420 mm make an angle.

To do this, make a cutout in the form of an equilateral triangle in one of the shelves in order to bend it at a right angle of 90º. ✓ Drinkly fasten the handle (120 × 60 × 23 mm) with bar (270 × 28 × 35 mm) using screws 3 × 35 mm. 2 pcs.

✓ Reciprocated M-shaped details and a duralumin plate we collect together. Everything is attached with screws 3 × 20 mm. 4 pcs. The base of the device is ready. The final assembly of the device for angular grinding ✓ now it is necessary to install metal corners 55 × 30 × 75 mm. 1 pcs. 60 × 60 × 45 mm. 1 pc. On the received platform for fastening corner grinders. Pay attention to the corner of 60 × 60 × 45 mm must be bent a little from 90º to 60º.

Otherwise, do not fix the corner grinder. The corner grinder is attached to the corners on one side using its own handle, and on the other hand, using a bolt with a counter.Thaw m 8 × 20 mm.

Ruthagica is necessary so that the bolt does not unscrew on time of work.

Ruthagica handle is not needed, t.To. You hold it with your hand.

That’s all. A device for cutting a corner grinder is ready. I think that many will have a reasonable question: “Why do such a device when there is a manual electrical disk saw?»I agree with such a question, but if you often use such an electric saw, then you can purchase. And when from case to case, it is better to have such a device. By the way, such a device can be used not only, for example, to shorten the doors, but also for work with ceramic tiles or with plastic panels. It is only necessary to change the cutting disk.

This article is all. There will be questions, contact the feedback form (blue button on the left) or through the “Contacts” page. Somehow later I will write about how to make a small sawing machine from an electric jigsaw. So subscribe to the site news is free. You can also read more articles.

Work in compliance with safety precautions, availability of protection

In all the examples considered examples, the cable from the corner grinder hangs freely, and should be fixed to the mobile part of the rack, and in the latter case, the photo generally stretches through the working area behind the operator’s back, which makes our rack extremely dangerous, avoid such omissions when constructing and working.

I recommend that before starting work, still fix the network cord to ordinary plastic clamps in several places in order to avoid falling it under the cutting tool and, in general, it simply will not interfere at hand.

Important! Forget the cutting circle before starting work, there should not be chips and visible damage, which can lead to its destruction during rotation. Be sure to put on the goggles. Put glasses much faster than treating eyes.

If it is inconvenient to work with glasses, do as shown in the video below. An example of an excellent device for protection against sludge flying during metal cutting. Simple, convenient to use and quickly removable.

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