How to make a saw mask with your own hands

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How to make a SAW Mask!

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What, where, when, or what is a mask, where to look for a mask, when it is appropriate to use a mask for business

When we say “Instagram Mask” we don’t mean any pseudonymity. It’s a mask. Standard and familiar to all of us. Like Batman, Saw, Jim Carrey and Zorro. A mask is a variety of elements that are superimposed on your face or part of your face, these are effects that change your appearance or the surrounding background. In general, we can safely call the mask an augmented reality.

Conventionally, masks can be divided into the following types:

Facial Mask Filters

For example, you need to shoot for your company video invitation to the event. You have some incomprehensible spots on your face or a pimple has popped up. We are all human. =) To look decent and pretty, use a filter mask, which will smooth out skin imperfections, make your appearance more expressive.

Filter masks for the surrounding reality

Similar application. If you need to brighten up the background a bit, add some unobtrusive (or intrusive) filters, feel free to put a mask. Make the colors more pleasant.

Masks with additional elements, more often having an entertaining character

While their main purpose. to laugh. Try on the face of a Botox victim, dance under falling cucumbers, put on dog or cat ears or a whole bear’s head, eat dumplings out of a pot. There’s a lot of options. The main thing is to make sure that it is funny not only for you, but also for your subscribers.

Scary masks

A little bit gross, a little bit funny, a little bit creepy. A little bit of everything. =) This kind of masks also has its place, because everyone has a different notion of humor and jokes. But still, in a business account with such content, it is better not to take the risk. I’m sure you know that customers are different, and the negativity along with “ewwww, how can you do that??” from someone will show up. The only exception would be using a mask for Halloween, at least there you can justify yourself. =)

Themed masks

Falling snowflakes, Santa Claus’ beard, Halloween witch hats, Frankenstein’s dancing monster. Virtual props are quite suitable for recording greetings to the holiday.

Mask Games

Games, divination. I think that literally 3-4 months ago there was no such a mass craze for these masks. And now we all find out what kind of Disney princesses we are, what kind of Harry Potter character we are, what kind of animal we look like, and what kind of nationality we are.

Fan masks/Brand masks

Which of the characters do you like? Joker? Thanos? Or maybe you’re a Pokemon fan? You can have fun in your favorite image with masks. Important branded masks fall into the same category. They are dedicated to your brand, most often displaying your company logo. And they are created, as a rule, by the company’s employees. For example, if you were an employee of Nike, you could expect from your fans such a kindness as a mask. But if you have a PE “Petr Petrovich” known only in narrow circles, the creation of a mask entirely on your shoulders. Why you need all this headache, we’ll discuss later, but for now let’s see where to look for masks at all.

There are four ways to find a mask:

In the function of the recordings storis. By default, you already have a set of masks sewn in, which you can use when recording storis.

In the mask gallery. Didn’t find anything interesting? Go to the gallery of masks. For your convenience, formed sections: color and light, humor, animals, etc.д.

In the Mask Creator’s Account. You can go to the developer’s profile and save the mask from there. How to find a developer? There’s more than one collection on the Internet.

The storis of the person using the mask. If you’ve seen a friend/colleague/loved grandmother have an interesting effect in a recorded post, you can add it to yourself.

You can save the effect in the following way:

And now the promised: how can we work with masks, so that we can not only laugh, but also benefit the business.

The mask in Instagram business =.

We understand that we have enough work to do from time to time. You have to keep an eye on the stats of posts, keep your hand on the pulse of advertising, and process requests or rack your brains as to why there are no such requests. And you’re offering masks as well! But, as I like to say, if there is any tool that can be tested, you should test!

And here are 6 arguments for Instagram masks for businesses:

  • The mask shapes users’ recall of your brand or introduces them to your brand. How will a person buy a product from a company if they’ve never heard of the company? How does a person buy a product from a company if the organization doesn’t stand out among 100500 similar companies? Think about it. =)
  • You’ll get extra viral coverage. If you work in social networks, but you still do not understand what virality is, quickly come here, and then see how viral reach works using examples of business giants here. In short, viral reach is reposting. You write posts which users can repost. And if you make a mask, they’ll be able to repost it too. If the mask is cool, at least for some tight circles, it will go mainstream, and you’ll increase your chances of swaying through viral reach.
  • In some topics, it will be possible to help the customer decide on your product through the mask. For example, such an experiment was done by one of the cosmetics brands. Thanks to the mask girls could try on different shades of lipstick and choose the right one. The same trick could work with the accessories, like glasses and hats.
  • You can use the mask to run contests that will be more interesting to your audience than just a “like-subscribe” contest. interesting, but also a little more complicated. But they’ll eliminate prize winners and other lovers of freebies.
  • The mask is another tool for promotion through bloggers. If you have popular bloggers in your subject (you have children’s clothing. looking for a mommy-blogger, you have interior design. looking for a blogger-designer), you can ask them to propagate mask, than attract a target audience to you.
  • Not all companies create branded masks yet, so why not get ahead of the competition? The usefulness of the mask depends on your idea and creativity, so use your brain, so your competitors will be sorry they haven’t thought of such a cool trick themselves. And don’t be troubled by doubts: masks are not an overnight hype. Users react to masks actively, so they spend more time in the social network. And the more time in the social network, the more advertising views, from which the social network gets money. So, most likely, the masks will become more and more popular, because it is profitable for Instagram.

A mask from felt

We present a master class on making a mask from heavy felt. The finished product turns out beautiful and soft. It fits tightly around the child’s face while playing. These items can be made for a New Year’s carnival.

The main component of this craft is dense felt. The material does not cause allergic reactions or any discomfort during use. This type of product is made for 1⁄2 of the face.

  • Two sheets of felt 45 x 45 cm;
  • white chalk;
  • pattern;
  • glue;
  • thread and needle;
  • decorative little things (beads, rhinestones, pretty buttons).

The manufacturing process is divided into the following points:

On a soft cloth outline pattern using chalk. Here we form the holes for the eyes. Then carefully cut out each piece.

On the second sheet we perform the same manipulations. When ready glue the pieces together. After that, sew the bottom edges.

make, mask, their, hands

At the sides of the mask sew an elastic band. The photo of the mask shows the finished product.

How to make a mask from gauze

First of all, this material is in demand in the medical field, but it is also used quite often in everyday life. At home it is used for ironing delicate garments, taking care of children, straining liquids, and as a protection against flying insects. And now, during such an unfavorable epidemiological situation, the indispensable material was recalled again, because gauze bandages were very common a few decades ago.

How to make your own mask and what you’ll need?

Do not know how to make a gauze mask? There is nothing complicated about this. To start we will need:

The algorithm for sewing an 8-ply gauze mask is as follows:

You need to fold an 80×30 cm piece of gauze in half twice. You will have a piece of gauze that measures 20cm x 30cm.

Mark out the centre of the fabric. Position your elastic band so that it is 0.5 cm lower from the centre, and 1 cm higher from the edge of the gauze. Secure with a needle. Perform the same procedure over the opposite side.

The next step is stitching. For convenience, fix the gauze with needles, and then thread the seam around the perimeter, leaving a small 4-5 cm wide hole at the bottom for turning it out.

Through the small hole, turn the mask onto the right side.

You can make pinches if you wish. Fold the fabric toward you, 3 cm from the edge, and fix it with a needle. Do the same thing again. Stitch around the entire perimeter.

Please note that the gauze mask can not be used for more than 2 hours. After use, it must be disposed of and put on a new one.

The Saw mask

One of the scariest and most popular masks. is the mask from the movie “Saw.”. The bloodthirsty and ruthless John Kramer. The movie’s protagonist plays a game of death. Want to scare the living daylights out of you? Then saw puppet mask for you. Take Action! Dress up as a scary hero for a nighttime scare party, and everyone around you will be enveloped in terror at the sight of you. Trust us, the Saw Mask will create a terrifying image.

No doubt, the mask of “Saw” or as it is also called “Saw mask” is familiar to many on the scary movie horror. The movie “Saw”. is a multi-episode thriller that has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-grossing horror film series of the last century.

The protagonist of the film is a successful architect. John Kramer, who has a wife he loves and a job, becomes an utterly ruthless killer. Against the backdrop of personal grief. The death of a long-awaited child and a fatal illness, John began to test people and bring them to a state of inhuman physical and mental suffering. In front of his victims, on the television screen, there was always a masked puppet. It was she who told where the sinister traps were located and what terrible choices the victims would have to make to overcome them.

Do you like to tell horror and horror stories at night? Not enough adrenaline in my day-to-day life? How about a horror party? Just imagine, appearing at the party in a John Kramer doll mask you will certainly capture the eyes of all present and scare them. Pictures, masks and photos from the movie “Saw” will help you create a unique atmosphere of horror. These “Jigsaw” mask decorations for the evening can be made with your own hands, just show a little imagination and you’ll get it right.

The mask of Billy the Doll from the famous movie Jigsaw is made of high-quality plastic. It fits snugly enough to the face and covers it almost completely, so it will be a pleasure to wear it. Make a scary night out and appear in front of your victims on the big screen TV!

Order a Saw mask from the movie “Saw” you can in our online store or in retail stores at addresses: Moscow, ul. Nizhegorodskaya, d. 50 (warehouse only, no pickup).


Perhaps one of the real characters of Saw. The device is a “trap in reverse”: it is placed on the upper and lower jaws and, if the timer goes off, it just tears the victim’s face. The drug addict Amanda Young, who was wearing the ripper, was able to free herself from it. To do this, she had to get the key that was inside the person lying next to her in the stomach. The man, by the way, was not dead: he had been injected with a huge dose of opium, he couldn’t move or feel anything. Amanda, by the way, was then chosen by the Constructor as the successor, and the jawbreaker then found another victim. Jill Tuck, Kramer’s wife.

This device is somewhat similar to the “Iron Maiden”. A medieval torture instrument. A character named Michael, who was an informant for corrupt cop Eric Matthews, woke up with the mask open on his face. There were numerous spikes on the inside of the mask, and the key to it was surgically hidden behind Michael’s right eye (meaning the victim would have had to sacrifice an eye to save his life). Michael was unable to free himself from the mask. he couldn’t bring himself to gouge out his own eye.

Carnival Masks

To make carnival masks, one usually takes a simple template as the basis and decorates it in different ways. Since the template is printed on plain A4 paper, you will need to cut out and glue it to heavy cardboard, or simply trace it on heavy paper.

  • If the template is black and white, you need to paint it (acrylic paints are better).
  • If you want to add sequins, it’s better to do it before the paint dries. Cover the mask with clear nail polish to prevent it from crumbling later.
  • When painting the mask, you can use lace to make an original pattern.
  • You can also glue original braid or thread to the edges of the mask.
  • The feathers on the masks look spectacular.
  • You can also glue patterns of rhinestones, shiny beads and sequins.

Paper masks for various holidays are actually not as easy as they seem at first glance. Depending on the occasion and your skills you can make both the simplest flat version on a template and artfully made volumetric structure, decorated with various accessories.

make, mask, their, hands
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