Rotary mower for mini-tractor with their own hands

Attached equipment can significantly expand the functionality of tractor equipment. One of its types appears to be a homemade mower for the minitractor, which is absolutely identical to its factory counterparts in terms of efficiency, but its cost will be much lower.

If a farmer is interested in how a mower can be made for a tractor with their own hands, it is necessary first to get acquainted with its purpose and principle of operation. Such a device is designed for mowing unwanted vegetation in meadows, fields and other areas, which allows to maintain them in optimal condition. Rotary mowers are functional devices that can be used for mowing weeds, as well as for removing bushes and other plants along the roadway.

Since the efficiency of such machines is much higher than trimmers and other devices, they are commonly used in agriculture and municipal services. Rotary mowers are indispensable for haymaking operations, which makes them an extremely popular type of equipment.


Planning to assemble this equipment with your own hands, you need to remember that the haymower for the tractor can be of two main types. The first group of devices includes products of segment type, providing for the use of metal plates and a knife. The main feature of this category of products seems to be the affordable cost, which has made them extremely popular among consumers.

However, segmentary products have low efficiency in the processing of impressive thickets of grass, weeds, bushes, as well as some crops. For this reason, rotary devices are used much more frequently for such tasks, which are characterized by higher productivity. Devices of the second type have a universal purpose, they can be used to work with different types of plants, haymaking for livestock.

Attached to the tractor

Figuring out how to make a rotary mower for the tractor with your own hands, you need to decide on the type of its attachment to the tractor equipment. This determines the functionality of the devices, as well as the performance characteristics.

  • semi-mounted units. Provide a pneumatic wheel, which allows you to distribute the load more evenly. Mounted as a rear attachment using a bracket, and for lifting/lowering hydraulic mechanisms are used;
  • mounted devices. The equipment is attached according to the standard scheme, is located on the front of the tractor, suitable for use in difficult terrain;
  • trailed equipment. Mounted to the tractor’s hydraulic system, equipped with at least 3 rotors, which are installed at the rear of the machine.

At the stage of studying the drawings, it is advisable for the master to familiarize himself with the ways of mounting the mower and, if necessary, make changes in the design of the selected model of the device. It should be noted that the easiest to manufacture are trailed models.

What material should be used when mounting a home-made mower?

The main material for making mowers with their own hands is scrap metal. Here you can apply absolutely anything. These can be both frames from old bicycles and unwanted car parts. Rusty frames that you can find on some abandoned farm will also be excellent for the basis of the future device.

In addition, you can look around the objects and in your yard, where an old metal barrel or battery can also be useful for making such equipment, as a mower for a mini-tractor with their own hands. The most important point in this work is the presence of skillful hands, some knowledge in the technical part of this issue and a good command of the welding machine.

Technical characteristics of the rotary mower

Specialists classify the units in question into the following types:

  • Devices that mow and lay the grass in swaths;
  • Apparatuses that mow and lay the grass in swaths;
  • single axle tractor rotary mowers, which mow and shred the grass.

Some models immerse, flatten the grass, while mowing and laying in swaths. Depending on the method of installation, experts distinguish such devices as trailed, semi-mounted and rotary mower mounted.

The device in question consists of a rear, front and side cutting system. Tractor-mounted implement with 1, 2, 3 or 5 bars. The rotary mower for grass starts under the action of a shaft or tractor wheels.

On the photo rotary mower on a mini-tractor

The units in question are mounted on the tractor and single axle tractor in horizontal position. Knife and connecting rod must move in one plane. To work on a small piece of land, the Polish mower for tractor is used. Front mounted model splits the land into paddocks.

Before buying a rotary mower on a single-axle tractor, learn how it works. If it is necessary to mow seeded high-yielding and lodged grass, weeds, then the rotating device is used. Such a mower to a power tiller or tractor is fixed by itself. The equipment consists of a bar to which the blades are attached.

Apparatus with a shredder consists of a rotor, a frame, a drive mechanism, a pipeline. Principle of operation of the rotary mower on a single-axle tractor: when the equipment moves, the vegetation is tilted by the shield, then mowed by the knife. Grass is lifted, shredded and falls into a hopper.

If you need to quickly process the land, then a Polish mower for tractor or motor-block with several cutting elements is used. Experts recommend buying such machines with the following criteria in mind:

The plus of the rotary mower on the minitractor is the presence of a damping device, which protects the knife from various obstacles. Among the additional advantages of the machine specialists refer to:

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Rotary mowing equipment depending on the functionality is divided into several groups. Thus, the device is capable of laying the grass in the mowing. The second group can not only mow, but also shred the grass. The third group can lay it in swaths. Mowers are divided into groups according to the method of installation. there are mounted, semi-mounted, as well as trailed devices

The arrangement of the cutting unit can be front, side or rear. The mini-tractor can be equipped with a rotary unit that consists of several bars. Power takeoff gearbox is used as a drive. Sometimes the torque is supplied from the drive wheels.

The equipment in question is mounted horizontally. The crank arm and blade move in one plane. Specialists recommend using a Polish rotary mower to the mini-tractor for processing small plots. One of them is Wirax L-169/04. Manufacturer offers a cardan shaft as a gift. Front-mounted models, in addition to mowing, are capable of breaking up land into paddocks. Polish units will also help to quickly process the area, but you need to select a device with several working elements.

Choose the right model for your needs in terms of cutting height, output level and blade speed. The advantages of rotary mowers are the presence of a damper, which protects the cutting elements from various obstacles.

Popular mower models for Uralets, Sintai and Scout tractors

Mini-tractors of these brands are the most common in our country, the following mower models from the online store of agricultural equipment Garden Shop are also applicable for other tractor equipment.

Scout is probably the most popular rotary mower brand in Russia because of its low price and ease of use. So these models will be described in detail.

SCOUT FRM-80 frontal rotary mower

Type: mounted, frontal location, designed for working with vegetation of up to 1 cm in diameter. PTO belt drive. Working elements are two discs, rotating towards each other, which allows you to lay mowed grass in even rows.

  • PRC production
  • mass 27 kg
  • working width 80 cm
  • 2 working drums.
  • Drum speed up to 2400 rpm./min
  • Number of cutting blades in the plate 4 pcs.
  • cutting height, max 70 mm
  • traction class of the basic tractor 0,2. 0,6
  • operating speed max. 4 km/h

Rear rotary mower SCOUT BRM-80

Regarding the mounted type, power take off from the tractor gearbox. Quick and easy to move from transport to working position thanks to the tractor hydraulics. It is also possible to install two mowers at the same time, which significantly increases the area to be mowed.

  • PRC production
  • mass 54 kg
  • working width 80 cm
  • Number of operating drums 2 pcs.
  • drum speed 400 rpm./min
  • number of cutting blades in the plate 4.
  • cutting height, min 20 mm
  • pulling class of the basic tractor 0,2. 0,6
  • maximum working speed of 6 km / h

Scout also makes RM-1 and RM-2 mowers, but they are designed to mount on motor blocks and are of lower efficiency.

In addition to rotary mowers, the company Scout offers a model of segment type, SM-110. It is used for haymaking, as well as for clearing overgrown areas of different size.

Scout SM-110 segment mower

  • production: PRC;
  • weight: 40 kg;
  • Working width: 110
  • cutting height: from 40 mm;
  • PTO shaft speed: 540 rpm./minute;
  • traction class of the tractor: 0.2. 0.6;
  • Speed of operation maximum: 3,6 km/h.

All mowers of company Scout quite meet the requirements, with careful exploitation they serve long time, though reliability, in comparison with more expensive models, is a little bit lower. However, simple maintenance and low cost compensate for this drawback.

Wirax trailed rotary mower 1,35 m

A more powerful trailed mower than previous models is mounted on 0,4-0,6 class minitractors. Mounting on three points, connection, either through splines or telescopic shaft. Rotors rotate towards each other. Shipped without drive shaft.

  • production: Poland;
  • weight: 290 kg
  • working width: 1350 cm;
  • number of drums: 2 pcs;
  • Rotation speed of the drums: 540 rpm./min;
  • number of cutting blades in the plate: 3 pcs;
  • Minimum cutting height: 35 mm;
  • pulling class of the basic tractor: 0,4. 0,6;
  • operating speed maximum: 10 km/h.

Other imported Wirax mowers are designed to work on heavy-duty machinery, and are not installed on compact tractors.

Rotary mowers KP-2,1M, KRR-1,9, KR-2,4

One of the most reliable and productive are considered modern Russian-made mowers. High-strength blades and a traction guard to protect the implement when hard obstacles are encountered. In addition, the set is supplemented with convenient elements, allowing before laying the mowed grass to tumble it, which preserves its useful properties in the further drying.

The mini-tractors for which this range is intended must have an output of between 0,9 and 1,4 t

Brief technical characteristics:

make, mower, mini-tractor, varieties
Model KP-2,1M KRR-1,9 KR-2,4
Maximum width, mm 21 000 19 000 24 000
Grass height, mm 40. 70 40. 70 40. 70
Number of blades per disc, pcs 2 3 2
Number of discs, pcs 5 6 4
Weight, kg 390 320 440
Mowing capacity, ha/h 2,85 2,5 3,54
Dealer price, 155 000 112 000 163 000

No disadvantages, as such, have not yet been revealed, mowers relatively new to the market and managed to prove themselves well.

KOALA mowers 1000, 1200, 1600

KOALA mowers made in Italy are designed for high quality surface treatment, in particular for lawns or golf courses. In addition to cutting the grass, they have the function of aerating the turf, all models are equipped with a grass catcher box, after removing the excess grass through the rear roller the soil is compacted. Maneuverability and ease of operation allows you to work even in small fields, avoiding obstacles. Tractors, for which all models are made, must have 16 to 25 liters of power.с.

Model KOALA 1000 KOALA 1200 KOALA 1600
Working width, mm 1 000 1 200 1 600
Grass height, mm 20. 100 20. 100 20. 100
Number of working blades, pcs. 32 40 50
Grass box capacity, l 600 700 900
Weight, kg 210 250 310
PTO speed, rpm 540 540 540


Rotary mower is equipped with a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 6.5-liter gasoline engine.с. Belt variator and homemade bevel gearbox made.

There is a belt drive from the gearbox to the mower rotor shaft.

Speed can be adjusted by lengthening the cable, the more cable is stretched the faster the ride.

Homemade mower successfully tested and used for mowing.

In this video, shows a homemade rotary mower in operation.

Homemade mower for mini-tractor: saving money

The attachments used for the minitractor have a high price. That is why it is much cheaper for you to make it with your own hands. But you will need some knowledge and experience, because the work is quite serious. Mower for a mini-tractor is a fairly uncomplicated device, making it yourself, you can save a decent amount on its purchase, but all the important characteristics will remain the same.

Currently, there are two types of mowers for the minitractor:

The first design is the easiest to make and operate, so it is more common. Segmental, in turn, is a more complex equipment and is much more often clogged compared to the rotary device. In the photo you can see both models of such designs.

What material should be used when installing a homemade mower?

The main material for making mowers with their own hands is scrap metal. Here you can use absolutely everything you like. It can be both frames from old bicycles, and unnecessary parts from the car. The rusty frames that you can find on any abandoned farm will perfectly suit for the basis of the future device.

In addition, you can also inspect items in your yard, where an old metal barrel or battery can also be useful for making such equipment as a mower for a mini-tractor with their own hands. The most important point in this work is the presence of skilled hands, some knowledge in the technical part of this issue and a good command of a welding machine.

Homemade rotary mower for your minitractor: how to make it?

In the photo you can see a homemade rotary mower for your mini-tractor. This device consists of a frame, a set of blades mounted on disks, and a cover. This construction is powered by the power shaft of the tractor. The movement on the ground is carried out with the lower discs.

The process of installing a homemade rotary mower for a mini-tractor:

  • We take the collected scrap metal and construct a welded frame from it, which should consist of angles measuring 40 cm each. Prepare the blades for the future device.
  • Make two metal discs with a thickness of 4 mm and a diameter of 39 cm. In this case, it is best to use the bottom of an unwanted iron barrel.
  • On the ready to use discs we mount the blades. The most important thing is to ensure that they rotate freely. For this, you need the discs that were previously used for the husker. Their diameter should be approx. 45 cm. For the axle you need an old iron pipe with a diameter of 30mm. It is also necessary to install bearings: one for the pulley, one for the pipe.
  • Then we attach the blades to the axle shaft. You will need to install the pulleys on the pipe by welding.
make, mower, mini-tractor, varieties

In this article, you had the opportunity to learn how you can make a rotary mower with your own hands. In fact, as you saw for yourself, there is nothing particularly complicated in this process, so this kind of manipulation with ease will be able to cope even with non-professionals.

However, if you do not want to take risks and start with a small offer to your attention manual gasoline mower for grass.

The most important thing in the making of a rotary mower is to pay the utmost attention to our advice, both in terms of making and safety.

In the domestic market of agricultural machinery represented a whole lot of effective solutions for the work on household plots and lawn care. The most popular mowers today are rotary mowers. Such devices are characterized by high performance, ease of operation, the possibility of installation on a tractor and single-axle tractor. Due to the particular simplicity of design, a homemade one can also be made if desired

Let’s look at the design features, principle of operation and ways of self-assembly of devices for mowing grass, removing weeds and lawn care.

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