Mower for power tiller. step by step instructions for making

In order to make a normally functioning homemade mower, home masters, as a rule, use all available improvised means. Made with their own hands equipment for power tiller allows you to save significantly and at the same time get moral satisfaction from the made. Self-made mower, in principle, will not be very difficult, because you can find quite detailed descriptions with drawings and video-instructions on this topic on the Internet.

As a rule, the mower on a single-axle tractor, created with their own hands, is equipment of the frontal type, and which has the following types of construction:

Rotary mower Segment mower Platform mower often than not, self-made mowers are created on the basis of ready-made factory-made attachments. Blueprints of such designs can be easily found on the Internet, as well as viewed on numerous videos.

The base for the equipment is the chassis made of 40×40 mm steel angle or any available. Bearings for the wheel axle are installed on the chassis, and only after that the main unit of the equipment is mounted directly.

Mowers for power tillers

A detailed description of the operation of each mower is easier to see in specific examples, as small videos.

Mower for “Neva” power tiller

Rotary mower for power tiller “Ugra”, NMB-1

Segmental mower for cultivators Oka, Neva, Kaskad

All haymowers are supplied with detailed instructions, as a rule, users do not have problems with assembly, installation and operation. These technical devices are quite simple, so they are in constant demand. One of the arguments is the low price, affordable for people with any income level.

Rotary mower for power tiller: principle of operation and features

This modification is designed to work, including on uneven ground. It can be single-disc (with cutting edge of knives of a single rotor disc) and double-disc (respectively, with two rotors, whose knives usually rotate reciprocally).

Among the advantages of the rotary mower are the following:

  • Increased maneuverability due to compactness and light weight for perfect maneuverability between bushes and trees;
  • Suitable for both water-cooled and air-cooled power tillers;
  • Depending on the model, the mowing width can be in the range of 52-80 cm, and the height of the sprout intake. 5-14 cm. All of this, of course, can be adjusted when the power tiller is working with a mower;
  • The angle of the knives can be changed to make them more effective for hard-to-reach areas. And it can also be fitted with additional skis for the same purpose;
  • The presence of special drums, whose task is to push the plants, so that the tool does not get clogged even with thick and tough varieties of them.

Designed for: haymaking, clearing weeds from the roadside, trimming small bushes. After mowing, the cuttings are placed in the t.н. windrows, which is convenient for its subsequent cleaning or disposal. The output is crushed enough to be used immediately for fertilizing, covering the plants, preparing humus without the use of an additional mulch.

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Making the frame

The process of making a rotary mower for your power tiller begins with making the frame. All working elements will be attached to it. Make a frame from metal angle or other metal parts. The frame must be attached to the power tiller and hold the working elements.

The second step of making a rotary mower for your power tiller is to prepare the discs with blades.

make, rotary, mower, single, axle, tractor

From the planter you need to take two discs. 4 blades are attached to each of them. Knives are made of hardened metal. To save time and effort it is possible to use a rotor from a tractor. Only in this case you should remember that the length of the rotor should be reduced by about 4 cm. This will improve traction.

To fix the knives to the disk, you need to prepare the holes. Each disc is drilled with a 6 mm drill bit. The knives are fastened with a bar. For proper operation of the device, between the bar and the knife is left a gap, the height of which is a couple of millimeters (1-2 mm is enough) greater than the thickness of the knife. In addition, the gap will allow for 2 nuances at once. The knives will rotate 360 degrees. Thanks to this, if you hit something hard, the knife will turn, but will not break. As the disc rotates, a centrifugal force is created. Under its influence, the blades will spread and cut the grass.

The blades are mounted on an axle. It is made with carbon steel. It is not advisable to make the shaft too thin. The minimum diameter of the axis must be 0,8 cm. To avoid the knives turning freely, the axle is tightened all the way.

Rotary mower with their own hands

There are several varieties and types of rotary mowers, varying in price and characteristics. But many people think of making the mower by their own hands, no matter what the price of the rotary mower in the store, it’s still a blow to the purse, which an ordinary peasant or farmer already has a small size. For example, you can assemble a homemade rotary mower from a rear axle and keep costs to a minimum, more information here.

The first thing to take care of is the accompanying material from which the rotary mower will be made. Here it is not necessary to complicate unnecessarily and look for something special, it is quite suitable ordinary scrap metal, which you can find at various dumps, abandoned complexes and other similar places.

Old bicycle frames, spare parts from old machinery, iron barrels, used batteries, you can safely use all that for making a mower.

The main criterion here will be your ability to work with your hands and some technical knowledge of the principles of working with such material. And, of course, experience with a welder, without which you can’t do without.

The entire process of making a rotary mower for a mini-tractor can be described in stages:

make, rotary, mower, single, axle, tractor
  • From the scrap metal you have collected, you need to make a frame consisting of corners, which should be about 40 cm. It is also necessary to take care of the blades, which you will install on the rotary mower.
  • Then the discs. They can be made from the bottoms of old, unnecessary barrels, it is only important to keep the dimensions. The diameter of each disk should be 39 cm and 4 mm thick.
  • Next, install the knives on the disks. For making the axle, on which the discs will rotate, we need an iron tube with a diameter of 3 cm. You will also need bearings, which you will install on the tube, and a second one for the pulley.
  • Then we reinforce the knives on the shaft of the axle, weld pulleys to the tube and your homemade rotary mower for the mini-tractor is practically ready.

Finally, you need to put a cowl on top of the whole construction, which will serve as a protective device. Such a mower allows you to mow a strip of grass, the width of which will reach 115 cm.

Rotary mower with their own hands for a mini tractor is a good solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on buying ready-made mowers, and wants to make it for their own needs. But if you do not want to bother yourself, you can always buy an inexpensive electric lawnmower, which also will not hit your much.

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The rotary mower is fitted with a single-cylinder air-cooled gasoline engine with an output of 6.5 liters.с. Belt variator and homemade bevel gearbox made.

From the gearbox to the rotor shaft of the mower, there is a belt transmission.

The speed can be changed by lengthening the cable, the more cable is stretched, the faster the mower goes.

Homemade mower successfully passed the test and is used to cut the grass.

In this video, a homemade rotary mower is shown in operation.

Instructions for making

Lawn mower for power tiller. the unit is not so complicated, but even it can be assembled by different methods. Most often, it is not made from scratch. the mower is factory-made, whereas the task of a local craftsman is more a creation of an appropriate cart. The task does not seem difficult also in light of the fact that the drawings of such designs freely walk around the Internet, and if you want you can even find training videos on how to equip such a mechanism with their own hands.

The resulting device will belong to one of at least three types of mowers, each of which has its own design features, as well as its own advantages and disadvantages. Each of these mowers is worth a closer look. so we will.


Rotary mowers of this type are mainly used in lawn care and haymaking. The machine is designed for using on plots with relatively low vegetation and few small bushes. The efficiency of a construction is estimated rather high, however, it is fastidious to the presence of slopes. 10-20 degrees for it are already a limit, and a lateral roll is allowed no more than 8 degrees. With the simplicity of the device and minimal risk of breakage is pleased with the ability of the unit to stack grass in rows, however, we should not forget that this type of mower refers to the traumatic.

We suggest making the blades from an ordinary chainsaw chain by cutting it into equal lengths.

These improvised blades are usually made by 4 pieces per rotating disk, most often by 2, using disks from a seed drill. Fragments of the chain are attached to the disks at regular intervals, and they are not fixed perfectly tightly, but with a small gap of literally a couple of millimeters. The latter is necessary to ensure that the knives are exposed to the maximum centrifugal force, which will allow them always be in a horizontal position. It is not necessary to fix them more steadily and simply because at a junction with something hard, they should be able to simply bounce back, otherwise a breakdown of the machine is unavoidable.

All fasteners of the rotating parts should be made of high-strength steel with high carbon content, the thickness of the pins to avoid breakage of the device and injury should not be less than 8 or even 10 millimeters. After that, all that remains is to assemble the frame. The frame is usually made of a prefabricated axle and two wheels, on which the metal corners are welded. The body of the rotor can be made using the same bottom from a metal barrel, and it is to it that the axes for the rotation of the disks will be welded.

When mounting the frame it is necessary to provide an opportunity to connect the disks with the PTO drive of a power tiller. for this purpose you can use gears from the gearbox of an old Soviet car like VAZ.

The transmission of torque should be organized so that the discs rotate in the opposite direction to each other. this solution allows you to stack the mowed grass in neat rows. The last step is to mount a kind of protective cover on the frame to make sure that a piece of blade that accidentally breaks off will not fly in the direction of the operator.


Such a self-made construction is much more complex by its construction, but it also has its advantages. Unlike rotary models, the blades of grass do not run in a circular motion, but reciprocate, because they are mounted on a shaft. This unit provides an extremely low pruning of plants, removing them under the root, and also such a device will not be able to shred already mowed grass, as it could happen with a rotary mower. The mechanism is convenient even when working on an uneven terrain. Switching on and off is not connected to the power tiller itself, which enables a quicker response to potential emergency situations. Finally, such a machine hardly vibrates, which is also good for its safety.

As the basic detail take a rectangular tube with the parameters of 120x5x1.5 cm or even just a piece of blade of grass mower. In this piece, 12 holes are drilled at regular intervals, each a centimeter in diameter, where M8-type bolts will be screwed. The task of the latter. to hold the guiding strip of metal, whose length is 89 cm. on it and the teeth and blades are attached, which will provide tilting vegetation.

The power take-off shaft of the engine used provides the torque to the segment mower’s main components. With this in mind, a supporting chassis is welded, on which the above mechanism is installed with clamps that prevent the non-directional movement of the knives and teeth. The design of the chassis usually requires only 1 wheel for the segment mower, so the whole unit including the power tiller is a tricycle.


To make such a construction is somewhat more difficult than the rotary one, although in general they are very similar. This version of the lawnmower is slightly improved, it is often also called a drum mower, as the mechanism is based on rotating drums. The reinforced unit acquires the ability to withstand more solid obstacles, so it will cope not only with thick trunks of plants, but as a result of the change of attachments in winter time can be used as a small snowplow, even the ice he is not afraid of.

Recommendations on working with a hay mower for a power tiller

Self-made mower will combine well with any brands of power tillers, in particular with Neva, MTZ, Salut, Zareya and MB 2. Similar units but already rotary type can be installed not only on the mentioned models, but also on Agat, Oka, Agro, Zubr, Kentavr, Ural and Patriot.

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