How to make a shovel on a singleaxle tractor for snow removal: instructions

With the advent of winter clearing courtyards of private homes from snow drifts becomes the most urgent task for a comfortable stay. Shoveling snow by hand is long gone, and almost every homeowner has a compact singleaxle tractor, which saves time and effort when shoveling gardening and household plots, harvesting and transporting crops.

Shoveling snow by hand is long a thing of the past

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Attach a special shovel to your power tiller to quickly shovel snow, plant debris, loose dirt and level the ground for planting. A snow shovel for the tiller can be bought as a kit or made by hand. Exactly how to make a shovel on a singleaxle tractor for snow removal with their own hands, as well as the pros and cons of factory and homemade shovels for power tillers will be discussed below.

Using a snowblower

Such a tool as a snow plow, which is coupled with a power tiller, is designed to remove snow, debris, carry the earth from one end of the plot to the other, etc. п.

Such a tool can be used in different directions and places. For example, for the needs on a personal plot, in the field, for any economic activity.

Such a shovel greatly simplifies the process of cleaning something due to the large working surface.

A complete system looks as follows:

Such designs have a variety of modifications, which have common features. Basically, it is both the principle of operation and design of the device itself. Today, the purchase of such a device is not a luxury. This is a common everyday technique of owners of dacha plots for personal needs. With their help, you can easily clean up the countryside, remove trash and snow, level the site, etc. п.

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What other snow shovel options are available

Manual versions involve gripping and shoveling masses of snow to the side. The time-consuming task of clearing snow debris can be expedited by using manual wheeled bulldozers with shovels made of plywood, plastic or metal. Dimensions and material of the inventory are selected to eliminate the effects of specific types of precipitation of varying density. ice, loose snow, frozen snow masses.

Shovel for snow removal on wheels Bulldozer

There are also shovel models with an auger incorporated into the bucket. The advantage of this type of shovel is the light weight of the plastic from which it is usually made.

To make manual work even easier, snow shovels are also attached to the following automated attachments in addition to power tillers:

On the front frame (applicable to machines with low ground clearance);

Front blade for ATVs

On the center frame (provides high ground clearance and stability during snow plowing).

Installing snow plows on a mini-tractor or off-road vehicle is easy to install and can be stored in the garage or car trunk. Design is equipped with a winch with an electric drive, which can be operated directly from the car. The angle of rotation of the blade is set depending on the density and amount of precipitation.

Homemade plow

Plows for power tillers are available as attachments: horse-drawn plow for plowing, reversible plow for ripping, hilling and others. Recently, Zykov’s plough, the drawings, dimensions of which can be found only on specialized resources, has become increasingly popular.

Its main distinguishing feature from the mass-produced are the carefully calculated angles of the moldboard for intensive mixing of the ground. If you compare it with conventional models, you can see that the skimmer on the model Zykov is located in front at a greater distance, so the angle of lift is on an arc.

The plow is bolted to the tiller in a vertical position. There is an adjustment of the outreach of the blade. Fastening is done by bolted connection. Blueprints for a plow for a mini-tractor with their own hands are different from those designed for a power tiller.

Rules of mouldboard making

The main rule to consider, making drawings of self-made, is the correspondence of the amount of work and the power of the unit. Overloading can lead to increased wear of nodes and mechanisms, their failure and breakage of the machine.

When planning the manufacture of the blade to the tiller with his own hands, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Strength. The blade must have a sufficient resource to serve not less than 5 years. All of its parts and mechanisms must be designed for maximum permissible load and strong impacts.
  • Dimensions. A self-made shovel must not be too wide and high. The optimum dimensions are width. 80-130 cm and height. 30-50 cm.
  • Lift mechanism. The blade for the power tiller can be raised with hydraulics or with levers. This option allows removal of snow from the yard or use the unit as a loader in the summer time.
  • Possibility of mounting a swivel hinge. With these devices you can control the knives by tilting them up or down, to the right or to the left. Selectable angle of attack allows for better shoveling of snow and debris away from the pavement.
  • Installation of a shock-absorbing rubber buffer strip on the bottom of the shovel is obligatory. this device is necessary to protect the singleaxle tractor from shocks, the bucket from deformation or breakage, and the road surface from mechanical damage.
  • Quick installation and removal. Since a singleaxle tractor is a multifunctional device, then all manipulations on its rigging should be carried out promptly and without the use of complex equipment.

The pattern of blade placement calls for mounting it on the front bracket, under the hull or behind the machine. Front blade position is the best option. This position provides the highest quality cleaning.

Made bucket can have a horizontal or vertical orientation. The second option is chosen when you have to work in cramped conditions.

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Blade for power tiller with his own hands

Self-made mouldboard for a motor-block: step-by-step photos of making.

Made a self-made dozer blade for my motor-block with my own hands, to clean the snow in the yard. The whole process is shown on these pictures.

I had a 78-liter capacity tank from the electric locomotive, and I sawed it under the shovel-dump.

make, snow, shovel, single, axle

Making a swivel mechanism for the moldboard.

Reinforced the shovel with a bent square tube.

The adapter for the motor-block “Neva” is ready, it has been tested in action, and now the only thing left is to clean the welding seams and paint.

Homemade plow

There are several kinds of plows for power tillers among other attachments: horse plow for plowing, turnover plow for ripping, hilling and other. Recently, the Zykov plow, the drawings, the dimensions of which can be found only on specialized resources, has begun to gain popularity.

Its main distinguishing feature from mass-produced plows are the carefully calculated angles of the mouldboard for intensive mixing of soil. If we compare it with conventional models, we can see that the skimmer on the model Zykov is located in front at a greater distance, so the angle of lift is on an arc.

The attachment of the plow to the power tiller is made vertically. There is an adjustment of outreach. Fastening is carried out by bolt connection. Blueprints for a mini-tractor with your own hands are different from those designed for a power tiller.

Self-made mouldboard for the Neva MB-2 power tiller

Making an auger snow blower for a power tiller with your own hands

For independent manufacturing of self-hung homemade auger snow blower (auger rotor), you need to think about the placement of the main elements of the equipment, as well as bind the dimensions to an existing power tiller. That’s why first of all we need to make a layout chart of the machine.

It is important to develop a mechanism for transmitting torque from the PTO to the actuating elements of the snowplow.

Necessary materials

To make a snowthrower of the auger-rotor type, you need to purchase:

  • Roof galvanized tin, it will be used for the manufacture of the bodies of the auger and rotor, as well as the pipe to throw snow with a deflector;
  • Angle equal to 40 or 50 mm, it will be used for the frame;
  • A 2 mm thick sheet of steel, from which the auger and rotor blades will be cut out;
  • Profile tube is needed for brackets;
  • Bearing housings and the bearings themselves to install the shaft;
  • tube or a circle with an outside diameter of 30 millimeters or more will be used as shafts;
  • pulleys, sprockets and other transmission components;
  • hardware for creating detachable joints.

Making a homemade auger-rotor snow blower

Approximate order of manufacturing a mounted auger rotor for snow removal:

  • Auger body parts are cut out of sheet metal. They are bent into a suitable cylinder. Skeleton of the auger body is welded from a rolled angle or profile pipe. The body and framework are assembled into one piece.
  • Auger parts. For this purpose, segments are cut out of sheet steel, and then the blades are formed from them. the auger shaft must be made to fit the bearings; therefore, the surface is turned on a lathe to fit the bearing housings and also the transmission components. Blades are welded to the shaft, forming an auger that converges to the center.
  • Bearing housings and bearings are installed. Assembly of the auger element of the snow blower is performed.
  • The body of the snowplow rotor is cut out of roofing tin. Using suitable objects, final shape of the rotor body.
  • Rotor parts. The rotor blades are cut out of sheet steel. Adjust the rotor shaft to fit the bearings and drive train. Blades are welded to the rotor shaft.
  • Always carry out balancing, as the rotor rotates at quite a high speed.
  • Body frame for the rotor case is welded from angle piece or profiled tube. Bearing housings and bearings are fitted. Assembly: The complete rotor is assembled.
  • Making a makeshift frame on which to place the rotor and auger assembly.
  • Assembly of the machine tool. Assembly of transmission components.
  • Brackets are fitted to connect the implement to the power tiller.
  • Do stand tests, which results in defects and malfunctions. After eliminating the deficiencies, proceed to test the auger-rotor snow blower under operating conditions.

It remains to use the manufactured rotary snowplow on a tractor for its intended purpose.

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